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143 million climate refugees by 2050
A World Bank report: Groundswell, warns of the worsening impact of climate change in three regions of the world.

Today’s Celebration
Birthday of Queen Sonja – Norway
Commemoration of Jewish Genocide – Latvia
Day of Agwe – Haiti
Family Day – Lesotho
Fisherman’s Day – Marshall Islands
For Independence Day – Guam
For US Independence Day – Puerto Rico
Independence Day – Rwanda, United States of America
King’s Day – Tonga
US Independence Day – US Virgin Islands
Independence From Meat Day – https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/independence-from-meat-day/
More about Jul 4 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/July_4

Climate Change
Could the rising tide of ‘cli-fi’ help save the world?
Climate fiction novels catapult readers into a future ravaged by catastrophic climate change, where people fight to survive amid pandemics, extreme weather and dwindling resources. And the publishing phenomenon could inspire real change.

143 million climate refugees by 2050
A World Bank report: Groundswell, warns of the worsening impact of climate change in three regions of the world.

Poor countries face $168 billion interest bill due to climate change
For every $10 climate-vulnerable countries paid in interest over the past decade, $1 was attributable to climate risks, study says.

Initiative to guide climate disclosure, resiliency launched
“Climate-related risks and opportunities and the associated transition and regulatory changes are going to have a tremendous impact on businesses over the next decade,”

Burning garbage for electricity gets ‘clean energy’ investment go-ahead
Taxpayer-funded investment in new waste-to-energy projects could soon include incineration, despite fears it could undermine recycling education.

Recycling solar promises ‘green’ hydrogen breakthrough
Think solar power is the greenest your home can be? A new project harnessing the power of hydrogen may be even better for the environment.

Coal veteran blasts green groups for own goal [$]
Coal industry leader Tony Haggarty has blasted energy policy in Australia as evidence emerges that opposition to new mines has forced countries like Japan to burn significantly more lower quality coal.

Coalition fiddles as renewables remake grid [$]
Solar and wind farms went ahead at a blistering pace in the first half of 2018, reshaping the grid even as the Turnbull government debated its National Energy Guarantee.

‘Sabotage’: Regulator slammed for move to slash solar feed-in tariffs
The decision by an independent regulator to slash payments for households exporting surplus solar power from rooftop panels is appalling and illogical.

Electricity sector won’t bear brunt of Paris emissions reduction, energy analyst warns
RepuTex says the national energy guarantee leaves shortfall of close to 500m tonnes of carbon pollution

Tony Abbott urges withdrawal from Paris agreement, despite signing Australia up as PM
Former PM’s speech follows months of campaigning against national energy guarantee and Malcolm Turnbull

Abbott says dump Paris, Nats issue demands [$]
The Nationals want at least three baseload power stations to support the PM’s national energy guarantee as Tony Abbott urges withdrawing from Paris deal.

Get out of the realm of ideology: PM hits back at Tony Abbott [$]
Malcolm Turnbull has taken a veiled swipe at Tony Abbott on energy policy, declaring it is time to “get out of the realm of politics and ideology”, after his predecessor accused him of trying to repeat his failed 2009 attempt to secure a deal with Labor on an emissions trading scheme.

How are Australians coping in this brave new plastic-bag-free world?
It’s been a few days since Coles axed single-use plastic shopping bags from its stores across the country, so we asked you how it was going.

Is this the end of the yellow all-in-one recycling bin?
Commingled bins cause contamination. Is it time to go for separate bins for glass and paper?

Australia needs tighter ivory sale laws to protect elephants, parliamentary committee hears
Parliament looking at whether Australia’s regulations allow poached ivory and horns to be passed off as antiques

We need to find a new way to pay for roads: Infrastructure Australia chair
Governments have been asked to scrap vehicle registration fees and the fuel excise and look into “user-pays” models, for example, a congestion tax.

Supermarkets make millions after plastic bag ban [$]
Supermarkets are set to make a massive profit on the heavy duty reusable bags they are selling to customers for 15c. And on top of that, they are already saving $170 million a year by not giving away free plastic bags.

It’s plastic-free July. Extend it to the plastic in your wallet
Melissa Browne
Our credit card usage is also creating environmental, financial and health issues that we need to be aware of.

Banning plastic bags is right so deal with it
Ian Whitworth
Good on Woolworths and now Coles for banning plastic bags. People had plenty of warning.

As power prices soar, we need a concerted effort to tackle energy poverty
Nicola Willand, Ralph Horne and Trivess Moore
Energy justice is a social issue, and by leaving it up to vulnerable people to sort it out for themselves, we as a society risk making it even worse.

