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We need a bank of DNA from dirt and water to protect Australia’s environment
Simon Jarman et al
Measuring biodiversity used to mean laboriously collecting samples and manually identifying the plants, animals and fungi. In the last decade, however, DNA sequencing technology has revolutionised this process.

Today’s Celebration
Constitution Day – Palau
HM Hassan Il’s Birthday – Morocco
Independence Day – Argentina
S?o Paulo State Civil Holiday – Brazil
Senior Race Day – Isle of Man
Youth Day – Morocco
Martyrdom of the Bab – Baha’i
International Town Criers Day – https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/town-crier-day/
More about Jul 9 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/July_9

Climate Change
All-time hottest temperature records set all over the world this week
Parts of the globe are experiencing “one of the most intense heat events ever seen”, according to climate scientists. Climate scientists are worried after several locations in the northern hemisphere saw record high temperatures over the past week.

The Netherlands contemplates the world’s toughest climate law
A new Dutch proposal would put climate at the center of national politics.

Matt Canavan defends infrastructure fund after claims oversight is ‘severely inadequate’
Committee concluded Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility needed greater transparency

Waste crisis: spot the excessive plastic packaging (pictures)
Australia is drowning in a tsunami of plastic pollution and excessive packaging is one of the culprits. Boomerang Alliance asked supporters to send in pictures of the worst examples

Power inquiry gains traction on all sides
The Greens are pushing for an inquiry into energy prices with support coming from within the coalition partyroom as well as crossbenchers and Labor.

Abbott backed emissions target [$]
Tony Abbott gave prime ministerial backing to ramp up the upper limit of Australia’s emissions reduction targets.

Tony Abbott is trying to agitate the Nationals into a rebellion
Paula Matthewson
Energy is proving to be Abbott’s latest weapon in a bid to blow up Turnbull’s leadership. But will it succeed or backfire?

Businesses realise the benefits of solar power
Huon Hoogesteger
Last year was a huge success for household solar in Australia. However, equally remarkable but often overlooked is the growth of solar use in Australian industry.

We need a bank of DNA from dirt and water to protect Australia’s environment
Simon Jarman et al
Measuring biodiversity used to mean laboriously collecting samples and manually identifying the plants, animals and fungi. In the last decade, however, DNA sequencing technology has revolutionised this process.

Frydenberg’s NEG worries stack up [$]
Peter Van Onselen
Josh Frydenberg is facing challenges on his right and left as he tries to enact the National Energy Guarantee.

Come clean on Paris cost [$]
Australian editorial
Consumers need to know how high power prices will rise.

Keeping a cat on your own property won’t be easy [$]
Rex Jory
Environmentalists and others concerned about Australia’s bird, animal, reptile and insect life might be persuaded to back a reasonable cat curfew — but try telling that to cats.

Leadbeater’s possum: conservations say draft report proves endangered status
Forestry industry and Barnaby Joyce have been pushing to downgrade species’ status

Widened road to Melbourne Airport full in a decade: new five-year plan
A new five-year master plan for Melbourne Airport predicts roads there will be full in a decade, and a new east-west runway will be built.

‘The food is free’: New store doing its bit to cut food waste
A not-for-profit grocery store opens in Melbourne stocked with donated produce that is given away rather than being thrown away.

Melburnians were always going to give oBikes the big A
Glenn Peters
oBike came to town telling us we had to be educated about the benefits of bike travel. They were wrong.

New South Wales
Close encounters of the koala kind
A koala comes face-to-face with two pet dogs at the front door of a home in coastal New South Wales. It’s breeding season and koalas are on the move, turning up in surprising places. But wildlife carers are alarmed by a drop in numbers.

Going plastic-free can be a surprising journey
Louise Williams and Clara Williams Roldan
As the NSW government holds out against banning lightweight plastic bags, a new plastic-free industry driven by innovative businesses and pro-active consumers is rapidly leaving our policy-makers and retailers behind.

No damage to property as fires extinguished on both sides of border
Firefighters have extinguished blazes on both sides of the ACT-NSW border, with no damage to property and no injuries reported.

LNP members vote to save Christmas but not strengthen environmental laws
Protecting freedom of speech and religion were on the agenda at the LNP annual state convention.

Indigenous leaders shoulder duty of saving parrot in peril
Being the totem for an indigenous clan and having spectacular plumage and unusual nesting habits turn out to be no guarantees for survival.

‘Huge step’: Tourist industry wakes up to reef’s climate risks
Great Barrier Reef tourist operators are shifting their stance on climate change, with the peak industry body opposing Adani’s ‘mega coal mine’.

The Linc stink: Queensland’s biggest environmental disaster
John Jiggens
Linc Energy has been found guilty of wilfully causing serious environmental harm at its underground coal gasification plant in Queensland.

South Australia
Cultural genocide or a great job opportunity? Nuclear waste facility divides Aboriginal elders
A Senate hearing into the site selection process for a nuclear waste facility in South Australia has heard strong opposition and support.

Why SA lost 25,000 people — and gained 53,000 [$]
South Australia lost more than 25,000 people to other states in five years — but gained 53,000 new residents from overseas, a report reveals.

Weather causes power outages across Tasmania
At 8.30pm on Sunday more than 2480 customers were without power, with a lot of the causes blamed on wild weather.

China looking to buy stake in UK nuclear plants, say reports
Chinese state-run firm eyeing up multibillion-pound deal for majority share in eight sites

Andrew Wheeler: ‘point man for Trump’ focused on undoing Obama’s EPA agenda
Scott Pruitt’s replacement may be a more frightening prospect for those dismayed with the Trump administration’s attitude to the environment

NRA members more than twice as likely to have solar panels as other Americans
New survey finds clean energy and climate action as popular in red states as in blue.

Kim Jong-un reminds Donald Trump denuclearisation won’t come cheap
Mike Pompeo went to Pyongyang to get Kim Jong-un to give up his nuclear weapons. He left with a reminder of exactly what the price would be.

Nature Conservation
Ocean agency suggests opening Marine Monuments to commercial fishing
One critic says the move would “fly in the face” of the intent of these protected sites — to preserve ocean ecosystems.

Maelor Himbury