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If ‘Joshy’ is disappointed to see the NEG dumped, how does he think those who elected him feel? Remember when government involved leadership and developing sound policy responses to serious issues and politicians skilled in communication brought the electorate along with them? I remember too but is was a decade or so ago at least.

Post of the Day

Landlords turning assets green and sustainable

Owners of large-scale offices, warehouses and shopping centres are doing their bit for the long-time sustainability of the environment by targeting zero emissions and installing solar power.



Today’s Celebration

Gibraltar National Day – Gibraltar

St. George’s Caye Day – Belize

Teacher’s Day – China

Rosh Hashana – Judaism

World Suicide Prevention Day – http://www.iasp.info/wspd/

Out of the Shadows and into the Light – http://www.outoftheshadows.org.au/

Include a Charity Week – http://www.includeacharity.com.au/

More about Sep 10 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/September_10


Climate Change

Rise for Climate: thousands march across US to protest environment crisis

Protests spearheaded by march in San Francisco ahead of climate change summit in the city next week




‘Disappointed’: Josh Frydenberg sorry to see NEG dumped

Former energy minister says both major parties have failed to produce lasting policies to reduce emissions



Replace ‘dead’ energy plan: business lobby

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is happy with the government’s focus on power prices and reliability, but still wants more investment certainty.



Frydenberg: government will focus on power prices over emissions reduction

The new Morrison government will concentrate on lowering power prices ahead of reducing greenhouse gas emissions



‘Bulletproof’ Yancoal flying on record coal premiums

Yancoal’s $2.9 billion acquisition of Rio Tinto’s thermal coal mines is on track to pay for itself inside four years if recent performance can be maintained.



Australian universities helping clean up the world’s oceans [$]

Two Australian universities are part of a global effort launched on Saturday in San Francisco (early Sunday AEST) to remove an estimated 80,000 tonnes of plastic from the Pacific Ocean.



Warning over impact of alleged fake honey on Australia’s bees and crops

Key horticulture figures have echoed concerns about the need for a vibrant Australian beekeeping industry that provide bees to pollinate crops, in the wake of tests from a German lab which found that some honey sold in Australia was deemed adulterated.



Landlords turning assets green and sustainable

Owners of large-scale offices, warehouses and shopping centres are doing their bit for the long-time sustainability of the environment by targeting zero emissions and installing solar power.



Renewable power links questioned [$]

Key members of the powerful operator of Australia’s electricity market have links to major renewable companies in Australia and abroad. But the body, AEMO, has fiercely defended the links.



Coalition devoid of logic on energy policy [$]

Phillip Coorey

Just in case you’ve been stuck in a cave somewhere, the government has announced at least four times now that the National Energy Guarantee is dead.



Lack of climate policy threatens to trip up Australian diplomacy this summit season

Christian Downie

Australia’s climate stance risks its standing on the world stage. 



Dumping NEG, turn-on for voters [$]

Scott Morrison’s pledge to scrap Malcolm Turnbull’s energy policy and drive down energy bills has paid off with voters.



The answer to our energy crisis [$]

Kate Legge

She’s a seasoned fixer, an American with no patience for political paralysis. Can Audrey Zibelman solve our power woes?




Lowered roads, green bridges to feature in Melbourne’s proposed ‘missing road link’

Bridges covered in greenery, 25 kilometres of cycling and walking paths and better noise standards will form part of the proposed $15.8 billion North East Link road project, plans unveiled by the Andrews Government reveal.



The plans for superhighway through city’s east

Eastern Freeway will swell to more than 20 lanes at its widest point under plans for its $15.8 billion North East Link.




Straddie’s post-mining future: ‘The process is failing the community’

The crawling pace of North Stradbroke Island’s $20 million transition from sand mining to tourism has thousands of residents concerned as the mining deadline looms.



Fewer than one-third of predicted passengers use new Redcliffe rail

Fewer than one-third of 21,000 daily passengers predicted for south-east Queensland’s newest train line are actually using the train line two years after it opened, TransLink statistics show.



Tinnie volunteers ship out for creek clean-up [$]

A Cairns volunteer eco warrior is cleaning up the city’s riverways one tinnie load at a time.



The coal kings behind Qld’s next giant mine [$]

Matthew Stevens

There is nothing modest about Pembroke’s mission.



South Australia

450 jobs for old Holden site as battery giant readies for boom [$]

German battery giant Sonnen will create more than 450 jobs at a new factory on the old Holden site at Elizabeth, ahead of an expected rapid take-up of home storage across SA.



Northern Territory

Indigenous name plan for CBD road [$]

Darwin’s indigenous heritage may be immortalised in the CBD with a proposed name change on the cards for one of the city’s main thoroughfares




Giant boom en route to clean up huge Pacific ‘island’ of rubbish

Engineers deploy a 600-metre floating boom from San Francisco to move between California and Hawaii in an attempt to clean up the world’s biggest clump of floating plastic.



Green number plates ‘could boost sales of electric cars’ in UK

Behavioural insights unit proposes new colour for registration plates to help ‘normalise the idea of clean vehicles’



Global soft drink firms back plan to eliminate packaging waste

Industry makes biggest commitment yet to ending its use of throwaway plastic bottles



China’s import ban shakes up plastic waste war

Dramatic cuts to the volumes of waste China imports from the rest of the world has “radically accelerated” moves in other countries to ban single-use plastics.



Wind and solar farms can make their own weather, including extra rain over the Sahara

You already know that using solar and wind power can influence the climate by reducing our dependence on heat-trapping fossil fuels. Now scientists say these renewable forms of energy can change the climate more directly — and do it in ways that might surprise you.



Researchers explore a pesticide link to asthma in farmworkers’ children

When Azul was five, doctors finally figured out the little girl had asthma. That’s become a big problem among children of farm workers, says Dr. Catherine Karr of the University of Washington.



This is one way Donald Trump has been good for the environment

Meredith Jones

Mother Earth may owe The Donald for its own Trump Bump in eco-friendly investing.



Nature Conservation

A look at some of the billions of organisms that keep soil healthy

Long overlooked as just dirt beneath our feet, soil has taken on increasing importance as we recognize its fundamental role in everything from agriculture to climate change to human health. So, too, with the organisms that call it home.



Shark tourism can change your mind about these much-maligned predators

Michele Barnes and Sarah Ruth Sutcliffe

Sharks have a PR problem. But new research shows that shark ecotourism programs boost people’s knowledge and attitudes towards shark conservation – even among those who are green-minded to begin with.



Now for something completely different …

Five types of food to increase your psychological well-being

Megan Lee and Joanne Bradbury

We all know eating “healthy” food is good for our physical health and can  decrease our risk of developing diabetes, cancer, obesity and heart disease. What is not as well known is that eating healthy food is also good for our mental health and can decrease our risk of depression and anxiety.





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