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Today’s Celebration

National Day – Kuwait

Revolution Day – Suriname

Special Holiday Choiseul Province – Solomon Islands

Armed Forces Day – Dominican Republic

Soviet Occupation Day – Georgia

People Power Day – Philippines

Memorial Day for the Victims of the Communist Dictatorships – Hungary

Invasive Species Awareness Week

Norriture Rituelle des sources tet d’ l’eau – Voudon

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Climate Change

CofE backs further action on climate change

The Church of England in the UK will step up its environmental programme in response to the escalating threat of climate change, its General Synod voted today.


A winner: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal

Steven Hail

The Green New Deal offers a unique chance to stop the worst effects of climate change



Scott Morrison announces $2 billion ‘solutions fund’ to fight climate change

The new $2 billion package is aimed at ensuring Australia can meet the 2030 emissions reduction target.


Big emitters say climate risk in hand [$]

Climate Action 100+ is targeting a dirty dozen of Austraia’s highest carbon emitting companies. Qantas, Woolworths, Santos and others claim progress is being made.


Morrison tries to play both sides of climate debate [$]

As of today, the federal government will be using taxpayer dollars to cut emissions and keep the left happy while, to keep the right happy, underwriting new coal fired power.


Cotton growers at heart of water blame game

The only flood Murray-Darling northern basin irrigators have been in this year is a swell of negative sentiment, but solutions are not as simple as they might seem.


Are you a plant killer? These companies are here to help

Indoor plants companies are maturing and helping corporates keep greenery alive.


Miners call for calm over delays [$]

Coalminers have urged calm in dealing with a slowdown in coal imports at five Chinese ports.


We can no longer rely on coal for our future prosperity. We must plan for life without it

Greg Jericho

Two significant events have showed that a major adjustment of our economy is needed to end our reliance on coal


Why Glencore, BHP should leave coal [$]

Matthew Stevens

Glencore and BHP should consider demerging the cash cows that are their respective market-shaping coal-mining businesses.


On climate change, Scott Morrison is embracing politics as the art of the possible

Bevan Shields

The Prime Minister will need to lead the way in selling the Coalition’s climate policy to the public.


Time to tell the truth about coal [$]

Chris Mitchell

National politics and media are afflicted with a culture of forgetting when it comes to coal and action on climate change.


Rethinking traffic congestion to make our cities more like the places we want them to be

Brian Feeney

Vancouver used traffic congestion as a ‘stick’ and the SkyTrain as a ‘carrot’ in a strategy to discourage car use and make the city a better place to live.


Scott Morrison warms to climate policy sell [$]

Renee Viellaris

As Scott Morrison checks off his policy list ahead of the federal election, this week he will start spruiking his answer to energy and climate change.


Out to slay a coal-fired dragon [$]

Nick Cater

Australia does not get enough credit for its reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.


ABC has eye closed on climate [$]

Chris Kenny

The ABC’s audiences were oblivious to one of the major stories of the past week, because the broadcaster didn’t cover it.


The truth is China needs coal [$]

Adam Creighton

Even if China banned Australian coal, which seems unlikely, it’s going to have to buy it from somewhere.



Australia is exporting its gas to the world so why is Victoria facing a future shortage?

Victoria faces a gas shortage by 2021 as offshore reserves start to run out. One proposed solution is to build the country’s first floating gas import facility on the Mornington Peninsula, but residents are worried about the environmental risks.


Mordialloc Freeway risks polluting water feeding to UN-protected wetlands, documents reveal

An elevated freeway that will slice up rare bushland in Melbourne’s suburban south-east risks polluting bodies of water that feed UN-protected wetlands, government documents reveal.


New South Wales

Threatened birds detected by citizen scientists

Birdwatchers on the New South Wales mid coast report spotting record-breaking numbers of threatened and migratory waterbirds, and it’s thought the birds may be finding new flight routes to overcome a loss of feeding grounds.


Automated vehicles open way to slash cost of road congestion

Self-driving vehicles have the potential to reduce the cost of congestion on Australia’s roads by more than a quarter over the next decade if there is a quick take-up of the technology, new modelling shows.


Angry coastal voters’ threat to NSW government [$]

Residents living in coastal erosion hot spots at Collaroy, Batemans Bay and on the Central Coast are “furious” with local and state governments’ approach to protecting property and businesses in vulnerable areas.


