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It’s past time to leave neo-liberalism behind and look for new economic models to deliver on the policy that allows us to be a country in which we’d like to live. It ain’t that now and the progressive ideas we want to see implemented are in the freezer for three years. This time has to be spent developing our version of the ‘Green New Deal’. I don’t think that the AFP will raid us for commenting on this – but with this lot you never know.

Post of the Day

What can I do to stop climate change?

Lifestyle changes are no substitute for collective action. But personal carbon-cutting still matters – it’s a powerful way to signal the climate emergency to those around us, move the needle on policy and set bigger cultural changes in motion. Mike Berners-Lee lays out a nine-step carbon detox.


Today’s Celebration

1919 Commemoration (Sette Giugno) – Malta

Boone Day – United States of America

Union Dissolution – Norway

Labor Day (Randolf Fawkes Day) – Bahamas

Dragon Boat Festival – China

Diplomacy Day – Croatia

Birthday of Prince Joachim – Denmark

Anniversary of the Memorandum of the Slovak Nation – Slovakia

Flag Day – Peru

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Climate Change

Eight reasons Trump’s ‘clean climate’ claims fail to stack up

President told Prince Charles US has ‘among the cleanest climates there are’. Here’s a reminder of some facts he may have overlooked


Gauge on climate: Let us take you through some of the major climate change terms

Getting your head around climate change can often be a laborious project.

New global warming model highlights strong impact of social learning

A new climate modeling approach suggests that social processes strongly affect global warming predictions, and mitigation efforts should account for this influence.


What can I do to stop climate change?

Lifestyle changes are no substitute for collective action. But personal carbon-cutting still matters – it’s a powerful way to signal the climate emergency to those around us, move the needle on policy and set bigger cultural changes in motion. Mike Berners-Lee lays out a nine-step carbon detox.


It is absurd to question whether we can afford to keep our planet liveable

Fiona Harvey

The chancellor has warned against cutting UK emissions to net zero. But failing to act will have dire consequences


Today’s lesson: a safe planet is a human right

Ava Woodard

A year 12 student implores politicians and fellow citizens to tackle climate change – and seize the economic opportunities of renewable energy.


Why there’s more greenhouse gas in the atmosphere than you may have realised

Zoe Loh et al

Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are at 414 parts per million. But thanks to a recalculation of methane’s warming power, the total amount of greenhouse gases is now equivalent to more than 500.


The ALP, modern monetary theory and an Australian Green New Deal

Steven Hail

The ALP might have had a better chance at the election by offering a sort of Green New Deal inspired by modern monetary theory



Reaching emissions goal a ‘fantasy’: Labor

Australia’s latest greenhouse gas data shows emissions rose 0.8 per cent compared to the previous quarter and by 0.7 per cent across the year.


Energy Minister defends Australia’s growing greenhouse gas emissions

Energy Minister Angus Taylor has shrugged off official data showing Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions have risen for a third year, saying the figures ignore the contribution of gas exports to lowering pollution overseas.


Tennis Australia commits to climate action

Tennis Australia is the latest sports body to sign up to a United Nations program to promote action on climate change.


Firies worry people risking lives with cheap heaters to dodge high electricity prices

Firefighters say they are concerned people are putting their lives at risk using low-cost, outdoor heaters to keep warm inside their homes, as they struggle to afford electricity.


‘Change is coming’: Al Gore says economics will break fossil fuel dinosaurs

Former US vice-president says new coalmines make no commercial sense, and even Australian governments will have to change course


The educators at forefront of Al Gore’s climate campaign

Former US vice-president Al Gore has inspired a legion of climate mentors both in Australia and abroad.


Networks lobby pushes for RET-style scheme for hydrogen gas in pipelines

Two new reports have highlighted the potential of “renewable gas” in Australia, if the Federal Government can put in place the right policy mechanisms to support its use.


