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My optimism about the future (and it won’t look like the world we have now) is based upon the human resolve that put a man on the moon. When we decide to do something, throw our intellect, creativity and sufficient resources at an issue, we have shown that seemingly incredible things are possible. We don’t have enough people yet who’ve made the decision to do something.

Post of the Day

Rising temperatures and human activity are increasing storm runoff and flash floods

Columbia Engineering researchers have demonstrated for the first time that runoff extremes have been dramatically increasing in response to climate and human-induced changes. Their findings show a large increase in both precipitation and runoff extremes driven by both human activity and climate change. They also found that storm runoff has a stronger response than precipitation to human-induced changes (climate change, land-use land-cover changes, etc).



Today’s Celebration

Cambodia Peace Treaty Day – Cambodia

Chulalongkorn Day – Thailand

Day of Proclamation of the Republic – Hungary

National Mole Day – United States of America

Peniamina Gospel Day – Niue

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Climate Change

Trump thinks scientists are split on climate change. So do most Americans

There’s a 97% expert consensus on human-caused global warming, but most Americans are unaware



How a regenerative revolution could reverse climate change

Ideas and strategies for a regenerative revolution: an interview with Marc Barasch, Founder and Executive Director of the Green World Campaign.



The Climate Won’t Stop Changing In 2100

Computing power and time put limits on long-term climate modeling—but that doesn’t mean things will get better on their own.



We put a man on the moon; we can solve climate change

Tim Morris

Scientists say we have 12 years to make dramatic reductions in greenhouse gas emissions or face severe consequences.




Coalition asks regulator to intervene on electricity prices

Morrison presses on with attempt to lower bills by asking for consistent ‘default’ pricing



Watch out, Drongos: competitive birders gear up for 30-hour challenge

Twitchathon teams will race all over Australia to spot birds, but the less energetic can join the Aussie Backyard Bird Count



Climate advice not sought over dumping NEG

The independent body founded to provide the government with climate change policy advice wasn’t consulted before the coalition dumped its signature energy plan.



Resurrect national energy policy: Labor

The federal government should reconsider scrapping the National Energy Guarantee, the opposition says.



Lib moderates to demand $1b for climate change [$]

Liberal moderates fretting over the Coalition’s lack of climate change policy are set to demand Scott Morrison revitalise the ailing direct action policy with a $1 billion injection into the Emissions Reduction Fund



Government’s ‘default energy price’ to save consumers up to $832 a year

Australians will be promised new laws to slash up to $832 from their annual electricity bills in another federal government move to toughen rules for big energy companies and demonstrate action on household costs.



Aust network to lead electric car charge

A fast electric vehicle-charging network to be built in Australia is set to deliver up to 400km of range in just 15 minutes.



Climate top issue: Finkel [$]

The decision by Wentworth voters to punish the government on energy policy was unsurprising, chief scientist Alan Finkel says.



Gas prices threaten jobs [$]

Matthew Stevens

Pockets of Australian manufacturing are being pushed to a point of no return says ACCC chairman Rod Sims.



People power fills energy policy void

Age editorial

The inability to lead on energy policy has helped bring down every prime minister of the past decade. It is not fanciful to suggest that it could well claim yet another one in coming months



Helping farmers in distress doesn’t help them be the best: the drought relief dilemma

Neal Hughes

Policies such as subsidies for livestock feed risk weakening proper management incentives for farmers to plan for and adapt to drought.




‘A generation’s worth of spending’: Is the $50-billion rail loop a waste of money?

Labor’s suburban rail loop, which promises to connect Melbourne’s bustling suburbs to one another, has been an instant hit with the public. But would it be so popular if the project’s enormous cost meant no other rail ideas could go ahead?



Could Melbourne get a sky rail to the airport?

It’s one option on the cards, nation’s leading infrastructure adviser says.



New South Wales

Three new swimming spots planned for the Parramatta River

Swimmers will be able to take a dip at three more spots along the Parramatta River under a plan to boost the waterway’s health and protect it from surging residential development in Sydney’s west.




ACT govt urged to stick to main avenues on second stage of light rail

The Barr government says it will still take light rail from Civic to Woden via Barton, despite a federal parliamentary committee warning any deviation from Canberra’s main avenues will cause delays and cost blowouts in getting the project approved.




