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Most Australians want more renewables to help lower power prices – poll
Survey comes as Victoria and Queensland urged to block national energy guarantee and business groups call for deal to be approved

Today’s Celebration
Accession of H.H. Sheikh Zayed – United Arab Emirates
Atomic Bomb Day – United States of America
Independence Day – Bolivia, Jamaica
Hiroshima Peace Ceremony – Shinto
The Transfiguration – Christianity
Fresh Breath Day – https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/fresh-breath-day/
International Sailor Moon Day – https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/international-sailor-moon-day/
Elvis Week – http://www.graceland.com/elvisweek/
More about Aug 6 –
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/August _6

Climate Change
What the New York Times’ climate blockbuster missed
Kate Aronoff
Nathaniel Rich’s article illustrates American failures, not global ones.

Capitalism killed our climate momentum, not “Human Nature”
Naomi Klein
Nathaniel Rich, in his massive New York Times Magazine article, argues “human nature” kept “us” from fixing climate change in the 1980s. He’s dead wrong.

Scientists fear Snowy 2.0 impact on environment
Before work on the Snowy 2.0 energy project has even begun, scientists are voicing concerns about the environmental impact of proposed exploration works.

Most Australians want more renewables to help lower power prices – poll
Survey comes as Victoria and Queensland urged to block national energy guarantee and business groups call for deal to be approved

The ‘golden age of citizen science’ and how it is reshaping the world
Environmental scientists are increasingly calling on private citizens to help them with their research and collect data

Turnbull announces $12,000 payments for drought-stricken farmers
Lump-sum payments and boost in mental health services part of $190m relief package

A snapshot of the drought across Australia
Drought is affecting more than half of Queensland and nearly all of NSW, with the conditions said to be among the worst since 1965.

Business pushing states to agree on energy
Business Council of Australia chief executive Jennifer Westacott has urged state and territory governments to back a federal plan on power prices.

Population policy needed as Australia hits 25 million [$]
Victorian independent MP Cathy McGowan says a formal population policy is needed in Australia, as Labor warns infrastructure spending is inadequate.

A virus of odious ignorance has infected conservative thinking – and politics
Greg Jericho
Climate change has so affected conservative minds, they can’t even digest the idea of reusable shopping bags

A drought we knew was coming
Canberra Times editorial
The tragedy isn’t the drought. It’s that generations of politicians didn’t care about our farmers’ futures.

Strong cities the key to our future [$]
Simon Kuestenmacher
In February 2016, Australia added resident number 24 million. Tomorrow we will welcome resident number 25 million.

Another fine energy shambles [$]
Alan Kohler
The NEG is a stupendously complicated idea that isn’t really designed to achieve anything — except political agreement.

State of growth: Victoria’s $100 billion infrastructure boom revealed
More than $100 billion worth of new roads, rail lines, hospitals, skyscrapers, prisons, wind farms and other projects is being built or planned in Victoria.

Victoria gives Turnbull no guarantee on national energy blueprint
Andrews has signalled Victoria could deny Turnbull a deal on the emissions blueprint it hopes will end more than a decade of energy wars in Australia.

Andrews’ push for cheaper power could backfire, energy industry warns
A proposal to slash Victorian power bills by forcing energy companies to offer a no-frills “basic service offer” is meeting fierce resistance from renewable energy retailers, who have leapt on a recent warning by Australia’s competition watchdog that it will drive smaller operators out of business.

Greenies push Labor to keep power prices high [$]
Victoria’s Labor government is poised to scupper Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s signature energy policy because it fears the wrath of green activists.

Cyclists want to ride on footpaths
There’s a push for cyclists to be allowed to ride on footpaths but not everyone is happy.

Beach Rd battle heats up as residents take fight to VCAT [$]
Frustrated residents have gone to court to fight against a contentious plan to narrow parts of Beach Rd, with VCAT to rule on the future of the project within the next month.

Real reason for NEG-ativity [$]
Judith Sloan
The Andrews government’s threat to block the NEG has little to do with policy and everything to do with local politics.

New South Wales
Light rail to be done in 2019: Berejiklian
NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has dismissed a report which reportedly says the government failed to understand the challenges of Sydney’s light rail project.

‘Defeats the purpose’: new mining rehabilitation laws allow loopholes for existing mines, advocates say
Hundreds of mines will have the green light to leave behind environmentally hazardous no-go zones without public scrutiny, despite the Queensland Government touting landmark rehabilitation reforms, environmental advocates say.

‘Bad policy’: Tony Burke condemns $444m Great Barrier Reef grant
Shadow environment minister says researchers would be forced to apply to private foundation for taxpayer funds

Pied currawong sighting in Brisbane poses threat to native wildlife
A nest-predatory bird species has been spotted in a north Brisbane underground car park by a local terrestrial ecologist.

CityCycle initiative has turned around, with a 35 per cent increase in patronage
More than 2000 trips are taken on Brisbane’s yellow CityCycle bikes each day, with the number of trips increasing by 35 per cent in the past year.

Time to consider the needs of people above the needs of cars
Jim Sallis
I recently led a “walkshop” – a walking workshop – that taught cardiac rehabilitation experts how to assess the pedestrian-friendliness of streetscapes, including design of footpaths (if any), street crossings and roadways.

South Australia
Oil drilling could mean 1500 jobs, billions in taxes [$]
Drilling for oil in the Great Australian Bight could create more than 1500 jobs in South Australia for four decades, and billions in tax revenue per year, a report commissioned by the industry claims.

Wildlife woes wound wind farm work [$]
Part of a $300 million wind farm proposed for a Mid North site – which houses an endangered lizard population – was previously flagged for conservation by the state Environment Department.

A culture is no better than its woods … WH Auden
Peter Henning
It’s good to see an external analysis of the Devil face tumour issue because it is impossible for it to be investigated in Tasmania

Western Australia
Residents fight move to cull rare mob of up to 1,000 ‘suburban’ kangaroos
There are calls to save hundreds of kangaroos living in a suburban nature reserve in Perth from a cull, as the local council flags concerns such a move may spark an outbreak of Ross River virus in the area.

Summit to canvass world heritage for Burrup’s beauty [$]
On the Burrup peninsula, the mysterious beauty of the world’s largest rock art expanse lies waiting for international acclaim and the protection it deserves.

Voluntary Human Extinction Movement wants you to rethink your baby plans
The movement, whose motto is “may we live long and die out”, states its ultimate aim as phasing out the human race by encouraging people to stop breeding.

Nature Conservation
The oceans’ last chance: ‘It has taken years of negotiations to set this up’
Wildlife in most of the lawless high seas faces an existential threat from fishing, shipping and the military. Next month, a landmark UN conference could finally bring hope

Welsh river study reveals ‘troubling’ decline of wildlife
Forty-year study shows loss of invertebrates, with repercussions for larger animals

Now for something completely different …
Why I love my library and you should too
Caitlin Fitzsimmons
Shops and cafes and pubs are fine, but it’s important to have spaces where you’re free to be a citizen – not a consumer.

Maelor Himbury