Coal Will Rise Again, Claims Perplexingly Ambitious Australian Article
Jonathan Moylan
There’s life in the carbon-polluting coal industry yet, claims The Australian newspaper. Greenpeace’s Jonathan Moylan is not so sure, about the claims or the agenda of the paper.

Reliable and affordable power [$]
Australian editorial
The Nationals’ energy proposal could be a game changer.

Turnbull’s fine line on climate: Capitulation or denial?
Giles Parkinson
Abbott finally kills off idea that the NEG can be a political compromise. The choice for Malcolm Turnbull is reduced to capitulation or denial.

Know your NEM: NEG supporters talk their book, ignore climate
David Leitch
If the NEG had a jointly agreed emissions reduction target it would provide certainty. But it doesn’t.

Why our carbon emission policies don’t work on air travel
Francis Markham,  Arianne C. Reis, James Higham and Martin Young
If Australia is to meet its climate targets, radical measures could be required to reduce emissions in sectors such as aviation.

Aboriginal First Nations and Australia’s pro-nuclear ‘environmentalists’
Jim Green
A key factor in the Jury’s rejection of the waste import plan was that Aboriginal people had spoken clearly in opposition.

Why are we still in climate pact? [$]
Graham Lloyd
There is a core truth in Tony Abbott’s incendiary climate change speech that is sure to infuriate polite society.

Paris deal is now passe [$]
Tony Abbott
Three of the big four emitters are bound by no agreed target — so why should we?

Victoria sinks millions into troubled recycling sector as rate rises loom
Councils say a plan to inject millions into the recycling sector won’t stop residents from paying higher rates in the wake of China’s ban on importing waste, as the Victorian Government finds cash to buy more recycled products and fund an education campaign.

Coalition to free land for Melbourne homes
Victorians could see 290,000 homes built in Melbourne’s outer suburbs with a coalition government promising to release land and streamline processes.

Big NSW-Victoria transmission investments ‘justifiable’ [$]
AEMO’s Victorian Annual Planning Report says the “gross market benefit” of eliminating limitations on the export of electricity from Victoria to NSW could be as much as $495 million under a “fast change scenario”

Park plan for dingoes [$]
Central Victoria’s Dja Dja Wurrung Aboriginal community wants to reintroduce the dingo to six parks and reserves over which it holds native title rights.

Baited eagle fatalities soaring [$]
The death toll of 137 poisoned wedge-tailed eagles is likely to be closer to 400, following revelations those involved in killing the birds had been baiting them for the past 2½ years.

Complaints about our public transport system surge [$]
Do you find yourself getting increasingly fed-up with Melbourne’s public transport system? You’re not alone, with the number of complaints to Victoria’s public transport watchdog surging. See what issues are upsetting commuters the most.

East West Link ‘will have to be built’ [$]
The controversial East West Link is back on the agenda, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg among transport priorities we need to cater for a population explosion ahead, a key report has found.

Seasonal watering plan 2018–19
Victorian Environmental Water Holder
This seasonal watering plan is based on proposals developed by catchment management authorities and Melbourne Water, drawing from scientific river and wetland studies and community engagement.

New South Wales
Underwater search locates lost containers off NSW coast
As many as 50 shipping containers have been located on the ocean floor, after falling from a container ship off the NSW coast more than a month ago.

Power grab: Rich lister eyes partner’s share in coal power station
Rich lister Trevor St Baker is looking to buy 100 per cent of Delta Electricity’s NSW coal-fired power station as his joint-venture partner billionaire Brian Flannery looks to exit.

Public transport group suggests taking cuttings of Charles Weston trees
Trees planted by Canberra’s first afforestation officer could live on through cuttings after they are cut down for the second stage of light rail, a parliamentary inquiry has heard.

Permaculture village’s radical ideas becoming mainstream 30 years on
An eco village on the Sunshine Coast was an experiment in communal living when it first started. Thirty years later the village is still thriving, and the rest of Australia is catching on to some of its pioneering ideas.

Cancer care relies on nuclear medicine made in this concrete bunker
There’s a particle accelerator living deep within the winding corridors of the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital which is switched on daily to make radiopharmaceuticals for lifesaving treatments.

Targeted cull backing [$]
A scientist believes culling of crocodiles in the Far North should be allowed, but only under strict measures.

Aurizon needs to back up coal export losses claim says Treasurer Jackie Trad [$]
Doubts have been raised over the claims by Aurizon that millions of tonnes of coal exports have been lost because of its dispute with the Queensland Competition Authority.

