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The doctor behind the article ‘Climate change is World War III and we are leaderless’ asks that Scott Morrison think of climate impacts on the future of his ‘lovely young children’. He seems to care little for the lovely young children he is imprisoning on Nauru so Dr Shearman, will invoking his personal interest compel him to act or will his ability to compartmentalise mean we continue blunder dumbly?

Post of the Day

Air pollution causes ‘huge’ reduction in intelligence, study reveals

Impact of high levels of toxic air ‘is equivalent to having lost a year of education’



Today’s Celebration

Mariamoba (Assumption) – Georgia

Velika gospojina – Assumption (Orthodox) – Bosnia-Herzegovina

Bow Tie Day – https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/bow-tie-day/

More about Aug 28 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/August_28


Climate Change

A theory of climate change—and climate wonder—for the classroom

Teachers are using Project Drawdown climate solutions in course curricula.



Fighting climate change: Three snapshots of building resilience – Somalia

Would you be surprised to discover that climate change is one of the biggest threats in the fight to end global poverty?



Climate fund snags threaten opportunity to fight warming

Former U.N. chief worries fund troubles and U.S. reluctance will hold back much-needed finance for climate action.



Climate change is World War III, and we are leaderless

David Shearman

The Western world is bereft of leaders and now the US and Australia have deserted the trenches by trading ideology for human lives and health



Climate change refugee flees wildfires

Carrie Scherpelz

As tourists, we could escape the smoke plumes, air quality alerts and forest fires. But climate change disasters will turn us all into nomads.




On first day as PM, Morrison learns difference between Big Battery and Big Banana

Scott Morrison gets lesson when major transmission fault causes outages in NSW. Tesla big battery helped keep lights on in SA, Big Banana didn’t lift a finger for NSW.



A “middle finger” to climate and renewables: Morrison draws fire – and dismay

Politicians and industry insiders respond to new PM’s appointment of anti-wind Conservative as energy minister, coal company lawyer as environment minister.



Prime Minister leaves climate change debate for ‘another day’ during drought trip

Fifth generation Quilpie farmers the Tullys host the Prime Minister on his drought tour, pushing him to deal with the here and now amid Queensland and NSW’s big dry.



Drought policy must reflect climate change, says former farmers chief

Ex-president of the National Farmers’ Federation says politicians have failed ‘to do grunt work’ needed by members



PM to stick with Paris targets: report

Prime Minister Scott Morrison doesn’t plan to dump the government’s commitment to Paris climate change targets, according to a report.



Chart of the day: There are 12 other things that cost households more than electricity

Lower power prices are top of the agenda for Scott Morrison’s new Government, with the PM vowing to take “the big stick” to energy companies — but how much are we really spending on our energy bills?



Energy industry calls on Taylor to not give up the energy policy fight

The energy industry wants new minister to finish his predecessor’s job of creating a national energy policy but aren’t worried over his anti-wind statements.



Can’t vote Liberal ‘in good conscience’: Alex Turnbull blasts climate stance

Alex Turnbull blamed “rent-seekers” backing the coal industry for felling his father Malcolm Turnbull as prime minister, saying it’s “impossible” to vote for the Liberal-National coalition “in good conscience” because of its climate stance.



Spills and City Deals: what Turnbull’s urban policy has achieved, and where we go from here

Paul Burton

Governments need effective policies to lure people into regional towns.



Amid blackout scare stories, remember that a grid without power cuts is impossible… and expensive

Dylan McConnell

Remember, a belt-and-braces power grid doesn’t come cheap.



Know your NEM: Coalition lurches to right, away from consensus, science and economics

David Leitch

The splitting of the federal government energy and environment policies marks the end of the best chance for bipartisan approach to climate change.



New wind and solar now competes with existing coal and gas

Dave Jones

Rising carbon, coal and gas prices mean new onshore wind and solar can compete with the short-term costs of existing coal and gas plants.



Energy Insiders Podcast: What Angus Taylor means for energy

Giles Parkinson & David Leitch

Angus Taylor – who has spent years fighting renewable energy targets and attacking wind farm developments – is now energy minister. We assess.



If we want strong climate action, we need to get the moderate Liberals on board

Erwin Jackson

Let’s bring the less conservative parts of the party closer to where most Australians and business have already arrived.



