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It can take an outsider to see the sum that we don’t see as we’re too enmeshed in the detail of the parts. The Erlichs are friends of Australia and are informed observers and what they see is troubling.


Post of the Day

World’s second largest emperor penguin colony ‘disappeared overnight’ with thousands of chicks wiped out

Thousands of chicks drowned after an ice shelf in Antarctica collapsed


Today’s Celebration

Birthday of Sultan of Terengganu – Malaysia

Birthday of Princess Benedikte – Denmark

Ming loyalist Koxinga’s Landing in Taiwan – Taiwan

Showa Day – Japan

Sham el-Nessim – Egypt

Arbor Day – Colombia

Canari Cassé – Voudon

Ninth day of Ridvan – Baha’i

Day of Remembrance for all Vicitims of Chemical Warfare

International Dance Day

World Wish Day

We Jump The World Day

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Climate Change

NASA carbon observatory to launch

NASA is sending an instrument to the ISS this it hopes will answer the question about the movement of carbon dioxide between plants and the atmosphere.


Christian arrested during Extinction Rebellion defends breaking the law

A Christian pensioner who was arrested during the Extinction Rebellion climate protests says he had no other choice but to break the law to make those in power take action on climate change.


New US EPA document tells communities to brace for climate change impacts

The guidance comes as the agency’s leader asserts that ‘most of the threats from climate change are 50 to 75 years out.’


Time to think beyond the next election

Trevor Hancock

What part of “carbon taxes work to reduce fossil-fuel use and greenhouse-gas emissions” do they not get?



Coalition scores ‘F’ on climate policy

The federal coalition government has scored a ‘fail” on its climate change policy but Labor has scraped through with a “pass”, a conservation group says.


APRA warns climate uncertainty ‘no excuse [$]

APRA has told financial services companies there is now “no excuse for inaction” on climate change, warning financial risks will arise as the climate warms.


Battery minerals battering behind short surge: Galaxy [$]

Australia’s most shorted stock says it has been targeted as a proxy for the battery minerals sector rather than any specific critique of its strategy.


Coal ‘vital’ for cheap hydrogen [$]

Using coal to produce hydrogen would be the best and cheapest way to build a low-emissions export industry.


Get on with transport revolution or fall behind [$]

Australia’s leading scientists say we face a choice: Seize the opportunities in electric and driverless cars, or risk our living standards falling.


On Australia’s major environmental crises

In part two, Paul and Anne Ehrlich discuss the environmental issues facing modern Australia.


We underestimate young people because it’s convenient

Caitlin Fitzsimmons

The young will not forgive the old for leaving them a depleted natural world and precarious future.


Toxic waste: Lynas Corporation and the downside of renewable energy

Noel Wauchope 

In some cases, renewable energy can have profoundly harmful environmental effects if not managed correctly.


Failing to consider nuclear power is irresponsible [$]

Brett Parkinson

Australia is the only G20 country to have a federal ban on nuclear power despite it offering solutions to all three sectors of the energy trilemma.



Workers expose shocking conditions inside Melbourne factory that blew up

Workers from a factory in Melbourne’s north that was home to a vast illegal chemical waste dump tell horrifying stories of finishing shifts covered in chemical sludge and suffering burns prior to a mammoth fire in April that send acrid smoke over the city.


Deer invasion wreaking havoc on prime wine country

Wild deer are plaguing one of Victoria’s best-loved wine regions, costing vineyards hundreds of thousands of dollars and destroying native plant species.


Recycling crisis: Inner-city council in trial of fourth bin for glass

In a bid to slash contamination rates, with smashed glass ruining potential for cardboard, paper and plastics to be recycled, Yarra Council is giving 1300 Abbotsford households a fourth bin, for recycling bottles and jars.


Liberals’ level crossing plan falls $100m short: Labor

The state government says a Liberal pledge to build an underpass at Kooyong is a “desperate” stunt to win voters’ support.


Could your train station be getting a new carpark? [$]

Prime Minister Scott Morrison will today announce a $300 million election promise to build new carparks at 25 train stations across Melbourne.


Welcome to the inaugural Climate Change Catastrophe Game at the MCG

Warwick McFadyen

There will be nothing in the world like it. Indeed, ladies and gentlemen, it is a world first.


