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One sign carried by these protestors outside Josh Frydenberg’s Camberwell electorate office last night said ‘Honk if you agree’.  There was a lot of honking.

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World Bee Day: save the date, and our pollinators
Tim Roberts
World Bee Day, on May 20, focuses on the vital role honeybees and other pollinators play in providing for humanity.

Today’s Celebration
Ho Chi Minh’s Birthday – Vietnam
Holiday of Poetry – Turkmenistan
Malcolm X Day – United States of America
Youth & Sports Day – Turkey
World Fiddle Day – https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/world-fiddle-day/
More about May 19 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/May_19

Lovebirds reunite at Vic sewage plant
Two loved-up Orange-bellied parrots have reunited after a 500km journey, in a ray of hope for the critically endangered species.

Straws face the chop in bid to cut plastic on Phillip Island [$]
Plastic straws could be banned on Phillip Island in a further push to reduce plastics at the beachside resort.

New South Wales
Safety concerns halt work on twin tunnels for $8.3b metro rail project
Work on 30 kilometres of tunnels for the $8.3 billion metro line to Sydney’s north west was halted for more than 24 hours after federal safety …

We’re bursting at the seams as Sydney grows up too fast
SMH editorial
It won’t surprise many that housing development is moving too fast for infrastructure and development to keep up.

Legless lizards and earless dragons show roo culls are working
Canberra scientists are confident the controversial kangaroo culls are having the right effect.

South Australia
“Autonomous” grid-scale battery helps SA town keep the lights on
A mobile grid-scale battery system, developed by Adelaide researchers, is helping prevent blackouts in Cape Jervis with almost no human intervention.

The second-largest cattle station on earth – for sale in SA
One of the largest rural properties on earth is up for sale in South Australia for the first time in 60 years.

Converting from petrol to electric in a Selbourne garage
Motor enthusiast Christopher Walkden has dreams of driving Tasmania’s roads in his electric car, but the state’s lack of charging stations keeps him close to home – for now.

Poll shows cable car opposition growing [$]
Opponents of the Mt Wellington cable car have commissioned their own poll on support for the controversial project.

Site for $190 million hardwood mill [$]
A site near Burnie once earmarked for Gunns’ controversial pulp project has been chosen as the location for a $190 million hardwood mill.

Northern Territory
Fracking decision was ‘the right move’ [$]
Ashley Manicaros
It will take time for the public to realise the lifting of the fracking moratorium was the right move

UK Power surge expected for royal wedding
TV royal wedding watchers in the UK are expected to heap pressure on the national power supply with an energy demand big enough to boil 500,000 kettles.

Nature Conservation
Point Nemo is the most remote oceanic spot – yet it’s still awash with plastic
The area is so far flung that the nearest humans are often those aboard the International Space Station. But even that hasn’t saved it from the scourge of microplastics

Ammunition With Risks and Side Effects
Hunting with lead shot is highly restricted or entirely banned in many countries due to the danger of poisoning birds and environment. However, alternative ammunition is not without its own risks, as …

World Bee Day: save the date, and our pollinators
Tim Roberts
World Bee Day, on May 20, focuses on the vital role honeybees and other pollinators play in providing for humanity.

Now for something completely different …
8 better things to do than watching the Royal wedding
Ben Pobjie
The Royal wedding is like every other wedding you’ve been bored stiff by — only longer, more expensive and with more obnoxious voiceover commentary. Comedian Ben Pobjie offers alternative options for your Saturday night.

Maelor Himbury