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‘How climate change will affect your mortgage’ is not the most honest of headlines when you read the article for it points out that it is much more than your mortgage that will be affected. And it’s the Reserve Bank saying it. From the top end of town to kids marching in towns, the times they are a changin’.

Post of the Day

Students around the world go on climate strike – video

School and university students in more than 100 countries have gone on strike to demand that politicians take urgent action on climate change


Today’s Celebration

Black Press Day – United States of America

Liberty Day – United States of America

St. Urho’s Day – Finland

Book Smugglers Day – Lithuania

Loco Davi (manger du bois rituel) – Voudon

Freedom Of Information Day

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Climate Change

‘It’s our time to rise up’: youth climate strikes held in 100 countries

School and university students continue Friday protests to call for political action on crisis


Climate strike: US students walk out of classes as part of global protest

Young people, inspired by Greta Thunberg, rally on 15 March to press politicians to act on climate change


Students around the world go on climate strike – video

School and university students in more than 100 countries have gone on strike to demand that politicians take urgent action on climate change


‘There is no planet B’: best placards from the youth climate strike

Young people in more than 100 countries press politicians to act on climate change


Today is your day: NZ govt promises climate action at student strike [$]

While Australian students striking against climate change have copped flak from senior ministers, Kiwi pupils marching on parliament have received a promise from their government.


Schoolchildren around the world are on climate strike. Here’s what you need to know.

How did this student-directed global protest start?


Young people feel betrayed by adults over the climate crisis. Today, they’re going on strike.

Sharon Lerner

For her 16th birthday, Maddy Fernands asked her parents for an unusual gift: to switch the family to wind power.


Climate striker: we must take on capitalism if we want to avert chaos

Zoe Rasbash.

Failure is not an option.



Climate strikes attract 150,000 supporters

About 150,000 people took part in climate strikes across the country on Friday, with students planning more rallies if their demands for more action aren’t met.


Winning the war against Australia’s ‘worst pest’

Rubber vine chokes Australia’s outback landscapes, but smart technology is helping to fight it.


‘Monster’ El Nino a chance later this year, pointing to extended dry times

Relief for Australia’s drought-hit regions could be a long way off, with climate influences in the Pacific and Indian oceans tilting towards drier conditions.


Seeking to bridge the coal divide [$]

Susan McDonald is the new hope of the Nationals to bridge the great divide between city and country, the bush and ’burbs.


Climate Change Is Sexist: Why I’m Striking Today To Support Girls Around The Globe

Lauren Lancaster

Girls and young women are impacted disproportionately by climate change, says  Lauren Lancaster. And that’s one of the reasons she’s joining school strike actions around the country today.


We’re living in a double reality, and our kids can see through it

Blanche Verlie

Student protesters hope to change climate policy. In the process they are also changing their role in society.


Not kids anymore: climate students march with worldly passion [$]

Guy Rundle

The right continue to infantilise school students who have opinions. It’s a bizarre and flawed example of generational thinking.


Carbon copy

Saturday Paper editorial

To the streets, tens of thousands of students went on Friday, picketing for climate action. We cannot wait, their common refrain. There is no time. Meanwhile, unimpassioned, our leaders squabble still over coal.


Climate change: a climate scientist answers questions from teenagers

Chris Smith

A scientist answers teenagers’ questions about climate change, gathered by the Priestley International Centre for Climate at a previous strike in February


Students’ climate change strike is a walk in the park [$]

Jack the Insider

The wolves are at the door. The barbarians are at the gate. In the streets of our major cities, the Visigoths and Vandals come in the form of spotty-faced, badly dressed humans, bearing backpacks, bottled water and moral certainty.


Scared Liberals are taking the ‘coal’ out of Coalition

Paula Matthewson

As Australian school children marched in the streets this week to protest the nation’s lack of climate action, a quieter and potentially even more powerful revolution emerged from an unlikely source – the Liberal Party.


