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Environment in multiple crises – report

Politicians and policymakers have failed to grasp the gravity of the environmental crisis facing the Earth, a report claims.


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Climate Change

The next big sand exporter? Climate change could create Greenland’s new export

Greenland could start to export sand as global warming melts the island’s vast ice sheet and washes sediment into the sea, according to new research.


Climate and economic risks ‘threaten 2008-style systemic collapse’

Environmental and social problems could interact in global breakdown, report says


Program Looks to Halve Electricity Costs for Charities

Charities have the chance to slash their power bills by up to 50 per cent through an energy-efficiency program set to expand across Australia.


Ice volume calculated anew

Researchers have provided a new estimate for the glacier ice volume all around the world, excluding the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets. Their conclusion: previous calculations overestimated the volume of the glaciers in High Mountain Asia.


Why poorer people suffer more from climate change

By the end of this century, Earth’s average temperature should rise by 1,8 to 4 Celsius degrees.


Big cities that could become unlivable by 2100 due to climate change

Some of the world’s most popular cities could experience unbearable living conditions due to climate change.


Climate of North American cities will shift hundreds of miles in one generation

In one generation, the climate experienced in many North American cities is projected to change to that of locations hundreds of miles away — or to a new climate unlike any found in North America today.


Climate change is killing off Earth’s little creatures

Bill Laurance

The natural world depends on insects to function, but they may be the next casualty of climate change.


Slowing climate change could reverse drying in the subtropics

Kale Sniderman et al

Australia’s subtropical regions are drying, but if we can slow the global temperature rise then rainfall should increase again.


It’s Not Over ‘Til It’s Over: How To Mobilise Against The Climate Violence Perps

Richard Hil

The science is settled, the debate is over. Now we need to figure out what to do as individuals, and what to do as a collective with the leaders who refuse to do their jobs to combat climate change



Winter rains coming back – in 100 years

An Australian study shows reducing greenhouse gas emissions could bring back the winter rain to the drought-stricken outback.


Labor calls for cap on buybacks to be removed across Murray-Darling Basin

Labor has announced a new policy to remove the 1,500 GL buyback cap on irrigators in the Murray-Darling Basin.


‘A legacy of plastic waste’: Coles launches new collectables series

As new promotion launches, volunteers are still cleaning up debris from the Little Shop campaign on Australian beaches


New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland biggest water consumers in 2016-17

Across the Australian economy, industry and households consumed a total 16,287 gigalitres of water (the equivalent of more than 32 Sydney Harbours) in 2016-17 according to figures released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).


Young Libs push for NEG return [$]

Federal government told it must abandon ‘big stick’ intervention in the electricity sector if it hopes to win the election.


Australia won’t meet the Paris targets despite what recent research claims

Bill Hare

There’s no way we’ll achieve the targets five years early without major policy changes, which are unlikely under the current government


Miners damned if they don’t [$]

Matthew Stevens

After the latest Brazil dam disaster, Australian miners are set to come clean this reporting season on their own potential risks.


We could be among the world’s climate change winners

Ross Gittins

The latest report from the CSIRO says the lowest-cost power from a newly built facility is now produced by solar and wind.


Stay cool with revised house construction codes

Mat Santamouris

We must also urgently modify the codes and regulations that dictate the performance of Australian buildings.


When water is scarce, we can’t afford to neglect the alternatives to desalination

Ian Wright and Jason Reynolds

The enthusiasm for recycling water that Australians had at the height of the drought little more than a decade ago has waned.



Tunnel workers fear toxic lead exposure [$]

Workers on the Andrews Government’s signature multibillion-dollar infrastructure projects may have suffered toxic lead exposure from tainted steel.


The 10 Melbourne routes on cycling super lane hit list [$]

Ten popular Melbourne cycling routes are on a hit list of roads to be transformed into London-style bike superhighways to get commuters out of cars and riding more.


Tussle over CityLink 10-year toll extension [$]

The state government is confident it will be able to pass laws allowing Transurban to reap tolls from CityLink for an extra 10 years in exchange for work on the West Gate Tunnel Project.


