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How good is hydrogen? Of course, if they’re being frog-marched into fossil-fuel support as big donors demand, LNP shills don’t have the latitude to look sideways at such opportunities as the hydrogen economy.

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Climate crisis and antibiotic use could ‘sink’ fish farming industry – report

Investors’ network warns of serious risk to aquaculture from global heating as well as over-reliance on medicines


Today’s Celebration

D-Day – United States of America

Memorial Day – South Korea

National Day – Sweden

Pushkin’s Birthday – Russia

Flag Day     Sweden

Clean Air Day – Canada

Korean Children’s Union Foundation Day

Ascension Day in Eastern Christianity

World Pest Day

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Climate Change

Thousands could perish annually in US if global heating not curbed, study finds

Every year nearly 5,800 people are expected to die in New York, 2,500 in Los Angeles and more than 2,300 in Miami


Climate change: ‘A near-to-mid-term existential threat to human civilisation’

Chris Barrie

We need strong, determined leadership in government, in business and in our communities to ensure a sustainable future for humankind.



Environ minister yet to see emissions data

Environment Minister Sussan Ley has not yet seen the latest greenhouse gas data, despite the government missing a Senate-imposed deadline for its release.


Being a ‘corporate greenie’ and ‘barefoot GC’

Greenpeace Australia general counsel Katrina Bullock says that clients and the broader community must understand that individuals and institutions can be both commercially minded and environmentally sustainable.


Australian regulators ‘lead ‘ on climate risk supervision [$]

Australia’s financial regulators have attracted international praise for leading a global push to put climate risk at the centre of financial supervision.


Carbon credit ‘where credit’s due’ [$]

Australia is not given sufficient credit for the ­carbon dioxide savings it helps other nations achieve, Angus Taylor says.


Coal ‘to be worth zero’ [$]

Mike Cannon-Brookes has some ideas on how Australian can plug its looming $70bn coal hole.


Renewable hydrogen getting cheaper, Australia could lead global market

Some of Australia’s leading energy experts say that renewable hydrogen is beginning to reach cost parity with some fossil fuel equivalents, and can emerge as a high potential export industry for Australia – with tens of billions of dollars – as technology costs continue to tumble.


Why drones are being used to harvest whale snot [$]

An unusual method is being used to collect the bodily fluids of Australia’s humpback whales — and it could be key to our ocean’s future.


Worried about Roundup? Garden Guru weighs in on glyphosate and cancer

Trevor Cochrane

Garden Guru Trevor Cochrane says Roundup remains a valuable tool and the issue of personal responsibility in using pesticides must not be forgotten.


Dams are key to water management in Australia

Viv Forbes

Australia is a dry continent – that is a fact of geography and global climate.


Australia should give victims a voice in tackling environmental crimes

Hadeel Al-Alosi and Mark Hamilton

Evidence shows restorative justice can help fix environmental crime – so why isn’t Australia using it more?


What the Australian Greens can learn from Europe’s seismic political shift [$]

Guy Rundle

The success of the European Greens would seem to be the measure of a deeper process underway — one the Australian Greens should grab onto with both hands.


Old King Coal rules [$]

Matt Canavan

To develop our resources for the nation we need politicians to work together.


It’s time for the Coalition to defy climate expectations [$]

Will Graham

Australia stands at a crossroads. My party — the LNP — can either go down in history as a bunch of coal-waving climate change denying sceptics, or we can rise to the occasion.



Energy prices could be capped for 12 months under Victorian reforms

A practice by some energy retailers, known as the bait and switch, could be outlawed under reforms proposed for Victoria’s energy market.


Should Melbourne’s free tram zone be extended?

It creates overcrowding and robs the system of revenue, a leading public transport advocate says. But one Victorian MP is pushing for Melbourne’s free tram zone to be extended.


Between a rock and a hard place: peace talks begin over Grampians rock climbing ban

Rock climbers could be allowed to return to some of the Grampians’ restricted cliff faces after Parks Victoria brokered a truce with tour operators and Aboriginal Victoria, over fears that precious rock art sites had been damaged by tourism.


The secret life of Melbourne’s owls revealed [$]

The night life and dining habits of Melbourne’s elusive powerful owl have been uncovered, with a study revealing the mighty bird of prey’s tactic to avoid human-created landscapes like roads and buildings.


Victoria’s biggest solar farm secures finance, may add huge battery

Kiamal solar gets finance from three banks and an equity boost from CEFC after starting construction, looks to nearly double size and add a huge battery.


Cross-sectors unite to make Melbourne greener

Melbourne has become the first city in Australia to launch a comprehensive strategy to increase and protect green urban spaces in a bid to dull the effects of climate change and protect the city’s most vulnerable. 


Living Melbourne: our metropolitan urban forest

The Nature Conservancy, Resilient Melbourne

This document outlines a bold new strategy for a greener, more liveable Melbourne. It presents a vision of international significance in its massive scale, its outstanding collaboration, and its use of new and innovative mapping technology.


New South Wales

Solar farm with ‘not enough sun’ disappointed with cloud over pilot site

After years developing world-leading power technology in drought-stricken NSW, Vast Solar is to build its commercial plant elsewhere due, in part, to a lack of sun.


Everybody needs good NABERS

NSW is providing green leadership and sustainable innovation for Australia’s commercial and public buildings and the UK will now be adopting our National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) program to help boost their buildings’ environmental sustainability.


NSW Labor leadership hopeful Chris Minns proposes ban on fossil fuel donations

Chris Minns and Jodi McKay are making their pitch for the NSW Labor leadership following the resignation of Michael Daley


Regions get chance to charge into the future

The NRMA is building a comprehensive fast charging network for electric vehicles across regional NSW and the ACT.