New South Wales

Port Kembla gas terminal gets planning go-ahead

The New South Wales government has given a planning approval green light to a $250 million gas terminal project at Port Kembla with deputy premier John Barilaro asserting it will help cost of living pressures by lowering gas prices.



Canberra’s entire public transport network will transform today

How Canberrans travel through their city will be transformed on Monday as the second half of the ACT government’s new public transport network comes online.


Proposal to charge Canberra cat owners needs more explanation

Canberra Times editorial

Many people, especially those with dogs and cats, will know already that pet ownership is not cheap.



Woman knocked unconscious at anti-Adani protest

A man on a horse has knocked a woman unconscious at a protest held by environmentalists opposed to the Adani mine in Queensland.


Questions over indigenous dam consultation

An indigenous leader has interrupted Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack during a media conference to question a north Queensland dam project.


‘You can fix it yourself’: Workshops teach migrants technical skills recycling old computers

A workshop at the State Library of Queensland takes a fresh approach to electronic waste by teaching refugee and migrant students to build their own computers, repurposing old government PCs that would otherwise be destined for landfill.


Great Barrier Reef on the move south as scientists watch from space

Warming ocean temperatures are causing a “migration” of the Great Barrier Reef away from the equator, research published this week has found.


Adani protesters sent packing [$]

Bob Brown’s “Stop Adani” protest convoy will return south after a hostile reception in Queensland.


Bob Brown’s holy road show meets local resistance [$]

Tim Blair

They headed for Queensland to spread the climate change gospel, but Bob Brown and his global warming missionaries were met by those with faith in coal and work who were ready to fight for the Adani coal mine.


South Australia

Protesters target oil drilling in Great Australian Bight

There is a growing protest movement over controversial plans to drill for oil in the Great Australian Bight.


$100m solar contract goes back to market [$]

The entire electricity supply contract for the State Government, worth more than $100 million a year, will be flagged to the market this week. The move follows the collapse of a solar thermal project at Port Augusta.


New dolphin sanctuary speed limits begin [$]

A new era in the protection of the Port River dolphins has begun this week as tougher speed limits in the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary take effect.



Tasmanian farmers say transmission charge for power produced on their properties is unfair

A grassroots group of Tasmanian farmers is pushing for changes in the state’s energy policy, and are hoping their push for an “Australian first approach” will be adopted by other states and territories around Australia.


Western Australia

The last straw for Rottnest Island

There’s now a push to extend Rottnest Island’s plastic ban across the state.



How much water does your life cost? Take our quiz

You might think about your personal water use in terms of how much you drink. But there’s water in everything you use — and you don’t see it.


If we care about plastic waste, why won’t we stop drinking bottled water?

We have all seen the damage plastic waste is doing around the world – but sales of bottled water have continued to grow


The new indoor plant trend about to dominate home interiors

Step aside mini pot plants – the statement-making indoor tree is fast emerging as this year’s hottest home must-have.


Unraveling the mystery of whether cows fart

Let’s clear the air about cow farts.


Oil industry under pressure to respond to climate change

The oil industry, under mounting pressure from environmental activists to react more quickly to counter climate change, has begun to adapt its strategy but is struggling to convince critics it is doing enough.


Hanford waste-processing plants closer to startup, but questions remain about cleanup

Plenty of other challenges remain in a  gargantuan Hanford cleanup begun in the late 20th century that is projected to continue deep into this century.


Why a broken leg during world marathon mission was the best thing to happen to Mina Guli

She tried. She failed. But still she conquered. When her efforts to raise awareness of the world’s water crisis by running 100 marathons in 100 days derailed, Mina Guli was distraught.  But it was the beginning of something even bigger and better.


A car that sends itself to the mechanic is not a fantasy

Hugh Bradlow

The digital future promises an end to traffic jams and a raft of other transport improvements – if only we are willing to embrace it.


Nothing to fear? How humans (and other intelligent animals) might ruin the autonomous vehicle utopia

Jason Thompson and Gemma Read

People expect drivers to stop for them at pedestrian crossings, but what if they know autonomous vehicles will stop any time someone chooses to step in front of them? 


Nature Conservation

World’s second largest emperor penguin colony ‘disappeared overnight’ with thousands of chicks wiped out

Thousands of chicks drowned after an ice shelf in Antarctica collapsed


How many species on Earth? Why that’s a simple question but hard to answer

Tanya Latty and Timothy Lee

How many species still to name? That’s a good question.



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