P&O cruise ship dumped 27,000 litres of waste on Great Barrier Reef, Senate hears

Australian Maritime Safety Authority report says food waste and grey water spill occurred on 26 August



Prince Harry focuses on environment while Meghan rests on Fraser Island

Harry dedicated the K’gari/Fraser forest to the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy, a network of forest conservation initiatives, committed to raising awareness of the value of indigenous forest.



Is it better for your health to have tree cover or open space?

The Brisbane suburbs with the most open space for playing sport and recreational activities are not necessarily our leafiest, a new study has found.



LNP rejects call for urgent Brisbane footpath funding

An urgent call for repairs to Brisbane’s footpaths has been rejected by a majority of the city’s councillors, despite the wait for some repairs being two years.



Slow down for Kuranda cassowaries [$]

An increase in cassowary sightings on the Kuranda Range in recent days has prompted a call for motorists to slow down.



Beer company goes carbon neutral for the reef [$]

The Good Beer Co in efforts to become carbon neutral have rebranded it’s top selling product The Great Barrier Beer in a can and have hit the road to tour the beer in the Far North.



South Australia

Mt Gambier business finds fortunes in waste [$]

Hans Van Schaik knew there was a way to make money out of the pine bark and sawdust left behind by Mount Gambier’s forest industry, and four decades later, his vision has turned into a thriving business employing 110 people.



Nuclear waste dump decision delayed by court action [$]

The selection of a preferred site in rural South Australia for a national radioactive waste dump will likely be delayed until next year.



Northern Territory

First shipment of Inpex gas leaves Darwin Harbour [$]

The first shipment of gas from Inpex’s Ichthys LNG plant was due to depart Darwin last night, marking a major milestone for the $54 billion project



Gas policy could cost NT billions [$]

Gas producers may have to have to pay billions of dollars annually under new Labor climate policies.



The world’s fastest growing economy has the world’s most toxic air

Asia’s largest economy, China, has long had a reputation for smoggy skies. But these days, neighbouring India is fighting the far bigger battle with pollution: it is home to the world’s 10 most polluted cities.



Organic foods cut your cancer risk, study suggests

Those who frequently eat organic foods lowered their overall risk of developing cancer, a study published Monday in JAMA Internal Medicine finds.



US air pollution deaths nearly halved over two decades

The number of deaths related to air pollution in the United States shrank by 47 percent between 1990 and 2010.



Radio waves versus pollution

Bangalore firm claims success at lowering air pollution over parts of Delhi, scientists await details.



Modern conflict: Screen time vs. nature

Even rural kids today spend more time in front of screens and less time outdoors, according to a new study of middle-school students in South Carolina. Researchers found that gaps between screen time and outdoor time were most pronounced for girls, African American students, and eighth graders.



Rising temperatures and human activity are increasing storm runoff and flash floods

Columbia Engineering researchers have demonstrated for the first time that runoff extremes have been dramatically increasing in response to climate and human-induced changes. Their findings show a large increase in both precipitation and runoff extremes driven by both human activity and climate change. They also found that storm runoff has a stronger response than precipitation to human-induced changes (climate change, land-use land-cover changes, etc).



Winners and losers from plastic tax [$]


Coca-Cola Amatil’s next great challenge may not be a tax on sugar but a tax on plastic, with Cleanaway set to benefit.



Nature Conservation

Coral bleaching changed ‘rules of engagement’ for feisty butterflyfish

Mass coral bleaching has altered the behaviour of species such as butterflyfish, a finding that identifies an early signal that fish populations are in trouble, researchers say.



Study finds availability of nitrogen to plants is declining as climate warms

Researchers have found that global changes, including warming temperatures and increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, are causing a decrease in the availability of a key nutrient for terrestrial plants. This could affect the ability of forests to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reduce the amount of nutrients available for the creatures that eat them.



Fracking wastewater accumulation found in freshwater mussels’ shells

Elevated concentrations of strontium, an element associated with oil and gas wastewaters, have accumulated in the shells of freshwater mussels downstream from fracking wastewater disposal sites. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/10/181022135716.htm


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