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Extinction Rebellion protesters might be annoying, but Extinction would be beyond annoying. Where do these sub-editors learn their trade?

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Extinction Rebellion protesters might be annoying. But they have a point

Samuel Alexander

If you live in a major Australian city, expect your daily routine to be disrupted this week.


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National Day of Commemorating the Holocaust in Romania

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Climate Change

Over 300 arrests in London climate protest

More than 300 people have been arrested in London as climate protests continue – despite the prime minister dismissing activists as “unco-operative crusties”.


Climate protesters douse Wall Street bull with fake blood

The Wall Street demonstrations, led by the protest group Extinction Rebellion, were kicking off five days of civil disobedience planned across the world.


The five most popular radical climate policies

Most registered voters are in favor of spending trillions on weatherized buildings and renewable-energy infrastructure.


Climate explained: why some people still think climate change isn’t real

David Hall

People are more likely to deny climate change if they’re inclined toward hierarchy, have lower levels of education or are more religious. But the strongest predictor of denial is a person’s politics.



Scott Ludlam says shutting down climate protests like ‘turning off smoke alarm’

Arrested former Greens senator Scott Ludlam has warned that shutting down climate protests is like turning off the smoke alarm in a burning building.


Up to 30 dams built with government subsidies, despite minister’s claim

Up to 30 large new dams have been built in Australia with government subsidies, despite claims none were being built, a new report says.


Angus Taylor won’t say what PM’s ‘negative globalism’ comments mean for climate talks

Energy minister ducks questions about Scott Morrison’s criticism of ‘internationalist bureaucracy’


For BHP, ‘social value’ key to staying competitive in a changing world

Australia’s biggest miner, BHP, has vowed that “social value” considerations such as climate change and water policies will underpin its business decisions.


States and territories should have power to regulate drone noise, federal department says

States and territories should be given the power to regulate drone noise, the federal government has recommended.


Labor MP wants party to drop carbon target

Federal Labor resources spokesman Joel Fitzgibbon wants his party to drop its ambitious carbon emissions reduction target to match the coalition.


Keep power stations on ‘flat out’: Taylor

The federal energy minister wants Australia’s coal-fired power stations “running flat-out”, arguing it will lower power bills, despite industry criticism.


Spark accuses energy regulator of stifling investment [$]

Spark says it will not be able to invest sufficiently in its electricity networks after the energy regulator knocked back its revenue request.


Australian solar thermal company wins global innovation award

Australian firm Vast Solar takes out SolarPACES technology innovation award for concentrating solar thermal and energy storage technologies.


‘Big stick’ energy bill almost certain to pass Parliament [$]

Labor’s support for the big stick legislation hinges on concerns about privatisation which the government says will be addressed.


Littleproud hints at intervention over water baron profiteering

The federal government has warned professional investors against profiteering in the water market, for the first time suggesting that while their actions may be lawful, they may not be acceptable.


Subs could be switched to nuclear, says navy chief Michael Noonan [$]

Chief of Navy Michael Noonan has left open the prospect of some of Australia’s 12 Future Submarines being nuclear powered, amid ongoing questions over the government’s decision to purchase the world’s biggest and most ­expensive conventionally powered subs.


Australia could aim for 700 per cent renewables, ARENA boss

Australia’s political class is wrestling with the issue of how big a share renewable energy should hold in Australia’s grid. At around 20 per cent now, energy minister Angus Taylor already thinks there is too much wind and solar in the network.


Energy Minister Angus Taylor rejects Malcolm Turnbull over power bills [$]

Energy Minister Angus Taylor has hit back at Malcolm Turnbull, declaring the Morrison government’s energy policy was reducing electricity prices and keeping Australia on track to meet its Paris emissions reductions obligations.


Costly efforts to keep coal plants going are ill advised [$]

Kerry Schott

Government subsidies and costly efforts to keep old coal plants alive are doing nothing to bring investment and innovation into the long-suffering energy sector.


Populate and perish: the fleeting hope of a population policy

David Shearman

The Launch of the new Centre for Population by Population Minister Alan Tudge raised a flicker of hope of a remit to develop a population policy for Australia. The hope was fleeting.


Extinction Rebellion protesters might be annoying. But they have a point

Samuel Alexander

If you live in a major Australian city, expect your daily routine to be disrupted this week.


