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So Wayne, tell your Parliamentary wing, particularly ‘Coal’ Fitzgibbon, to take a principled look at policy rather than an opportunist look at the politics of the energy debate. You get it, use your Presidential influence please.

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Why we should worry about the Arctic burning

We know the Arctic is melting – but it’s also on fire. And these wildfires could transform the pace, and scope, of global warming.


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Kingdom Proclamation Day – Montenegro

Grandparents’ Day – Mexico

Dormition of the Mother of God – Eastern Christianity

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

Crackers Over The Keyboard Day

National Meals on Wheels Day

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Climate Change

Climate activist Thunberg nears end of her zero-carbon transatlantic sail

Swedish teenage environmentalist Greta Thunberg is nearing the end of her transatlantic trip on the Malizia II sailing ship.


What does ’12 years to act on climate change’ (now 11 years) really mean?

It doesn’t mean the world can wait until 2030 to cut greenhouse gas emissions, or that chaos will erupt in 2030. Here’s what the science shows.


Why we should worry about the Arctic burning

We know the Arctic is melting – but it’s also on fire. And these wildfires could transform the pace, and scope, of global warming.


Doctors say more people will contract a flesh-eating bacteria because of climate change

U.S. government researchers found that vibrio cases could increase with changing climate conditions.


Can we survive extreme heat?

Humans have never lived on a planet this hot, and we’re totally unprepared for what’s to come. Imagine the “Katrina of extreme heat.”


Patents to fight climate change are declining

We need some more bright ideas.


Climate explained: how emissions trading schemes work and they can help us shift to a zero carbon future

Catherine Leining

Traditional market transactions ignore the costs of greenhouse gas emissions. An emissions trading scheme is a tool to put a price on emissions and to influence us to choose lower-emission options.



Butler says hard right makes it long road back for electric vehicle policy

Labor climate spokesman says hyperbole and rhetoric of hard right in media and government will put the brakes on coherent electric vehicle policy in Australia.


Why the Uniting Church supports students striking for climate change

‘Our discipleship calls us to engage with the climate crisis,’ says church leader


Wind and solar set new generation records across Australia grid in July

A record July for wind power has helped the combined output of “new renewables” – wind and solar – to reach a new peak for the month.


Scott Morrison says Australia will leave Amazon firefighting to others

PM Scott Morrison says Australia is keeping an eye on efforts to fight wildfires in the Amazon but needs its bushfire resources at home over the summer.


Wayne Swan warns climate change will reshape politics as much as 9/11

Labor president says although May election was a setback for climate action, it’s vital to stay the course


Australia’s rising temperatures signal a worrying trend

Australia has just seen its fourth-hottest July on record, according to figures released this month by the Federal Bureau of Meteorology.


Labor says electric cars ‘unstoppable’ and Coalition wants to make Australia ‘like Cuba’

Mark Butler signals Labor won’t retreat from policy following election defeat


Australia recycles paper and plastics. So why does clothing end up in landfill?

Graham Ross

It’s time to acknowledge textile waste for what it is: a valuable resource ready to be transformed into raw materials


Debate without hysterics [$]

Ted O’Brien

Climate change seems to have silenced the critics of the cleanest energy of them all.



Three “controversial” solar farms approved for Victoria’s Goulburn Valley

Victoria government approves three PV projects for development in Goulburn Valley, controversially dodging state’s own updated guidelines to solar farm development.


Ex-government expert reveals source of Victoria’s ‘confusing’ wombat protection laws

A former pest management expert for the Victorian government has spoken out against a “confusing” legal loophole that has left wombats unprotected in some parts of the state.


Victorian recycler gets $10m government bailout

A $10 million lifeline will be thrown to the receivers of Victoria’s largest recycling processor, after the company went bust leaving behind tonnes of stockpiled waste.


Jail threat for rogue waste dumpers [$]

Illegal rubbish dumpers could face massive fines and 10 years behind bars under new laws.


The types of fish you should be eating [$]

Almost a quarter of the world’s fish are suffering from factors including overfishing. But this South Melbourne Market fishmonger, Australia’s first with a sustainable fish harvesting accreditation, says you can still enjoy seafood — it’s all about choosing the right ones.


