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Maybe scrolling through a compilation of the nation’s environment reporting isn’t the best way to start the day. Where’s the light and hope?

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Post of the Day

What satellite imagery tells us about the Amazon rain forest fires

Maps and images based on satellite data provide clues to how the fires started.


Today’s Celebration

Heroes’ Day – Namibia

Repentance Day – Papua New Guinea

National Heroes’ Day – the Philippines

Herero Day – Namibia

Women’s Equality Day – USA

National Dog Day – USA

National Day of Solidarity – Argentina

Anniversary of Tampa sinking (2001)

Speech Pathology Week

More about Aug 26


Climate Change

ABC gives Pacific leaders a free kick on climate change

Chris Mitchell

In a bid to wedge the PM, ABC and Guardian gave Pacific leaders a free kick. But here’s the thing: most of the islands aren’t sinking.


How doctors convinced the world the planet was worth fighting for

James Dunk

Last week, one of the world’s leading medical journals declared the medical community must act now to limit the health effects of climate change.



Infrastructure fund pushes companies to commit to emissions reduction targets

Melbourne and Brisbane airports, as well as NSW ports, among those pledging to reduce emissions in line with Australia’s Paris targets


New fast-charging network for electric vehicles

“We have estimated that Australia needs around 350 sites to cover all the highways that make up Australia’s national land transportation network.”


Country Road to kick off Australia Post push into recycled packaging

Australia Post is taking action on sustainability, warning if it does not it could be “the worst culprit”.


‘A disgraceful situation’: blackout risk sparks business energy blast

Australia’s biggest fruit and vegetable grower, Costa Group, has blasted the “disgraceful” state of the nation’s energy market after fears of summer blackouts forced the company to spend millions of dollars on back-up generators to protect its crops around the country.


Turn off a light, guide a moth and save an endangered possum

This spring, turning off your outdoor lights will save more than your electricity bill.


Airports go green as frequent flyers shamed [$]

Airports are getting rid of plastic and getting into recycling to meet carbon emissions targets.


$1bn new dams plan stalls [$]

Despite almost $1 billion being committed to building new dams, bureaucracy and bickering means none are even close to being built.


Well-bred Aussie meat can help planet [$]

Tim Lloyd

The recent global campaign to save the planet by doing away with real meat does not fit well with the realities of meat production in Australia.



Victorian union movement joins fight to save 800-year-old Indigenous trees

The trees have been marked for removal to make way for a 12.5 km highway upgrade.


Bird risks sway the Greens [$]

The Victorian Greens have qualified their support for wind farms, saying consideration needs to be given to ecological sensitivities.


Victorians could be hit with $18.7bn renewables bill [$]

Victorian households could be forced to dig deep over the next decade to fund the state government’s ambitious renewable energy target. And it could cost up to $8200 per household.


Plenty of bumps on the road to Treaty [$]

Matt Johnston

Opinion Protests over the Western Highway upgrade could disrupt the state government’s plans to sign a treaty with indigenous Victorians.


New South Wales

Menindee growers call halt to season amid drought and poor water conditions

Fruit and vegetable growers in Menindee struggle to produce full crops while the drought persists and water from the Darling River stays affected by blue-green algae.


Water fight: minister attacks river scientists

Water Minister has criticised the work of scientists who are modelling flows in the drought-stricken Barwon-Darling system


Levy delay leaves funding hole for Parramatta light rail second stage

The Berejiklian government has failed to raise a single dollar to help fund Parramatta’s multibillion-dollar light rail line from a much-vaunted special levy on new apartments it announced nearly four years ago, casting further doubt on the second stage of the project.


Snowy Hydro 2.0: Federal government out of the way for Cooma factory’s environmental approval

The federal government has been accused of abandoning an endangered lizard after it confirmed plans for a factory for Snowy 2.0 wouldn’t need federal environmental approval, despite it being built over the lizard’s habitat.