Solar wings to make debut at Avalon air show

Composite wing technology featuring inbuilt solar cells with the ability to triple the flying time of drones will be exhibited for the first time at the Avalon aviation expo…


Rail push must not leave regions behind

Age editorial

The Andrews government has shown it is prepared to be ambitious when it comes to suburban rail projects. It needs to show it can extend this ambition to cover the whole state.


New South Wales

Emergency warnings as NSW bushfires rage

Emergency warnings remain in place for two fires in NSW as soaring temperatures, dry conditions and hot winds combine to threaten properties.


Transurban lifts revenue but profit drops

Transurban’s first-half profit has fallen 61.8 per cent after its acquisition of Sydney’s WestConnex, but the underlying health of the business is strong.


Govt warns against NSW Greens solar push

The Greens want to double the number of NSW properties with solar in four years but the state government is warning against a rapid push..


Low storages bad news for NSW irrigators [$]

NSW irrigators face a bleak 2019-20 irrigation season as their holdings in the Murray and Murrumbidgee storages drop to dire levels.


‘Hugely significant’: Why this judge just ruled against a new mine on climate grounds

Justine Bell-James

A judge has potentially opened up a new chapter in Australia’s climate litigation history



Heated exchange at Adani media event

A press conference to showcase the support of indigenous traditional owners for Adani’s Carmichael coal mine has served to show divided opinions on the project.


Power outages continue after dust storm hits Canberra

Strong winds behind a weather warning and a total fire ban prompted a health warning after creating a dust storm.


Light rail delays net government $28m, as Green backs State Circle

Delays in both stages of the light rail project have netted the ACT government nearly $28 million, as Greens crossbencher Caroline Le Couteur signals support for the third route being considered for the Woden leg.


Peter Garrett’s many achievements recognised with Honorary Doctorate

Before entering Parliament in 2004, Dr Garrett was the President of the Australian Conservation Foundation and a member of the International Board of Greenpeace.



Wetlands spared in Adani spill [$]

North Queensland’s Caley Valley Wetlands have been spared any damage from floodwaters spilled from the Abbott Point coal terminal.


Adani facing new probe over coal dam water release into wetlands

The Queensland Government is checking whether mining firm Adani has again breached its environmental licence for releasing water into a coastal wetland beside Abbot Point coal terminal.


Dam operators ‘inadequately’ trained: engineer [$]

A dam engineering expert has claimed the Ross River Dam would have prevented Townsville from flooding if its spillway gates had been operated professionally.


Dead cattle a biosecurity issue [$]

The devastating deaths of cattle in north Queensland is considered a biosecurity issue by the State Government, which is trying to determine how to dispose of the carcasses.


South Australia

SA Premier hits out at Murray-Darling Basin royal commissioner

South Australian Premier Steven Marshall slams the royal commission’s scathing criticism of Water Minister David Speirs as “ludicrous” and “nonsensical” in Parliament.


‘Royal Commissioner is not God’: Speirs’ rearguard action as Labor targets seat

Labor has today ramped up its pursuit of embattled Environment Minister David Speirs, bombarding his southern suburbs electorate with propaganda criticising his performance on water security as state parliament opened amid a cacophony of controversy that saw five Opposition frontbenchers evicted in the first hour.


Aerial survey finds whales, many dolphins in the Bight

One of the first large-scale aerial surveys of the eastern Great Australian Bight found significant populations of dolphins and whales, underlining the importance of the region for marine biodiversity.


South Australia gets 50 new grid-scale energy storage proposals

The South Australia state government says it has received more than 50 proposals from energy storage developers keen to tap into a new $50 million scheme that will help navigate the local grid as it moves beyond a 50 per cent share of wind and solar and towards 100 per cent.


Sold down the river [$]

The South Australian Government stands accused of profiteering and shoring up its own irrigators’ 2019-20 allocations, using water set aside in Dartmouth Dam and Lake Victoria for critical human needs.


Electric idea must face the spotlight [$]

Advertiser editorial

South Australia has been talking about a new interconnector to slash bills and help avert blackouts for literally decades now.


In photos, the devastation wrought by bushfires in Tasmania’s wild south-west is revealed

While the bushfires that ravaged Tasmania over the summer are no longer threatening communities, photos show the charred remnants of the parts of the state’s World Wilderness Heritage Area.


