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In the sciences the search has been on for decades for the Unified Field Theory, the theory of everything. Climate change is a sort of subset in that ‘everything’. We’ll have to change agriculture, building design and transport, to name just some things. Then in this case, things include natural disasters, vector-borne diseases and health-system overload. 


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Australia’s health system unprepared for climate change, experts warn

Australia is unprepared for coming health emergencies caused by global warming disasters, public health experts have warned.


Today’s Celebration

Army Day – Bosnia-Herzegovina

Cambodian New Year – Cambodia

Declaration of Melaka as a Historic State – Malaysia

Income Tax Day (also Accountant’s Day) – United States of America

Kim Il-sun’s Birthday – North Korea

National Contest of Paso Horses (Lima) – Peru

Recollection of the Deceased – Georgia

Father Damien Day – Hawaii

Songkran Days (Thai New Year) – Thailand

Youth Day – Palau

Children’s Day – Spain

Aliyah Day – Israel

Pi Mai (Laos New Year) – Laos

Youth Homelessness Matters Day (YHMD)

World Art Day

Microvolunteering Day

World Creativity & Innovation Week

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Australia’s health system unprepared for climate change, experts warn

Australia is unprepared for coming health emergencies caused by global warming disasters, public health experts have warned.


Australia’s recycling crisis worsens as industry demands urgent federal action

In a cavernous tin shed north of Adelaide, rubbish is piling up high as trucks roll in and tip their loads onto a disorderly heap on the concrete floor.


Power grid could be hacked ‘at any time’ [$]

A new report says there is very high chance of a targeted attack against a major critical infrastructure operator in Australia.


Electric vehicles ‘miles away’ from disrupting used-car market

Used-car dealer Spiro Christopoulos expects there to be a market for second-hand petrol cars for at least the next 20 years, despite the growing popularity of electric vehicles.


Di Natale dials up heat [$]

Greens Leader Richard Di Natale has pledged to lobby Labor towards more radical policies on climate change.


Luxury cars may miss Labor’s green hit [$]

Aston Martin, Maserati and Rolls-Royce are among the high-end sport cars expected to avoid being hit with Bill Shorten’s aggressive plan to cut fuel emissions. Labelled a ‘free ride’ for the rich, the proposed emissions standard of 105g CO2/km is unlikely to apply to companies selling fewer than 2500 cars a year.


Rio bows to green group pressure [$]

Mining giant Rio Tinto has begun a review of its industry association memberships worldwide.


Enough with the electric vehicle lies [$]

Terry Sweetman

Australians can spot a liar a mile away. Oh, and we also know how to read. So now that we’re in election campaign mode, is it too much to ask that we have debates that are at least vaguely productive.


Cash is king in climate battle [$]

Telegraph editorial

A pattern is emerging. Overwhelmingly, actual and proposed climate remedies tend to target the less well-off while the wealthy carry on without hindrance.


Greens infect ALP policy [$]

Nick Cater

Electric cars just the first cuckoo of this spring into energy madness.


Facts undermine Greens [$]

Judith Sloan

Richard Di Natale is living in a complete dreamworld if he thinks Australia can be out of coal by 2030.



PM to announce roads package in Melbourne

Scott Morrison will announce $154.5 million to ease congestion on roads in Melbourne’s east with the Liberal Party trying to save crucial seats.


Power to the people: Community-owned renewable energy turned on

A people-powered revolution is taking place in north-east Victoria with the region’s first community-led energy network going live.


Weed dating the new way for Melbourne’s singles to get dirty

For those who feel love has led them up the garden path, there’s still hope, with Melbourne singles now pulling weeds to find romance.


Firefighters demand crackdown on toxic dump ‘death traps’

Firefighters are calling for emergency laws to jail, fine and sue operators responsible for illegally stockpiling toxic chemical waste that causes industrial fires, warning that dump sites are “death traps” for emergency services personnel.


New South Wales

Ngarigo: Australia’s people of the snow – a photo essay

Development has been approved for this barren paddock in the Snowy Mountains. But Indigenous people say it could contain burial sites


Plastics poisoning Sydney’s beaches and waterways [$]

Some of Sydney’s most popular beaches are also some of the most polluted. The Sunday Telegraph can today reveal the amount of plastics littering the shorelines and water of 34 of Sydney’s beaches and waterways.



Transport Canberra’s new network: how does it stack up?

On April 29 Transport Canberra will launch a “new integrated public transport network”, adding the new light rail service to buses.



What happens when your favourite dog beach becomes too popular?

For many people living along coastal Australia, taking their dog for a beach walk is an important part of daily life, but on the Gold Coast the growing human and dog populations are causing problems on the sand.


‘Do it for the kids’: Plea to let Adani mine go ahead [$]

Indian Australians are pleading with anti-Adani activists and Bill Shorten to let millions of dirt poor “little girls and boys” have electricity or risk a voter backlash in marginal seats across the country.


South Australia

South Australian gas cache owner battles market sceptics [$]

A controversial project tapping the east coast’s second-biggest source of gas reserves is flying under the radar as it works to prove its credentials.


Nationally endangered fish found in SA

The Murray Hardyhead is a small fish, listed as endangered since 1999, and has been rediscovered in South Australia’s Riverland region.


Oysters to help restore SA reef

More than 50,000 oysters have been homed in South Australia to boost numbers as part of the country’s largest reef restoration project.


800kg of rubbish collected from Port River [$]

More than 800kg of rubbish, including an abandoned car, has been plucked from the Port River in an effort to protect dolphins and other wildlife.


All-Australian workforce only at Chinese-backed Woomera mine [$]

A Chinese-backed mining company has pledged to permit only Australians to work on its mine amid a defence crackdown on the secretive Woomera Prohibited Area where Australia and the US secretly test state-of-the-art weapons.


West Tamar Council to consider increasing landfill levy at April’s meeting

The West Tamar Council will consider increasing its landfill levy at April’s council meeting.


Salmon farming verdict looms [$]

Tasmania could face more lawsuits against industrial fish farming, says Bob Brown, ahead of an expected Federal Court appeal decision in the Okehampton Bay case in Hobart tomorrow.


Western Australia

Soaring electricity costs bring power disconnections to a six-year high

“It’s shocking how are we all meant to live with low wages and high bills, it doesn’t make sense.”



How food is a sustainability issue and why you should care

Each of us devours planetary resources when we eat or drink. Here’s how innovative thinkers are helping make our ecological footprint that little bit lighter.


CEO sees Bayer ‘massively’ affected by herbicide litigation – Reuters

Bayer’s chief executive on Thursday acknowledged the German maker of pharma…




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