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Under stress (Latham’s NSW upper house win alone for PHON will do it) one  looks for left-field distractions. Here’s one and it shows how serious climate change impacts are whacking us – Canberra’s autumn display will not be so colourful. Wow, this is bad. 
I might have got over it by tomorrow.

Post of the Day

Yes, Australia’s carbon emissions do have an impact

Nicholas Bugeja

Don’t listen to the climate sceptics that say Australia’s emissions are irrelevant to tackling climate change. Our contribution does matter — and it has real consequences for fighting this most urgent threat


Today’s Celebration

Anniversary of the Arengo – San Marino

Commemoration Day of victims of the Communist Terror – Latvia

Independence Day – Greece

Struggle for Human Rights Day – Slovakia

Mother’s Day – Slovenia

EU Talent Day

The Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin  Christianity

International Day of Solidarity with Detained and Missing Staff Members

International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade

International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

International Day of the Unborn Child

Tolkien Reading Day

National Playgroup Week

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Climate Change

Cyclone Idai lays bare deadly reality of climate change in Africa

Although experts have said it was too early to draw specific conclusions from Idai, for a continent already wracked by the effects of climate change, the Tropical Cyclone has been another chilling reminder of the destructive power of the kind of storms that will become more common in the future.



Labor edges away from using Kyoto credits to reach Paris target

Bill Shorten has given a further indication that Labor will not use the ‘accounting trick’ as part of its emissions policy


Morrison working on coal peace plan [$]

Scott Morrison and Michael McCormack are working on a peace deal over coal fired power to prevent another outbreak of hostilities within the Coalition.


Australian faces FTA pressure to cut emissions [$]

French officials want Australia to be more ambitious in setting targets for reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.


Energy regulator wants more power to fine monopoly electricity networks

The energy watchdog wants more powers to fine poles and wires companies, saying they have used their monopoly positions to give their subsidiaries unfair competitive advantages in the market.


Yes, Australia’s carbon emissions do have an impact

Nicholas Bugeja

Don’t listen to the climate sceptics that say Australia’s emissions are irrelevant to tackling climate change. Our contribution does matter — and it has real consequences for fighting this most urgent threat


Australia is back in the nuclear game

Noel Wauchope

One of Australia’s chief advocates for nuclear power Dr Adi Paterson, CEO of Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, (ANSTO), has done it again. This time in China, he quietly signed Australia up to spend taxpayers’ money on developing a new nuclear gimmick — the Thorium Molten Salt Reactor (TMSR).


Why climate change risks are ‘material’ for big finance

Clancy Yeates

After a prod from Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, the financial regulator this month reminded superannuation funds that their job was to stay out of political causes, and stick to their knitting: looking after members’ interests.


New South Wales

Shooters say support for NSW government conditional on Murray-Darling action

Robert Borsak says his party, which picked up three seats in lower house and another in upper house, will use its clout to push through its policy agenda


NSW regional water minister steps down

Nationals deputy leader and NSW regional water minister Niall Blair has stepped down from his portfolio.


‘Murray Darling fail cost us seats’ [$]

NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro has declared that “the Murray Darling Basin Plan has failed NSW”.


Worn, uneven, flooded: young people need better parks to get out and play

Deborah Ascher Barnstone et al

Poor quality and access are common barriers to young people using parks.  


NSW election: bush politics have changed, but the Nationals have not

Gabrielle Chan

The devastating swings against the party demonstrate that turning up with a big cheque before an election doesn’t cut it any more


Lessons for dead fish campaigners [$]

Graham Lloyd

Any illusions a good heart on the environment would be enough to secure electoral victory were shattered by the NSW result.



Climate change putting autumn displays at risk

One expert has said hotter than average summers are causing Canberra’s trees to be less colourful during the colder months.



Cyclone Trevor slows to tropical low as it heads for Queensland

Residents who were evacuated have begun to return home.


Hunt for real stinker of a pest [$]

Biosecurity are on the alert against an invasion of bugs that will cause a real stink if they gain a foothold in Queensland.


South Australia

Councils keen to jump on solar bulk-buy bandwagon [$]

Almost 20 other councils across three states have approached Adelaide-based Cool or Cosy about potential bulk-buys of solar technology for their residents, following the success of a Port Pirie scheme.


Power bills cut to zero as batteries charge up [$]

Adding batteries to solar panels can reduce household electricity bills to zero, according to the State Government as it urges more people to sign up for green power subsidies.


SA government fears ‘gaming’ of price move [$]

South Australia’s Liberal government has raised concern over power price regulation proposed by its federal counterpart.


Tasmania Gordon River cruise: Australia’s convict ‘hell on Earth’ is now more like a paradise

Hell on earth isn’t such a bad place. A harbour six times the size of Sydney’s surrounds it, and it’s just a handful of kilometres to the immaculate rainforest reflections of the Gordon River, which are like etchings on the water.


Northern Territory

NT residents begin clean-up following Cyclone Trevor

As Cyclone Trevor is downgraded, residents in the Northern Territory are assessing the damage to their homes.


Western Australia

Cyclone Veronica: Residents warned to stay indoors amid flood fears

West Australians are being urged to remain indoors as the weakening but still dangerous Cyclone Veronica moves through the state’s northern regions.



How electric vehicles force automakers to play nice

Industry upheaval is driving new partnerships.


A Green New Deal for the US and beyond

Can this much lauded proposal help advance internationalist aims? Mark Engler argues that it could.


Brace yourself for more attention — and attacks — on climate change and the environment

Peter Dykstra

Climate and the environment may be poised to take center stage in American politics. But for many, it’ll be as anti-environment talking points.


Nature Conservation

Hunt for bogus asthma cure threatens pangolins

The most trafficked mammal on the planet is in dangerous decline


Russian arrested smuggling Indon orangutan

Authorities say they have arrested a Russian tourist who was attempting to smuggle a drugged orangutan out of Indonesia’s resort island of Bali.



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