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We’re the 14th largest emitter of CO2 into the atmosphere and the 3rd largest exporter of solid CO2 equivalents to countries where they’ll release it into the atmosphere. We’re not the global citizen we once were, on this front as on others.

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Australia is third largest exporter of fossil fuels behind Russia and Saudi Arabia

Australia Institute says claim Australia is only responsible for 1.2% of emissions hides real contribution to climate crisis


Today’s Celebration

Independence Day – Afghanistan-

Anniversary of the Death of General José de San Martín – Argentina

August Revolution Commemoration Day – Vietnam

Gai Jatra – Nepal

Birthday of Crown Princess Mette-Marit – Norway

Manuel Luis Quezon Day – Philippines

Discovery Day – Yukon

Feast of the Transfiguration of Jesus – Eastern Christianity

International Orangutan Day

World Humanitarian Day

World Photography Day

Cupcake Day

Book Week

QLD Seniors Week

Keep Australia Beautiful Week

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Climate Change

Climate change: fracking may be doing more damage than we thought

The mysterious recent spike in methane emissions? It just might be US fracking.


Climate change could trigger drastic swings in Great Lakes water levels

“Our real message is the high variability should be what we’re planning and making changes on,” said Richard B. Rood, a professor in the University of Michigan’s Department of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering.


Labor would have rejected Pacific coal calls: Wong [$]

Australia now exports more carbon emissions than the US, Indonesia, Qatar or Norway, a new report has shown.


No, climate change will not end the world in 12 years

Sheril Kirshenbaum

Stoking panic and fear creates a false narrative that can overwhelm readers, leading to inaction and hopelessness


Pacific Islands Forum result is disappointing, but hardly surprising

Canberra Times editorial

The negotiations lasted 12 hours, but even then, the resulting resolution was equivocal. It’s hard to know how else to describe the compromises reached at the Pacific Islands Forum last week, when the wording of a climate change statement that began as strident and definitive ended as lukewarm and non-committal.


Pacific Island leaders are faking it to the bank [$]

Tim Blair

If Pacific Island leaders were serious about the supposed threat presented to their region by climate change, the last thing they would be doing is pleading for cash.



Climate change is forcing Australia’s struggling winemakers to adapt

Australia’s wine industry is on the frontline of climate change, and scientists are warning the increasing challenges to grape-growing reflect the vulnerabilities of the entire farming industry.


Minters launches new integrated offering

MinterEllison has unveiled a new integrated environmental, social and governance (ESG) offering in a bid to respond to strong client demand coming out of the sectors. Minters’ new ESG offering will focus on climate change risk and sustainability, business and human rights, responsible finance and investment and governance and conduct.


Australia is third largest exporter of fossil fuels behind Russia and Saudi Arabia

Australia Institute says claim Australia is only responsible for 1.2% of emissions hides real contribution to climate crisis


Water, it’s our dam shame [$]

Big CSIRO water infrastructure plans have been hit by politics.


Picking fruit is work, not benevolence, and doesn’t absolve Australia of climate responsibility

Victoria Stead

The deputy prime minister’s comments about the Pacific were both insulting and wrong


Accepting anecdotes more readily than climate science is wilful ignorance

Greg Jericho

The Coalition is hand in hand with conservative media when it comes to the climate crisis – and both are out of step with the experts


Inquiry must not become another missed opportunity

SMH editorial

Planning for population growth is vital, irrespective of whether that growth occurs in regional areas or cities.


Fossil fuels have a way to go [$]

Graham Richardson

The argument about coal at a meeting of Pacific Island leaders is a sample of what lies ahead.



Hope for Victoria’s kerbside recycling crisis as SKM buyout deal looms

A spokesman for liquidated recycling company SKM tells the ABC there is hope a full or partial buyout deal this week could see kerbside recycling collections resume within the fortnight.


Government leaves the door ajar for SKM resumption

It’s left warehouses stuffed with thousands of tonnes of stockpiled rubbish, but the state government says it’s “not opposed” to “rogue cowboy” recycler SKM resuming operations.


‘No negative response’ if Victoria banned duck hunting, former NSW premier Bob Carr says

Former New South Wales premier Bob Carr writes to the Victorian leader, Daniel Andrews, urging him to follow his example and ban duck hunting for good.


Businesses staying green with data power

Melbourne Cricket Ground reduces energy consumption by 23 per cent during the most popular days of the cricket season.


The fight over Footscray Park: Privatising public land or a needed sport ground?

A proposal by Melbourne Victory to build an academy at Footscray Park has divided the community with some calling it the privatisation of public land.


