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Japan has more EV charging points than ‘gas’ stations – the future is there, not here sadly but it will come. Charge stations with big solar arrays and battery swaps or fast chargers are the future. I wonder if Beyond Petroleum (BP’s tag line) is on board?

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Towards a circular economy of waste minimalisation
SMH editorial
China’s decision to slash imports of recyclable rubbish has roiled the global recycling market – causing short-term shocks, including the near-collapse of the Australian industry, but creating a long-term opportunity here and elsewhere to improve environmental outcomes while generating revenue and employment.

Today’s Celebration
Arbor Day   China   Taiwan
Employee Day  United States of America
Girl Scout Day  United States of America
Independence Day   Mauritius
Crown Princess’ Nameday  Sweden
Moshoeshoe’s Day   Lesotho
Renovation Day  Gabon
Youth Day  Zambia
Labor Day   Victoria
World Glaucoma Week   http://www.wgweek.net/
Multiple Birth Awareness Week   http://www.amba.org.au/
World Salt Awareness Week   http://www.worldactiononsalt.com/
Napping Day     https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/napping-day/
Plant a Flower Day   https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/plant-a-flower-day/
More about Mar 12   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/March_12

Climate Change
Evangelical Christian: Climate change is ‘the greatest humanitarian crisis of our times’
The right-wing site Breitbart, known for savage attacks on its foes, is surprisingly civil in profiling climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe.

Welcome to the age of climate migration
Extreme weather due to climate change displaced more than a million people from their homes last year. It could soon reshape the nation.

‘We’ve done an abysmal job’: Australia is struggling to handle its swelling population
In 1997 it was estimated Australia would reach a population of 25 million by the middle of this century. We are already there and our cities, schools and roads are not prepared for it.

We’ll create our own emissions trading markets, say power companies

$1.3bn hit as solar subsidies surge [$]
Rooftop solar installation subsidies will exceed $1bn this year and drive up power costs by $100 per household.

Energy retailers on bills notice [$]
Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg predicts wholesale energy prices will come down over the next two years.

Australia to miss LNG wave [$]
Australia is likely to miss out on the next multi-billion-dollar wave of new LNG developments, Shell executive Steve Hill has warned.

Australia leads on extinction rate: report
The Australian Conservation Foundation report published in March found since colonisation 29 mammals had become extinct and were lost forever in Australia, compared to just one in the United States.

Much coal needed for electric cars [$]
Trevor St Baker
Australia has the potential to charge ahead of the game.

Towards a circular economy of waste minimalisation
SMH editorial
China’s decision to slash imports of recyclable rubbish has roiled the global recycling market – causing short-term shocks, including the near-collapse of the Australian industry, but creating a long-term opportunity here and elsewhere to improve environmental outcomes while generating revenue and employment.

Beach culture a casualty of climate change
David Rissik
Beaches are important for most Australians. Not only are they an escape for many during the summer, but they’re also the heart of our nation’s tourism industry.

Don’t expect Q&A accountability on dud Flannery predictions [$]
Andrew Bolt
The ABC finally has a chance to confront global warming alarmist Tim Flannery with his astonishing record of dud predictions. Andrew Bolt asks if anyone on the Q&A panel will dare hold him to account?

She’s hopping mad [$]
Tim Blair
For no obvious reason at all, Lee Rhiannon is presently running down Australia’s kangaroo industry. The Greens senator lately set out for Europe to promote a fact-challenged cuddle movie about our millions of tasty mobile meat stores.

After Black Saturday, power poles still start many fires
Faulty electricity infrastructure sparked more than 250 fires in two years, data from electricity safety watchdog shows.

Power price changes sidelined [$]
The Victorian government has backed away from calls to address market failure in the state’s retail electricity sector

‘Garden tax’ dumped after outrage [$]
A plan to slug households with a “garden tax” has been abandoned by Yarra Council after fierce opposition.

New South Wales
Poll of Malcolm Turnbull’s electorate finds 75% back review of Adani approval
Wentworth voters overwhelmingly favour review – including 70% of Liberal supporters

White Bay, parks eyed as construction sites for $14b tunnel project

WaterNSW took almost a year to act on water theft accusations: EDO
The Berejiklian government said it was investigating a big irrigator on the Barwon-Darling River last June but farmer says he only found out last week.

Newcrest mine shuts on dam fail [$]
A NSW goldmine shut by an earthquake last year has again halted operations after a dam wall was breached.

Critics won’t stop Carmichael coal mine: Adani
Adani Australia CEO slams critics of the company’s controversial $16.5 billion Carmichael coal mine, saying they will not stop the project.

Awards for green crusaders [$]
The Wet Tropics Cassowary Awards honoured the TREAT project to plant trees along the Tablelands.

Shorten’s got a serious problem if Adani stacks up [$]
Bill Shorten has taken a punt that the Adani megamine will not go ahead but those with a deep knowledge of the project believe there will be “yellow trucks pushing dirt around” within a few months.

South Australia
How the Libs’ indoor plant policy led to police threats [$]
The owner of an Adelaide indoor plant hire company has been threatened with police action over his repeated attempts to speak to an Opposition MP over plans to remove greenery from government offices.

Kuitpo Forest bushfire ‘not suspicious’ [$]
A small bushfire that burnt through the Kuitpo Forest in Adelaide’s south is not suspicious.

Bring back Hydro’s glory days [$]
Tasmanians once saw the Hydro as theirs and were proud of it.

Catastrophic decrease in waterfowl [$]
Birdlife advocates have called on the State Government to immediately halt the hunting of waterfowl in Tasmania, revealing that there have been “catastrophic” decreases in numbers since the early 2000s.

Western Australia
‘Stop fining healthy transport’: Perth cyclists to protest compulsory helmet laws

Bunbury bushfire brought under control after burning through 168 hectares

Synergy’s long-standing power monopoly in WA set to remain
WA households will be denied indefinitely the right to choose where they buy their electricity as the McGowan Government backs away from plans to end Synergy’s long-standing monopoly.

It’s my tractor and I’ll do what I want to — farmers spearhead ‘right to repair’ fight
It’s a modern dilemma — a customer wants to fix a broken smartphone, tablet or laptop, only to be told by the manufacturer they will have to pay top dollar at an “authorised repair centre” or fork out for a replacement. But what if it’s a tractor?

Reasons why non-gardeners should get down and dirty
Gardening has physical and mental health benefits, yet many people can’t think of doing anything worse. Here are some reasons to think again.

It’s official: Japan now has more electric car charging spots than gas stations
One of the first countries in the world to embrace modern electric cars, Japan has long been considered something of a shining example on how electric car rapid charging infrastructure should be implemented.

Nature Conservation
Beyond polar bears: Arctic animals share in vulnerable climate future
With the Arctic winter of 2017-18 the warmest on record, researchers are finding a troubling range of climate change impacts on wildlife, including wolverines, reindeer, snowy owls, and more.

Ivory up in flames, but who really noticed? How messages on elephant poaching might be missed
Matthew H. Holden et al

Maelor Himbury