Daily Links May 12

The very successful Tesla battery in SA is just the first commercial level battery in the country. For around $9,600, you can have a domestic Tesla system installed and local companies such as Magefekt are now in the battery-manufacturing game too. The transition is well and truly on. 

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Canada: G7 plastics charter could be like Paris agreement for the oceans, says McKenna
Canada’s Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says the plastics charter she is negotiating with other G7 nations ahead of next month’s leaders’ summit in Quebec could be billed as a Paris-type agreement for ocean garbage.

Today’s Celebration
St. Andrew’s Day – Georgia
Mangers pour divers loas – Voudon
International Nurses Day – http://www.australianvolunteers.com/about-us-/news/international-nurses-day—12-may-2011.aspx
International Awareness Day for Chronic Immunological and Neurological Diseases – https://www.may12th.org/
Fibromyalgia Awareness Day – https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/fibromyalgia-awareness-day/
Fair Trade Day – https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/fair-trade-day/
World Migratory Bird Day – http://www.worldmigratorybirdday.org/
More about May 12 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/May_12

Climate Change
George Pell met US environment chief Scott Pruitt to discuss climate-change debate
Vatican meeting between the climate-change skeptics in 2017 looked at setting up two-sided ‘debate’ about global warming

2°C or not 2°C? The unanswered questions from ExxonMobil and Chevron climate risk reports
Heading into their annual meetings at the end of this month, both ExxonMobil and Chevron have published reports in response to investor demands that they disclose their plans for a world in which global temperature increase is kept well below two degrees Celsius (2°C) above pre-industrial levels—the target set in the Paris Climate Agreement.

Projecting climate change along the Millennium Silk Road in a warmer world
Scientists projected both mean and extreme climate changes using the ensemble mean of CMIP5 models over western China and central Asia. The comparison of mean and extreme climate changes under 1.5°C and 2°C global warming scenarios highlights the impacts that can be avoided by achieving global warming of half a degree lower.

Justice department says Trump should be immune from teens’ climate lawsuit
President Donald Trump should be immune from facing a lawsuit by a group of teenagers accusing the federal government of doing little to nothing to combat climate change, according to the Justice Department.

Dhaka’s climate refugees a warning [$]
Matthew Clayfield
Dhaka is on the frontline of climate change disaster, as refugees from Bangladesh’s flooding south are migrating to the capital in abject poverty. Experts fear that failure to persuade regional towns to rapidly expand could lead to anarchy.

We all have to rise to combat the rising tides
John Englander
We have to start our adaptation now. The rewards will go to those people, companies, and communities that plan for the future.

Benefits of carbon pricing outweigh the costs
Ben Kramer, David Fraser-Hidalgo
Revenues will be returned to the residents who bear the largest burden from environmental injustices, and businesses with higher energy demands.

‘Plogging’ started in Sweden and now an Australian run club is ‘loving it’
Think of it like a sped-up version of Clean Up Australia Day. The name is a mash-up of the Swedish words for “to jog” and “to pick up” and the craze is sweeping the globe.

Labor mulls carbon targets for big industrials [$]
Environment and energy spokesman Mark Butler said if each major sector of the economy needed to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, a way would need to be found to determine what that the targets should be.

Murray-Darling Plan on track for now, but not everyone is convinced
The Australian Conservation Foundation said the cuts were “premature and reckless”.

Scientists seek to modify genes [$]
Australian scientists are hoping to use gene editing to help coral reefs cope with marine heatwaves.

Clean Energy Regulator confirms the RET is met
Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator has confirmed that the federal government’s 2020 Renewable Energy Target is as good as met, by wind and solar projects either already built or in the works.

Frydenberg says NEG is “best chance” for coal generation
Federal energy minister Josh Frydenberg has again come to the defense of coal power in Australia, in a bid to calm Coalition waters that were ruffled by the “experts” assessment last week that new coal had no future under the National Energy Guarantee.

The secret agents protecting our crops and gardens
Lizzy Lowe, Macquarie University and Manu Saunders, University of New England
Predatory insects and spiders control pests with none of the health and environmental risks of chemicals. So when we kill these species with insecticides, we are shooting ourselves in the foot.

