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ISO 14008 counts the cost of environmental damage. ‘Few things yield such an impact as these type of heavyweight, international standards’. And gradually the pieces are being assembled!

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New global standard counts the cost of environmental damage

Environmental damage costs society enormous amounts of money — and often leaves future generations to foot the bill. Now, a new ISO standard will help companies valuate and manage the impact of their environmental damage, by providing a clear figure for the cost of their goods and services to the environment.


Today’s Celebration

Battle of March – Dominican Republic

Commemoration of the Victory over Gaddafi – Libya

Kashubian Unity Day – Poland

St. Joseph’s Day – Christianity

World Social Work Day

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Climate Change

US and Saudi Arabia blocking regulation of geoengineering, sources say

Delegates at UN environment assembly say the oil producers are protecting their industries


Neuberger Berman climate review finds big holes in readiness

Neuberger Berman began a comprehensive review of its $304 billion portfolio last year, specifically to understand how their investments will be affected by climate change.


Uncertain projections help to reveal the truth about future climate change

A team of four scientists from the US and the UK explain how differing climate model projections can be used collectively to reduce uncertainties in future climate change, in a paper published in the journal Nature Climate Change.


Africa will bear the brunt of climate change. Will economic growth reverse the trend?

Climate change offers opportunities for Africa to harness its abundant renewable energy resources.


Scientists are researching cooling the planet by geoengineering

“We think there’s a chance for potential benefits around the world. But we also think there’s the chance for very real risks.”


I see how climate change will lead to conflict in my home country

Nnimmo Bassey

When children call adults immature, we must be attentive. It is not an insult. It is a plea for us to think of the future of our children.



Oil giant Shell to take on Australian power utilities within a decade

Shell to take on Australian energy utilities within decade, trading power and servicing homes and businesses who will be “totally electric” for their power, heating and transport needs.


Australia was fourth biggest market in world for large-scale solar in 2018

Australia was the fourth biggest market for large-scale solar projects in the world in 2018.


Wind and solar farms to forecast their own output, in ARENA-backed pilot

ARENA funds AEMO-backed pilot to test potential for wind and solar farms to provide their own forecasts of generation output, and boost accuracy of market operations.


Calls for ACCC to monitor energy market

The ACCC and energy regulator should monitor retail, financial contract and wholesale energy markets to halt anti-competitive conduct, a Senate committee says.


Rule maker declares emissions and energy must be considered together

The call is the latest public repudiation for the federal government’s approach to energy policy.


Climate modelling cited by Angus Taylor did not model Labor policy

BAEconomics modelling had been used by energy minister to claim workers face a pay cut of $9,000 under Labor


Climate plan a ‘wrecking ball’ [$]

Labor would have to use credits from exceeding our Kyoto climate change targets to avoid a ‘proxy’ carbon price of almost $700 a tonne.


Lower gas prices tipped for winter [$]

Gas prices on Australia’s east coast are set to fall this winter, according to data from the competition watchdog.


The cost of political abatement [$]

Jennifer Hewett

Scott Morrison is too nervous to talk in any detail about any economic costs of the Coalition’s plans for curbing greenhouse gas emissions.


The cost of climate policy: The devil will be in the detail [$]

Phillip Coorey

Depending on where Labor lands with its climate change policy, the shadow carbon price under a Labor administration by 2030 could be as low as $97 per tonne or as high as $626, according to Dr Brian Fisher.


The public debate on the existence of climate change is over and we are owed an apology

Malcolm Farr

Some elected politicians have been too frightened or deliberately manipulative to acknowledge this issue. It’s time


RBA is out of touch [$]

Judith Sloan

The deputy governor’s words on climate change were shallow and ill-informed.


Price related to virtue signalling [$]

Graham Lloyd

The cost of cutting Australia’s carbon dioxide emissions will relate directly to the amount of virtue being signalled.


March for something that’s truly under threat: Western democracy [$]

Barnaby Joyce

That Australian cities last week had children marching in the streets to profess their concerns about atmospheric science — ­climate change — is beyond absurdity; it is pathos.