Fire-hit wind farm back on track [$]

Construction of a $300m Tasmanian wind farm is set to restart now the bushfire emergency in the region has eased.


Ta Ann reveals extent of mill damage [$]

Ta Ann has revealed just how badly bushfires have damaged its veneer mill at Lonnavale as woodchip and sawdust piles at the plant continue to smoulder.


Northern Territory

‘No better example of arrogance’: Frustrations mount over new NT youth detention centre plans

Business owners next to the proposed site of a new youth detention centre at Pinelands say the NT Government has disregarded their concerns, skipping through a consultation process and not listening to potential impacts to their businesses.


US trip to investigate on shore gas [$]

A 16-strong delegation of Northern Territory industry heavyweights is heading to Texas to investigate the opportunities flowing from the on-shore gas industry.


Western Australia

Bushfire in Perth’s north contained

A bushfire warning for Warwick in Perth’s north has been downgraded from a watch and act to an advice as it has been contained.


Council moves to fortnightly rubbish collection

Weekly rubbish collections across Perth could become fortnightly because of the State Government’s push for households to separate their food scraps in the kitchen.


Wave power faces rough waters [$]

A wave energy project off Albany was part of a renewables vision, but the wild ocean is proving difficult to harness.



‘Maggot fountain’ demolishes whole pizza in two hours

Researchers say fly larvae form a moving structure when they feast on rotting food and the implications of their findings could help humanity tackle waste disposal and the planet’s food supply problem all in one hit.


Solar energy sector lost 8,000 jobs in US last year, but future looks bright – report

Despite second consecutive year of declines, report concludes the long-term outlook for solar energy production is positive


Is air pollution a problem in your home? How to know for sure

We usually associate air pollution with the outside environment, but the reality is that air pollution can also create havoc for us indoors.


Research Will Help Urban Planners Prioritize Bike Lanes

A new virtual tool could help planners choose the best places to install bikes lanes in cities.


Nearly a fifth of the EU’s budget goes on livestock farming, says Greenpeace

Europe urged to promote diets lower in meat and dairy and restrict animals to grass-based systems to free land for crops


Labour to set out plans to decarbonise UK and fulfil green jobs pledge

Party says Labour government would tackle climate change by starting economic revolution


Electric cars are already cheaper to own and run, says study

Petrol and diesel vehicles cost more over four years in UK and four other European nations


Redflow brings solar plus battery power to remote Thai villagers [$]

Redflow is helping to bring power to a remote Thai village stranded in a wildlife reserve by installing 10 of its novel batteries alongside three conventional lithium-ion batteries and using them to store surplus solar energy.


Can eating organic lower your exposure to pesticides?

A new study tracks the pesticides and residues in a small cohort of eaters, and found significant reductions when they switched to an all-organic diet.


Supreme Court environmental cases: The watch list

The Supreme Court is halfway through its current term, but the bulk of its environmental issues are still awaiting resolution.


Environment in multiple crises – report

Politicians and policymakers have failed to grasp the gravity of the environmental crisis facing the Earth, a report claims.


Could we build houses with poop-bricks?

While still far from coming to a house near you, I still think biosolid-bricks are a topic worth keeping an eye on.


The five worst things the UK is doing to the environment

We’ve somewhat moved away from treating the planet like there’s a spare one to live on, but the country’s still not reached ‘net zero emissions.’


Electric motorcycles – promises, promises?

Nigel Morris

My Zero doesn’t work again, and I’m getting so frustrated I may have to buy a fossil fuel bike.


Nature Conservation

New deep sea animal discoveries warrant expanded protections in Costa Rican waters

Scientists surveyed deep-sea seamounts outside Isla del Coco UNESCO World Heritage site revealing coral communities with surprising diversity.


Giving coral reefs a second chance with probiotics

When faced with high heat and disease, coral treated with microbial supplements fared better.


Now for something completely different …

Instagram Wants to Make it Easier to Donate to Charities

Australians will soon be able to donate to charities through Instagram with the social media giant revealing it is working on a new fundraising tool to support the sector.




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