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Ecosystems across Australia are collapsing under climate change
Rebecca Harris et al
To the chagrin of the tourist industry, the Great Barrier Reef has become a notorious victim of climate change. But it is not the only Australian ecosystem on the brink of collapse.

Today’s Celebration
Independence Day – Venezuela, Algeria, Cape Verde Islands
Peace & Unity Day – Rwanda
St. Cyril & Methodius Day – Slovakia, Czech Republic
Tynwald Day – Isle of Man
More about Jul 5 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/July_5

Climate Change
TV coverage of cycling races can help document the effects of climate change
Analysing nearly four decades of archive footage from the Tour of Flanders, researchers from Ghent University have been able to detect climate change impacts on trees. Their findings were published today in the journal Methods in Ecology and Evolution.

Three Trillion Tonnes of Ice Lost from Antarctica Since 1992
Antarctica has lost about 3 trillion tonnes of ice since 1992, enough to raise global sea levels by 8 mm, according to a report published in Nature

In a Warming World, Could Air Conditioning Make Things Worse?
As climate change continues to push summer temperatures ever higher, the increased use of air conditioning in buildings could add to the problems of a warming world by further degrading air quality …

Green Climate Fund meeting ‘disappointing’, chief quits
A Green Climate Fund meant to channel billions of dollars to poor nations said it had had a “very difficult and disappointing” meeting ending on Wednesday, in a new setback after U.S. President Donald Trump pulled out U.S. support last year.

Declare energy independence with carbon dividends
Joseph Robertson
A carbon tax and dividend system could usher in an era of clean energy independence

Where supermarkets went wrong with bag ban
Experts say Woolies and Coles got their campaigns to roll out the single-use plastic bag ban wrong. Here’s what they should be doing.

NEG may double carbon price to $35/tonne for industrial sectors
Weak target for NEG will impose an effective carbon price of $35/tonne on rest of economy, or a total of $10 billion, and will ignore cheaper emissions reductions from wind and solar. This as Nationals push for three new coal generators to be funded by government.

50% of RET could be delivered by corporate-backed solar and wind projects
Corporates have driven around $3 billion investment in new renewable energy projects via corporate PPAs.

Australia must cut role of gas and end climate war to fix power prices, business group says
Ai Group says resolving political divisions would create investment in new supply

Energy plan support universal: Turnbull
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says there’s almost universal support for the government’s energy policy but there’s still opposition within the coalition.

Very little of what Tony Abbott says is helpful’: Coalition anger boils over on energy policy
Interventions by Tony Abbott and elements of the National Party have set off another wave of infighting within the Turnbull government.

Ministers reject Abbott’s quit push [$]
Senior cabinet ministers have rejected Tony Abbott’s call to leave the Paris Agreement.

Coal tour to appease Nats [$]
Josh Frydenberg will meet with pro-coal Nationals MPs as he comes under pressure to underwrite three new baseload power plants.

‘Pure play’ coal just doesn’t cut it for UniSuper [$]
The retirement fund just doesn’t have any pure play coal investments because its investment processes say they’re not a good long-term bet.

Macfarlane lashes super funds spurning coal stocks
Former federal resource minister Ian Macfarlane has lashed out at Australian superannuation funds that refuse to invest in coal and other resources stocks.

Big energy users a $10bn strain on industry [$]
Australia’s biggest users of energy face a $10 billion bill over the next decade to satisfy emission cuts under the Paris climate agreement with heavy industry set to shoulder the bulk of the country’s reduction effort.

Minister takes pulse of US on climate
Australia’s environment and energy minister is heading to North America and France, amid a global rethink on climate policy.

Multiple-use bags attract germs, cockroaches [$]
Planet-saving shoppers who switch to reusable bags could be risking their health, say researchers who claim they’re the perfect breeding ground for foodborne bacteria.

CSG waste trail: Where has all the contaminated fracking filth gone?
Johanna Evans
Recent reductions in regulatory oversight of fracking operations have raised serious questions over Australia’s food and water security.

How a hidden fossil fuel subsidy is costing homeowners thousands
Matthew Wright and Paul Szuster
Did you know most states’ building codes force people to connect a new house to the gas network? The question is – why?

Why some Nationals want Tony Abbott to stay in the dark on energy policy
Lucy Barbour
The Nationals find themselves embroiled in another pivotal energy debate involving Malcom Turnbull and Tony Abbott — but this time it’s about reducing power bills, not winning leadership

Indian superpower fuelled by Aussie coal [$]
Matthew Stevens
India’s emergence as the world’s biggest customer in seaborne metallurgical coal will become ever more entrenched as its economic transformation triggers a near doubling in steel demand.

Abbott can only make energy matters worse [$]
AFR editorial
The AFR has no gripe with coal. But refusing to politically recognise even an implied price of carbon is hobbling all our energy policy efforts.