Why rebel activists won’t change a thing about climate [$]

Susie O’Brien

The shocking behaviour of Extinction Rebellion protesters has made one thing very clear: their civil disobedience won’t change a thing about the actual ecological disaster threatening us.


Governments created this Murray-Darling crisis [$]

Alan Moran

The Murray-Darling is the only major region where irrigation plays a prominent role. Water availability there has the urgent attention of politicians because locals, unhappy at measures that have deprived farmers of water, have helped displace Nationals representatives in favour of those from the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party.


What will it take to stop this obsession? [$]

Peter Gleeson

As climate change protests become increasingly more toxic and aggressive there are mounting fears this crazy protest movement is about to enter uncharted waters.


Why do we think these protesters are worse than neo-Nazis? [$]

Tory Shepherd

If the Australian government is serious about cracking down on dangerous social behaviour it might want to focus on an upcoming neo-Nazi gig before going after climate change activists.


Malcolm Turnbull delivers the unpalatable truth to Scott Morrison on climate and energy

Michelle Grattan

Sometimes birthdays are best let pass quietly. The Liberals are finding the 75th anniversary of their founding another unfortunate occasion for the blood sport they thought they’d put behind them.


Kangaroos (and other herbivores) are eating away at national parks across Australia

Patrick O’Connor et al

Public opposition to kangaroo culls shouldn’t overrule the needs of thousands of other native species in national parks.


Government sanctioned murder of Australia’s natural habitat

Sue Arnold

What will it take to save Australia’s environment, our forests, wildlife, rivers and the natural drivers of survival?


Who’s writing ‘the climate change story’ at the Oz? [$]

Charlie Lewis

A strange ad attacking renewable energy appeared in the News Corp papers yesterday. Its source: the Climate Study Group.



‘We’ll be back’, vow climate protesters as nearly 60 arrested in Melbourne CBD

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews says he does not think climate activists will “win many friends” as Extinction Rebellion demonstrators block traffic and trams in Melbourne’s CBD for the second day in a row.


Power play: Victoria wants exemption for heatwave emergency power deals

Victoria is seeking an exemption from federal rules that would lock in back-up power to handle heatwave emergencies further in advance, as concerns mount about a tight supply and elevated blackout risk across the state this summer.


Toxic chemical drums found dumped in Dandenong Ranges National Park

Drums of “extremely toxic” chemical waste have been dumped in bushland near a popular Melbourne walking track, requiring complex and lengthy clean-up operations.


Tram strike cancelled over ‘unpredictable’ Extinction Rebellion

A tram strike has been called off to minimise disruptions in a week of “unpredictable” climate protests.


Solar installer dumped over safety fears [$]

A solar installer has been banned from the state government’s $1.3 billion rebate scheme after widespread safety defects were exposed. Now hundreds of Victorian households are in need of costly safety checks.


Insecticide blamed for the deaths of 200 native birds, including wedge-tailed eagles

An insecticide is likely to be behind the deaths of almost 200 native birds in northeast Victoria, environment officials believe.


Valuable Aboriginal rock art neglected despite warnings [$]

A systemic failure of policy over many decades has compromised southeastern Australia’s most valuable Aboriginal rock art, leading to neglect and failure to combat desecration of sacred sites.


Government, not victims, must pay to fix solar panel mess [$]

Tom Minear

Labor’s state election pledge to install solar panels on 650,000 homes papered over its issues with an unreliable energy system while boosting its environmental credentials, but the policy has caused major headaches for the government.


New South Wales

Homes destroyed in northern NSW as bushfires continue to burn

Bushfires are burning across northern NSW and southeast Queensland as firefighters battle strong winds and hot conditions.


Climate protesters willing to ‘sacrifice liberty’ as six more arrested in Sydney

Members of environmental activist group Extinction Rebellion say they are willing to “sacrifice their liberty” to raise awareness about climate change as six more protesters were arrested in Sydney’s CBD on Tuesday.


Blue Mountains’ Radiata Plateau bought by NSW government

The Radiata Plateau, 300 hectares of Blue Mountains bushland home to a handful of endangered species, has been bought by the NSW government.


