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Over to you, folks, get ready for Saturday. That is if you haven’t already gone to a pre-polling  booth in your enthusiasm to make your views known. Then again, we could cast a vote that does little and try to deal with +4 degrees. 


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The climate change election: where do the parties stand on the environment?

With the global and local environment at crisis point, Australians have a clear choice at Saturday’s election. Here are the parties’ key policies


Today’s Celebration

Gospel Day – Tuvalu

Virgen de Fatima – Peru

King Norodom Shiamoni’s Birthday – Cambodia

Mother’s Day – Samoa, Tokelau

Rotuma Day – Fiji

Pretos Velhos Festival – Brazil

IEEE Global Engineering the Future Day

Accounting Day

Frog Jumping Day

National Law Week

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Climate Change

UN chief warns world ‘not on track’ to meet climate change targets

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has warned the world is “not on track” to meet its targets to limit global temperature rises, believing political leaders are losing the will to act on climate change.


Global warming: Scottish engineer argues for radical idea to refreeze the Arctic

An engineer from Scotland has described his revolutionary plan to refreeze the Arctic as an “emergency treatment” to save the planet from global warming.


How soil carbon can help tackle climate change

Carbon in soil can help with tackling climate change. Maintaining soil quality by supporting farmers through economic incentives and technical approaches is important.


The heat is on: Climate change’s impact on world explained in numbers

The faster melting of ice in the Himalayan region has always been a kind of benchmark to substantiate global warming effects.


Climate politics changeable [$]

Chris Mitchell

The politics of climate change is moving quickly and in different directions in different countries.



Older Australians rate climate change a major worry: poll

It’s not just young voters who want action on climate change. A new poll shows over half of older Australians want a greater focus on the environment from the major political parties.


Most Sunday papers back vote for Morrison

News Corp Australia’s Sunday newspapers have backed a return of the Morrison coalition government a week out from the federal election.


The climate change election: where do the parties stand on the environment?

With the global and local environment at crisis point, Australians have a clear choice at Saturday’s election. Here are the parties’ key policies


We need a national energy policy: Woodside

Woodside says Australia needs to end its climate policy wars as a matter of priority after Saturday’s federal election.


Torres Strait Islanders take climate change complaint to the United Nations

Morrison government accused of failing to take action to reduce emissions or pursue adaptation measures


‘Kiss climate action delay goodbye’

The Opposition Leader yesterday rallied supporters to use every minute of the remaining six days to win over voters.


Adani, Yeelirrie and mining: Our environmental laws are broken

Dave Sweeney

The Morrison Government’s quiet approval of a controversial uranium mine in Western Australia the day before the Federal Election was called is evidence that our national environment laws are broken and too often subverted for political purposes.


Farmers are on the frontline of changing climate

Jock Hansen

The Australian native finger lime is a rare citrus fruit, found only in isolated pockets of sub-tropical rainforest. When Europeans colonised Australia, many trees were cleared for farming.


Why client legal privilege matters [$]

James Metzger

The dispute between Glencore and the Australian Taxation Office, heard last month in the High Court, raises important issues concerning the application of client legal privilege.


Crowded trains? Planning focus on cars misses new apartment impacts

Chris De Gruyter

Traffic impact assessments required of major building developments mainly focus on the movement of cars, but these account for only 30-40% of trips by inner-city apartment dwellers.


Australia’s major parties’ climate policies side-by-side

Kate Dooley

If climate action from every country was as inadequate as Australia’s, the world would be on track for 4°C warming.


A referendum won’t save the Murray-Darling Basin

Adam Webster

The Murray-Darling Basin Plan does not prioritise the environment enough


Forests, logging and climate change

Frances Pike 

Logging has a serious effect on climate change


A message to our Government: Now is the time for decisive climate action

Jack Nicholls

We face the imminent extinction of a million species and the United Kingdom has declared a climate emergency.



Shorten, Morrison promise billions for competing Melbourne transport plans

Scott Morrison promises $4 billion for a road project that the State Government has ruled out building, while Bill Shorten makes a $10 billion pledge for suburban rail.


Naked Melbourne trot in name of climate

A modern-day Lady Godiva will take to the streets of Melbourne, with her modest nudity aiming to raise awareness of climate change ahead of the federal poll.


Aussie icon facing dire future, experts warn [$]

The Mornington Peninsula’s koala population is under imminent threat of being wiped out, with wildlife experts warning disease, loss of vegetation and car incidents are to blame for the Aussie icons bleak future.


