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With Deputy PM McCormack and (Non-renewable) Energy Minister Angus Taylor circling to pillage water for drought relief, the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder must stay staunch. To wreck the environment through withholding water to save for some short time people who are wrecking the environment (those farming marginal land) doesn’t make much sense, but then these two characters don’t!

Post of the Day

A new map reveals the causes of forest loss worldwide

A new study shows where global forest loss is due to permanent deforestation versus short-term shifts in land use.



Today’s Celebration

Cochabamba Local Festival – Bolivia

Independence Day – Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua

Nuestra Senora de la Bien Aparecida – Spain

Our Lady Mary of Sorrows – Slovakia

Software Freedom Day – http://www.softwarefreedomday.org/

International Day of Democracy – http://www.un.org/en/events/democracyday/

Clean up the World Weekend – http://www.cleanuptheworld.org/en/Activities/clean-up-the-world-weekend.html

More about Sep 15 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/September_15


Climate Change

Huge fans, burning biomass may help store carbon for climate fight

Capturing carbon from biomass energy production or using huge banks of industrial fans to suck it out of the air—two technologies still in the research phase—may become part of the future of reducing climate pollution.




Energy Minister wants ‘every bit of water’ available used for drought relief

His fellow Cabinet members do not seem enthusiastic about the idea, but Energy Minister Angus Taylor says he is not opposed to the idea of freeing up some environmental water under the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.



Could restoring forests help ease drought in Australia?

There’s a growing body of evidence that trees contribute to rainfall. So should we be helping forests grow back?



Giant Australian trees among biggest in world [$]

Australia punches well above its height for the world’s tallest trees.



What 12yo understands that adults don’t [$]

Arlian Ecker thinks Australians are from another planet because of this “dirty and destructive” thing they’re doing.



Scott Morrison needs a plan to cut emissions but all he has is a fairytale

Katharine Murphy

The deep feelings brigade is unlikely to permit any action on climate change, and that will cost the Coalition politically



A (possibly bananas) idea for how to stop governments from robbing the future [$]

Jason Murphy

Let’s indulge in a flight of imagination for a moment. Could we change the fundamental shape of government so climate change et al are not ignored?




Sun shines on Labor’s solar scheme as Liberal energy war flares up

Victoria’s solar and wind rush has begun. On Friday, the Andrews government fired the starter’s gun on what it says will be an energy revolution for Victoria.



The marginal seat with Victoria’s highest take-up of rooftop solar

After watching their power bills soar, the Cooks installed solar panels, now they want a home battery. These are the people Premier Daniel Andrews hopes will deliver its re-election.



Dan insists Melbourne’s airport rail will run through west [$]

Premier Daniel Andrews has fully settled on Melbourne’s airport rail going through the city’s western suburbs, despite the federal government not yet approving a route.



Judge nails hole in flimsy property law

Age editorial

The judge’s critique at the climax of the controversial case reflects valid community concerns that environmental and planning regulations are too lax.



Victoria’s renewables folly [$]

Australian editorial

Who could have imagined that South Australia’s shambolic renewable energy experiment would be a lesson adopted by Victoria and Queensland which, unlike South Australia, have long enjoyed the fruits of cheap and abundant coal?



New South Wales

Islamic leader detained man serving court papers on cleared Colo property, court hears

Two men who conducted illegal land clearing on a property in Sydney’s north are being pursued for contempt of court after they allegedly continue to build on the land, with allegations emerging in court that they detained a man when he served them with legal documents



‘We’re sleepwalking’: The fix to Sydney’s water woes when every drop matters

It’s little wonder the Berejiklian government is eager to switch the Sydney Desalination Plant on and end the “water security mode” it has languished in since 2012.



Sydney forecast to hit 30 degrees as ‘vigorous’ front lifts fire risks

Sydney’s temperature is forecast to climb into the 30s for the first time this spring on Saturday before a strong cold front sweeps in, triggering a “drastic drop” in temperatures.




Aurizon may scrap its Galilee rail line

Listed rail company Aurizon is expected to ditch its plans for a $1.5 billion rail line to the Galilee Basin if Adani gets its $16.5 billion Carmichael mine and rail project across the line.



Transurban compensated if tolls cut

Taxpayers would have to compensate toll road operator Transurban if the company was forced to cut their tolls on their extensive network in Queensland, a parliamentary inquiry has found.



Indigenous group’s mine deal [$]

A trailblazing model of mining in which traditional owners tap contracting know-how is under way in northwest Queensland.




The case for renewables has never been stronger, says Deloitte study

Deloitte report says the case for renewables has never been stronger, and smashes a few myths along the way.



Could a plastic chemical cause diabetes?

For the last several years, a small minority of researchers have been sounding the alarm about BPA, a molecule used to make plastics. It turns out that BPA may be disrupting the primary gene associated with Type 2 Diabetes in countless genetic studies.



This dam could cause the world’s worst natural disaster and impact 5 million people

Tajikistan’s Lake Sarez is stunning. But some experts say it’s a ticking time bomb.



Cities lead the way on curbing carbon emissions

Twenty-seven leading cities see their greenhouse gas emissions peak and decline over the past five years.



Nature Conservation

Aust thwarts Japan bid to end whaling ban

Australian lobbying has been successful in thwarting an attempt by Japan to end a 32-year moratorium on commercial whaling and set quotas on whale hauls.



Whaling vote: Australia tells Japan it has lost argument for killings

Country’s commissioner makes impassioned case against a business that no longer has a ‘social licence.’



Every piece of plastic in the ocean can potentially kill a turtle, finds new study

“Even one little thin, filmy piece of plastic can…result in death,” said the researcher.



Apple is investing in a huge mangrove forest in Colombia

The coastal forests suck up a huge amount of carbon from the air. Protecting them and growing them could be a key to help stop climate change.



A new map reveals the causes of forest loss worldwide

A new study shows where global forest loss is due to permanent deforestation versus short-term shifts in land use.



Call to conserve one-third of oceans, land to head off

At least 30% of world’s oceans and lands must be formally protected and left to non-human species if the planet is not to descend into ecological chaos, says a senior researcher in a strongly worded editorial in the journal Science.



Now for something completely different …

You’ve been using sunscreen wrong, new research finds

Turns out it’s never optional, even in the depths of winter. Here’s why.




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