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Amazon fires: what is happening and is there anything we can do?

Why people should be worried about the blazes and increased deforestation in Brazil


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Independence Day in Ukraine

National Flag Day in Liberia

Nostalgia Night in Uruguay

Krishna Janmashtami – Hinduism

Strange Music Day

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Climate Change

The real threat of climate change

Emele Ugavule

Oceanic peoples, my peoples, are threaded through the backbone of the British colony’s economic success in Australia, and Scott Morrison’s recent actions at the Pacific Islands Forum in Funafuti, Tuvalu, only reinforce how they continually attempt to sever our tongues.


Social-engineering CEOs spell doom [$]

Janet Albrechtsen

I forgive Greta Thunberg. She’s a misguided young girl. But these rich old men should know better.


Climate change and the Titanic

Peter Gleick

“Don’t worry, there are no climate changes ahead. Full speed ahead.” A tongue-in-cheek (?) scenario.



Murray-Darling water price skyrockets 140pc off huge leap in demand, dry conditions

New analysis of water prices in the southern Murray-Darling Basin finds water prices sitting at levels only previously seen during the Millennium Drought.


Angus Taylor did not disclose financial interest at grassland meeting, committee hears

Environment department officials say meeting did not discuss a compliance action involving a Taylor company


Morrison at the ‘big table’ of the G7 as the liberal world order frays

The host, Emmanuel Macron, wants to make progress on big questions, the question of how to tax the internet, and the threat of climate change.


Energy giants urge states to ‘unlock’ gas resources

The problem of soaring gas prices has an easy answer, says consumer regulator Rod Sims.


Australia’s building crisis fix will cost $6.2 billion: report

The cost of fixing the unfolding national building crisis, including widespread residential apartment block defects and the use of dangerous combustible cladding, could soar past $6.2 billion, according to a new economic analysis.


Australia targets India for coal exports amid China fallout

Resources Minister Matthew Canavan will fly to Calcutta on Monday to push billions of dollars in thermal coal exports.


Cold bath for coal to India push [$]

Australian coal is likely to remain too expensive and unsuitable for Indian plants, says new report.


Is Coalition trying to sell the CEFC they could not close? Apparently not

SMH report claiming the federal government’s $10 billion Clean Energy Finance Corporation is up for sale has been hosed down by both the Coalition, and the green bank itself.


Scott Morrison caps off his first year by facing a minefield in his own backyard

Laura Tingle

Our politics have changed in the 12 months Scott Morrison has been Prime Minister.


Make builders and designers liable for flat defects – it works overseas

Christopher Kerin

The law makes unit buyers liable for the faulty work of others. To prevent another Mascot Towers fiasco, hand liability back to those who can manage the risk.


Australia’s energy woes will not be solved by reinforcing a monopoly

Bruce Mountain

The likelihood of half of Victoria being plunged into blackout are low – but the question reveals growing tension between the energy market and its regulators.


One year on, how good is Morrison’s climate and energy denial?

Giles Parkinson

It is now one year since Scott Morrison became prime minister of Australia, and this photo above is as relevant as it was then: The divide over the country’s energy future is as deep and depressing as it ever was, and there are no signs of a healing.


ConfUSEd by the ESOO? You’re not alone

Allan O’Neil

Is it “millions of households and businesses face being plunged into darkness” or “a 99.998% chance of no cuts at all”? Actually, you’d be wrong on both counts.



Victorian Government approves plans for three controversial solar farms

The Government believes the projects will create more than 600 jobs and generate enough clean energy to power more than 80,000 homes, while farmers have labelled the decision as “gutless”.


Climate change is an emergency

Bass Coast Shire Councillors have resolved that climate change poses a serious threat and should be treated as an emergency.


Single use plastic policy to be guided by State Government policy

The City of Ballarat is waiting for the State Government to finalise its single use plastic policy which would help guide any local government version.


