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Hoons shredding this regrowth area reminds us that we have a long way to go in enlisting the whole population in environmental care and protection. Despondency is understandable, persistence is necessary.

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The solid Earth breathes

The solid Earth breathes as volcanoes “exhale” gases like carbon dioxide (CO2) — which are essential in regulating global climate — while carbon ultimately from CO2 returns into the deep Earth when oceanic tectonic plates are forced to descend into the mantle at subduction zones.


Today’s Celebration

Armed Forces Day – Myanmar / Burma

Evacuation Day – Angola

Mount Arafat Day – Kuwait

Skyscraper Day – United States of America

World Theater Day

Manatee Appreciation Day

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Climate Change

Oil giants spent $1 billion on climate lobbying and ads since Paris pact, says report

British think tank says world’s five largest listed oil and gas companies spent more than $1 billion lobbying to prevent climate change regulations since Paris agreement in 2015.


Global carbon emissions hit record high in 2018, International Energy Agency says

The International Energy Agency reveals that despite a rapid uptake of renewable energy, increased demand for heating and cooling drove coal-fired power generation and carbon emissions higher.


Climate change denial is evil, says Mary Robinson

Chair of Elders group also says fossil fuel firms have lost their social licence


44 percent of Americans ‘worry a great deal about global warming’ as greenhouse gas emissions continue rising

New Gallup Poll also says that 66 percent of Americans believe that global warming is being caused by human activity.


Key Greenland glacier growing again after shrinking for years, NASA study shows

“That was kind of a surprise.”


Climate change lawsuits: Why kids, cities, farmers, and fishermen are suing

Kids, farmers, fishermen, cities, and states are suing the fossil fuel industry and governments. Could they win?


The solid Earth breathes

The solid Earth breathes as volcanoes “exhale” gases like carbon dioxide (CO2) — which are essential in regulating global climate — while carbon ultimately from CO2 returns into the deep Earth when oceanic tectonic plates are forced to descend into the mantle at subduction zones.


Half a degree more warming may cause dramatic differences on drought-flood compound risks

The Paris Agreement set goals of keeping global temperature rise below 2.0°C and working to keep that rise to 1.5°C to mitigate impacts of climate change. To predict how these temperature rises will intensify the hydrologic cycle, researchers developed a new metric that reflects dry and wet spell intensity and conducted multi-model ensemble experiments. The scenario with 0.5°C more warming showed significantly greater intensification. Disaster risks could be substantially reduced by reaching the 1.5°C target.



Coalition climate scare campaign continues, in desperate pitch to farmers

Federal agriculture minister claims 1% emissions reduction could slash national herd and flock by 10% – “more than 2.5m cattle and six million sheep.” Says Labor being “tricky.”


No new coal in Coalition generation shortlist, just an upgrade, gas and storage

The Coalition government has unveiled its short-list of 12 new generation investment projects that could be eligible for taxpayer funds and government support, but despite prime minister Scott Morrison’s stated support for coal investments, there is no new coal project in that list.


Australia gets bottom of class on energy transition, as government clings to coal

Australia singled out as one of least prepared of world’s advanced economies to transition to low-carbon energy, according to a new report from the World Economic Forum.


Woodside Petroleum sought Australian taxpayer funds for African oil and gas field

Export Finance and Insurance Corporation may back project, with Woodside hoping to start drilling by mid-2020


Big four banks form climate investment initiative

The four big banks, alongside insurers and super funds, have joined forces to mobilise more capital for green initiatives.


Shooters, Barnaby train sights on river plan [$]

Shooters will be “nice” as they try to kneecap the Murray-Darling Basin Plan — but if that doesn’t work they’ll get more hardcore.


Australian coal special report [$]

A $60 billion tale of two worlds


Morrison kicks decision on Queensland coal plant well down the road

Michelle Grattan

The government has given modest comfort to the coal lobby within its ranks by including a NSW upgrade project in its short list for underwriting, and promising to study the feasibility of a coal-fired power station in Queensland.


More fish, more fishing: why strategic marine park placement is a win-win

Kerstin Jantke et al

Marine parks are good for fish – especially if they’re in the right areas. 


The death of our seafood, oceans — oh, and us

Ross Jones

Our oceans are in dire peril and serious grunt is required by governments or, put simply, everything in Australian seas will die.


Vision down the drain [$]

Richard Anderson

Let’s get back to John Howard’s original Murray Darling plan.



‘If the Andrews government wants a fight, they’ve got one’

The government is facing a growing resistance from Djab Wurrung traditional owners over the destruction of cultural heritage. Is this a litmus test for what’s to come with treaty negotiations?


Timber jobs face chop as log supply is delayed [$]

Powelltown Sawmill’s 35 workers and their families want the Victorian Government to end the uncertainty on their future access to the state’s forest.


Victoria warned of gas shortages [$]

East coast gas users face a fresh warning of supply shortfalls from early next decade as rapidly declining offshore fields, limited new onshore production and questions over Queensland’s output raise concern over the ability of manufacturers to strike new deals.


New South Wales

PM promises $253m for choked Sydney roads

The prime minister is promising to spend $253.5 million fixing roads and car parks across Sydney and the Central Coast.


‘The power of women’: Photo project uses naked swimmers to showcase climate change

When South Coast NSW photographer Tamara Dean asks you to be involved in her latest project, be prepared to make a bold environmental statement in your birthday suit.