Labor’s climate of secrecy on cutting emissions [$]

Renee Viellaris

New taxes on tradies’ utes and family cars, and diverting Aussies away from flatulent cows to kangaroo meat could be key to Labor meeting its promise to dramatically reduce carbon pollution.



Frydenberg challenger Oliver Yates unveils “bold” rooftop solar plan

Oliver Yates to encourage councils to use Environmental Upgrade Agreements to encourage more people to use solar and storage.


Owners of Vic waste site enter liquidation

The owners of a site in southwest Victoria, left abandoned with a large pile of recycling waste, has been placed into liquidation.


Liquidation means taxpayers could be stung $150m for Lara tip clean up

Taxpayers could be left footing a clean-up bill of as much as $150 million for a mountain of industrial waste dumped at a former recycling centre near Geelong after the collapse of the company that owns the site.


Ash from fires threatens Melbourne’s water as large desal order placed

As ash from recent bushfires threatens to foul the Thomson dam, Melbourne’s main water source, the Andrews government has ordered 150 gigalitres of desal water.


Households pay for Vic desalination order

A dry Victorian summer has prompted a 125-gigalitre water order from the state’s desalination plant which will add an estimated $10 to household bills.


How an abundant wetland became a wasteland of acidic soil after its aquifer was pumped

A Victorian water authority bows to pressure and abandons plans to pump more groundwater from an area where it caused major environmental degradation.


Victorians to dump recycling at parliament

The steps of Victorian parliament will be littered with paper, plastic and cans as part of a campaign calling for urgent action over a recycling void.


Family businesses relying on the timber industry say indecision is starting to take its toll

Family businesses in the timber industry are pleading with Premier Daniel Andrews to give them some answers as they struggle to stay afloat.


We’re paying too much for gas because of weak politicians

Martin Ferguson

NSW homes and businesses are paying far too much for the gas they need because of weak politicians.


New South Wales

Solar powered election race hots up, as new round of PV policies unveiled

A new round of solar powered election promises are being unveiled around the country, with just five working days until the NSW election, and a matter of weeks until…


How do I get solar panels in my school?

The NSW Liberal and Labor parties have promised to cool down classrooms with air conditioners powered largely by solar panels, but is it a straightforward process for schools?


‘Too much time talking’: calls for NSW waste levy to fund recycling reform

A year into the crisis, industry and campaigners are frustrated. What’s happened to the circular economy and container deposit schemes?


Beer snake declared extinct in plastics ban [$]

Sydney Showground has decided to ban plastic cups, meaning an Australian sporting icon — the beer snake — will officially become a relic of the past.



Toxic mine water contaminating river system in far north, says government

The Queensland government says contaminated water from a mothballed mine in the state’s far north is leaking into neighbouring waterways after recent heavy rainfall, advising residents to beware.


Mine seized over rates [$]

Queensland’s Labor government has confiscated a copper mine over less than $12,000 in unpaid local council rates.


South Australia

How the Tesla big battery kept the lights on in South Australia

They say that lightning never strikes twice. But on August 25 last year a single lightning strike managed to take out two major circuits on the main transmission line linking NSW and Queensland.


Lake Eyre begins filling as floodwaters flow from Queensland

The parched landscape of outback South Australia is being rejuvenated by floodwaters flowing from the Channel Country towards Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre.


Onka to consider fortnightly green bin service [$]

Onkaparinga Council — the only metro council in SA with a monthly green bin service — will consider coming in line changing to a fortnightly pick up.


Pandanomics is a grey area, but to us the value of giant pandas is black and white

Jillian Ryan and Carla Litchfield

The giant pandas’ stay at Adelaide Zoo depends on federal funding to pay China about A$1 million a year.


Launceston’s new TerraCycle collection point

Those in North’s public offices have been issued a friendly challenge.


More support sought in heritage list push [$]

The Hobart City Council will seek State Government support for its bid to have kunanyi/Mt Wellington placed on the National Heritage List.


Mountain cable car plan on the move [$]

While a bid to build a cable car on Mt Wellington continues to attract protest after protest, another proposal to carry tourists up an impressive landmark is finally moving.