Coalition’s coal conundrum [$]

David Tanner

What is the trade-off in terms of seats won and lost when it comes to coal?


Barnaby’s last stand [$]

Karen Middleton

As the Nationals quietly shift positions on climate change and energy, Barnaby Joyce is wreaking havoc as coal’s last defender.


Morrison backs away from funding coal-fired power [$]

David Speers

This was a bad week for the government, but an even worse week for coal. It was the week when the slim chance of a new coal-fired power station being built in Australia finally died.


Remember Morrison’s black-rock stunt? Well, look who’s scared now

Katharine Murphy

With their clash over coal, the Coalition partners are making the case for voters to show them the exit


Politicians on the run on climate change [$]

Laura Tingle

Politicians might just be starting to listen to voters on climate change. But money, and policy, has already had to move


Australia has a long history of protests. Our rights should be better protected

Hugh de Kretser

We also have a history of governments trying to suppress protest. It’s time this changed


Politicians are more concerned about their donors than Australians

Crispin Hull

Morrison and the major parties, including the Greens, do not understand population pressure as polling this week revealed.


How climate change will affect your mortgage

Jessica Irvine

Australia’s central bank is already adjusting interest rates with a mind to climate-related trends. But policy uncertainty is making its job more difficult.


Most recreational fishers in Australia support marine sanctuaries

Matt Navarro et al

More than 70% of recreational fishers support no-take marine sanctuaries according to our research, published recently in Marine Policy.



Climate change protest draws thousands of students into the city

The city is awash with students as workers head out for their lunch break on Friday, with the school strike for climate change drawing thousands into Melbourne’s CBD.


New South Wales

NSW election goes green, stadium to fall

The legal bid to stop the NSW government tearing down Allianz Stadium has failed as environmental issues take centre stage in the election.


Sydney students: Listen to us on climate

Thousands of school students have gathered in Sydney’s Town Hall Square for the Strike 4 Climate Action rally.


Thousands of fish found dead near Moruya

Thousands of dead fish wash up dead at Lake Meringo, near Moruya, on the New South Wales Far South Coast this week.


Government’s secret plan to raise Warragamba Dam wall by 17m

The Berejiklian government has developed secret plans to lift the height of Warragamba Dam more than publicly announced to take into account the impact of climate change.


‘Extremely high’ fungi levels in WestConnex tunnels poses health risk

Extremely high concentrations of airborne fungi regarded as a potential “health risk to all persons” have been found in the M4 East tunnels under construction in Sydney’s inner west.


What caused the fish to die? [$]

It’s easy to point the finger of blame at government, farmers and the drought, but complex science lies behind the mass deaths of fish and other aquatic life in the Darling River.


Tele takes readers for a ride on the river – but doesn’t mention the climate change thing

Amanda Meade

Series on the dried-up Darling River treads the path of a folksy travelogue.



‘More effective than UN’: Canberra’s student climate strike draws thousands

Joining students marching through Canberra, former chief scientist Penny Sackett said the movement might be more effective than 25 years of UN climate summits.


Namadgi walk that is out of this world

A steep trek into Namadgi National Park reveals a remarkable part of Australia’s space history.



Qld students join climate change strike

Queensland students who marched against a lack of action on climate change say that the issue is more important than a school day.


Environment Minister appoints former adviser to top Great Barrier Reef role

Melissa Price insists new Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority boss Josh Thomas passed a merit-based assessment, but failed to mention his former role as one of her senior advisers.


Greens could clinch balance of power [$]

The Greens say proposed local government reforms have boosted their chances of clinching the balance of power in Brisbane City Council, putting them within reach of claiming an unprecedented five seats.


Commuters want a fare go [$]

Brisbane’s public transport has been slammed time and time again by politicians and non-government bodies. Now commuters have weighed in on what it’s like to get around our city.