Hundreds of Metro Tunnel trucks to clog Melbourne city streets [$]

Melbourne motorists can expect delays along Flinders St from September as parts of the busy street are closed off while up to 100 big rigs spill in and out of the Metro Tunnel site carrying excavated material.


Power stations pledge to fix outages in time for summer [$]

Origin and AGL are promising power customers there will be no rolling blackouts over summer as they work furiously to repair problems at the state’s largest power station before the heat arrives.


Djab Wurrung protesters prepare for the worst, hope for the best [$]

Campers hoping to save the Djab Wurrung trees are bracing for cops but, despite the eviction deadline passing, they are yet to come.


WestWind taps GE to help deliver 1GW Golden Plains wind farm

GE Renewable Energy announced as co-developer and turbine supplier for “largest in the Southern Hemisphere” 800-1000MW Golden Plains wind farm in Victoria.


Heritage freeway a sign we’re going backwards [$]

Susie O’Brien

We would be better off heritage listing Jeff Kennett’s hair or a punch-on at the MCG rather than the Eastern Freeway.


Government inaction on plastic pollution [$]

Russell Marks

Despite the so-called ban on plastic bags, plastic pollution remains prevalent – and Victoria’s waste crisis has only exposed the inefficacy of our recycling schemes.


New South Wales

‘Too packed to board’: Sydney trains chaos continues on trip home

Commuters have been battling to make their way home amid packed carriages and overcrowded platforms, after flow-on delays from this morning’s network-wide meltdown impact Sydney’s rail system.


Radical plan to halt mammal extinctions in NSW

Australia is facing an extinction crisis and it’s important for NSW to lead the way, the state’s Energy and Environment Minister, said.


Water recycling discouraged during worst drought in NSW history

State rules that discourage water recycling during the worst drought in history are a scandal, says City of Sydney lord mayor Clover Moore, who fears the opportunity to recycle water in large urban developments could be lost.


NSW and ACT laws differ on grassland protections at centre of Angus Taylor controversy

A lack of uniform protection laws for native grasslands in the ACT and NSW is hampering conservation efforts, a federal parliamentary inquiry has heard.


Whitehaven lifts coal stake [$]

Whitehaven will increase its stake in NSW’s Narrabri coal mine by buying a minority partner for $US72 million.


City of Sydney looks overseas to solve fatal rat problem

The City of Sydney is investigating international pest control measures to find a solution for its growing rat population and the spread a deadly disease which has killed at least seven dogs.


Alan Jones ready to raise a toast the final triumph of greed over good

Elizabeth Farrelly

Last month the Department of Planning found some backbone and recommended against Star’s tower – then the campaign began.



Logan properties to monitor water use in real-time

Devices that allow real-time monitoring of water use are set to be rolled out at homes and businesses in Logan.


Sailors discover rock carpet floating towards Great Barrier Reef

A carpet of floating stone is heading slowly but steadily for Australia’s east coast.

But far from being ominous, it could be a big boost for the Great Barrier Reef.


Save the Great Barrier Reef? I’ll drink to that

A beer-for-social-good company is throwing its support behind a campaign to make the Great Barrier Reef an Australian citizen, launching a limited edition “citizen reef” beer.


Solar sends Queensland wholesale day-time prices to zero six days in a row

Queensland day-time prices hit zero or below for sixth day in a row, while prices go negative for 10th day in a row in South Australia.


ARENA backs solar hydrogen plant in Brisbane as electrolyser costs tipped to plunge

A $3.1m pilot project to produce green hydrogen via electrolysis at existing BOC gas facility in Queensland wins $950,000 from Australian Renewable Energy Agency.


Catastrophic Queensland floods killed 600,000 cattle and devastated native species

Gabriel Crowley and Noel D Preece

Six months after huge floods swept Queensland we can start to appreciate the huge effect they had on native species.


South Australia

Nuclear backers lead charge in new probe [$]

The pro-nuclear power camp is slightly ahead in the first batch of views presented to the federal inquiry.


