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Albo, this is not a good start. You forgot to add  ” … or disapprovals” to your statement “What it’s up to governments to do is give environmental approvals”. When the project is clearly untenable, as nearly all economists and all environmentalists will tell you, you must show leadership on this challenging policy position. 

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Climate undermined by lobbying

For all the evidence that the benefits of reducing greenhouse gases outweigh the costs of regulation, disturbingly few domestic climate change policies have been enacted around the world so far.


Today’s Celebration

Anniversary of the death of President Ali Soilih – Comoros

Democracy Day – Nigeria

Conquest of Istanbul Day – Turkey

Veterans Day – Sweden

National Elderly Day – Indonesia

Ascension of Bahaullah – Baha’i

International Day of UN Peacekeepers

Wear White at Work

White Wreath Day In Remembrance of All Victims of Suicide

World Digestive Health Day

World Multiple Sclerosis Day

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Climate Change

European commission accused of ‘deliberately harming climate action’

Study criticising climate impact of EU’s farming policy remained unpublished for a year


GOP criticizes its own on climate

As some Republicans inch toward climate policy for the first time in years, those in the party who reject climate science are getting nervous that a more permanent shift is coming. And they’re going on the attack.


Climate undermined by lobbying

For all the evidence that the benefits of reducing greenhouse gases outweigh the costs of regulation, disturbingly few domestic climate change policies have been enacted around the world so far.


Climate change: a threat to World Heritage Sites

All around the world, climate change is threatening World Heritage Sites.



‘Like child abuse’: New reef envoy Warren Entsch takes aim at kids protesting climate change

Warren Entsch has dismissed suggestions Australia needs to “save” the Great Barrier Reef.


Blitz on reptile smuggling nets great results

The Australian arm of a three-week, international operation targeting the illegal trade of reptiles, involving surprise raids, compliance inspections and random airport checks, resulted in the seizure of 69 reptiles


Australia to achieve 50% renewables by 2030 without government intervention, analysis finds

RepuTex modelling suggests surge in state schemes and rooftop solar will reduce wholesale prices, making gas- and coal-fired power less competitive


Resources Minister backs new coal plant as Labor reconsiders climate policy

Queensland Nationals Senator Matt Canavan has claimed a mandate for coal-fired power and backed a new power station proposal.


Australia could fund 100% renewables by 2030 with 7.7% of super savings

Phasing out fossil fuels from retirement savings could be a good investment and a great move for the climate – a Future Super report suggests


Renewables sector will ‘become unstable’ if government, industry can’t agree

A major national energy industry conference has been told more needs to be done to ensure stability of power supply as renewables take up more of the market.


Take fight to zealots: Shell [$]

Energy players should band together to battle well-funded professional activists, says Shell.


Energy Insiders: Shuffling jokers as sea levels rise

Morrison shuffles cards, and sea level expert John Englander explains why oceans are rising more quickly than expected.


Coalition’s big stick for energy firms at the ready

The Morrison government is preparing to revive its shelved “big stick” laws in order to force energy price cuts and guarantee supply.


Brace for impact – climate change litigation is fast approaching

Arthur Marusevich

Since the late 1990s, Australian politics on climate change has been divisive. Although Australia signed the Kyoto Protocol in 1998, it did not ratify it until 2007. Then, in 2011, the Clean Energy Act purporting to reduce greenhouse emissions was passed, only to be repealed in 2014.


We mustn’t allow an aggressive minority to hold sway

Father Brendan Lee

Although liberals’ beliefs are in the minority, they try indefatigably to convince everyone that almost everyone else is on their side.


Gas doesn’t like being the ‘new coal’ [$]

Terry McCrann

Gas producers have been complicit in demonising coal and portraying themselves as a cleaner, greener alternative so they cannot complain when climate activists go after them.


Rising seas threaten Australia’s major airports – and it may be happening faster than we think

Thomas Mortlock et al

Antarctica studies show sea level rise may be happening faster than we’re planning for, and airports will be hit hard.


Coalition’s fuel policy: Poisoning the air we breathe

Graeme McLeay

With mounting evidence of the disastrous health effects of poor air quality, Australians deserve better than the Coalition’s failed fuel policy



Victorian solar rebates never had hope of meeting demand, figures show

The first phase of the Victorian Government’s popular but messy rooftop solar rebate program was never going to satisfy the demand for household solar in the state, according to figures from the national Clean Energy Regulator.


Victoria delivers on solar homes, arms “energy cop” with budget funding

Victorian government establishes dedicated energy cop to catch price gouging energy companies while extending zero-interest solar loan program to renters.