Liverpool, the surprise star of Australia’s future-city planning

Tim Williams

Before he designed Melbourne, Robert Hoddle envisioned Sydney’s Liverpool as a great, liveable, walkable city. Technology will bring his dream to life again.


Daley’s anti-development stance is ‘feeble’ [$]

Sharri Markson

Our examination of Michael Daley’s developer donations history is imperative to give the public additional insight into the actions of the man who wants to be the leader of our state. It is also relevant given Daley has spoken out against overdevelopment in Sydney.


Daley problem is developing [$]

Telegraph editorial

Voters are entitled to ask a couple of questions. Has Michael Daley changed his views on developers, or have his views been changed by circumstances?



Paving paradise in an unstoppable quest for dominance at war memorial

Canberra Times editorial

It’s time to start saying no to the Australian War Memorial, especially as it starts to creep onto much-loved public bushland.



Labor won’t prejudge Adani as it could harm future decisions, Tony Burke says

Shadow environment minister sceptical whether law followed on approvals for coal project


Minister says koala bushland near Belmont rifle range may not need to go

Sport Minister Mick de Brenni has broken his silence to defend the Queensland government’s approach to threatened koala bushland near a south-east Brisbane shooting range.


Oma’s fury drains massive amount of sand [$]

Queensland’s beaches have copped some of the worst erosion in decades as coastal councils inspect the environmental damage caused by Cyclone Oma.


Three barely seen animal species have wormed their way in to a Gold Coast hinterland tourist spot [$]

A black possum has taken up residence at a popular tourist destination in the Gold Coast hinterland.


Adani veto still on the cards [$]

Tony Burke has refused to rule out using green laws to veto the Adani project if Labor wins power.


Labor struggling with Adani issue [$]

Graham Richardson

It is little more than mindless stupidity that drives demonstrators to oppose the Adani mine.


South Australia

Blessing for wind-power bid [$]

Plans to install four “synchronous condensers” that aim to stop power bill blowouts and strengthen South Australia’s renewable-rich grid have moved forward, as regulators endorse an economic analysis of the project, which is worth up to $180 million.


Secrecy on nuclear dump terrorist danger [$]

The risk of terrorist activity at a radioactive waste site, including the removal of drums for use in a “dirty bomb”, has been kept secret from residents near two sites earmarked for a new national dump.


Perverse beauty of Tasmanian bushfires captured in ‘striking, horrible’ images

When thousands of hectares were ablaze in southern Tasmania, wilderness photographer Nick Monk headed out with a camera.


Government calls for tenders for new Freycinet walking trail

The state government is calling for tenders to construct a new walking trail at Freycinet National Park, despite a development application being not yet approved.


Tasmania ‘key to fixing blackouts’ [$]

A second power interconnector under Bass Strait would provide energy security to mainland states, ending summer blackouts, a key report concludes.


Northern Territory



Western Australia

Blue gum plantation resurgence as investors capitalise on ‘Rolls Royce’ of woodchips

Blue gum plantations were once a reliable industry on WA’s south coast until an implosion of investments after the 2008 global financial crisis. But backed by new international players, the hardwoods are now generating hundreds of jobs and millions of export dollars.



Why men aren’t wearing neckties and thrifty ways to upcycle them

Ties are being upcycled into bags and clothes as people look for thrifty ways to use them now men are rejecting them for reasons of practicality and fashion.


Sustainability in sight as Ikea plans to rent out furniture

Need a new kitchen but can’t afford one? In the future, you may be able to rent one from Ikea.


Ban Ki-moon tells Britain: stop investing in fossil fuels overseas

Former UN secretary-general says country must live up to Theresa May’s commitment


‘Moment of reckoning’: US cities burn recyclables after China bans imports

Residents of cities like Chester, outside Philadelphia, fear a rise in pollution from incinerators after China’s recycling ban.


Nature Conservation

Grouse estates investigated over heather burning

Evidence collected by Friends of the Earth allege British estates have continued the practice despite voluntary commitments to stop


Badgers, stoats and otters stage ‘incredible’ revival

Britain’s carnivore numbers are booming after clampdown on hunting and pollution


Where Jesus once preached, the holy waters are draining away

Climate change and conflict have left the river Jordan a stagnant stream and the Sea of Galilee critically low


The vanishing flights of the monarch butterfly

Habitat loss, the proliferation of herbicides and insecticides, and increased temperatures due to climate change are threatening populations of monarch on their yearly migration to Mexico.


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