What in health’s name is an ERT?
John Iser
Throughout Australia and the world, many states have decided on net-zero emissions by 2050 to combat climate change. This target may seem ambitious, however those who are looking at the global carbon budget have done the math.

Noojee logging ban extended to protect greater glider habitat
Environmentalists celebrate after the Federal Court extends a logging ban in the Central Highlands in Victoria until next year.

Fuel reduction a smokescreen for logging burns [$]
Katherine Wilson
The smoke drifting into Melbourne from fires in Victoria’s central highlands, described by a government agency as the result of bushfire management for community safety, is mostly due to logging industry burnoffs.

Record $4.5 million fine for serious environmental harm at Linc Energy plant
Gas company Linc Energy is fined a record $4.5 million for causing serious environmental harm through the toxic gas contamination of air, soil and water in Queensland’s western Darling Downs.

Toll increase to cover the cost of $60 million ICB upgrade
The tolls of heavy vehicles using three of Brisbane’s tollways will be increased to cover the cost of the $60 million Inner City Bypass upgrade.

South Australia
Cod sleeper agents launch aquatic invasion [$]
Cooper Creek in the north west of the state has been invaded by a highly successful predator fish the Sleepy Cod, which is heading to Lake Eyre.

The stunning numbers behind success of Tesla big battery
Tesla big battery accounts for just 2% of capacity in South Australia’s ancillary services market, but in just four months it has grabbed a 55% market share and slashed prices by 90%.

RES eyes 215MW battery storage with Twin Creek wind farm
Renewable energy developer RES Australia is proposing to build what would be Australia’s biggest battery storage facility – up to 215MW – next to a new 180MW wind project north of Adelaide.

Hobart flooding declared ‘catastrophe’ as wild storm eases and tracks north
As the floodwaters in Hobart recede and the rain heads to the north-east of Tasmania, the Insurance Council declares a catastrophe and one company says the bill will top $1 million.

Tarkine … The big one that got away!
Ted Mead
Almost half a century ago two track cutters working in a remote section of the Tarkine stumbled upon a giant eucalypt of unbelievable proportions. The exact location of this magnificent discovery was never accurately recorded, and so to date its whereabouts has remained a puzzling mystery stirring wonder to whether this extraordinary tree is still alive today?

TasWater agreement will provide benefits across the state
Peter Gutwein and Miles Hampton
Last week, an historic agreement was reached between the state government, the Local Government Owners Chief representative and TasWater to improve water and sewerage services in Tasmania.

Pollutionwatch: do face masks really prevent the ill effects of pollution?
Scientists tested nine different masks bought from Beijing, with variable results

U.S. cities lose tree cover just when they need it most
Urbanization is on the rise; so is the urban heat island effect—a situation that is worsening with the decline of tree cover in U.S. metropolitan areas

Melting permafrost and the housing crisis in the Arctic
As the ground warms beneath their feet, officials in Canada’s Nunavut—where housing is already scarce—must raise buildings on pilings and find stable areas for development.

Tanzania: How children are lured into mining
A new report has revealed how children as young as seven years of age are lured into small-scale mining activities in the country.

The cleric-challenging, solar-energy-loving mosque mistress of Lucknow
Shaista Amber is a social activist fighting for women’s rights and environmental justice with her inclusive mosque.

Insurer to invest in coastal wetlands to mitigate storm damages
XL Catlin has partnered with the Nature Conservancy to develop a new kind of carbon credit.

Canada: G7 plastics charter could be like Paris agreement for the oceans, says McKenna
Canada’s Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says the plastics charter she is negotiating with other G7 nations ahead of next month’s leaders’ summit in Quebec could be billed as a Paris-type agreement for ocean garbage.

Nuclear waste could be headed to West Texas under House bill
But West Texas is not the only region being targeted for nuclear waste.

It’s possible to demand too much certainty of science
Faye Flam
The more certainty required of the science, the greater the risk people may be exposed to dangerous pollutants or toxic products.

Trump is wrong about energy jobs
Jacques Leslie
Pipelines are not an economic panacea, and that’s before you factor in the social cost of carbon.

Now for something completely different …
Chart of the day: Australians rate the most boring sport to watch
There are only three sports that more Australians rate as “exciting to watch” rather than “boring to watch”.

Maelor Himbury