Council wants statewide plastics ban [$]

East Coast mayor says Tasmania needs uniform single-use plastics laws


Western Australia

Senec to provide home batteries for W.A. solar + storage microgrid – Australia’s largest

German-based Senec chosen to supply home battery systems for Horizon Power’s solar and storage microgrid in coastal Pilbara town of Onslow.



In US, utilities are investing in big batteries instead of building new power plants

If utilities spend billions on power plants it turns out they won’t need instead of investing in energy storage, their customers could pay more than they should to keep…


France works to contain fuel spill

French authorities are working to contain a fuel spill off the Atlantic Coast after an Italian container ship sank following a fire.


Energy analysts forecast ‘the end of coal’ in Asia as Japanese investors back renewables

Australia’s largest export customer for thermal coal is scrapping plans to build power plants


Brazil’s Vale ordered to stop another mine, boosting BHP, Rio and FMG

The global market for iron ore is facing more uncertainty and the prospect of tighter supply after a Brazilian court ordered the suspension of operations at another Vale mine on Friday.


Researchers create hydrogen fuel from seawater

Splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen presents an alternative to fossil fuels, but purified water is a precious resource. A Stanford-led team has now developed a way to harness seawater — Earth’s most abundant source — for chemical energy.


Water is a growing source of global conflict. Here’s what we need to do

In 2017, water was identified as a factor in conflicts spanning more than 45 countries, including Syria – and climate change suggests this will only get worse.


Taps run dry for six million

A severe water shortage caused by changing weather patterns has seen millions go without water from six to 21 hours a day in the middle of summer.


Annual economic loss due to pollution over US$3.5 billion

Survey suggests fine dust significantly constrains workplace productivity.


Linking pollution and infectious disease

Chemicals and pathogens interact to weaken the immune system, reduce vaccine efficacy, and increase pathogen virulence.


India’s thrust on coal continues while studies highlight impact on health

The adverse impact from coal-fired power plants on public health is the highest in India globally, found a recent study.


Female environmental activist in lead for Slovakia presidency

Zuzana Caputova, also known as “Slovakia’s Erin Brockovich,” easily won the election’s first round this weekend.


Five ways to make your home less toxic

We are surrounded by chemicals – in food and drink, cleaning products, household items and furnishings. Here’s how to reduce household pollution.


The coal miner who bet everything on U.S. power markets and lost

Eleven years ago, Cloud Peak Energy Inc. made an all-or-nothing bet its rivals were unwilling to match: that coal would remain indispensable to the U.S. power sector.


We need a legally binding treaty to make plastic pollution history

Trisia Farrelly

A powerful marriage between the fossil fuel and plastic industries threatens to exacerbate the global plastic pollution crisis. The Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) estimates the next five years will see a 33-36% surge in global plastics production.


Nature Conservation

Dead whale washed up in Philippines had 40kg of plastic bags in its stomach

Marine biologists horrified to find 16 rice sacks and multiple shopping bags inside Cuvier’s beaked whale


What’s the world’s most widely used herbicide doing to tiny critters?

As the active ingredient in Bayer’s Roundup herbicide is increasingly scrutinized for human health impacts, scientists say it also could be altering the wildlife and organisms at the base of the food chain.


New global standard counts the cost of environmental damage

Environmental damage costs society enormous amounts of money — and often leaves future generations to foot the bill. Now, a new ISO standard will help companies valuate and manage the impact of their environmental damage, by providing a clear figure for the cost of their goods and services to the environment.


Rising global shipping traffic could lead to surge in invasive species

Maritime trade likely to far outweigh climate change as driver of bio-invasions over next 30 years, study finds


Climate change endangers the Galapagos and the Florida Reef. Tourism makes it worse

Air travel and human foot traffic are two factors hastening the decline of destinations like the Florida Reef and the Galapagos islands.


Climate change affects forest recovery after wildfire

According to a recent study the forest does not regenerate after wildfires because of recent climate changes.


Climate change negatively affects waterbirds in the American West

New research shows that recent climate change is having profound effects on wetlands across the American West – affecting birds that use these wetlands for breeding, migration and wintering.



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