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I was in Nambour many years ago trying to enlist a local river manager as a Riverkeeper for Waterkeepers Australia. He leant back in his chair, all beetroot-headed and pot-bellied, and he sneered “so what’s a bloke from down south know that we don’t already know?” The Adani convoy wasn’t helpful, I reckon.


Post of the Day

Graphic design could be holding back action on climate change – here’s how

Rebecca Green

Can the design of a climate change message change someone’s beliefs? Absolutely, and with a surprisingly powerful correlation.


Today’s Celebration

Independence Day – East Timor

National Day – Cameroon

Volga Day – Russia

Josephine Baker Day – USA

Discovery Day – Cayman Islands

Day of Remembrance – Cambodia

National Awakening Day in Indonesia

Victoria Day – Canada

Simbi Blanc – Voudon

World Bee Day

World Metrology Day

European Maritime Day

National Palliative Care Week

Macular Degeneration Awareness Week

National Volunteer Week

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Climate Change

Extinction Rebellion urges ad industry to use its power for good

Letter to senior figures urges them to use their power to influence public opinion on climate change


How to talk to kids about climate change

It can feel scary, but it doesn’t have to be that way.


How do tribal nations’ treaties figure into climate change?

U.S. courts rarely favor environmental protections as a right — except when it comes to tribes expressing their treaty rights.


Graphic design could be holding back action on climate change – here’s how

Rebecca Green

Can the design of a climate change message change someone’s beliefs? Absolutely, and with a surprisingly powerful correlation.



Crossbenchers put climate on agenda

New independent MP Helen Haines says she doesn’t intend to operate in a bloc with other crossbenchers, saying she runs her own race in Indi.


‘Our plan is very clear’: No climate revamp for re-elected Coalition

Australians should not expect any change to the Liberal-National government’s climate change policies after their federal election win.


After the climate election: shellshocked green groups remain resolute

Environmentalists reject suggestions tactics such as the Stop Adani convoy cost Labor the election


Electric vehicle charging startup takes on world first, Australia second

Labor’s ambitions to ramp up electric vehicles may be in tatters but some small Australian business are amongst world leaders in the sector.


Trump’s tariffs may chase Chinese away from US LNG to Australian gas

The US and China’s trade war could delay approvals for US LNG mega-projects and send the Chinese to Australia to fill the gaps for its rising gas demand.


Energy industry warns Morrison against reviving power ‘big sticks’

The Coalition win in the weekend’s election has raised industry concerns that the Scott Morrison government will return to its ‘big stick’ legislative agenda to rein in power prices.


Harsh climate for independents ]$]

The ‘Independence Day’ coalition of 14 independent candidates who campaigned for climate change action has had just three elected to parliament, with one other race too close to call.


Key challenges for the re-elected Coalition government: our experts respond

Now that the Coalition has won the federal election, how will it meet its campaign promises on taxes, the environment, education, health and infrastructure?


Drones killing birds: What can be done?

Peter Fisher

The lack of regulation around drones has caused the death of countless and precious birds.


Energy Industry Congratulates Morrison Government On Re-Election

Australian Energy Council media release

Australian Energy Council Chief Executive Sarah McNamara said energy policy and its impact on consumers was a key issue before and during the campaign.


This was meant to be the ‘climate change election’. There are two reasons why it wasn’t

Matt Mcdonald

Would a climate emergency make climate change a crucial issue in future Australian elections? By most accounts, we’re already in one


After Morrison’s miracle, we Coalition MPs still have lessons to learn

Trent Zimmerman

The credit for the election triumph goes to Scott Morrison. Now his team must learn from its close shave, including on issues such as climate change.


Election result should force Labor to rethink its climate change policies

Jeremy Sammut

The Coalition’s stunning re-election victory is obviously a triumph for Prime Minister Scott Morrison. His campaign strategy of making economic management and the Labor Party’s big-target, big-taxing, transformative agenda the key election issues was a spectacular success.


Labor paid a heavy price for its climate virtue signalling [$]

Alexander Downer

Less well-off Australians baulked at paying more than than our fair share of climate costs.


It’s ScoMo’s show, all he needs is an agenda [$]

Phil Coorey

Labor’s campaign was anti-aspirational and people who wanted to vote Labor because of climate change or because the Coalition was a rabble, had to do so at the expense of their finances.


Scott Morrison had a government defined by five years of chaos and he still beat Labor, BY HIMSELF

First Dog on the Moon

Now we will never know what the go was with the au pairs



Vic wrangle over East West Link continues

Victoria’s Labor premier is resisting the newly re-elected coalition government’s calls to revive plans for a new road through Melbourne’s northern suburbs.


Unloved Yarra to become part of city life [$]

Melbourne’s river has been historically unloved and ignored, but these plans will give it a vital boost, adding new floating bars and drive-your-own boats. See the plans.