Greens within striking distance in Josh Frydenberg’s seat of Kooyong, poll finds

Treasurer is just in front of Greens’ star candidate Julian Burnside 52% to 48% on a two-party preferred basis


Melbourne zoo hatches plan to save southern corroboree frog

Containers holding more than 1,600 of endangered species’ eggs placed in remote areas of Mt Kosciuszko national park


From grassland to wasteland: Victoria breaks promise to create environmental reserve

Labor promised to create a massive 15,000-hectare grassland reserve in Melbourne’s west. But a decade on, its promise has failed to eventuate.


Tax whack to add to Victorians’ power bills [$]

A $27 million cash grab by the Andrews Government has sparked fury, with industry experts saying no-one knows why the tax still exists. And the consumer watchdog says scrapping it could save average customers about $17 a year.


Farmers left high and dry as water becomes a cash crop [$]

Secret investors protected by privacy rules are buying up ­Victoria’s water rights, driving prices sky high and forcing already struggling farmers off the land.


Roads to power: both sides throw billions at Melbourne infrastructure

Adam Carey

With a week to go until polling day, Melbourne voters have been given a choice between a road they have already turned down twice and a rail line they won’t be able to use for another 30 years.


New South Wales

Cotton farmer defends water use, as ecologists warn of ‘tipping point’ in Murray-Darling Basin

As a river runs dry in the northern basin, the blame game continues, and farmer Andrew Watson says irrigators are being unjustly targeted over water use.


Energy regulator lowers NSW power bills for all but country households

Power bills will start to fall in New South Wales from 1 July for everyone but country households after the energy regulator cut the amount of money grid operators can charge consumers.


Huge sharks caught off NSW beaches

A three-and-a-half-metre tiger shark caught off Sydney was among dozens of sharks intercepted in a trial of high-tech drumlines off NSW in recent months.


NSW water woes worsen with river to dry up as tomato town faces crisis

The drought gripping much of NSW is tightening, forcing authorities to prepare to cut flows along a major river in the north west, while job losses loom as towns in the Northern Tablelands start to dry.



Adani project faces another hurdle

The Queensland government has requested another groundwater review from Adani’s Carmichael coal mine project, again holding up the project.


PM ‘out of touch’ on Great Barrier Reef, Qld govt says

The PM on Sunday said his government had “saved the Great Barrier Reef”.


South Australia

Greens proposal ‘to cut SA power prices’

The Greens have released a proposal they say will cut South Australians’ power bills by at least $200 per year.


Grandstand plan: Demolish then rebuild with solar power [$]

Memorial Drive’s 80-year-old northern grandstand could be demolished and rebuilt to incorporate solar panels and battery storage, a parliamentary report reveals.


Boothby Baby Boomers’ growing green guilt [$]

Baby Boomer green guilt in the state’s most marginal seat could explain a massive voter commitment for the political party most prepared to stop oil drilling in the Great Australian Bight.


Port Pirie solar farm developer EPS aims to ease neighbours’ fears by downsizing project [$]

A solar farm developer has made significant changes to its Port Pirie project in a bid to ease concerns of neighbouring landowners.


Fight to save threatened Fairy Tern leaves a neighbourhood without beach access

It’s not your usual neighbourhood fence dispute. On the one side is the solitary dog walker, the boisterous family of five, and the couple seeking an escape from the city.

And on the other is a threatened Australian bird.


Western Australia

Albemarle warns on Wodgina if lithium demand is soft [$]

US giant Albemarle will switch off its new lithium asset in Western Australia’s Pilbara region if demand for the battery commodity proves to be weak.


Wildlife carers warn of common household items that could kill animals

A Perth wildlife centre has rescued two animals in one week from death after getting caught in ring-shaped items that are commonly used in the household.



Seeing the planet break down is depressing – here’s how to turn your pain into action

There are plenty of reasons to act, but here’s why a change in perspective could improve the planet and our well-being at the same time.


It’s not easy building green [$]

The infrastructure of the future could be as reusable and interchangeable as Lego, says a professor and former architect who also warns we might be overbuilding as it is.


Plastics that save us may also hurt us

Medical devices are often exempt from bans on harmful chemicals.


Forget the Anthropocene: We’ve entered the synthetic age

No matter how far you travel, no matter in which direction you point, there is nowhere on Earth that remains free from the traces of human activity.


Seven ways we can eat our way to saving the planet

Simran Sethi

Drink craft beer, eat ancient grains and other ways to respond to the planet’s loss of biodiversity.


Nature Conservation

Seeing the planet break down is depressing – here’s how to turn your pain into action

There are plenty of reasons to act, but here’s why a change in perspective could improve the planet and our well-being at the same time.


Octopus farming is ‘unethical and a threat to the food chain’

Mass-breeding of the highly intelligent creatures is ecologically unjustified, a new study says




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