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Australia takes ‘staggering’ world lead in batteries [$]
Australia led the world in the total power of storage batteries installed in 2017, a report finds.

Today’s Celebration
HM the King’s Birthday  Nepal
Independence Day  Solomon Islands
Saba Saba  Tanzania
Running of the Bulls  Spain
Unity/Victory Day  Yemen
AIME National Hoodie Day – http://aimementoring.com/
More about Jul 7 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/July_7

Climate Change
Australia head of UN climate fund resigns, board meeting collapses
In a dramatic conclusion to a meeting that failed to approve any finance for the developing world, Howard Bamsey announced his exit from the Green Climate Fund.

Climate change needs behavior change
Several leading conservation organizations have teamed up to launch a global search for proven approaches to changing consumer behavior and curbing their carbon footprint.

At What Date Do You Wish to See A Dystopian World, Or Your Children or Grandchildren Dead?
Keith Antonysen
Lately, when there is discussion of climate change there are two conversations going on; one pushing the need for reliable energy sources,  and the other being in relation to climate change.

Culling dingoes may be changing Australia’s landscape
When a 5,500-kilometre dingo fence was constructed between Queensland and Western Australia at the turn of the 20th century, the idea was to stop dingoes from killing livestock. But researchers believe removing the apex predator may be remodelling the desert landscape.

Northern Australia Infrastructure Fund oversight ‘severely inadequate’
Inquiry dominated by Labor and Greens says finance minister should gain joint responsibility for $5bn NAIF

Australia takes ‘staggering’ world lead in batteries [$]
Australia led the world in the total power of storage batteries installed in 2017, a report finds.

Energy storage must be at heart of our future grid, Alan Finkel says
Chief Scientist Alan Finkel says Australia is taking a world-leading position in energy storage – beyond just batteries – and must put the technology at the centre of its own energy transition.

Australia at 19% renewables – NEG 2030 target to be reached in 2021
Australia is already at 19 per cent renewables as at June, and could reach 43 per cent renewables by 2030, just with the state targets in Queensland and Victoria, new data shows.

Waleed: ‘The point is not that’
The Project’s Waleed Aly has pointed out one thing people have missed about the move.

Opinion and fact diverge as Abbott weighs in on climate change…again
Crispin Hull
Tony Abbott’s call for Australia to withdraw from the Paris Agreement contained similar  Trumpian hyperbole and mismatches between his statements and reality.

So, are we staying in Paris? [$]
David Speers
Now that Abbott is decrying the climate deal, the Prime Minister must mount a case for remaining in it.

Abbott was right on Paris exit [$]
Graham Lloyd
It is quite clear the global climate pact will fall well short of its targets.

Turnbull’s energy policy is the only game in town
Fiona Simson
Squabbling Coalition MPs need to remember that farmers are suffering from the broken energy market.

The beaches where our rubbish ends up
Two sandy stretches on opposite sides of  Port Phillip Bay are strewn with litter dumped in our suburban streets.

Monash University signs off-take deal with Victorian wind farm
Monash commits to wind offtake deal that brings the university into powerful consortium of corporate buyers, and closer to target of 100% renewables.

Drive now, pay later: Andrews government outsources suburban roads fix
The Andrews government will use public-private partnerships to pay for billions of dollars of upgrades to many of Melbourne’s most stressed suburban roads.

Wake up and smell the crazy in your cup [$]
Susie O’Brien
There’s no doubt Victorians are spoiled for choice when it comes to great coffee but you may be surprised to know instant coffee is more sustainable than fancy espresso or all the pod machines with their over-packaged capsules.

New South Wales
There’s about five trillion pieces of plastic in the oceans – let’s tally them up
A global citizen science project launched in Sydney will recruit students and volunteers to count and record some of the five trillion pieces of plastic in the oceans.

100-kilogram green turtle released into Sydney Harbour
Jervis spent six weeks in hospital being treated for anaemia, parasites on his skin and a head injury.

Threat to Aussie tradition as stock routes restricted [$]
Droving is under attack, with grazing restrictions, the introduction of cow “fat scores” and stock routes being tightly ­restricted putting the trade in jeopardy, NSW drovers say.

Queensland coal push grows as Turnbull tries to land energy guarantee
LNP conference to hear calls for new coal power station and end to renewable subsidies

Huon Aquaculture loses legal battle over Macquarie Harbour
Tasmanian salmon giant Huon Aquaculture loses its Federal Court battle against the Commonwealth and rivals Tassal and Petuna over salmon numbers in Macquarie Harbour.

TasWater issues boil water alert for Deloraine
TasWater announced on Friday evening that the entire supply network of the Meander Valley town was affected after reports of cloudy water.

DA undermines the claim Dover Port will be plantation-based
Vica Bayley
Revelations this week that the Dover woodchip port will be ‘initially’ supplied from hardwood plantations confirms the analysis that the project would be heavily reliant on native forest woodchips and require the passage of significant volumes of trucks carrying plantations through Hobart and down the Southern Outlet.

Public service announcement: slow down when driving at Hoppy Hour!
First Dog on the Moon
In Tasmania, there are marsupials everywhere! Unfortunately, most of them are stupid

Pruitt’s replacement at EPA expected to carry on Trump’s anti-regulatory agenda at EPA
Few people expect Scott Pruitt’s resignation to slow down Trump administration’s efforts to deal a knock-out blow to the agency’s ability to protect the environment.

UN publishes list of identified endocrine disruptors
The UN has published a list of chemicals that, having gone through at least one “thorough scientific assessment”, have been identified as endocrine disrupting chemicals or potential EDCs.

Study shows Trump plan to save coal, nuclear plants could cause premature deaths
It also says it would result in increased carbon emissions.

French MPs warn of nuclear safety ‘failings’
A French parliamentary inquiry on Thursday flagged up “failings” in the defences of the country’s nuclear power plants, days after activists crashed a drone into a facility to underscore safety concerns.

Population bomb didn’t go off [$]
Caroline Overington
In 1968, Paul Ehrlich took a dim view of the future but we’ve proved him wrong. We should have more faith in humanity.

Nature Conservation
Should we bring extinct species back from the dead?
With cutting-edge reproductive technology offering hope for the “functionally extinct” northern white rhino, can resurrection science right past wrongs — or is it distraction from protecting the animals we have left?

New research calculates full carbon cost of oil palm cultivation in Indonesia’s forests
New research comparing the carbon costs of oil palm plantations with those of rubber production finds that while oil palm cultivation is the more efficient process in terms of land use, it’s also responsible for much higher emissions.

Sacred Native American sites are not your playgrounds
Some of the places most sought after by recreationists are also culturally, spiritually or economically vital to tribes. We need to honor that.

Maelor Himbury