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Not just climate change but climate change anxiety is real and the Australian Psychological Society is on to it. Their website psychology.org.au has very good resources under the tab Psychology topics.

Post of the Day

Nearly half of Australia’s native plants are under threat from climate change

Scientists are battling to save Australia’s native species, with a nationwide study finding almost half are threatened by rising temperatures and erratic rainfall.


Today’s Celebration

Victory Day – Pakistan

National Day – Andorra

Independence Day – North Macedonia

Victory Day – Malta

Grandparents’ Day – Estonia

Fjord Day – Denmark

Father’s Day – Latvia

Turkmen Bakshy Day – Turkmenistan

Day of the Battle of Borodino – Russia

Coronation Anniversary of Vytautas the Great – Lithuania

National Grandparents’ Day – USA, Canada

Family Day – Kazakhstan

Grandparents’ Day – Philippines

Racial Justice Sunday – United Kingdom

Kosrae Liberation Day – Micronesia

Nativity of Mary – Catholicism

Tara Day – Buddhism

World Physical Therapy Day

Remembrance Day for Victims of Fascism

International Literacy Day

Star Trek Day

Pardon Day

National Bilby Day

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Climate Change

Climate activists occupy Venice red carpet

Several hundred demonstrators have taken over the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival, demanding action to fight climate change and a ban on cruise ships entering the lagoon city.



Once considered only good for bait, carp is now sold in high-end restaurants

Fishing businesses report an increasing demand for carp as a “premium” food product, but fear the looming herpes virus release could kill the industry before it even takes off.


Homes lost and firefighter injured as flames rage in Queensland and NSW

Firefighters say at least 17 homes have been lost in Queensland and another six have been destroyed in New South Wales as out of control fires wreak havoc across both states.


Nearly half of Australia’s native plants are under threat from climate change

Scientists are battling to save Australia’s native species, with a nationwide study finding almost half are threatened by rising temperatures and erratic rainfall.


Liberal MP Craig Kelly says Tuvalu ‘growing, not sinking’ in monarchist dinner speech about ABC

“Even though you’ve had a slight sea level rise, a coral atoll actually floats on the ocean. And yet we’re not told that by the ABC.”



Recycling rethink: Victorians getting to the bottom of their bins

Grant Brooker is no eco-warrior. But over the last few months, he has set up four old Australia Post sorting tubs outside his back door.


New South Wales

Australians rally in support of Papua protesters as Human Rights Watch decries Indonesian violence

A rally supporting the Papuan protesters has been held in Sydney’s Indonesian heartland.


The Sydney suburbs bearing the brunt of a 20-year population boom

Sydney’s strong population growth has not been distributed evenly across the city. As Sydney changes even further over the coming decades, the ongoing population boom will pose a challenge for urban planning.


What has skewed Sydney’s population growth?

Some parts of Sydney are better suited to more intense development because of transport infrastructure and the availability of land, planning experts and local councils say, with growth dictated by the Greater Sydney Commission.


Why Sydney’s urban sprawl is harmful to your health

Ten per cent of Australians live in homes harmful to their health, according to planning experts, who argue health should be at the forefront of planning laws and regulations.


Aboriginal land claim threatens to stall divisive Katoomba airfield lease

An unresolved land claim threatens to derail a controversial proposal to commercialise a small airstrip in the Blue Mountains.


‘Towns are the highest priority’: Authorities put people first as water dries up

Water is fast running out across the Macquarie Valley, in western New South Wales. One town is preparing for the possibility of closing the hospital, if emergency services cannot draw river water to fill fire hydrants.



Can the humble compost bucket help us get rid of rubbish bins altogether?

As enthusiasm for zero waste grows and Canberra holds its first festival on the subject, a community of composters is working towards making landfill a thing of the past.



‘500kg of rubbish’: Australia’s most-loved beaches are choking with trash

They may look clean and pristine at first glance, however one beachcomber says trash is littered along our treasured beaches as cigarette butts, dog poo, used tampons and straws clog our summer playgrounds.


Cool change for Queensland but fire danger high

Firefighters who have been battling Queensland bushfires in severe conditions might see a cool change over the weekend.


South Australia

Step inside South Australia’s most sustainable houses [$]

Sustainability — it isn’t just an environmentalist philosophy, instead how design and technology can cut power bills, save water and deliver beautiful buildings.


KI cat fence cuts through in fight against ferals [$]

A barrier cutting off the Dudley Peninsula from the rest of Kangaroo Island will form a key line of defence in the region’s fight to eradicate wild cats — if it gets the green light.


Severe weather warning cancelled, as rain keeps falling — but not enough to break drought

A severe weather warning for Tasmania’s east coast is cancelled but heavy rain continues to fall in the region, with snow in the highlands.


Decades after its extinction, the hunt for the thylacine is very much alive

In its prime, the thylacine was at the top of the food chain in Australia and its small island to the south. Now, decades after its extinction, the hunt for the Tasmanian tiger is still very much alive.


Northern Territory

Source water key to bacterial water safety in remote Northern Australia

In the wet-dry topics of Australia, drinking water in remote communities is often sourced from groundwater bores. The geochemistry of that groundwater impacts the occurrence of opportunistic pathogens in the drinking water supply, researchers now report.


Western Australia

The tiny marsupial which dies after one, ‘intense’ mating session

A tiny male marsupial dies in the wild after “intense” mating and not from the harsh, arid environment in which it lives, research confirms.


‘One of the wettest places in WA’ is running dry

A $32-million pipeline will be built to stop a tourist town known for its surf, forests and rainy weather, from running out of water.


The grim climate change future for WA [$]

Heatwaves and extreme weather events as a result of climate change will put significant pressures on WA health services.



What to do when worrying about the planet’s future becomes too much

If you’re like Heidi Edmonds, anxiety about climate change might weigh on your mind — especially when you look at your kids. So how might the philosophical idea of a “tapestry of time” help?


Nanoparticles in lithium-sulphur batteries detected with neutron experiment

An HZB team has for the first time precisely analysed how nanoparticles of lithium sulphide and sulphur precipitate onto battery electrodes during the course of the charging cycle. The results can help increase the service life of lithium-sulphur batteries.


Building water-efficient cities

A new study shows a community’s built environment is closely related to how much water single-family residences use. Researchers say factors including vegetated land cover, housing density and lot size appear to have a significant impact on water use.


Not all meat is created equal: How diet changes can sustain world’s food production

David Vaccari, an environmental engineer at Stevens Institute of Technology, has created a model that predicts how several different conservation approaches could reduce demand for a nonrenewable resource that is absolutely vital for feeding the world: phosphorus.


Nature Conservation

Amazon deforestation in Brazil triples, pointing to more fires to come

Deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest rose for the fourth straight month in August from a year earlier, according to preliminary government data released on Friday, adding to concerns over fires already ravaging the region.


Global change is triggering an identity switch in grasslands

Climate change is causing grasslands to shift beneath our feet, putting these benefits at risk. Global change — which includes climate change, pollution and other widespread environmental alterations — is transforming grasslands and the plant species in them.


Climate change water variability hurts salamander populations

New research from the University of Montana suggests that streamflow variability brought on by climate change will negatively affect the survival of salamanders.


The devastating moment that the war against ivory began to unravel


Australia has finally banned its domestic ivory trade but with 35,000 elephants killed for their tusks every year, much more needs to be done


Now for something completely different …

Why does everything hurt? Top tips for recovering from exercise

The cheapest and most effective way to recover from exercise is probably not what you think.



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