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Check this URL for the image showing annual global temperatures from 1850-2017. Notice anything?

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The coming wave of climate displacement
Not since 1951 has the international community produced a treaty to protect the legal status of the world’s refugees. Now, two agreements are currently under discussion at the United Nations, and each offers a rare opportunity to protect global migrants from the biggest source of displacement today.

Today’s Celebration
National Flag Day – Philippines
Overthrow of the Dergue Regime  – Ethiopia
Republic Day – Azerbaijan
Restoration of Armenia’s Statehood Day   – Armenia
Memorial Day – USA
Zartusht – No – Diso (Shensai) – Zoroastrian
Amnesty International Day – https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/amnesty-international-day/
More about May 28 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/May_28

Climate Change
The coming wave of climate displacement
Not since 1951 has the international community produced a treaty to protect the legal status of the world’s refugees. Now, two agreements are currently under discussion at the United Nations, and each offers a rare opportunity to protect global migrants from the biggest source of displacement today.

Favianna Rodriguez says climate change imagery lacks a human touch
The Oakland-based artist and activist is putting people and solutions at the center of her work.

At the frontline of research on the ozone layer and its role in Earth’s climate
An interview with Susan Solomon, who solved the mystery of the Antarctic ozone hole and has won one of the world’s biggest science prizes.

Halogen light bulbs could disappear from Australian stores within two years
Manufacturers will act early on September 2020 ban as LED already the preferred option

Government advisers call for emissions fund to end investment in ‘junk credits’
Revealed report finds tens of millions going into projects that don’t create new emissions reductions

From here to annihilation [$]
With much of Australia now a graveyard, an ambitious mammalian ark is being built across the continent. Will it work?

How climate change affects our winter tourism
Josh Worley
As an avid mountain climber, I have always been fascinated about the environment around me.

Snowy 2.0 doesn’t hold water [$]
Pauline Hanson
The Turnbull government has yet to make a feasible business case for spending $10.5 billion on its pet project.

‘Missing link’ in ring road to flood Eastern Fwy with traffic
Heavy-vehicle traffic is tipped to rise by 45 per cent along the Eastern Freeway once the North East Link opens.

Bombardier calls for safe tram technology
Melbourne’s E-Class tram manufacturer is in talks with the Victorian government to introduce cutting-edge technology to the network as the number of tram collisions with pedestrians and cars reaches a five-year high.

New South Wales
Adani activists target Turnbull’s home
Dozens of anti-Adani protesters have gathered at a beach near Malcolm Turnbull’s Sydney home, rallying against public funding for mining.

Fast-track rail link to combat ‘white flight’
A  fast-tracked train line between Parramatta and the Badgerys Creek airport would immensely boost the prospects of the southwestern suburbs around Fairfield highlighted by the “white flight” furore.

Council denies conflict of interest despite Adani paying staff wages
Isaac Regional Council insists there is nothing wrong with Adani paying more than $1 million in wages, housing and car costs for council staff members whose job is to scrutinise the company’s projects.

‘Going to get worse’: red fire ants detected in Queensland’s Scenic Rim
Pests could cost the state in billions if the spread continues, Invasive Species Council warns

Qld submits more toll road complaints than rest of country combined
The LNP has called for an inquiry into Queensland’s toll road operators because drivers are “being taken for a ride”.

Reef charity’s record casts doubt on $444m grant
The Turnbull government’s record funding injection to a small reef charity has been described as “bizarre”.

Rats force closure of islands in far north Queensland
Nearly a dozen islands off the far north Queensland coast will close to the public from today as an aerial baiting program targeting black rats gets underway.

BHP to keep lid on coal sales [$]
Queensland Treasurer Jackie Trad is threatening to reveal secret details around BHP’s controversial Singapore trading business

Coal giants accuse Aurizon [$]
Queensland’s big coal miners have accused railway owner Aurizon of trying to hurt their industry to boost profits

Land-clearing laws cripple growth, says Rinehart [$]
Mining magnate Gina Rinehart has savaged Queensland’s new land-clearing laws as another symptom of a regulatory environment crippling growth and stifling the state’s chance at prosperity.

Dispute sparks threat to major coal exports [$]
The consul general of one of Queensland’s major coal buyers has expressed official concern to the Palaszczuk Government about the reliability of the state to supply billions of dollars worth of coal to its steel mills.

South Australia
Sky-high eyes to catch out poachers [$]
Abalone poachers and fish thieves beware — South Australia’s Fisheries officers have a stealthy new weapon in their arsenal. And it’s watching you.

Private investors to unlock SA’s national parks [$]
Private investors and the State Government are in talks to develop business opportunities to increase tourism in the state’s national parks.

Driverless cars ‘good for our business’, says tollroad group Cintra [$]
Tollroad companies will ultimately benefit from the emergence of driverless cars and ride-sharing services such as Uber because road congestion is likely to increase, Cintra chief executive Enrique Diaz-Rato has forecast.

Mechanics of pesticide-Parkinson’s link revealed
Even very low levels of exposure to some common agricultural chemicals can boost the risk of Parkinson’s disease, according to new research.

Offshore wind energy is finally taking off in the US
It’s all happening.

This robot could help pollinate crops if we kill all the bees
If the trajectory of our pollinator population continues, we might need the BrambleBee soon.

Why Millennials should be optimistic
Tom Switzer
Cheer up. Earlier doom-mongering predictions about population growth have not been fulfilled.

Time for California to deliver on the human right to water
Leo Heller
California has an opportunity to be a clean drinking water leader, as it is a leader on the climate front, says Leo Heller, the United Nations special rapporteur, on the human right to safe drinking water and sanitation.

Plain sailing: how traditional methods could deliver zero-emission shipping
Christiaan De Beukelaer, University of Melbourne
On May 10, the 43.5-metre schooner Avontuur arrived in the port of Hamburg. This traditional sailing vessel, built in 1920, transported some 70 tonnes of coffee, cacao and rum across the Atlantic. The shipping company Timbercoast, which owns and operates Avontuur, says it aims to prove that sailing ships can offer an environmentally sustainable alternative to the heavily polluting shipping industry, despite being widely seen as a technology of yesteryear.

Nature Conservation
How ships bring agonising death to last Greek whales
Government promises action on collisions to avoid slaughter on busy shipping routes

Rare birds ‘at risk of poisoning from eating lead shot’
Warning by expert panel says up to 400,000 wildfowl a year may suffer lead poisoning

The 22 best US national parks to escape the crowds, chosen by experts
Park visitation is at a record high – good for tourism, not so good for peace and quiet. From Acadia to Zion, Bryce Canyon to Yosemite, leading writers and environmentalists share their alternatives to the most popular spots

England may get more national parks after protected areas review
Michael Gove says move prompted by rising population and decline in certain habitats

New Zealand’s hoki fishery under scrutiny after claims of fish dumping, misreporting
Elisabeth Slooten; Bruce Robertson; Glenn Simmons; Graeme Bremner, and Nigel Haworth
Leaked reports reveal that some of New Zealand’s largest fishing companies have been under-reporting their catch of the commercially valuable hoki by hundreds of tonnes.

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