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Repeat nonsense often enough and enough of the gulllible will accept it as gospel. Here’s the data on which party is the best economic manager. The relentless demonising of the Greens has had a similar result.


Post of the Day

Climate crisis demands war footing, but we won’t even vote for the Greens

Elizabeth Farrelly

So climate-consciousness is now common sense. Yet still the party most devoted to it – the Greens – is generally seen as radical and nonsensical.


Today’s Celebration

Battle of Las Peidras – Uruguay

Flag & University Day – Haiti

Revival & Unity Day – Turkmenistan

Independence Day – Somaliland

Election Day – Australia (Don’t forget to vote!)

Manger pour Gran’n Aloumandia – Voudon

Vesak – Festival of Light – Buddhism

International Museum Day

Visit Your Relatives Day

No Dirty Dishes Day

World AIDS Vaccine Day

Culture Freedom Day

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Climate Change

Australian scientists have found a link between climate and language diversity

Language diversity is closely linked to a region’s climate and food production, researchers have found.


Why the Guardian is changing the language it uses about the environment

From now, house style guide recommends terms such as ‘climate crisis’ and ‘global heating’



Parties battle in climate change election

Climate change has for decades been a fringe political issue, but as concern grows over environmental damage so too has the public cry for action.


When will we know who has won the federal election?

Record numbers of Australians have forgone their democracy sausage in order to avoid the polling day queues, casting early ballots in the federal election. Here’s our guide to knowing when we’re likely to find out who has won.


What Australia can learn from Norway’s move to electric cars

A hot topic ahead of the election, the Norwegians could be the best proof of an EV future.


Kelty tells of Hawke’s ‘unfinished business’ [$]

Bob Hawke saw tackling climate change and a treaty with indigenous people as Australia’s “unfinished business”, says former ACTU secretary Bill Kelty who hailed his close friend and co-­architect of the Accord as a “genius”.


AGL and Origin face heat [$]

Electricity retailers face regulatory pressure and a murky outlook beyond today’s election result, according to Morgans.


Chiefs call for action on energy [$]

Australia’s biggest energy players have issued a challenge to the election winner to resurrect the ­nation’s faltering energy policy.


What would Hawkie do? Why Australia’s economy can’t afford more denial and drift

Katharine Murphy

Australia must turn its back on a decade of obscene squabbling and unshackle itself from a carbon intensive economy


Climate crisis demands war footing, but we won’t even vote for the Greens

Elizabeth Farrelly

So climate-consciousness is now common sense. Yet still the party most devoted to it – the Greens – is generally seen as radical and nonsensical.


‘Penguins can’t vote’: Bob Hawke took the long view on the environment

Peter Hannam

Some of the most important environmental legacies of late Prime Minister Bob Hawke include the pursuit of proposals opposed by advisers or cabinet colleagues.


Bob Hawke leaves behind an important environmental legacy

Ebony Bennett

Bob Hawke is perhaps credited most often for his economic reforms, but he also leaves a tremendous legacy of protecting Earth’s wilderness.


The real world versus the Coalition’s scare campaign

Tristan Edis

Coalition ministers have been keen to promote the results from BAEconomics’ theoretical modelling exercise, but ignoring what is happening in the real world.


It’s time to kick this mob out, and end this climate crap

Giles Parkinson And Michael Mazengarb

Australia goes to the polls on Saturday, in the shadow of Bob Hawke’s death, and with the opportunity, indeed the need, to reset the direction of Australia in a way that hasn’t been seen since Hawke himself took the reigns of power in 1983.


Hey pollies, electric vehicles are happening. Get on board

Bryce Gaton

It’s 2030 and you’ve just crossed from one side of Sydney to the other, landing in your autonomous electric passenger air vehicle.


Bob Hawke, the environmental PM, bequeathed a huge ‘what if’ on climate change

Marc Hudson

In 1990, Bob Hawke and his cabinet looked poised to take climate action. But the following year his prime ministership ended.



Tenants raise roof over solar power, demand fair share of panel grants

Victorian home owners get subsidised solar power from the state government. So do renters. Now, public housing tenants are asking when they can go solar too.


Taps turned on for thirsty koalas [$]

Irrigation stations for heat-stressed koalas are being developed by fauna rescuers determined to destroy the urban myth the native marsupials do not need water.


Making koala numbers more bearable [$]

The burgeoning koala numbers in the Adelaide Hills are becoming too much to bear, prompting authorities to act.


The mission to save our most endangered frog [$]

One of Victoria’s best-known frogs is on the brink of extinction, with only about 100 left in the wild. But its chances of survival have just taken a big leap forwards.


Should Shorten fund Melbourne’s suburban rail loop?