Fears over toxic Roundup weed killer in Melbourne parks [$]

Some councils have banned it, and the World Health Organisation says it likely causes cancer. Now a mum whose son fell ill after playing in a Mont Albert park is among those asking why a common weed killer is still sprayed widely in Melbourne’s public spaces.


Dodgy waste companies warned before ‘raids’

Companies stockpiling toxic waste were warned before their sites were inspected, giving the “rogue” operators time to move the rubbish or hide it.


Melbourne Victory’s academy plan on hold after community division

A-League club Melbourne Victory’s contentious bid to build a soccer academy in Footscray Park has been put on hold following a bruising community stoush.


Victorian Animal Justice Party MP calls to ban duck hunting season

Next year’s duck hunting season is under attack as Animal Justice Party MP Andy Meddick launches a bid to ban the practice in the Victorian Parliament.


New South Wales

Water Minister Melinda Pavey ‘shooting the messenger’, NRC claims

Natural Resources Commissioner John Keniry raises complaint with Pavey following her public criticism of Barwon-Darling water use report.



ACT completes shift to 100% renewables, eyes EV transition

The ACT government is finalising its shift to 100 per cent renewables and is now focused on decarbonising transport with a shift to electric vehicles.


South Coast set for water restrictions as other councils watch the skies

South Coast residents and Canberra holidaymakers will likely face basic water restrictions this summer.


Redeveloped ‘Acton Waterfront’ won’t be ‘yuppie private enclave’, city renewal boss say

A transformed West Basin will not be “some yuppie private enclave”, City Renewal Authority boss Malcolm Snow says, flagging the potential for schools and libraries to be built as part of the waterfront’s redevelopment.



Everything you need to know about Wednesday protest [$]

Police have warned commuters to allow more travel time ahead of this morning’s peak-hour protest kicking off at 8am in Brisbane’s CBD.


Mobi signs-on to protect Reef

A cartoon mudskipper named Mobi will encourage the next generation of Reef Guardians to continue the work of a pilot project which aims to protect the Great Barrier Reef Lagoon from urban stormwater run-off.


Great Barrier Reef expert panel says Peter Ridd misrepresenting science

Panel head Ian Chubb compares ‘roadshow of Dr Ridd’ to tobacco industry strategy defending smoking


Shipping company forced to give evidence over Queensland oil spill

An international shipping company accused of dumping 90 tonnes of oil into Queensland waters will be forced to give evidence at a pre-trial hearing.


Rise of waste voucher black market [$]

Ratepayers are profiting by illegally scalping their free Brisbane City Council tip vouchers booklet in a booming online black market.


Lord mayor, Premier ‘speak with forked tongues’ over planned Brisbane protests

Australia’s senior civil rights spokesman has admonished Brisbane’s lord mayor and warned Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk not to interfere in the rights of people to peaceful assembly.


Hydrogen cars to be added to government’s fleet in next step to phasing out petrol

The Queensland government will add five hydrogen-powered cars to its fleet of 10,000 cars from next year.


South Australia

Massive South Australia wind farm, undersea cable project wins new approval

Revised development plans for a 630MW wind farm on S.A. Yorke Peninsula, linked to Adelaide via an undersea cable, have won state government approval.


South Australia “an example to the world” of how to move beyond baseload

South Australia hailed as an example to the world of how grids can move beyond “baseload” and transition to low emissions grid dominated by renewables.


Cash back for reducing rubbish? [$]

A local council may give cash back to residents who cut back on their rubbish — weeks after ratepayers in seven councils were told they could face fines for using the wrong bin.


Pelican Point power station headed for court over SA blackouts

The Australian Energy Regulator is taking the operator of the gas-fired Pelican Point power station to court over Adelaide blackouts in 2017, alleging it failed to tell authorities it had spare generating capacity which might have avoided widespread load-shedding during a heatwave.


Wind farm proponents ease mutton bird concerns [$]

The proponents behind a wind farm on Robbins Island in Tasmania’s far north-west have moved to ease concerns about the impact the development will have on mutton birds.