South Australia

School’s out for climate protest

Doha Khan is one of thousands of young South Australians who filled city streets as part of a global school strike protest to demand action on climate change.


Equinor answers the Great Australian Bight questions [$]

It’s the question that has divided SA: Should drilling be allowed in the Great Australian Bight? Norwegian energy giant Equinor wants to drill, but many oppose them. The company’s Australian manager Jone Stangeland answers some of the essential questions.


Huge change looms for electricity pricing [$]

The massive increase in solar panels has SA Power Networks planning to start charging higher prices for electricity in the evening peak than during the day — and it could start next year.


SA consumers lost in tangle of power plan offers — but is Federal Government intervention making the situation worse?

Fewer than a third of consumers in South Australia feel the energy market is working in their long-term interest, survey results show.


It’s autumn and the European wasp begins its game of drones

This pesky insect hitched a ride to Tasmania in the 1950s and unfortunately it’s here to stay, going on the move at this time each year.


Mayors call for action on climate change [$]

Hobart’s Lord Mayor is calling for urgent Federal Government action on climate change before a catastrophic bushfire hits the capital city.


Hobart climate change rally [$]

Thousands of students in Hobart join a rally calling for action on climate change.


Northern Territory

The High Court has listened to Aboriginal people, so must politicians

Jacob Saulwick

The court introduced new imagery and metaphor to help think about the impact on Indigenous Australians when land has been interfered with.


Western Australia

Conflict of interest concerns arise over who will control WA container deposit scheme

The West Australian Government is warned against handing control of its new container deposit scheme to the beverage industry, but the Environment Minister dismisses those concerns.


Three days after $16 million wave farm deal torn up, Carnegie goes into administration

Carnegie Clean Energy enters voluntary administration after months of uncertainty about its financial position, in the same week the WA Government cancels a contract for it to build a wave farm near Albany.


Scene set for renewed carbon clash [$]

WA’s environment watchdog says it won’t vacate the carbon emissions war until there is a national plan that puts Australia on track to meet Paris commitments.


Marina plan will ‘smash the jewel in the crown’ of WA’s abalone reefs, fishers claim

The West Australian fishing community is deeply concerned about the proposed Ocean Reef Marina, saying the project will ‘smash the jewel in the crown’ of abalone reefs in the state.


Perth school students walk out of class in strike on climate change

Striking students have closed St Georges Terrace as part of a climate change protest.


Carbon emissions debacle should not have happened

Daniel Mercer

Mark McGowan looked a relieved man yesterday when announcing the environment watchdog had withdrawn highly contentious guidelines that sought to heavily restrict emissions from major projects.


Backflip shows where power lies [$]

Paul Garvey

West Australian EPA chairman Tom Hatton is far from the only public figure to have taken on the resources sector … and lost.



Infinite scroll: Will data centres end up eating our cities as we chew through more data?

Around our cities, vast data centres are popping up to cater to our ever-increasing number of Facebook uploads and Google searches — but is there a physical cost to this on the planet and are we ready for it?


US accused of blocking ambitious global action against plastic pollution

Commitments agreed at UN conference in Kenya do not go far enough, say green groups


De Blasio unveils $10bn scheme to build new chunk of Manhattan to combat climate change

Mayor wants to protect Wall Street from floods and rising seas


Suffer the children: how air pollution hurts the youngest

Air pollution can have devastating health effects for people of all ages, but children are more vulnerable and face specific risks that can last a lifetime, experts say.


If you are flying, you should be buying carbon offsets

Christopher J. Preston

Offsetting is simple and surprisingly cheap to do.


Nature Conservation

There’s a growing push to give nature legal rights, but what would that mean?

Researchers argue that giving nature human rights could help ward off an impending ‘planetary catastrophe’. But others say we aren’t enforcing the laws we already have.


Wildlife campaigners take legal action against ‘pest’ bird killings

New group Wild Justice challenging Natural England over licence to slaughter certain wild birds



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