Green activist group inciting school climate action [$]

Green activist group Sunrise Project — which receives millions of dollars­ in foreign donations — is running “climate strike nights” in an attempt to “supersize” school climate action promoting the September 20 day of truancy.


The grapes don’t lie – our climate is changing

Alisdair Tulloch

I’m a farmer, and to me climate change is not a nature documentary. It is the single greatest threat to my farm, family and the viability of my industry.



Who’s using Canberra’s new light rail and bus network?

Fewer people in Woden, Belconnen and Tuggeranong are using public transport on weekdays since the new light rail and bus network launched, new data shows.



Nuclear energy policy emerges as Queensland election issue

Labor has cemented its opposition to the nuclear power after three high-profile federal Liberal National Party MPs recently triggered the first federal government inquiry into nuclear power in a decade.


Elevated levels of microscopic dust leaves residents concerned

High levels of dust in a central Queensland town have been attributed to lower-than-average rainfall, but residents say more needs to be done to ensure it isn’t coming from nearby mining operations.


Brisbane Lord Mayor’s plan to crackdown on ”extremists” [$]

Queensland’s biggest council wants more powers to crack down on protesters in a bid to stop “extremists” shutting down Brisbane streets.


South Australia

Probing the scale of marine plastic pollution [$]

A WHO report this week reveals the extent of microplastics in our water and food supplies. Is it safe to eat the fish? Yes, says this Adelaide scientist.


Cause sought for latest Basslink fail [$]

Basslink is out of action again, and the cause of the outage is still being investigated.


George Town Mountain Bike Trail expected to be complete by 2021

George Town mayor Greg Kieser has discussed the future of tourism in the municipality, including the highly anticipated mountain bike trail.


Northern Territory

Top End cotton still a pipe dream

Proposals for big water infrastruct­ure projects aimed at cotton crops in the Kimberley and the Territory have failed to get the go-ahead.


‘Nuke outlook bleak’

Australian Nobel Prize Winner Tilman Ruff has warned of growing nuclear tension and a rising number of potential nuclear flashpoints.



A $4 billion bet by Asia’s richest man is hurt by too much gas

The 10 synthetic gasifiers that make up the project are now finally commissioned


Squabbles break out over environment and ‘niche’ issues at G7 summit

Two US officials say Donald Trump’s delegation has been irked by Emmanuel Macron’s focus of the G7 meeting on “niche issues” at the expense of the global economy, as the French President sets the agenda to the environment, gender equality and education.


California’s worst-ever drought forces water experts to look to Australia

Californian farmers, experts and lawmakers are looking at Australia for answers as they approach the biggest water reforms in the history of the United States.


Introducing the Refinery of the Future

Mike Banach

It is designed keeping in mind flexibility, which can deal with changes in market conditions, in the short-term as well as adapt with long-term transformations


Nature Conservation

Amazon: Hundreds of new fires rage as world leaders offer assistance

Hundreds of new fires are raging in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, official data showed, as thousands of troops were made available to help fight the worst blazes in years following a global outcry.


Two Hercules aircraft capable of dumping 12,000 litres have been called in to fight the Amazon fires

Backed by military aircraft, 44,000 Brazilian troops are deployed in the Amazon to fight fires that have swept the region and prompted anti-government protests as well as an international outcry.


Americans’ love of hiking has driven elk to the brink, scientists say

Trail use near Vail, Colorado, has more than doubled since 2009. It’s had a devastating impact on a herd of elk


Strip mining could come to Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

The final draft plan by the Trump administration opens parts of formerly protected lands to oil, gas and mining companies.


What satellite imagery tells us about the Amazon rain forest fires

Maps and images based on satellite data provide clues to how the fires started.


The Amazon fires and the dilemma for climate scientists

Andrew Glikson

The news for the planet is so dire that experts can be reticent to tell it like it is.


Now for something completely different …

There are new dietary guidelines for meat and dairy. Here’s what that means for your plate

New guidelines recommended full-fat dairy, more eggs and less meat. But what about the other key food groups?



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