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Given the challenges the LNP have with EVs, hydrogen-fuelled cars will leave them flummoxed. Just wait until the Hindenburg gets a mention; Michaelia will be claiming that, under Labor, tradies will have to get dangerous airships.

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Great Barrier Reef on verge of collapse: government officials

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority says global warming must be kept to 1.5 degrees – a threshold that scientists say requires shutting down coal within three decades.


Today’s Celebration

Cambodian New Year – Cambodia

National Fast and Prayer Day   Liberia

Pan American Day (Day of the Americas)  Honduras, Haiti

Songkran Days (Thai New Year) – Thailand

Youth Day – Angola

Pi Mai (Laos New Year) – Laos

Hùng Kings Commemoration Day – Vientam

Anfal Genocide Memorial Day – Kurdistan

Orange Day – Japan

Death anniversary of Zhabdrung – Bhutan

Rama Navami – Hinduism

Vaisakhi – Sikhism

World Youth Day – Catholicism

Palm Sunday – Western Christianity

Dolphin Day

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Scorching earth and ‘spiders’ that bring down trees: Behind the scenes of a bushfire mop-up

When firefighters bring big bushfires under control they don’t just suddenly go out. That’s the work of largely unseen mop-up crews who work quietly behind the scenes for weeks and months after Australia’s biggest blazes.


Recycling industry demands federal action as mountains of rubbish build up

Phillip Lasker

There are plenty of examples of successful recycling operations in Australia. Why isn’t more being done?


Racing into electric era is a charged issue [$]

Matthew Abraham

Labor’s electric car policy is high on wishful thinking, extraordinarily light on detail. But it won’t make a difference.



Hundreds of fish die in eastern Victoria

A mass fish kill near an internationally-recognised lake is due to natural causes such as salinity, authorities say.


Extent of North East Link environmental impact revealed for first time

The extent of the North East Link’s environmental impact has been revealed for the first time, as the Andrews government releases documents many thousands of pages long, detailing the land to be taken to build the state’s most expensive freeway project.


Search for underground gas set to ramp up as prices hit 10-year high

Vast parts of regional Victoria are about to be sized up to see how much natural gas is underground and if it could be tapped as a new energy source.


New South Wales

‘Significantly higher’: Spotlight on noise levels at Sydney’s new airport

The noise levels at the new Western Sydney Airport could be “significantly higher” than the Federal Government predicted ahead of approving its construction, a study finds.


‘Invisible killer’: Air pollution levels spike in Sydney’s west

Western Sydney residents endure worse air quality than those in the east, with Liverpool exceeding annual national air quality standards for exposure to particulate pollution by 25 per cent, government data reveals.



Oh deer, ferals could invade Canberra’s suburbs and cause traffic chaos

Feral deer will move into suburbia and create as much of a traffic hazard for Canberrans as kangaroos unless a serious effort is made to control their spread, according to the head of a major conservation group.


Canberra crane numbers reach record high as residential projects drive growth

There are a record number of cranes on Canberra’s skyline, with more than 85 per cent of the machines erected for work on residential projects.



Fines introduced in Queensland for animal rights activists who trespass

Activists who enter Queensland farms to protest against animals being eaten, raced or worked will be fined hundreds of dollars in fines.


Scientists launch plant rescue mission on far north Queensland mountain

Scientists hope to protect plants at Mt Lewis, near Mossman in far north Queensland.

Tiny orchids and huge trees in far north Queensland hope to be saved by a team of scientists.


Great Barrier Reef on verge of collapse: government officials

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority says global warming must be kept to 1.5 degrees – a threshold that scientists say requires shutting down coal within three decades.


How do you solve a problem like Mt Coot-tha?

The zipline is gone, but the mountain still waits for the next decision.


Greens set to protest Adani mine over Easter when other parties pause

The Greens will campaign against the Adani mine over the Easter holidays, despite the major parties agreeing to take a breather from the election trail.


Adani coalmine: can Labor get away with choosing ambiguity over integrity?

Katharine Murphy

The Coalition showed unseemly haste to get an approval through before the election was called


South Australia

Oysters to help restore SA reef

More than 50,000 oysters have been homed in South Australia to boost numbers as part of the country’s largest reef restoration project.


South Aussies to expect big water bills [$]

South Australians are reeling as sky-high summer water bills start to fill letterboxes — reflecting the state’s highest water consumption for the start of the year in more than a decade.


Cane toad, sea urchin in Tas feral feasts

An exhibition at Tasmania’s Museum of Old and New Art is putting invasive species on the menu, including cane toad, camel and sea urchin.


Federal Government urged to ‘stump up’ for wilderness bushfire funds

Extra funding has been announced to help Tasmanian communities recover from the summer’s devastating bushfires, but it remains unclear whether there will be any additional money for firefighting in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.


Scientists discover wombats on Tasmania’s islands are one of three subspecies

A small island off Tasmania’s coast has become a haven for a subspecies of wombat only found on one other island in Australia, and they’re one of three genetically different wombat subspecies.


‘What’s the point?’: Incomplete fish farm panel ‘green light’ condemned

A decision progressing Petuna’s fish farming application in Storm Bay is questioned over concerns that biosecurity, boating and environmental issues were not properly scrutinised.


Salmon farming verdict looms

Tasmania could face more lawsuits against industrial fish farming, says Bob Brown, ahead of an expected Federal Court appeal decision in the Okehampton Bay case in Hobart tomorrow.



China auto show features electric ambition

China’s Communist leaders are imposing mandatory sales targets for electric cars as they wind down subsidies that boosted sales by 60 per cent last year.


How hydrogen fuel will change our car market

The new frontier in powering our vehicles


Study questions the sustainability of plant ingredients as fishmeal substitutes

Substituting fishmeal in aquaculture feeds with plant ingredients may not be as beneficial for the environment as many predict, according to new research from an international team of experts.


Electric vehicle adoption improves air quality and climate outlook

Ozone pollution reduced even when electricity is produced by combustion sources


Nature Conservation

Scientists say world’s protected areas need a re-boot

An international study published today in the journal Science argues that the current international target for the protected area estate, accepted by over 190 nations, is failing. They propose a new measurable target based on the best scientific evidence that they say will galvanize greater and more effective conservation efforts.