Forget Paris, this deal is folly [$]
Andrew Bolt
The Paris Agreement chains Australians to the world’s global warming madness and, for 999 of 1000 Aussies, it means nothing

Political climate heats up [$]
Graham Lloyd
Tony Abbott’s verdict on the Paris climate deal makes sense to many Australians.

Ecosystems across Australia are collapsing under climate change
Rebecca Harris et al
To the chagrin of the tourist industry, the Great Barrier Reef has become a notorious victim of climate change. But it is not the only Australian ecosystem on the brink of collapse.

Dingo reintroduction proposal causes concern for Victorian farmers
Dingoes could once again roam state and national parks in central Victoria if a new land management plan goes ahead, raising concerns from farmers about livestock security.

Winds to keep lashing Victoria
Damaging winds are expected to continue lashing Victoria with the worst of the wintry conditions yet to come, the Bureau of Meteorology says.

Poll backs call to bring back cash for cans to end recycling crisis
A poll of more than 500 Victorians has found strong support for a return to a container deposit scheme to help fix the state’s recycling crisis.

Melbourne traffic: Your say on how to cut congestion
The Age asked its readers what they thought should be done to improve Melbourne’s traffic. Here’s what they said.

Melbourne to get its first timber commercial office building
Melbourne is set to get its first timber commercial office building. The wood engineered structure with an end value of $56 million will join Australia’s first multi-storey timber apartment tower and a landmark wooden public library in the Docklands urban renewal precinct which has become a focal point for sustainable buildings.

Fox numbers rising on Bellarine Peninsula, says Connewarre farmer
When foxes are sighted on his Bellarine Peninsula property, lamb producer Daniel Timms kisses $1000 goodbye.

Baited eagle fatalities soaring
The death toll of 137 poisoned wedge-tailed eagles is likely to be closer to 400, following revelations those involved had been baiting them for the past 2½ years.

Building boom: ‘We have allowed far too much crap to be built’
Nicholas Reece
Melbourne cannot afford any more featureless glass towers that are nothing more than a spreadsheet in the sky.

New South Wales
NSW solar feed-in tariff slashed by 44% for 2018/19
IPART makes good on plan to slash state rooftop solar tariff almost by half, ignoring concerns cut will penalise solar households for their role in helping to bring power prices down.

Controversial brumby protections a ‘skilful use of democracy’ says lobbyist
The former politician and pro-brumby advocate behind new protections for wild horses in NSW denies any vested commercial interest in lobbying the NSW Government, calling it a “skilful use of democracy”.

Waterbirds at risk as irrigation saps floods in Murray-Darling wetland
Large waterbird breeding events are one-third as likely to occur in one of Australia’s most important wetlands after floods were sharply curbed by expanded irrigation.

Could 24-hour public transport revive Sydney’s nightlife?
Round-the-clock public transport and rewriting the narrative that Sydney shuts down after dark are the latest ideas floated to boost the city’s nightlife.

More stops or faster travel? The Metro West debate we need to have
The state government’s determination to deliver below 20-minute trips between Parramatta and central Sydney on its proposed Metro West rail line is set to limit the number of stops along the line.

Last man standing in Wollar: Mine expansion pits locals against American giant
A tiny village in the central-west of New South Wales has become the unlikely site of a David-and-Goliath battle.

Baby koalas take peek at the world [$]
With a record-breaking 10 joeys born last breeding season, Australian Reptile Park has just the right koala-fications to keep our much-loved marsupial off the endangered list.

Queensland now matches NSW with nine solar farms connected to grid
Another 110MW solar farm joins the grid in Queensland, taking that state’s total to nine, and matching NSW and the ACT.

Reef bleaching every two years predicted
A report predicts the Great Barrier Reef will be hit with major bleaching events every two years by 2034 if greenhouse emissions aren’t reduced.

Trees to be removed to build environment centre in Brisbane’s north
Trees will be removed and other vegetation potentially damaged as part of Brisbane City Council’s plans to build a $5 million environment centre.

Residents protest tree removals for bikeway upgrade
Residents of a South Brisbane street are crying foul at Brisbane City Council over the removal of dozens of trees for a bikeway they claim won’t even be used.

Wrangle on wallabies [$]
A war over the wallabies at the northern beaches is warming up with legal threats flying over treatment of the protected species in Cairns suburbia.

Gold Coast recycler aims to turn old tyres into new building products
China’s move to halt imports of most recycled waste prompts a Gold Coast auto recycler to look at a new way to deal with the nation’s growing stockpile of old car tyres.

Seaside gems eyed for nuclear power plants [$]
The Turnbull Government will be urged to consider developing a nuclear power industry under a plan to be debated at the LNP convention, with two of the potential locations being popular seaside areas in southeast Queensland.

Nitrate trap: Bioreactor boosts Great Barrier Reef water quality
Earthworks have begun on a cane farm near Giru where a bioreactor are being constructed as part of a trial to help improve water quality in the Great Barrier Reef.