Visitors flock to Budj Bim Indigenous site after World Heritage listing

In the slate-coloured sky above Tae Rak, three predators – a sea eagle, a hawk and a wedge-tailed eagle – warily circle each other.


Victorians giving up food, heat as bills blowout [$]

Victorians feeling the pinch of power price blowouts are going without food and heating. But there’s a scheme to help those struggling drop their bills by up to $1400.


New South Wales

Now is the time to reshape NSW’s water infrastructure, Deputy Premier says

New South Wales Deputy Premier John Barilaro says the drought crisis needs long-term solutions — including borrowing money to fund a restructure revamp — as well as short-term fixes.


Native plants and flowers at the heart of rising tea trend

Australian tea companies are embracing native ingredients and locally grown teas, with a range of native blends launching at this year’s Sydney Tea Festival.


Sydney homes have the lowest energy ratings in Australia

Most new houses and apartments built in Sydney do not meet national heating and cooling standards as NSW languishes behind the rest of the country in terms of energy ratings.


NSW minister proposes 10-fold increase in national park creation rate

The NSW government will expand the national parks estate by 200,000 hectares over the next two years if Matt Kean, the Energy and Environment Minister gets his way.


Government opts for thinning rather than cutting Murray Valley status

Battlelines over the future of one of NSW’s newest national parks are set be redrawn after Nationals MPs dropped their push to downgrade its status, and instead will look to lock in tree thinning trials as a permanent feature.


Forrest’s gas import plan delayed by growing pains [$]

Matthew Stevens

The NSW government has been asked to approve a doubling of the peak capacity of the LNG import terminal at Port Kembla.



ACT set for tougher heritage laws after scarred tree felling

People who break Canberra’s heritage protection laws are set to face tougher penalties, under new laws to be proposed by the ACT government.



Canegrowers want tough reef protection laws put on hold

Canegrowers argue more research should be done into the impact of farm run-off on the Great Barrier Reef, before the Queensland Parliament votes on extending reef regulations.


Beelbi Creek near Hervey Bay – vegetation fire

Multiple Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) crews are on scene at a vegetation fire near Toogoom Road, Beelbi Creek.


‘Super survivor’ coral brings hope to beleaguered Great Barrier Reef

The work of a young English marine biologist might help save the Great Barrier Reef – and the billions of dollars in tourist revenue it brings in.


South Australia

Parasitic disease spread by feral cats likely to be killing native wildlife

Researchers say eradication of feral cats is required to reduce the prevalence of the parasite and the disease

Western Australia

This picturesque outback river is a fishing and camping haven, but has it been poisoned?

Polluting heavy metals may be leaking into an outback river system in WA’s Pilbara and the problem has been made worse by the massive deluge that accompanied Tropical Cyclone Veronica in March.



How rubbish is killing the world’s poor

TEAR Aus and David Attenborough say multinationals must take responsibility


‘Plastic recycling is a myth’: what really happens to your rubbish?

You sort your recycling, leave it to be collected – and then what? From councils burning the lot to foreign landfill sites overflowing with British rubbish, Oliver Franklin-Wallis reports on a global waste crisis


How to build a climate-proof home that never floods

The Netherlands has found an ingenious way to combat rising water – build housing that does the same


A ‘zero waste’ lifestyle and the challenge to the church

Rob James 

Jo Herbert-James is on a mission or, should I say “on a journey” towards a God-honouring ‘zero waste’ lifestyle in a world where, at present, it seems like 99 per cent of what we buy is thrown away within six months.


Nature Conservation

A ‘forest church’ helps Christians connect with nature – and non-Christians connect with the church

A rural Lancashire church is tapping into the area’s natural beauty to help people connect with nature while at the same time establishing relationships with people who might never step foot inside a church building.


Pollution of a sacred river becomes a symbol for India’s environmental challenges

In the pre-dawn light, Srikara Sudarshana circumambulates the Gali Anjaneya Swami Temple at a busy intersection in this city in southern India, known as the country’s tech capital.


New study shows bee-killing neonicotinoids build up in environment

According to Henderson, neonicotinoids are a downstream, destructive solution to pest problems—farmers should look upstream.


World’s nations gather to tackle wildlife extinction crisis

Giraffes, sharks, glass frogs – and the woolly mammoth – may get boosted protection at summit


Now for something completely different …

Australia’s top donating suburbs: more giving to charities but fewer donors

Tax-deductible donations made by Australians have reached a record $3.5 billion but the share of taxpayers making deductible gifts has been in decline since the beginning of the decade.




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