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I guess we’d better get used to articles such as this as the forces of darkness, supported by News Corp publications and fossil-fools donors, show no sign of accepting the science. Why the Nats listen to donors over their constituents is hard to fathom though. 

Post of the Day

Australia has met its renewable energy target. But don’t pop the champagne

Dylan McConnell

Wind energy has played a major role in Australia’s fulfilment of the renewable energy target.


Today’s Celebration

Victory Day in Mozambique

Independence Day in Brazil

Constitution Day in Fiji

Carl Garner Federal Lands Cleanup Day – USA

World Beard Day

World Duchenne Awareness Day

National Threatened Species Day


Climate Change

How climate change is driving emigration from Central America

Poverty and violence are often cited as the reasons people emigrate from Central America, but factors such as drought, exacerbated by climate change, are driving people to leave too.


Oil and gas companies undermining climate goals, says report

Biggest fossil fuel extractors warned they risk wasting $2.2tn ‘in a low-carbon world.’


We watched all 7 hours of CNN’s climate town hall so you didn’t have to

What will future historians see when they unearth this unprecedented discussion of our warming planet?



Negative power prices reinforce case for reforms [$]

Audrey Zibelman, responsible for the operation of the country’s energy market, is calling for an overhaul of the electricity market to cope with the influx of renewable energy.


‘Dead things everywhere’: is Australia facing the summer from hell?

The outlook is grim, with low water storage levels and extreme temperatures forecast


The air above Antarctica is suddenly getting warmer – here’s what it means for Australia

Harry Hendon et al

Each spring, winds circling the South Pole weaken. If they weaken enough, they can actually reverse – causing rapid warming.


The phoenix factor: what home gardeners can learn from nature’s rebirth after fire

Kingsley Dixon

A startling phenomenon occurs after a fire tears through a landscape. So what is it in bushfires that gives plants this kiss of life?


Australia has met its renewable energy target. But don’t pop the champagne

Dylan McConnell

Wind energy has played a major role in Australia’s fulfilment of the renewable energy target.


The good news the government didn’t want to hear [$]

Richie Merzian

The fact that renewable energy is in the best interests of all Australians is a clear as daylight; whether Angus Taylor will make the sensible decision on the matter is as clear as mud.



Recycling rethink: Victorians getting to the bottom of their bins

Grant Brooker is no eco-warrior. But over the last few months, he has set up four old Australia Post sorting tubs outside his back door.


New South Wales

Powerful winds set to hamper efforts to control NSW fires

Conditions are expected to challenge hundreds of firefighters today who continue to battle out-of-control fires across New South Wales, including four burning at emergency level in the state’s north.


Rising temperatures get snake season off to an early start

Startling discoveries of snakes in ovens and under couches could become more common in Australian homes as rising temperatures force the reptiles to seek new habitats earlier than usual.


‘Giving land time to heal’: Aboriginal-owned Mutawintji Conservation Area doubles in size

The largest addition to the New South Wales national parks network in almost a decade is welcomed by traditional owners of the land, who say it is a monumental cultural milestone.


Agency made to water down claims [$]

Pressure from NSW Water Minister forces Natural Resources Commission to amend highly critical report.



The Canberra community sharing household waste in attempt to eliminate landfill

As enthusiasm for zero waste grows and Canberra holds its first festival on the subject, Brook Clinton hopes her community of composters will help create a world where landfill is a thing of the past.



Homes lost as bushfires rage across Queensland amid extreme conditions

Firefighters face potentially catastrophic, hot and windy conditions as they battle blazes across Queensland, with out-of-control bushfires burning on the Gold Coast hinterland at Binna Burra, and Stanthorpe and Applethorpe on the Granite Belt.


Jackie Trad stripped of Cross River Rail after CCC ruling

Queensland Deputy Premier Jackie Trad has been stripped of her signature Cross River Rail project and the premier’s chief of staff has fallen on his sword in the fallout from separate corruption investigations.


Second Adani blockade established [$]

Anna Krien

With the Queensland government extinguishing native title rights over Wangan and Jagalingou land, the traditional owners have moved onto their ancestral Country to declare their sovereignty.


Coral death ‘exaggerated’

Graham Lloyd

New findings by reef-science outsiders including Peter Ridd tell a very different story.


South Australia

Could this be Australia’s first fully solar-powered region?

An ambitious plan to power every property on SA’s Eyre Peninsula with solar has been labelled an Australian first — but is it too good to be true?


Chemical-free pest control? [$]

In 1886 William Angove established a vineyard at Tea Tree Gully in South Australia, making wine as a tonic for his patients.


A wave of energy for King Island, Tasmania

The Liberal National Government, through the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), is investing $4 million into a wave energy technology trial in Tasmania.


State government flags environmental law changes

The Environmental Protection Authority would be granted greater powers to release monitoring data to the public and third-parties under a raft of proposed changes to the state’s environmental laws.


Hotspots home to wealth of rare fauna [$]

New mapping of Hobart bushland identifies high conservation areas in the city to help residents take action to protect threatened species.


Northern Territory

Seven tonnes of marine plastic pollution collected on remote Arnhem Land beach

Water bottles, cigarette lighters and fishing nets were among garbage found on Djulpan beach, Sea Shepherd says


Western Australia

Lebeckia is being tipped as a game changer for sheep farmers, providing alternative feed for livestock in times of low rainfall and in dry years. [$]

It is being tipped as a game changer for sheep farmers, providing alternative feed for livestock in times of low rainfall and in dry years.


Major mine deals to create 700 new jobs in WA

Hundreds of new employment opportunities will be created in Western Australia after the Federal Government today announced its backing of two major State mining projects.



Phosphate fertiliser ‘crisis’ threatens world food supply

Use of essential rock phosphate has soared, but scientists fear it could run out within a few decades


Living off the grid: Two cabins that prove sustainability can be beautiful

Prices are falling for sustainable home elements. See inside a home that produces its own power, collects rainwater and treats its waste water.


Clean, green machines: the truth about electric vehicle emissions

Jake Whitehead

Despite the overwhelming evidence that electric vehicle technology can deliver huge benefits, misinformation continues to muddy debate. Let’s look at the facts.


Nature Conservation

How fires in the Amazon could hurt migratory birds

Migratory birds, some from our region, will be headed south soon. What will they face in a burning Amazon?


Another blow for the future of corals

Certain species of coral release their eggs and sperms with perfect synchronization. But a new study suggests their incredible timing is starting to slip.



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