Reduced emissions would save Australia $550b: report [$]

Transitioning to a clean economy and reducing emissions would save the economy $549 billion over the next decade, a report by Melbourne University says.


Barnaby Joyce approved plan to chase $80m water buyback, documents show

Federal government pushed plan to buy a portion of water entitlements rather than adopt Queensland proposal to purchase two farms and all water rights


Water stations may help koalas survive ongoing drought and heat events, research finds

Water stations could reduce heat stress and other effects of ongoing drought and extreme weather events on koalas and other animals, new research has found.


AEMC to consider proposed changes to marginal loss factor rules

Request by Adani Renewables triggers review of controversial allocations of marginal loss factors, as rule-maker also moves to provide some transparency to project plans.


Whichever way you spin it, Australia’s greenhouse emissions have been climbing since 2015

Tim Baxter

Australia’s new emissions data for the December 2018 quarter show a rise on the previous quarter, although the raw figures actually dropped. Here’s what that all means.


What next after 100 Resilient Cities funding ends?

Sebastian Fastenrath et al

Melbourne and Sydney are members of 100 Resilient CIties, which the Rockefeller Foundation has said it will no longer fund. So what has the global network achieved? And what can we learn from this?


Australia’s greenhouse emissions surge [$]

Bernard Keane

Australia is making a “substantial global contribution” on greenhouse emissions, Angus Taylor declared today. He’s correct — our emissions have surged again.


Good news on global emissions [$]

Australian editorial

Australia’s contribution must be seen through a wider lens



Victoria lacking plan as waste crisis grew

Waste stockpiles will continue to grow and pose unnecessary risks to Victorians unless there is a clear state plan to address recycling, a new report warns.


‘Ad hoc and reactive’: Auditor-general delivers scathing report on Victoria’s waste management Large-scale waste stockpiling and management failures are threatening public safety and Victoria’s environment, the auditor-general warns.


Metro Tunnel builders battle claimed $2bn blowout

The cost of the Victorian government’s flagship $11 billion infrastructure project, the Melbourne Metro rail tunnel, may have blown out by as much as $2 billion.


Feral deer cull could be creating a ‘smorgasbord’ for wild dogs

The latest round of aerial deer culls in Victoria’s Alpine region sparks concern that it could be creating fresh food to support the region’s wild dogs.


Victoria pushed to make much deeper emission cuts, but quicker coal closures loom

Victoria should cut its carbon emissions by up to 60 per cent over the next 10 years to avoid the worst impacts of global warming, a report argues.


Government had warning of recycling crisis six years ago, watchdog says

The Victorian government had warning as early as 2013 that China may stop taking recycling waste but failed to take action to stop the system plunging into crisis.


Calls for a free ride for Melbourne commuters [$]

A Melbourne official is proposing making public transport free across the city, but could waving goodbye to Myki top-ups forever become a reality for Melbourne commuters?


Commuters turn to ridesharing to plug transport gap [$]

Melbourne Airport is the busiest route for rideshare drivers and train stations and shopping centres are now some of the most popular destinations as ridesharing grows in popularity.


Combet panel urges big emissions cuts for Victoria, but stops short of 1.5°C pathway

Independent panel lead by former Labor climate change minister urges big emissions reductions, even without factoring in a 1.5C pathway.


New South Wales

This world-leading solar technology will move out of NSW because there isn’t enough sun

After years developing world-leading power technology in drought-stricken NSW, Vast Solar is to build its commercial plant elsewhere due, in part, to a lack of sun.


Sydney’s Inner West council fully divests from fossil fuels

Council wants NSW government to work with banks on financial products to make divestment easier


$1.16 m for local government climate change response grants

The $1.16 million second round of funding in the NSW Government’s Increasing Resilience to Climate Change (IRCC) grants scheme to support local councils will open on 1 July 2019.



J-Power to buy $25m stake in Genex Power

Japan’s J-Power will invest up to $25 million in Genex Power to help fund a pumped storage hydro project in northern Queensland.


