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You’d reckon even Blind Freddy would be on to this. The heat wave of 2009 led to 370 extra deaths than the expected death rate over that time of year so yes, climate change is already killing us. 

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One very bad habit is fueling the global recycling meltdown

It’s called “wishcycling,” and pretty much all of us do it.


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National Wildlife Day – USA

Immigrant’s Day – Argentina

Cooperation Day – Iran

International Taekwondo Day

Indigenous Literacy Day

PKD Awarenesss Day

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Climate Change

Should one use a private jet to campaign over climate crisis?

Prince Harry has faced flak for his carbon footprint but others have a similar dilemma.


David Suzuki on climate change: ‘We have to address it as if it’s war’

Two leading Canadian activists say voters need to think about climate change as if we are country a at war against greenhouse-gas emissions.


Climate explained: why your backyard lawn doesn’t help reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere

Sebastian Leuzinger

All plants take up carbon dioxide when they grow, but when they are harvested or cut down, they release the greenhouse gas back into the atmosphere.


Hurricanes are getting worse

David Leonhardt

Why are so many people afraid to talk about climate change?



Australian Medical Association labels climate change ‘a health emergency’

The Australian Medical Association has joined other international medical groups in recognising climate change as a “health emergency”.


Here’s how climate change is already killing us

Climate change is already killing us and will continue to cause more deaths in Australia if we don’t mitigate the growing emergency, the Australian Medical Association has warned.


Court finds in favour of Glencore

The Federal Court has issued a decision today on whether dealings between Swiss-based Glencore International AG and an Australian subsidiary breached transfer pricing rules in relation to the sale and purchase of copper concentrate in the 2007 to 2009 years.


Grants projects improve Marine Park health and sustainable fishing

Australia’s peak fishing groups are embarking on a $5 million program of activity that supports Australia’s Marine Parks networks and promotes sustainable fishing.


Murray-Darling protesters brandish noose at Water Minister

Federal Water Minister David Littleproud has shrugged off angry protesters brandishing a noose during his tour of the Murray-Darling Basin.


BHP faces investor push on climate lobbying links

Mining giant BHP is facing a fresh push from a group of its investors, including superannuation funds, to suspend its memberships of lobby groups.


Doctors don’t care about the politics of climate change. We focus on the facts

Tony Bartone

Declaring a climate health emergency is essential in preparing our sector for the future


Flexible working, the neglected congestion-busting solution for our cities

John L Hopkins

Two-thirds of surveyed workers work from home one day a week on average, but could do at least half their work out of the workplace. If they commuted less often, congestion could be greatly reduced.


Nice try Mr Taylor, but Australia’s gas exports don’t help solve climate change

Tim Baxter

Australia is one of the sunniest and windiest countries on the planet, but emissions are still rising. How do you justify that?


Virtual fences and cattle: how new tech could allow effective, sustainable land sharing

Dave Swain

Technological tools could unlock a new system of resource sharing in agriculture which is ethical and productive


Duck! Wind and solar now account for 17% of demand in Australia’s main grid

David Leitch

Everyone knew that a large increase in wind and solar was going to force down electricity prices. Few thought it would happen in late winter 2019.



John Kerry blasts climate ‘Neanderthals’, questions Adani mine

Former US Secretary of State John Kerry has declared energy policy as the solution to climate change, in a wide-ranging speech in Melbourne


Tonnes of recycling to landfill despite government $10m rescue package

Thousands of tonnes of recycling, separated by Victorian residents and given to failed recycler SKM by councils, will end up going to the tip despite a $10 million loan from the Andrews government to help sort out the mess.


Don’t fence me in: commuters rail against tram stop safety barriers

Safety fences at tram stops designed to herd people onto pedestrian crossings are frustrating commuters who say the barriers are making it harder and more dangerous to get on and off trams.


Melbourne freeway gets $367m upgrade boost

The federal and Victorian governments have signed off on an extra $367.5 million towards expanding the Monash Freeway, promising shorter commutes for drivers.


What Suburban Rail Loop’s eastern route will look like [$]

The locations of six new stations in the eastern section of the Suburban Rail Loop have been announced, which will carry 400,000 passengers per day. See where the new stops will be built.


New South Wales

Powering cars of future

Shoalhaven City Council have expanded its fleet to include three totally electric vehicles. The new vehicles have joined Council’s leaseback vehicle list as part of a three-year trial towards a cost-effective, sustainable future.


How to jaywalk, cycle and drive near Sydney’s new light rail – legally

The relationship between cyclists, pedestrians and motorists is fraught at the best of times.


Lake Keepit: Water sports one year, dirt bikes the next [$]

A northern NSW dam that once held as much water as Sydney Harbour and was a hotspot for water sports and tourists is now a dusty playground where the locals still use the location to have fun despite two years of crippling drought.



ACT government moves to legalise e-scooters

The ACT government is moving towards legalising e-scooters but hasn’t decided whether they should be allowed on roads with cars or on paths with pedestrians and cyclists.



‘Demonised’ farmers rage against Reef regulations as parliament sits in Townsville

Hundreds of farmers have rallied in Queensland to protest against proposed new laws to protect the Great Barrier Reef, saying they are being treated as “guilty until proven innocent”.