Big Sydney comes at a cost to environment

Last week, in a presentation to the Property Council, the newly appointed Minister for Planning, Rob Stokes, gave a surprisingly candid assessment of the NSW planning system. He said that “the culture of development that has grown up in this city has pitted in many ways supposedly avaricious developers against supposedly blinkered communities, with a hapless Department of Planning doing its best to try and mediate the culture of conflict.”



Adani approvals not ‘set and forget’: Ley

Environment Minister Sussan Ley says it’s not a case of ‘set and forget’ when it comes to the Adani coalmine approvals, with ongoing compliance and monitoring.


Drone footage shows Adani doing illegal work at mine site, environmental group claims

New drone footage and high-resolution satellite imagery allegedly shows evidence of illegal work being done at Adani’s controversial Carmichael coal mine project, according to environmental group Coast and Country. Adani denies the allegation.


Al Gore slams Adani, tells Queensland ‘good luck’ in selling coal to India

Former US vice president Al Gore has taken a swipe at Adani during a climate change conference in Brisbane, casting doubt on the proposed Carmichael mine’s viability as India moves away from coal-fired power.


Trees form a curtain for nesting turtles

Volunteers plant more than 700 trees to create a curtain of greenery in a bid to protect Queensland’s largest turtle rookery.


Construction on City Botanic Gardens riverwalk begins

Several of Brisbane’s City Botanic Gardens river moorings will have to be moved to make room for a new riverwalk now under construction.


A car park for every bedroom: Council proposes new apartment plan

Brisbane City Council wants to require all new apartment buildings to have two car park spaces for all two-bedroom apartments, instead of just one.


‘Conserve it or give it to us’: Deputy mayor wants state to hand over land

Brisbane City Council was told it could purchase six hectares of state-owned koala habitat land near Toohey Forest only at full commercial rates, deputy mayor Krista Adams claimed as she launched a broadside at the state government.


QBE joins renewables push [$]

Insurance giant QBE has vowed to source all of its energy from renewables by 2025.


South Australia

Kangaroo Island, once dubbed Australia’s ‘Noah’s Ark’, faces eco-tourism pressure

A proposal to develop privately-owned eco-lodge villages in a Kangaroo Island national park threatens an island once considered Australia’s ‘Noah’s Ark’, local parks volunteers say.


Discovery in water clean-up [$]

Science Flinders University researchers have made a new filter that can rapidly clean up contamination.


Challenge to $1.5bn electricity link dismissed [$]

The $1.5 billion electricity interconnector between NSW and SA has cleared a major hurdle and now heads to the assessment phase.


Carbon credits to protect the environment and the vulnerable

South Australia’s first biodiverse carbon offset project, and one of the largest in Australia, is attracting cross sector support to protect revegetated land and habitat for threatened wildlife.


South Australia’s water problem

David Leyonhjelm

Obviously it would cost money and it’s likely the Commonwealth would have to assist the state government, which is seriously indebted.


‘We’re seeing metres lost’: This is what climate change looks like

Three Tasmanian mayors discuss the impacts of climate change on their patches, where some residents are taking matters into their own hands to save land from erosion.


Western Australia

The mad dash north to save Australia’s sawfish, slowly baking in a drying pond

Details have emerged of how scientists rushed to save almost 50 endangered sawfish being cooked alive by a pitiless summer sun; their desperate effort, with the support of Indigenous rangers, cattle station staff and a regional TAFE in the end saving just two individuals.


WA tells Malaysian minister it won’t budge on Lynas waste [$]

Malaysian Environment Minister Yeo Bee Yin’s visit to Perth next week appears pointless as the state digs in on low-level radioactive residue.


How we’re helping the western ground parrot survive climate change

Shaun Molloy and Robert Davis

Our recent research applied climate change modelling to translocation decisions for the critically endangered western ground parrot. This species is now restricted to a single population, with probably fewer than 150 birds, on the south coast of Western Australia.



Fancy a holiday at the site of the world’s worst nuclear disaster?

A television series about the Chernobyl nuclear disaster is driving a boom in the number of tourists travelling to Ukraine to see the plant and the abandoned town that neighbours it, with one tour agency reporting a 40 per cent rise in bookings since the series debuted.


Rob couldn’t afford a builder, so he put up a house the only way he knew how

In many ways, Rob’s is a “normal house” with a sink, kitchen and a fireplace — but he says it only cost him $1,000 to build, and it’s made of recycled materials.


We’re unknowingly eating thousands of pieces of plastic every year

Humans could be ingesting 74,000 bits of plastics annually, says Canadian research released on Wednesday night.


Barclays commits to source 100% renewable electricity for its global

Barclays, the transatlantic consumer and wholesale bank, has joined RE100 with a commitment to source 100% renewable electricity for its global operations by 2030, with an interim goal of 90% by 2025.


Chile’s ‘Clean Air’ Ruling Offers Hope on World Environment Day

Landmark Ruling Confirms Constitutional Right to a Healthy Environment


Plastic accounts for 60% of litter in English and Welsh canals

More than half a million plastic items reach oceans from waterway network each year


Rise of corporate social responsibility risks sinister turn

Peter Fleming and Carl Rhodes

Most managers realise that workers are intrinsically worried about the social and environmental impact of their organisations.


Plastic is fantastic!

Ken Calvert

Plastic in all its various forms has transformed our world.


Nature Conservation

Casting out illegal fishing

Today is the International Day for the Fight Against Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing, an opportunity to highlight the efforts taking place around the globe to combat illegal fishing.


Interpol makes public appeal in hunt for most wanted eco-criminals

Agency seeking seven men for crimes including ivory smuggling and illegal logging


Climate crisis and antibiotic use could ‘sink’ fish farming industry – report

Investors’ network warns of serious risk to aquaculture from global heating as well as over-reliance on medicines




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