South Australia
Driverless buses to be tested at SA autonomous vehicle hub
Driverless electric shuttle buses capable of travelling at speeds of up to 45km/h to be trialled in planned ‘autonomous vehicle hub’ in SA.

Grand survey to guide Adelaide’s remade public transport system
An “all-encompassing” three-year survey of Adelaide commuters will be used to judge the performance of the public transport system – and the state’s new public transport authority.

Key South Australian cross-bench Senators back ex-PM Tony Abbott on federal energy  policy [$]
A clutch of South Australian crossbench senators could stand between the Federal Government and its much vaunted National Energy Guarantee.

Fish farm schmoozefest falls flat after US firm’s invitation bungle
Rhiana Whitson
Tasmania’s biggest salmon company cuts ties with an American PR company it was using to sell its plan to farm fish off King Island, after the firm spruiked an event using the names of people and groups who had not been invited.

Shiver me timbers! Tasmanian Greens want to axe an industry locals love
George Harris
Tasmania’s timber industry has new growth, but the Greens’ alternative budget wrongly claims money will be saved if the industry is killed off.

Western Australia
Frydenberg tells Western Australia to pay for baited shark drumlines
Conservationists criticise environment minister for pushing strategy that affects threatened species

$74m Pilbara gas store brings hope of lower prices
A new gas storage facility in the Pilbara should ensure WA is protected from prices increases caused by supply

Shedding light on the energy-efficiency of photosynthesis
A new study led by researchers at the University of California, Davis, suggests that photorespiration wastes little energy and instead enhances nitrate assimilation, the process that converts nitrate absorbed from the soil into protein.

Single-use plastics we’ll never ban
Single-use plastic bags have been shown the exit, straws aren’t far behind. But experts have warned the dream of a single-use plastic-free future would actually be a nightmare.

UK wants to set own fishing access rules after Brexit: document
Britain wants to decide how much access to its fishing grounds it gives after it leaves the European Union, according to a policy document on Wednesday.

The last (plastic) straw: Travel and its environmental responsibilities
Some airlines, hotels and tour operators are now addressing the issue of plastics pollution but activists believe the solution requires everyone to take a stand.

Bangladesh cities join U.N. drive to build defences against disasters
In disaster-prone Bangladesh, all the country’s 329 municipalities have agreed to join the U.N.’s Making Cities Resilient Campaign.

Smart solar windows could power your home and also keep it cool
This see-through film generates electricity from sunlight and acts as a heat insulator, paving the way for windows that both harvest and save energy.

Does the moon hold the key to the earth’s energy needs?
Tidal power is the only renewable source derived from the moon. Now an extraordinary array of devices promise to unlock this vital energy potential

Impact of Urban Sprawl on Life Expectancy, Innovation Hubs
Urban researchers found a correlation between urban sprawl and a decreased life expectancy in the United States.

Vegans shocked to find ‘secret ingredient’ in gas and electricity supplies
Ecotricity announces the world’s first ‘vegan electricity’ and reveals energy’s dirty secret.

Look up #happycity and here’s what you’ll find
Sofie Pringle
City planners and designers want to build cities that are liveable, healthy and smart. Yet happiness seems to be missing.

Nature Conservation
Southeast Asian forest loss greater than expected, with negative climate implications
Researchers using satellite imaging have found much greater than expected deforestation since 2000 in the highlands of Southeast Asia, a critically important world ecosystem. The findings are important because they raise questions about key assumptions made in projections of global climate change as well as concerns about environmental conditions in Southeast Asia in the future.

Can citizen science reverse the extinction of experience?
Opportunities for people to interact with nature have declined over the past century, as many now live in urban areas and spend much of their time indoors. Conservation attitudes and behaviors largely depend on experiences with nature, and this ‘extinction of experience’ (EOE) is a threat to biodiversity conservation. In a study released today, researchers propose that citizen science, an increasingly popular way to integrate public outreach with data collection, can potentially mitigate EOE.

First test tube rhino embryos could bring extinct species back from dead
The northern white rhino is essentially extinct – just two females remain – but new research paves the way for its resurrection

Wildfire destroys over 100 Colorado homes
Nearly 60 large, active blazes are burning across the American West, including nine in New Mexico and six each in Utah and California.

An urgent warning: mountain birds are feeling effects of shifting climate
“This spring, National Audubon Society scientists teamed up with the National Park Service to release a peer-reviewed study, which revealed that climate change is likely to have significant impacts on birds in over 270 national parks, including our own Blue Ridge Parkway and Great Smoky Mountains National Park.”

After logging, activists hope to extend protections for Bialowieza Forest
But for the rumble of frogs or the song of a bluethroat, Bialowieza Forest in Poland has become quiet again after two years of heavy machinery, chainsaws and falling trees. But it’s not the same forest as it was before the drastic explosion in logging began—and it will likely take decades, if not longer, to recover.

Global frog pandemic may become even deadlier as strains combine
A fungus that has decimated frog populations around the world could get even deadlier, according to new research.

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