Mount Mee – bushfire

Multiple Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) crews are on scene at a bushfire burning near McLean Road, Mount Mee. Firefighters are conducting backburning operations in an effort to contain the fire which is posing no threat to property at this time.


Takilberan west of Bundaberg – bushfire

Multiple Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) crews are currently on scene at a bushfire burning near Tessellaris Trail, Takilberan. This fire is burning within containment lines and is posing no threat to property at this time.


Caves north of Rockhampton bushfire

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) advises there is a bushfire in The Caves (north of Rockhampton).


‘Risky time’: Total fire ban across southeast [$]

As firefighters battle bushfires across southeast Queensland, a total fire ban has been issued to prevent further blazes.


Activists not the biggest problem for Queensland resources: QRC chief

The resources industry needs to clearly explain its links to the state economy, not blame activists for difficulties it faces, the chief of the Qld Resources Council says.


Clock starts ticking on south-east Queensland city deal

A timeline towards signing Australia’s most complex, multibillion-dollar “city deal” should be nutted out at meeting in Brisbane on Thursday.


Rescuers’ hands tied as hundreds of roos slowly die [$]

Animal rescuers have belatedly evacuated a handful of surviving joeys after the Bribie Island fires — but say they could have done much more had they been allowed.


Primary students breeding endangered black-throated finch

There are fewer than 1,000 black-throated finches in the wild, but one north Queensland primary school has bred 120 as part of a science class.


Ghost town’s population set to boom as large hydro plant planned

Kidston has a population of four, but hundreds of people will move down the road from the former north Queensland township to build what will be Australia’s fourth pumped storage hydro facility. Despite the boom, not everyone is happy.


Using the ‘extraordinary emergency’ defence to break the law and save the planet

Charged with traffic offences for blocking Brisbane streets during an Extinction Rebellion protest, this 23-year-old will argue she should be allowed to break the law because climate change is an “extraordinary emergency”.


Revolutionizing water quality monitoring for our rivers and reef

New, lower-cost help may soon be on the way to help manage one of the biggest threats facing the Great Barrier Reef.


South Australia

Multi-day Riverland trail bid to draw tourists [$]

A multi-day trail will boost tourism in the Riverland, local councils say, and they have called for tenders from firms to plan a route that could be the region’s answer to the Riesling Trail.


SA’s farm trespass laws set to tighten [$]

Twelve months imprisonment and a $10,000 fine could apply to activists trespassing on SA farms under a state government proposal.


Cattle Hill Wind Farm renewable energy target clincher

A new Tasmanian wind farm has pushed Australia past its 2020 renewable energy target.


EPA fines TasWater over sewage spill [$]

Report A significant sewage spill onto a farm and into a river resulted in a fine for TasWater, Right to Information documents reveal.


Strict process behind culling permits [$]

The Parks and Environment Department has outlined how it keeps tabs on the issuing of permits for the culling of native animals in Tasmania.


Northern Territory

Aust scientists discover new coral species

Australian scientists believe they have discovered a new species of deep-sea coral during a 28-day voyage to the Coral Sea.


Alderman calls for war against waste in waterways [$]

An alderman has called upon council officers to look into waste diversion tactics, after local residents recovered 43kg of rubbish blocking a local drain


NT Senator Sam McMahon calls for Adelaide River plan to solve water woes

A looming water security crisis in the Top End has triggered fresh calls for a new dam to be built, despite no government having put its hand up to pay for construction.


Western Australia

WA EPA delays its new emissions guidelines

Woodside Petroleum remains concerned about the EPA’s impact on pending gas processing deals involving the Browse and Scarborough LNG projects



Norway’s bold plan to tackle overtourism – and climate change

Communities across the country are increasingly suffering from littering, human waste, and overzealous Instagrammers.


One very bad habit is fueling the global recycling meltdown

It’s called “wishcycling,” and pretty much all of us do it.


Can we work less and save the planet, too?

Building a new world will require first reexamining—and dismantling—the cultural ethos of productivity that creeps into our lives every day.


Human-centered plastics recycling interventions can help combat climate change

It is snowing plastics in the arctic – a team of German researchers found more than 10,000 micro-plastics in one liter of snow. This is a wakeup call to anyone who ever doubted the harmful effects of climate change.


Icelandic government to reduce use of plastic

Stores in Iceland can no longer give plastic bags free of charge to their customers as part of the government’s efforts to combat climate change.


Agrivoltaics proves mutually beneficial across food, water, energy nexus

Building resilience in renewable energy and food production is a fundamental challenge in today’s changing world, especially in regions susceptible to heat and drought. Agrivoltaics, the co-locating of agriculture and solar photovoltaic panels, offers a possible solution, with new research reporting positive impacts on food production, water savings and the efficiency of electricity production.


New way to reduce food waste

‘Humanizing’ produce encourages consumers to overlook a few flaws


Nature Conservation

The wall holding back a desert

There is a wall appearing across the African continent, dividing north and south. But this wall isn’t to keep migrants out, or to keep smuggled goods in check. It is holding back sand.



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