Alan Davies

Federal Labor’s promise to contribute $10 billion toward the cost of the $50 billion Melbourne suburban rail loop shows it’s prepared to see a generation or two of infrastructure funding pissed away if it offers a political advantage.


New South Wales

Licence to kill local wildlife [$]

Six licences have been issued to Central Coast landholders to kill almost 193 animals from five native species between May 2018 and April 2019.



Canberra will be the first Australian city to run on 100 per cent renewable energy from October

Canberra will be effectively powered by renewable energy from October 1 — the first Australian jurisdiction to do so, according to the ACT’s Climate Change Minister.


Greens urged to quit air travel after declaring climate emergency

ACT Climate Change Minister Shane Rattenbury has been told to stop flying to COAG meetings and international running festivals if he wants to save the planet, after he declared a climate emergency in the territory.



Great Barrier grief

People living near the Great Barrier Reef are deeply worried about its future, and scientists say it’s time for the government to listen.


Premier ‘unconcerned’ about pro-Adani heat on regional state MPs

Annastacia Palaszczuk insists her regional MPs will not be turfed from office at the looming state poll amid community anger over the handling of Adani.


South Australia

Hormone program to cut SA koala numbers

Wildlife officials have begun a fertility control program in the Adelaide Hills to cut the number of koalas.


Unusual secrecy around 1950s nuclear testing [$]

Martin McKenzie-Murray

Files documenting British nuclear testing in the 1950s have suddenly gone missing. Many who have studied this questionable period of history wonder why.


Loose Labor lips releases the Liberal’s little monster

Daniel Wills

It was inner thought of the State Government that became not so secret. The scary threat of privatisation of SA’s rail networks has been let loose in the last days of the federal election campaign.


Map gaffes put heritage at risk

Hundreds of significant buildings and sites across the state may be completely unprotected due to inaccuracies in the Heritage Tasmania registration process.


Northern Territory

Banned from selling barramundi, Arnhem Land fishermen threaten to block commercial boats

Indigenous traditional owners in remote West Arnhem Land lose patience with being prohibited from selling valuable barramundi from their coastal waters, while commercial boats do just that.


Burt, the psychic croc, picks the election winner

Put away the glasses. It’s all over. Burt the psychic crocodile has chosen Saturday’s federal election winner


Western Australia

Voters negative on Liberal issues

As Australians head to polling booths, exclusive YouGov Galaxy polling showed economic management and climate change were by far the two issues that would decide how West Australians vote.



Revealed: air pollution may be damaging ‘every organ in the body’

Comprehensive analysis finds harm from head to toe, including dementia, heart and lung disease, fertility problems and reduced intelligence


How you and your government can tackle air pollution

From walking more to reducing waste, here’s what you can do to make a difference


800 gigawatts of solar expected to be added across globe by 2023

European solar trade body expects global solar industry will add nearly 800 gigawatts of new solar over the next five years.


How to keep your fruit and vegetables fresh

Is your fridge full of slimy fruit and vegies? Feeling guilty about the amount of food you throw out? We look at ways to store your food to keep it fresher for longer.


What three generations of California families can tell us about the links between our health and our environment

A decades-long study offers valuable insights into the relationship between the environment in which we live and cancer, autoimmune diseases and other disorders.


Nepal considers uranium mining proposal in the Himalayas

A decade-old proposal for uranium mining in Nepal’s remote, glacier-rich Upper Mustang region has gained renewed attention.


Maker of weed-killer Roundup raps UCSD study showing link to liver disease

German chemical company Bayer is disputing a UC San Diego study that linked its weed killer Roundup to a rise in liver disease among humans.


This town didn’t want to be a radioactive waste dump. The government is giving them no choice.

This is what often happens when a corporation or governmental entity needs to dispose of toxic waste: It gets left in an overlooked town no one’s heard of.


Tiny East Timor to become world’s first plastic-neutral nation

East Timor generates about 70 tonnes of plastic waste each day, most of which is collected from beaches and urban areas, then burned in the open


Bid to ban scrap plastic imports [$]

Indonesia is among the last Asian countries to crack down on the dumping of the West’s waste on the developing world.


Nature Conservation

Mercury from melting glaciers threatens the Tibetan Plateau

As the plateau’s glaciers melt, mercury contamination from fossil fuel emissions is being released into the region’s surface water.


Like it or not, influencers’ show-and-tell antics put planet at risk

Amelia Lester

Certain places have become so Instagram-famous, via geo-tagging, that their survival is threatened.


Now for something completely different …

Yes, we have to vote. And it’s a good thing, too

Wendy Squires

If someone can’t get off their bum once every three years to fulfil their most basic civic duty then, as my grandfather who fought in a war to protect our freedoms would say, “you’re a bloody no-hoper bludger”.



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