We need to talk about GM and good food

Rachel A. Ankeny

The State Government’s move to lift the ban on GM crops across most of South Australia prompted the usual responses from those either for or against it. It’s now time for a broader, informed public debate about the social and economic ramifications of GM food in general.


Tasmanian Greens call for government to support upcoming school climate strike

The Greens have called upon the government and the Labor party to show their support for a global climate strike planned for next month.


Northern Territory

5B plans solar “speed record” for 10GW plant in north Australia

5B plans to deploy “big field” Maverick models and set solar installation “speed record” for proposed 10GW mega-project in Northern Territory



Nuclear fallout, anthrax, and secrecy: The cities in Russia that are none of your business

Following a nuclear explosion killing five scientists in early August, the spotlight has been thrust on Russian cities the Government doesn’t want you to know about. Here’s a brief look at them.


Billionaire businessman and mega-donor David Koch dies aged 79

David Koch, along with his brother Charles, was last year ranked as the 11th richest man in the world and was best known for a vast political network that supports conservative causes.


Fashion labels make G7 environment pledge

The pact to help protect the environment signed by 32 fashion companies including the likes of Adidas, Burberry, and Prada will be presented at the G7 summit.


Edinburgh’s festivals struggle with their carbon credentials [$]

Environmental friendliness is a major theme at the city’s International Festival but the event itself isn’t helping the cause


South32 to exit S African coal [$]

The diversified miner confirmed yesterday it was on the verge of cutting a deal to exit its South African coal business.


Zambia: Lead Contamination Imperils Children

Lead exposure around a former lead and zinc mine in Zambia is having disastrous effects on children’s health, Human Rights Watch said today. The Zambian government should promptly clean up the contamination and ensure proper treatment for all who need it.


Is environmental protection possible?

Pesticides were designed to kill life. There was no way to make them “safe” to human and environmental health. Only fraud would do that.


Nature Conservation

International giraffe trade to be regulated

Countries vote to regulate the hunting and international trade of giraffes and their parts.


‘Otterly adorable’: Demand for cute selfies puts otters at risk of extinction

Social media users are fuelling a burgeoning appetite for acquiring wild otters and other endangered animals as pets, conservationists say, warning the trend could push species towards extinction.


Rhino egg harvest gives conservation hope

Scientists say producing a white rhino embryo is a tangible reality for the first time after the successful harvesting of embryos from the last surviving pair.


Macron in G7 push for biodiversity charter

French President Emmanuel Macron plans to put pressure on the US at the G7 summit to sign a charter aimed at protecting biodiversity.


G7 leaders to hold emergency talks over Amazon wildfires crisis

Brazil’s handling of fires to top agenda in Biarritz as France and Ireland threaten to block trade deal


Amazon fires: what is happening and is there anything we can do?

Why people should be worried about the blazes and increased deforestation in Brazil


Amazon fires: the tribes fighting to save their dying rainforest

Indigenous people in Brazil have vowed to protect their land as large swathes of the Amazon forest continue to burn.


Brazil’s Bolsonaro will send army to fight Amazon fires: governor

The Brazilian army will be deployed to fight fires in the Amazon rainforest, the governor of the Amazon state of Roraima said on Friday.


Climate activists demonstrate outside Brazil embassies in Paris and London

Several hundred environmental activists demonstrated on Friday outside the Brazilian embassy in Paris as a clash between the two countries’ leaders over the issue of climate change intensified, while similar protests took place in London.


It’s not just Brazil’s Amazon rainforest that’s ablaze – Bolivian fires are threatening people and wildlife

Claire F.R. Wordley

Firefighters and volunteers have been working around the clock to tackle the flames


The Amazon is on fire. Here are 5 things you need to know

Danilo Ignacio de Urzedo

This is why the Amazon rainforest in Brazil is burning and why the world should care



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