Rapid growth is widening Melbourne’s social and economic divide

John Stanley et al

State and local governments can’t do much about the rapid population growth in Melbourne, but they can take steps to reduce the costs of growing disparities between the outer suburbs and inner city.


New South Wales

Warringah win a climate message: Steggall

The Olympian who vanquished Tony Abbott, snatching the Sydney seat he held for 24 years, says his loss means “the handbrake” on climate change action is off.


Steggall admits GetUp! helped on climate change awareness [$]

Warringah Independent MP Zali Steggall has acknowledged the role of lobby group GetUp! in raising climate change awareness amid her election battle with ex-prime minister Tony Abbott — but denied that it was wholly ­responsible for her victory.


Plan to expand motorsport on Mount Panorama splits Bathurst

A stoush is brewing at Australia’s home of motorsport, Mount Panorama, where plans to build a go-kart track on a sacred indigenous women’s site have outraged some Wiradjuri elders.


Council, state government clash over how to ease Sydney’s pedestrian crush

Pedestrians need more space to reduce congestion and fatalities in Sydney’s CBD, but there is disagreement over how to achieve this.


How did the Coalition avoid an election 2019 protest vote over water?

Lauren Pezet

Western NSW has experienced a lot of political upheaval recently, along with its water crisis, but a protest vote is a rare commodity and voters did not want any more of it



ACT Greens see swings, but no seats, at federal election

The ACT Greens say they are well positioned to snatch an elusive seat at the next federal election, after the party came up empty handed at Saturday’s vote despite receiving positive swings.


ACT government won’t introduce floor price on plastic shopping bags

The ACT government will not introduce a minimum price on plastic bags in Canberra despite the environment commissioner recommending it in 2018.


Federal election result a ‘setback’ for Canberra’s light rail expansion

ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr will contest the next territory election after previously suggesting a Coalition win at Saturday’s election would hurt his longevity in the role.



Adani mine stance costly for Labor: Greens

Labor’s unclear position on the Adani coal mine proved costly to the party’s federal election fortunes in Queensland, Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young says.


Adani issue hurt Labor in Qld: Canavan

Former Greens leader Bob Brown has denied his anti-Adani convoy during the election campaign led to Labor’s federal election obliteration in Queensland.


‘It’s about jobs’: Palaszczuk says Labor’s message was too complex

The Premier rejected claims her government’s handling of Adani’s Carmichael coal mine hurt the party’s election results, along with suggestions it was delaying the project.


Greed won in federal election: Bob Brown

The former Greens leader rejected claims his anti-Adani convoy backfired.


How Bob Brown and his anti-Adani convoy handed Queensland to the Coalition

Allyson Horn

If there’s one thing Queenslanders don’t like, it’s being told what to do, so when Bob Brown’s anti-Adani convoy demanded voters shun coal in Adani country, it led to Bill Shorten’s undoing


South Australia

You probably know Uluru and Wave Rock, but have you heard of Murphy’s Haystacks?

An ‘island-rock’ formation in South Australian is believed to have formed billions of years ago and while it is eroding, experts say it is not likely to disappear anytime soon.


‘A shambles’: Greens call for heritage register action

Greens leader and heritage spokeswoman Cassy O’Connor has called on Heritage Minister Will Hodgman to lift the “cloud of uncertainty” over sites listed on the state’s heritage register, as Labor awaits further information on issues detailed in a two-year audit revealed last week.


Northern Territory

Country Liberals ‘protest vote’ sets up potential NT election challenge in 2020

Federal voting numbers suggest Michael Gunner’s Territory Labor is under real threat of dropping seats to the Country Liberal Party at the 2020 NT election.



Childhood cancers rise by a third in Scotland with air pollution driving increase

Cases of childhood cancers in Scotland have risen by a third in the past 10 years with experts claiming air pollution levels are driving the increase.


Bayer’s Roundup woes send investors fleeing

Investors are worried that Bayer’s liabilities from Monsanto’s allegedly carcinogenic weedkiller Roundup are only going to rise, pushing shares into a downward spiral.


Thousands of tonnes of plastic recycling are secretly burnt for fuel in UK

Millions of plastic pots, tubs and trays placed in recycling bins are secretly being incinerated because of a lack of specialist facilities to process them.


Air pollution is slowly killing us, a new global study claims

Air pollution may be harming every organ in our bodies, according to a recently released study by the International Respiratory Society’s Environmental Committee.


Fossil fuel subsidies: the IMF says we pay $5.2 trillion a year

We can’t take on climate change without properly pricing coal, oil, and natural gas. But it’s a huge political challenge.


How the Green New Deal can deliver land justice

Land is a source of both enormous wealth and horrendous inequality. The Green New Deal can reverse historic injustices while pushing agriculture into the sustainable, low-carbon future.


Nature Conservation

130,000 trees to be planted in English cities and towns

As part of efforts to tackle global heating, grants will be available for planting and three years’ care



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