Council eyes former ABC Toowong site for new green bridge

Brisbane City Council is interested in purchasing part of the former ABC Toowong site from its private owners to construct a green bridge from West End to Toowong.


Yellow’s out, blue’s in: CityCycle gets a rebrand

The ubiquitous yellow CityCycle bikes peppered around Brisbane streets are about to turn blue, after Brisbane City Council and NRMA Insurance announced a new partnership.


Why North Queensland should look south [$]

The vast area between Cairns and Cape York could become the Tasmania of the north, says the man known as the “father of Queensland tourism”.


Queensland leading Australia in renewable energy [$]

Steven Wardill

Climate change guru Al Gore must’ve thought he was in a pretty weird place this week when he arrived “Down Under”.


South Australia

The shocking Adelaide beach clean-up — by one person [$]

Disgusted with the rubbish at a prime Adelaide beach, Anthea Williams decided to clean it up herself — and this is what she found in just one month.


Raising wildlife will be less of a drag [$]

Rules relaxed It’s not easy being the mother (or father) of dragons, but it’s just got a little easier. From July, there will be no need for permits to keep bearded dragons and 40 other native species.


$12m to get back to nature [$]

Millions of dollars have been set aside for restoring the environment in SA’s national parks, as well as creating new walking trails and facilities to attract tourists.


Discovery in water clean-up [$]

Science Flinders University researchers have made a new filter that can rapidly clean up contamination.


Tasmanian government commits to introducing container refund scheme

The state government will implement a container refund scheme by 2022, Environment Minister Elise Archer announced in a budget estimates hearing on Thursday.


Farm tourism the next big thing [$]

Tasmanian farms are jumping on board the booming agritourism sector as the desire to know where the food we eat comes from continues to grow.


Northern Territory

‘Emergency’ destocking of half a million cattle leads to calls for freight subsidies

The Northern Territory cattle industry calls for freight subsidies as “emergency” destocking continues across the drought-stricken Barkly region.


Western Australia

WA oil find ‘bigger than expected’

Santos and Carnarvon Petroleum say an exploration well has found the Dorado oil and gas reservoir off the coast of WA is even larger than they thought.


Downgraded: Rain eases bushfire emergency in WA’s South West

Rain has helped firefighters get on top of two seperate fires that threatened lives and homes in WA’s South West on Thursday.


Alinta plans 60MW solar farm to slash energy costs for Pilbara mining giants

New 60MW solar farm in small regional grid in Pilbara will slash costs for big iron ore mines in the region, and will get funding from NAIF and ARENA.



Air pollution kills 100,000 Indian kids every year, study finds

A report has found air pollution is responsible for 12.5 per cent of all deaths in India, including more than 100,000 children under five every year.


The Chernobyl series has everyone talking about going there — here’s what you should know

As HBO’s Chernobyl miniseries wrapped up in Australia this week, there were reports bookings for tours of the infamous nuclear disaster site were skyrocketing — here’s what you should and shouldn’t do if you go.


Pollution warnings keep us healthier – but only in the short term

It is not fair to ask people to adapt their lives to dirty air. We need to solve the problem at source


How staff can inspire action on pollution

Your company’s attitude to climate change could affect which staff are willing to work for you.


Ikea has a new solution for the tiny spaces we live in: robots

As living spaces across our biggest cities shrink, a US company is pioneering technology to create movable furniture that hides when you don’t need it.


Extreme heat to hit one third of the African urban population

An international team of researchers has combined demographic projections and climate scenarios across Africa for the first time. Their results reveal the number of people who will potentially be exposed to extreme temperatures.


Nature Conservation

Taking stock of Indonesia’s reef fishes

A research team estimated the natural stock of reef fishes from three regencies in the lesser Sunda-Banda Seascape in Indonesia to fill gaps in knowledge of species composition and biodiversity.




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