South Australia
Another bid to build on green space in Adelaide’s northeast [$]
More green space could be sold off for a shopping centre expansion in Adelaide’s northeast — the second proposal before council looking to transform a park into retail space.

Our new southern National Park is closer to being realised [$]
Tim Lloyd
BY taking on the Glenthorne Farm property, 208ha of agricultural land in prime southern suburban Adelaide, the State Government is laying the foundations for a National Park to rival Belair National Park.

Plastic Free July launched in Launceston
The positives of a plastic-free lifestyle were again outlined on Tuesday morning as a morning tea was used to launch Plastic Free July.

Farmers swap plastic for paper at Harvest Market in Tasmania
An award-winning farmers’ market in Tasmania swaps plastic for paper and recycled bottles in the war on waste.

The Greens have had a good idea on energy in Tasmania [$]
Nick Cater
A peculiar thing happened in Tasmania before the last state election. The Greens presented a policy that made sense, promising to turn renewable energy into a Tasmanian export industry within three years.

Northern Territory
Japanese tourist dies climbing Uluru
Northern Territory Police say the 66-year-old Japanese national lost consciousness after collapsing on the rock on Tuesday afternoon.

Western Australia
They told no one: Asbestos, cyanide, arsenic all over WA
Report finds responsible agency stopped identifying contaminated sites and failed to make sure they were dealt with.

Stored gas brings hope of lower prices
A new gas storage facility in the Pilbara should ensure WA is protected from prices increases caused by supply disruptions in the eastern states.

Solar and battery “hydrogen hub” planned for W.A. micro-grid
ARENA backs “green hydrogen” project in W.A. that will combine solar and battery storage and an electrolyser for a micro-grid trial.

Greenpeace ‘crash’ Superman drone into French nuclear facility to show security flaws
The facility operator says the drone had no impact on the security of the nuclear installations and it will file a police complaint.

Jet engines could give a jumbo boost to wind farms [$]
Wake turbulence is the bane of air travel but one company believes it can revolutionise renewable ­energy — by turning wind turbines when the wind is not blowing.

Solar is saving low-income households money in Colorado. It could be a national model.
The state’s energy assistance programs are solving two challenges at once: help people save money on electricity bills while expanding renewable energy.

As Americans age, their support for environmentalism declines
It’s not easy staying green.

Renewables hit record of 41.5% in Germany in first half of 2018
The production of renewable energy in Germany dashes to a new record output, providing more than 40 percent of the country’s power supply in the first half of 2018.

How bad is football for the environment?
In which we discover the most environmentally-friendly way to watch the World Cup.

Pesticides are good for profits, not for people
Georgina Downs
It’s time to clean up agriculture and adopt a non-chemical farming policy

Nature Conservation
Smoke swallows Golden Gate Bridge as fires burn out of control
San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge in disappears under a cloud of smoke, causing an eerie golden glow in the skies above the city as wildfires spread across California and other western parts of the United States.

How lake trout have led to collapse of Yellowstone’s iconic birds
An invasive fish set off a biological domino effect that has already affected bears and elk. Now it threatens trumpeter swans and other birds.

The biggest source of ocean plastic may not be what you think
Though there is a Plastic Bag Forest on the East Coast trail, bags aren’t the province’s biggest concern for ocean plastics.

The budget crunch at America’s National Parks
With increased attendance and crumbling infrastructure, national parks need money. But President Trump wants to cut even more of their funding.

U.N. decade of ecological restoration would mobilize cost-effective action
If the proposed U.N. decade from 2020 to 2030 is implemented, it will likely lead to an increase in much needed funds to develop projects that could restore ecosystems, reverse land degradation and biodiversity loss.

Arctic whales threatened by collisions and noise pollution as ships begin crossing melting sea ice
‘Even the North Pole may be passable within a matter of decades. It raises questions of how to allow economic development while also protecting Arctic marine species.

Two deaths, no births for Southern Resident orcas over the past year
The biggest challenges for whales is the buildup of toxic chemicals in their bodies and the shrinking runs of Chinook salmon, their primary prey.

Hawaii is banning sunscreens that kill coral reefs
Common sunscreen chemicals oxybenzone and octinoxate have been found to increase coral bleaching.

What’s worse than palm oil for the environment? Other vegetable oils, IUCN study finds
Banning palm oil in favor of other vegetable oils deemed less destructive to the environment could lead to greater biodiversity losses, a new report says.

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