Daily Telegraph reporter Mitchell Van Homrigh infiltrates the “Bee-Mergency”

Daily Telegraph reporter Mitchell Van Homrigh infiltrates the “Bee-Mergency” Extinction Rebellion protest in Sydney



Climate activist charged after hanging protest under Brisbane’s Story Bridge

A climate change protester who spent hours hanging in a harness beneath Brisbane’s Story Bridge is charged after voluntarily ending his vigil, as Extinction Rebellion activists also take to the streets in Sydney and Melbourne.


Climate activists confident of support from Brisbane despite blockades

But a political crackdown from state and federal governments could backfire internationally, a political science expert has warned.


Bushfire-ravaged south-east Queensland community struggling

A month after a massive Gold Coast bushfire destroyed 11 houses, eight of them on her street, Binna Burra resident Sharon Innis is struggling.


Police arrest more than 20 climate change activists in Brisbane

More than 20 climate change activists were arrested during protests in the Brisbane CBD, including seven outside the energy company Santos and one who climbed on top of King George Square’s bus station.


Site chosen for proposed Hughenden Dam

A site is chosen for a dam as part of the $300 million Hughenden Irrigation Project in north Queensland, but questions remain about how water licences will be granted.


At least NSW gives a dam about Queensland [$]

A new plan to help Queensland’s drought-declared communities will be funded by NSW and the Federal Government, as calls grow for the Palaszczuk Government to “stop dragging its feet”.


‘Send protesters to prison’: Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk

The Palaszczuk Government will fast-track laws aimed at sending ­Extinction Rebellion protesters to jail.


South Australia

Cooper Energy weighs climate change risk and rewards

Oil and gas giant Cooper Energy says more serious heatwaves pose a threat to some of its South Australian operations, but that climate change might also significantly benefit the company.


Adelaide climate rebels take to the streets … very briefly [$]

Only a handful of activists turned up for a low-key climate change “rebellion” which pledged to block traffic in Adelaide’s CBD — in stark contrast to the bizarre scenes and chaos in other cities.


Australian Greens lobby to block changes to the Gene Technology Act

Tasmanian senators have been urged by the Greens to block planned changes to classification of genetically modified organisms which they say will hurt Tasmanian primary producers and exporters.


Hands Off Our Gorge is against the Larter Group’s proposed Launceston Skywalk

Hands Off Our Gorge is a group of locals who love the Launceston Cataract Gorge as it is.


Tasmanian energy bonanza hinges on funding rework [$]

A second interconnector between Tasmania and Victoria would open up a bank of clean green energy and storage for the National Electricity Market but funding hurdles need to be overcome.


Company still compiling answers to cable car queries [$]

The company behind the proposed Mt Wellington cable car is nearly ready to take another step forwards with the controversial development.


Green energy in spotlight [$]

Opposition energy spokesman David O’Byrne says more needs to be done to maximise Tasmania’s renewable energy advantage, despite the Premier talking up plans for a second Bass Strait interconnector.


Extinction Rebellion Tasmania make no apologies for disrupting public life

Extinction Rebellion Tasmania

Our home is on fire and our governments are failing to protect us. We are in an ecological and climate crisis that scientists call the beginning of the sixth mass extinction.


Western Australia

Households may bear the cost of Synergy’s downfall in bill hikes or bailouts, experts warn

A $657 million loss posted by WA power retailer Synergy will likely either lead to inflation-busting bill hikes or a taxpayer-funded bailout, but the WA Government is insisting its reforms will keep a lid on prices.


‘Frightening everyone is not something I want’: Premier rejects climate emergency

“A climate emergency? I don’t actually know what that means but frightening everyone is not something I want to do,” Mark McGowan said.


Climate change ‘rebels’ arrested outside The West [$]

Two men have been arrested for trespass while trying to enter the media company’s office


Massive 5,000MW solar and wind projects set to fuel WA’s hydrogen expansion

Siemens-backed project targets up to 5,000MW of large scale wind and solar near Kalbarri to fuel hydrogen production for export market.



Reporters gather to talk environment, health, climate

The world’s largest gathering of environmental journalists starts Wednesday, with hundreds of journalists focusing on climate change, energy development, water scarcity, population growth and environmental health.


Climate and energy experts debate how to respond to a warming world

Experts in energy and environmental fields weigh in on the need for an urgent transition to alternative energy.


What we eat matters: to change climate crisis, we need to reshape the food system

Everything we eat has an effect on global heating, but perhaps the biggest problem is livestock