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Post of the Day

Earth’s climate monsters could be unleashed as temperatures rise

Graham Readfearn

As a UN panel prepares a report on 1.5C global warming, researchers warn of the risks of ignoring ‘feedback’ effects



Today’s Celebration

Goodwill Day – Namibia

Merchant Holiday  – Antigua & Barbuda

Our Lady of the Rosary   – Spain

Virgen del Rosario – Spain

Change A Light Day – https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/change-a-light-day/

Ore about Oct 7 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/October_7


Climate Change

Earth’s climate monsters could be unleashed as temperatures rise

Graham Readfearn

As a UN panel prepares a report on 1.5C global warming, researchers warn of the risks of ignoring ‘feedback’ effects



Charge €30 a tonne for CO2 to avoid catastrophic 4C warming

Ottmar Edenhofer and Johan Rockström

New global policies such as carbon pricing are needed if we are to avoid an apocalyptic increase in temperature




Angus Taylor to reopen energy dialogue with states

Ministers to meet 26 October, as Taylor pursues a reliability obligation and price cuts



Aboriginal and African rangers swap stories in fight to protect endangered wildlife

Would you rather be bitten by a poisonous snake or shot by an armed poacher? These are the difficult questions African wildlife ranger Joseph Kotoke contemplated as he weighed up the differences between his job back home and the challenges faced by Aboriginal rangers in Australia.



Five myths about water saving in the garden

Jackie French

Gardeners need to learn how to live with drought and rise to its challenges, says



It’s time for a grown-up debate on immigration rates [$]

Annika Smethurst

Tackling Australia’s immigration intake has finally moved from the shadows to the spotlight for policymakers. And it’s about time.




Fire at recycling facility in Melbourne’s east

Firefighters were called to the Knox Transfer Station at Wantirna South, just off EastLink, shortly after 4.30pm Saturday, but by 8.30pm authorities said the blaze had been contained.



Deer hunting opened up after feral numbers soar to estimated 1 million

Victoria’s feral deer population estimate has soared past more than one million, triggering government plans to unlock more of the Alpine National Park to hunters of a species described as “giant-hoofed cane toads”.



Storms lead to the Great Ocean erode [$]

A key stretch of Victoria’s famous Great Ocean Rd is at risk of washing away as erosion, triggered by severe storms over winter, encroaches on the popular tourist attraction at Apollo Bay.



New South Wales

Wentworth byelection: John Hewson says seat ‘ripe for protest vote’

Former Liberal leader suggests a loss for the party might alter government’s thinking on climate change




The real reason your power bills are rising [$]

Electricity prices continue to rise outside our control, but changes in living habits and modern technology are delivering the all-too harsh reality that some of the blame for skyrocketing costs sits squarely with us.



Glamping site proposed at Nunamara, six tents planned

Nunamara could soon be home to the North’s newest luxury camp area, if a development application is approved.



Premier to set agenda [$]

Renewable energy, international trade growth and increased tourist numbers will form the focus of Premier Will Hodgman’s speech to Tasmanian Liberals today.



Tasmanian farms embrace spirit of sustainability

When it comes to farming, change ensures long-term survival. That’s the case for two very different Tasmanian farms diversifying into alcohol production with their leftover crops.



North-west Tasmanian coastal erosion concerns after another damaging winter

Storms and king tides play havoc and leave a hefty repair bill on Tasmania’s north-west coastline.



Nature Conservation

Thousands of anti-coal protesters celebrate German forest’s reprieve

Court victory halts utility firm RWE’s plan to raze Hambach woodland and expand an opencast mine



Now for something completely different …

The urban myths of daylight saving

People either love it or hate it, but it can’t be avoided. Daylight saving time has come around yet again, as experts dispel some myths.