Northern Territory

Iconic NT resort shuts its doors for good [$]

One of Kakadu National Park’s longest standing resorts has decided to close their doors for good due to the business no longer being economically viable


Why Hanson was wrong to climb Uluru [$]

Frances Whiting

Pauline Hanson’s attempt to climb Uluru before the traditional owners forbid the practice had a touch of farce, but it was also a spectacularly insensitive move on her part.


Western Australia

The hottest August day on record forecast to hit tomorrow as Perth gets early taste of spring

Perth is set to smash the winter temperature record tomorrow with the Bureau of Meteorology forecasting a 28-degree maximum for the metropolitan area — the city’s warmest August day in 78 years.


‘Company-changing’ gas discovery in Perth basin

Strike and Warrego shares soared 90 per cent and 65 per cent respectively.


Perth the most expensive city for public transport [$]

WA’s capital has leapfrogged Sydney to become the most expensive city for public transport in Australia for the first time.


Lithium’s the next big thing, but proposed tailings facility at Dardanup tip faces backlash from farming town

Lithium has been hailed as the next big thing in Australia’s mining industry, but one is community stepping up protests in opposition to a proposal to store lithium tailings at a local tip.



Hawaii utility launches huge renewables tender as island state pursues 100% target

Hawaiian Electric Companies group launches one of America’s largest renewable energy procurement bids, as it works toward state goal of 100% renewables by 2045.


Carbon offsetting: does it work? Two Christian environmentalists weigh in


Carbon offsetting received plenty of attention this week thanks to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s private jetsetting during their summer break, but what is it exactly and is it something that all of us should be doing when we travel? Two Christian environmentalists weigh in.


Plastic bag taxes or bans have been passed in 400 cities and states. But did it reduce waste?

And will it work for plastic straws?


The deadly toll of air pollution

Even at modest levels, air pollution kills.


The toxic waste threat that climate change is making worse

More than 100 ponds and landfills containing coal ash lie in areas FEMA has designated as high-risk flood zones.


Government rhetoric on green energy needs to be matched by action

Nina Skorupska et al

Clearer targets and a more consistent approach will help Britain achieve its ambitions.


The world’s too important to be left to world leaders [$]

Tory Shepherd

It’s a good thing the asteroid hurtling towards us is going to miss for all the good the G7 world leaders are against an existential threat.


Nature Conservation

Poor Filipino fishermen are making millions protecting whale sharks

Former fishermen in the Philippines are lifting their families out of poverty through whale shark tourism.


Brazil welcomes help to fight forest fires, will decide how to use it

The Brazilian government said on Tuesday that it welcomed all foreign aid from organizations or countries to help fight the forest fires in the Amazon, as long as it could decide how to use the assistance.


After Amazon outcry, NASA images shine spotlight on African forest fires

Following the international outcry over fires in the Amazon, images showing plenty of blazes in Africa on NASA’s fire information website are now also attracting plenty of attention.


Brazil Congress committee OKs commercial farming on indigenous reserves

A Brazilian congressional committee on Tuesday approved a proposed constitutional amendment to allow commercial agriculture on indigenous reserves, a practice that is currently prohibited.


Indonesia to bar the public from Komodo Island

Indonesia has confirmed it will close the island of Komodo to the public from January, to try to conserve the world’s largest living lizard species.


Brazilian Amazon deforestation surges to break August records

1,114.8 sq km cut down this month, the same area as Hong Kong – on top of damage from fires


Near-total ban imposed on sending wild African elephants to zoos

Cites, the global wildlife trade regulator, approves ‘momentous’ decision after EU adds loophole


If carbon offsets require forests to stay standing, what happens when the Amazon is on fire?

The emergency threatening part of the world’s largest rainforest is proof that offsets are too risky to count on to cancel out corporate pollution, and that the Amazon needs help without strings attached.


How bad reporting on environmental crises is setting us up for bad politics [$]

Guy Rundle

The ‘incorrect apocalypticism’ of reporting on environmental crises — such as that seen in the Amazon — is a mirror of denialism. It’s designed to get clicks and feeds anti-democratic politics.


Global effort needed to tackle Amazon crisis

Age editorial

Effective action is about more than money or concessions from the Brazilian government, though both of these will be needed.




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