Sydney’s main water supply could have increased capacity, but at what environmental and cultural cost?

It’s not too late to become properly informed about the proposed increase to Warragamba Dam


Rare lizards were to be sold for thousands of dollars [$]

A pair of endangered iguanas, which were found on board a cruise ship in Sydney, were to be sold on the black market for thousands of dollars, Australian Border Force officers say.



Proposed Watson master plan seeks to blur north and south divide

A proposed master plan for Watson calls for development that better fits with the suburb’s character and more open green space on its north side.


Northbourne plan should have come before light rail, minister says

Transport Minister Meegan Fitzharris has admitted planning rules for Northbourne Avenue and the Federal Highway should have been finalised before the light rail was built, as she forecast a different approach for the network’s second stage to Woden.


‘Never seen anything like it’: hoons shred up regrowth area

Rangers have discovered a half-hectare site still recovering from the 2003 bushfire was destroyed by a four-wheel-drive over the weekend.


Proposed Watson master plan seeks to blur north and south divide

A new master plan proposed for Watson would address the disconnect between the north and south sides of the suburb, residents say.



Mining giant Adani fined for polluting ‘beautiful’ Queensland wetlands during monster storms

The Indian mining giant has been fined by the Queensland government.


New Queensland coal-fired power station fails to gain Government support, despite Nationals push

National Party MPs and senators fail in their bid to convince the Federal Government to underwrite a new coal-fired power station for Queensland, with the Coalition opting for other energy sources.


AEMO warning on Morrison’s Queensland coal plant [$]

AEMO warned last July that a new large scale plant is “unlikely to be efficient in North Queensland” until the 2030s.


Adani ready to go at Carmichael mine but says final approvals holding it up

Adani claims it is ready to begin work at the controversial Carmichael mine, but the ongoing approval process is hindering the process.


Greens MP referred to ethics committee for protest shirt

Greens MP Michael Berkman has been referred to the ethics committee after joining in the student strike for climate change while wearing a T-shirt with a political slogan at the Queensland Parliament.


The lies being told by coal lobby to push for Queensland coal plant

Giles Parkinson

The campaign for a new coal generator in Queensland has been underpinned by lies and misinformation. A feasibility study should confirm the stupidity of the idea.


South Australia

Federal support could fire up key SA energy projects [$]

More than a billion dollars of investment in energy projects in South Australia are on a short-list for underwriting by the federal Government.


Council expands green waste scheme [$]

Enfield Council will extend its free green waste bag scheme in a bid to divert more waste from landfill as South Australia comes to grips with a recycling crisis.


Australian bird on track for extinction found outside previously known habitat

King Island brown thornbill was ranked the Australian bird most likely to go extinct within 20 years


Lake Malbena federal court case opened on Tuesday

The Wilderness Society challenged the decision to approve the hut and helipad project at Lake Malbena, arguing it should have been assessed against the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Act.


Mountain town to get facelift [$]

A sleepy mountain town will get a big-dollar facelift in a bid to get visitors making a beeline for Cradle Mountain to pull over and stop for a while.


Western Australia

WA’s 10,000 abandoned mines with no fix in sight

It’s simple for a company to dump its mine on taxpayers, leaving behind something ugly, unsafe, even toxic.



No-deal Brexit wouldn’t disrupt gas, power flows from Europe: UK National Grid

National Grid, which runs Britain’s energy systems, said on Tuesday that electricity and gas flows from continental Europe would continue as normal even under a no-deal Brexit as it has made preparations for all scenarios.


Explainer: If you come across a fallen tree, here’s how to stay safe

While fallen trees may be a fascinating sight, they could be more dangerous than they look. Here’s what causes them to spring back upright, and what you should do if you see a fallen tree.


Smartphone test spots poisoned water risk to millions of lives

A smartphone device developed at the University of Edinburgh could help millions of people avoid drinking water contaminated by arsenic.


Global coal use up as greenhouse gas emissions rise

Younger coal-fired power plants in Asia account for increase, says energy agency


U.N.: Environment is a worsening mess

Earth is sick with multiple and worsening environmental ills killing millions of people yearly, a recent U.N. report says.


Will Canada back a proposal to stop scuttling plastic waste to poorer nations?

As other countries get tough on plastics, Canada lags.


Nature Conservation

Widespread losses of pollinating insects revealed across Britain

Wild bees and hoverflies lost from a quarter of the places they were found in 1980, study shows


‘It devours everything’: the crab that hitched a ride to Spain

Only the octopus is a match for the deadly pincers of a creature that has found its way from the US to the Ebro Delta


Russia′s forests threatened by illegal logging

Almost half of Russia is covered with forests. However, much of the vast country’s woodlands, which absorb millions of tons of CO2, are under threat from mismanagement, illegal deforestation and corruption.


Sometimes it’s not good to be green

The greening or eutrophication of the world’s lakes will increase the emission of methane into the atmosphere by 30 to 90 percent during the next 100 years, say authors of a March 26, 2019 paper in Nature Communications.


Will large protected areas save the oceans or politicize them?

In the last decade, governments have been pushing to create vast Marine Protected Areas large enough to protect species from overfishing and other threats.


Now for something completely different …

Movies a winner but we’re also hooked on books

Most Australians go to the movies at least once a year, but it’s the six million library goers who keep going back for more, according to a report released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).


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