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Loved the lerve for Barry Cassidy this morning. Check iView if you didn’t see Insiders this morning. We need more than ever insightful analysis of our politics.

Post of the Day

New global warming model highlights strong impact of social learning

A new climate modeling approach suggests that social processes strongly affect global warming predictions, and mitigation efforts should account for this influence.


Today’s Celebration

Dia de La Rioja – Spain

Heroes Day – Uganda

Murcia Autonomy Day – Spain

Autonomy Day – Åland Islands

Anniversary of the Ascension of King Abdullah II – Jordan

Rivers Day – Canada

Father’s Day – Austria and Belgium

Mother’s Day – Luxembourg

Pentecost – Christianity

Shavuot – Judaism

International Archives Day

Coral Triangle Day

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Climate Change

State and local governments leave feds in their wake, Al Gore says

Climate change activist and former US vice president Al Gore in Brisbane this week.

National governments are still captured by “carbon polluters”, according to the man who could have been the president of the United States.


New global warming model highlights strong impact of social learning

A new climate modeling approach suggests that social processes strongly affect global warming predictions, and mitigation efforts should account for this influence.



Govt lacks response to ocean warming:ALP

Labor has accused the coalition government for one of the largest conservation reversals in history when it comes to protecting the oceans.


The next items targeted in war on waste [$]

The drive to reduce waste and pollution is hitting supermarket shelves, with a range of products on the way to minimise the impact on the environment — and your budget. This is what’s next to go in the war on plastic.


Australia’s standing in Pacific has plummeted because of our climate change failure

Dermot O’Gorman

It’s about the very survival of people, nations and cultures. If action isn’t taken there are islanders who may have nowhere to go



Would you catch a tram to Melbourne Airport? [$]

Road congestion to Melbourne Airport has long been a thorn in the flesh of the city’s travellers, with a simple solution suggested by a former high-ranking politician. But would you use it?


Cheeky foxes stealing shoes, befriending cats [$]

Cunning foxes are making themselves at home in Melbourne’s suburbs, crashing personal training sessions, stealing shoes and even becoming friends with people’s pets. And sightings are expected to increase even more in the coming weeks.


New South Wales

No green nature strips in town: regional NSW braced for tougher water restrictions

The big dry has sent dam storage levels plunging and council measures could turn more drastic if the rain stays away


Half the people on the coast don’t think rising sea levels will hurt them. Not Gary

If communities fail to understand the impact of rising sea levels they’re in for trouble, researchers say.


Regions get chance to charge into the future

Rohan Lund

The NRMA is building a comprehensive fast charging network for electric vehicles across regional NSW and the ACT.



Rabbit culling program at Mulligans Flat Woodland Sanctuary demonstrates ‘ad hoc’ approach, says expert

As Mulligans Flat Woodland Sanctuary arm-up to cull rabbits for native species’ protection, predator reintroduction is having the opposite effect, seeing animals eaten to avoid overpopulation.



State budgets for shark protection measures [$]

Despite a legal challenge from green groups, the Queensland Government will double down on its controversial shark control program in this week’s State Budget.


South Australia

Swamp habitat once again an animal kingdom [$]

Threatened species are returning to a former farming site in the state’s South East under a conservation group’s efforts to transform a once degraded habitat.


Operation Dolphin: Audit reveals climate threat [$]

A landmark study of dolphin numbers in South Australian gulf waters shows the creatures are facing unprecedented challenges.


Seek and destroy — council seeks cat kill power [$]

Cat owners in one council area north of Adelaide are facing tough new regulations that could see their roaming pets be destroyed.


More kangaroo species targeted under commercial cull plan [$]

Areas that permit kangaroo harvesting would be widened and more species added under a plan to reduce the huge numbers of roos that are causing havoc for farmers.


Western Australia

Cattle company, native title holders do battle over land clearing at Yakka Munga Station

Aboriginal native title holders in the Kimberley demand land clearing work stop on the Yakka Munga cattle station, claiming cultural sites are being damaged.


Native title holder’s video of the land clearing at Yakka Munga

Wayne Bergmann of the the Nyikina Mangala people filmed a video of the land-clearing at Yakka Munga earlier this week.



Ex-BP boss John Browne: ‘It’s going to take a long time to take oil and coal out of the energy system’

The energy executive talks about squaring his business dealings with his personal convictions – and what he would say to Greta Thunberg


Getting back to nature: how forest bathing can make us feel better

The Japanese have known for years that spending mindful time in the woods is beneficial for body and soul. Now western doctors – and royals – agree


New core-shell catalyst for ethanol fuel cells

Scientists at Brookhaven Lab and the University of Arkansas have developed a highly efficient catalyst for extracting electrical energy from ethanol, an easy-to-store liquid fuel that can be generated from renewable resources. The catalyst steers the electro-oxidation of ethanol down an ideal chemical pathway that releases the liquid fuel’s full potential of stored energy.


Fukushima diary, part two: overwhelming kindness and a new home

The mayor of Okuma, home of the damaged nuclear power plant, has been in exile for eight years – here he writes about finally returning


USA lags behind EU, Brazil and China in banning harmful pesticides

Many pesticides that have been banned or are being phased out in the EU, Brazil and China, are still widely used in the USA, according to a new study.


Researchers uncover indoor pollution hazards

A team of researchers has found surprisingly high levels of pollutants, including formaldehyde and possibly mercury, in carefully monitored homes, and that these pollutants vary through the day and increase as temperatures rise.


Nature Conservation

WWF highlights growing plastic problem in Mediterranean

A new report by the environmental NGO says that 0.57 million tonnes of plastic ends up in the sea each year.


Older forests resist change — climate change, that is

Older forests in eastern North America are less vulnerable to climate change than younger forests, particularly for carbon storage, timber production, and biodiversity, new research finds.


Let’s let polluted Mount Everest convalesce

Ian Warden

Weary, climber-infested, rubbish-strewn, poo-polluted Mount Everest, is much in the news at the moment because of tragedies and emergencies among those madly queuing to climb it.




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