Treasury goes green with help of University researchers

The University of Melbourne has partnered with the Department of Environment Land Water and Planning (DELWP) and the City of Melbourne on a research project to retrofit the building that houses the office of the Victorian Premier with a green roof.


How 1GW of grid batteries could see Yallourn coal generator close in 12 months

Victoria is getting a lot of renewables. So much so, 1GW of battery storage could mean it no longer needs the 45-year-old Yallourn brown coal power station next year.


Altona site to shut: Union sounds jobs alarm on gas crisis

The closure of manufacturing giant Dow Chemical’s plant in Melbourne’s west has sparked a sharp rebuke of politicians for failing to solve the national gas crisis, with a key union warning that a job loss “avalanche” could be unleashed unless the problem was solved.


New South Wales

Sydney to get water restrictions for the first time in a decade

Level one water restrictions will be enforced in the Harbour City this Saturday for the first time since 2009, as dam levels drop to about 53 per cent and much of NSW remains in drought.


No more asbestos disposal at Lismore waste facility

Lismore City Council’s Waste and Resource Recovery Facility at Wyrallah Road is no longer able to accept any asbestos waste until further notice.


Sydney has to get serious about water recycling

James Hulme

Plenty of other cities recycle drinking water.



Solar panel rebates now open to Canberra businesses

Canberra businesses would be given rebates of up to $5000 to install solar panels under a new ACT government scheme.



Clive Palmer company met with Government over proposed power plant

Waratah Coal has met with three Queensland Government departments in two separate meetings to discuss the company’s plans for a coal-fired power station in the Galilee Basin.


How do Australians think about water?

A James Cook University researcher wants to understand how Australians view water security and water conservation.


Queensland’s rate of dumping waste outstrips population growth

New waste industries are on the Queensland government’s agenda, as the nation grapples with the consequences of China’s decision to restrict the importation of recycling.

A new report shows Queensland has major issues recycling paper, cardboard and plastic as the state government looks into creating new waste industry jobs.


Albanese takes swipe at anti-Adani activists

Markets, not politicians, make decisions about whether new coal mines are built, Anthony Albanese says in Queensland.


Anxious wait in legal battle against Adani

People came out of the woodwork to vote on Adani’s proposed mine but no proper checks ensured they were entitled to have a say.


Queenslanders deserve certainty on Adani – Albo [$]

Anthony Albanese says he understands the Queensland backlash over Adani and that the Sunshine State deserves “certainty” over the project, while he also admits another controversial policy cost Labor votes crucial votes.


Lord Mayor reveals plan to transform Adelaide Street

The council has released a plan to transform Adelaide Street into a public transport haven welcoming visitors to the city.


Rain brings insects in latest blow to drought-hit graziers

Graziers living in central-west Queensland are devastated they won’t benefit from rainfall earlier this year after a boom in insects decimates their properties.


Clive Palmer company met with Government over proposed power plant

Waratah Coal has met with three Queensland Government departments in two separate meetings to discuss the company’s plans for a coal-fired power station in the Galilee Basin.


Race is on to find lucrative gas reserves [$]

The Palaszczuk Government has announced new exploration rights to tackle domestic shortages prompting global gas giants to launch hunt for new reserves in Queensland.


The environment vs jobs? We have been in this fight before

Jeff Sparrow

There’s nothing new in conservationists needing to win over working people. The Adani campaign can learn from the proposed Franklin Dam


South Australia

‘Drastic’ human rights complaint lodged over treatment of SA mental health patients

South Australia’s peak doctors’ union says it has taken its most “drastic action” ever by referring the state’s health department to the Australian Human Rights Commission over “cruel” treatment of mental health patients.


“Uncomfortable” ride ahead for Adelaide public transport: Knoll

Transport Minister Stephan Knoll warns “uncomfortable change” is in store for Adelaide’s public transport system, as the Government continues to eye off privatisation of its rail fleet.


Site for Aldinga Railway Station revealed

The preferred location for a new railway station and park ’n’ ride have been revealed in the latest plan for the new 94ha development at Aldinga.


Gupta seeks regulatory approval for 135MW battery near Port Augusta

Sanjeev Gupta’s energy offshoot seeks formal regulatory approval for 135MW/100MWh battery, as part of suite of initiatives to help power the Whyalla steelworks.


TasNetworks now speaking with almost 50 over chemical exposure

TasNetworks is now speaking with 49 people who were potentially impacted by toxic chemicals through their work with the Hydro-Electric Commission between the 1960s and 1980s.


Launceston criminals getting busy, police figures show

Tasmanian crime levels are increasing, especially in the North and North-West.