Coalition must re-set energy policy [$]

Judith Sloan

Josh Frydenberg’s achievements were few, leaving Angus Taylor with a lot on his plate.



New PM already pressured on coal [$]

Geoff Chambers

The message on energy policy is pretty clear: voters want action on prices, not emissions targets.



Drought is inevitable, Mr Joyce

John Freebairn

Barnaby Joyce, Australia’s new special envoy for drought assistance and recovery, will have to be careful he doesn’t do more harm than good.




Infigen signs PPA with Kiata wind farm in play for Victoria C&I market

ASX-listed Infigen Energy signs power purchase agreement to buy output of 31MW Kiata wind farm, in push into Victoria’s commercial and industrial market.



Moorabool wind farm begins construction in Victoria

Construction officially underway on the first stage of the 321MW Moorabool wind farm being built in central-western Victoria.



Multi-million-dollar timber plan stalls despite rare agreement from sawmills, environmentalists

Not a single tree has been planted in the Latrobe Valley more than a year after the Victorian Government pledged $110 million to establish timber plantations in the region in response to job losses and dwindling supply, with both sawmill operators and environmental groups urging the Government to stop dragging its heels.



New South Wales

Court finds fringe Islamic group cleared land illegally

Two men who claimed their Islamic-influenced group was not subject to Australian law because it was a “basic religious charity” are found to have illegally cleared a rural property north-west of Sydney by the NSW Land and Environment Court.




ACT threatens to pull pin on light rail stage 2 if forced to use Kings Avenue

The government has costed the alternate route as $1.9 billion, at least $300 million more than the Commonwealth Avenue route.




Hundreds more car parks for transformed train station

A Brisbane train station could include more than 750 additional commuter car parks as well as a residential precinct.



More than ever reef needs help [$]

Ove Hoegh-Guldberg

Is the Great Barrier Reef worth saving? Ask any anyone, and they will give you a resounding yes.



Northern Territory

Erin Brockovich here to help in PFAS fight [$]

America’s best known environmental activist, Erin Brockovich, is in Australia to take up the fight against PFAS contamination from defence force bases in Katherine, Darwin and elsewhere



Major gas pipeline could be built through NT [$]

Another major gas pipeline could soon be built down the centre of the Territory following discussions between Chief Minister Michael Gunner and a Chinese government-owned company



Western Australia

Burrup peninsula rock art: Western Australia to seek world heritage listing

A Senate report warning of damage to the 50,000-year-old treasures has persuaded the state government to act



‘The rocks remember’: the fight to protect Burrup peninsula’s rock art

As the WA government pushes for world heritage listing of the sacred site, traditional owners warn of the threat of heavy industry, acid rain and graffiti




Air pollution causes ‘huge’ reduction in intelligence, study reveals

Impact of high levels of toxic air ‘is equivalent to having lost a year of education’



UK summer ‘wind drought’ puts green revolution into reverse

Windfarms fall short in heatwave, but 2018 was still UK’s second greenest summer



Plastic straw ban? Cigarette butts are the single greatest source of ocean trash

Cigarette butts have long been the single most collected item on the world’s beaches, with a total of more than 60 million collected over 32 years.



Serendipitous discovery may lead to eco-friendly lubricant

Seed oil components of an ornamental flower could provide a direct pathway for designing a new class of environmentally friendly lubricants



Why polluted air may be a threat to your kidneys

Of the many well-documented risks of dirty air, one potential danger is lesser known: chronic kidney disease.



Trump’s Dirty Power Plan is much worse for kids’ health than for climate change

Dana Nuccitelli

Some of the reporting of the climate impacts of the Dirty Power Plan has been inaccurate



South Africa: How Mining Damages Communities and the Environment

Katharina Rall

The South African Human Rights Commission has released a scathing report on the damage mining in the country is posing to human rights. The conclusion paints a dark picture: “[T]he mining sector is riddled with challenges related to land, housing, water, [and] the environment.”



Nature Conservation

Serial criminals could help save tigers

A geographic profiling tool used to catch serial criminals could help reduce the casualties of human-tiger conflict, according to scientists.



For carbon storage, biodiversity can help — or hurt

Biodiversity plays a significant role in forest carbon storage, but surprisingly less than previously thought, new research in Ecology Letters suggests.




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