Charging at an electric car future [$]

Eleven community groups and businesses have won grants to install electric vehicle charging facilities as the push for an “electric highway” continues.


More land to be opened up [$]

The State Government is fast-tracking the rezoning of more Crown land to combat the state’s acute housing shortage.


Northern Territory

After switching to solar, this date farm is reaping the benefits

This NT farm picked twice as many dates as their previous season, and they’re putting much of it down to running their irrigation system on solar power.


Western Australia

Climate ‘thinking crisis’ riles Ben Elton

Comic great Ben Elton has expressed exasperation at the “crisis of thinking” on climate change, as he addressed a summit in Margaret River, WA.


WA’s EPA warned against emissions ‘error’

Woodside has urged WA’s Environmental Protection Authority not to make the same carbon-neutral ‘error’ it made earlier this year.


AEMO says W.A. grid at risk if regulations fail to keep up with renewable transition

The Australian Energy Market Operator has warned that regulators and rule-makers need to act quickly to encourage the adoption of new technologies needed to deal with Western Australia’s rapid uptake of rooftop solar and other renewable energy technologies, and avoid risks to grid security.


Business fears WA climate policy is hot air [$]

Jennifer Hewett

Mark McGowan wants to reassure that his government aims to work with business on climate change policies. Working with national policy is another matter.



IEA worried about nuclear energy phase out

The International Energy Agency says advanced economies could lose 25 per cent of their nuclear capacity by 2025 if the lifespan of reactors is not extended.


Plotting new paths to a nuclear “yes”

Nuclear science and engineering alumna Mareena Robinson Snowden PhD ’17 devises new solutions for problems of arms control and proliferation.


The atomic soldiers: US veterans, used as guinea pigs, break their silence

Some of the last surviving soldiers exposed to nuclear-bomb tests share their unfathomable experiences.


How electric vehicles and batteries can boost value of rooftop solar

Battery storage and an electric vehicle can halve the payback period for a home solar system, and fast-charge the transition to renewables, a new report has found.


Food packaging is full of toxic chemicals – here’s how it could affect your health

If you care about what you eat, you should care about what it comes in.


BHP says half of global vehicle sales could be electric by 2030

BHP market analyst suggests electric vehicles could grab a share of more than 50% in the global market for new car sales by 2030.


Severe air pollution can cause birth defects, deaths

In a comprehensive study, researchers from Texas A&M University have determined that harmful particulate matter in the atmosphere can produce birth defects and even fatalities during pregnancy using the animal model.


Scientists revisit cold case of cold fusion

Four academic laboratories partner with Google to explore how materials science can help make fusion more accessible


Defending glyphosate: A ′Roundup′ of German agribusiness sentiments

Monsanto’s controversial weed killer Roundup is used widely by many agricultural firms across Germany. They say consumers are hardly aware of what it would mean to stop using the herbicide.


Green parties sweep across Europe! (Climate denial still safe in Australia)

Jake Johnson

In the complete reverse to Australia’s recent election result, where the Coalition has been re-elected despite its coal-spruiking platform, green parties promising climate action have had their strongest ever election performance in Europe.


Nature Conservation

Africa’s elephant poaching is in decline, analysis suggests

Researchers still fearful as approximately 10,000 to 15,000 are killed every year


More fishing vessels chasing fewer fish, new study finds

new analysis of global fishing data has found the world’s fishing fleet doubled

in size over the 65 years to 2015 but for the amount of effort expended the

catch fell more than 80 per cent.


Domino effect of species extinctions also damages biodiversity

The mutual dependencies of many plant species and their pollinators mean that the negative effects of climate change are exacerbated. As UZH researchers show, the total number of species threatened with extinction is therefore considerably higher than predicted in previous models.


US national parks more affected by rising temperatures than rest of country, Zion most impacted in Southwest

National parks and other protected lands are being affected by climate change more than the rest of the U.S., a recent study reveals.


Marine ecosystems endangered by tanker sabotage in the Gulf

Sabotage attacks targeting four oil tankers off the coast of the UAE’s Fujairah port earlier this month prompted an immediate concern for environmentalists — the damage to marine ecosystems.


Brazil’s mangroves on the front line of climate change

Fishermen like Jose da Cruz have made their living for decades hunting for crabs among Brazil’s vast coastal mangrove forests, dense thickets of twisted plants in deep black mud that grow where fresh-water rivers meet the brackish Atlantic Ocean.


Now for something completely different …

Why Godzilla is the perfect monster for our age of environmental destruction

Julian CH Lee

Popular monsters often reflect humanity’s greatest fears. Godzilla, with its destructive rampages, is the foremost monster for our age of environmental threat.



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