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If the current drought and accompanying higher temperatures are the new normal, we are in more sewage than a Werribee duck

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I’m a Climate Scientist Who Believes in God. Hear Me Out.

Katharine Hayhoe

Global warming will strike hardest against the very people we’re told to love: the poor and vulnerable.


Today’s Celebration

Unity Day in Russia

Flag Day in Panama

National Day in Tonga

Community Service Day in Dominica

Citizenship Day in the Northern Mariana Islands

National Unity and Armed Forces Day in Italy

Use Your Common Sense Day

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Climate Change

UN chief warns Asia must quit its ‘coal addiction’

Antonio Guterres has labelled the climate crisis the “defining issue of our time.”


Greta Thunberg seeks lift back across Atlantic after Chile cancels climate meeting

Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg made it half-way from Sweden to Chile by boat, train and electric car before next month’s UN climate summit was unexpectedly scrapped. Now she needs a ride.


California wildfires: Climate change driving ‘horror and the terror’ of devastating blazes, say scientists

Fires are not new, but their severity is


If emissions continue, India could see 1 million heat deaths a year

Premature deaths from extreme heat next century could top those from infectious diseases today


I’m a Climate Scientist Who Believes in God. Hear Me Out.

Katharine Hayhoe

Global warming will strike hardest against the very people we’re told to love: the poor and vulnerable.



Bridget Hickman is one of many property owners considering returning her land to its traditional owners

The Aboriginal Land Council of Tasmania says more private landowners are investigating handing their land back to Aboriginal people, to protect it from development and “to do the right thing”.


How bad is this drought and is it caused by climate change?

The weather bureau has hinted at a shift back towards normal rain by summer’s end.


Insurers to crack whip on company climate plans

The ex-QBE chief has a warning for the likes of Adani as he mulls the challenges facing insurers, including Brexit, globalisation, tech and sexual harassment.


Ripping up Murray-Darling plan would ignore the lessons of history

David Papps and Chris Guest

Abandoning the water-sharing plan for the Murray-Darling Basin would undermine the good work it has already done in the face of a wicked drought problem.


Clued-up kids making parents eco-shoppers [$]

Parents are encountering a new form of pester power from environmentally conscious kids. Are your children encouraging you to adopt more sustainable and ethical shopping habits?


Energy giants plead for ‘no more intervention’ [$]

Australia’s top energy bosses have warned government policy interventions may harm critically needed investment in the power grid, while also conceding the industry’s own mistakes in failing to tackle high prices and falling public trust.


Retooling schools for an era of climate change

Neil Selwyn

Our education leaders need to prepare children for a future of global heating, climate migration, ecosystem erosion and resource depletion.


‘Tis the season to slash green tape [$]

Sussan Ley

We should protect the environment, but business must be freed from laws that strangle the economy.


ABC ignores the facts about climate change [$]

Chris Kenny

For people who like to say they follow the science, the climate groupthink conformists of the media sure don’t like facts.



Labor at war over state gas ban [$]

Joel Fitzgibbon has slammed Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews’s ban on fracking, declaring the policy makes “neither economic nor environmental sense” and undermines Australia’s push to reduce carbon emissions.


Upgrades to Melbourne intersections to create ‘cycling superhighway’

A city intersection will be upgraded to simplify hook turns for cyclists, with hopes it will form part of a “superhighway for cyclists” in East Melbourne.


New South Wales

Digital driver’s licence to ‘make life easier’ but no plans to phase out plastic

More than half a million people across New South Wales have signed up for a digital driver’s licence — but how do they work and will your personal information be protected?


Thunderstorms hit parts of NSW as bushfires rage

Rain not expected to extinguish all 70 fires raging across the state, and firefighters fear lightning could spark further blazes


Bushfires spark koala crisis on mid north coast [$]

Thirsty koalas badly in need of a helping hand have been rescued from a fire ground after a blaze tragically killed hundreds of the furry friends on the Mid North Coast.


Earthquake fails to shake NSW coal seam gas operations

The British government’s move to halt fracking after a drilling rig caused a 2.9 magnitude earthquake in August has been dismissed by the Australian oil and gas lobby as having little impact on coal seam gas operations in NSW.



Giant water battery helps university cut energy costs by 40 per cent

The University of the Sunshine Coast has won an award for the project.


South Australia

Bignell fights to keep GM crop ban [$]

SA’s former agriculture minister is urging that the state maintain its restriction on genetically modified


How we feel about our cars means the road to a driverless future may not be smooth

Raul A. Barreto

Scenarios based on a survey of Adelaide commuters and analyses of traffic flows show it’s possible the congestion could get worse in the transition to driverless vehicles.


Environmental protests “unnecessary” and “disruptive” to Tasmanian businesses, Archer says

Tasmanian businesses should be protected from “unecessary” and “disruptive” boycotts by environmental protesters, Tasmanian Attorney-General Elise Archer says.


Northern Territory

What’s next for Uluru?

After the world was told that the Uluru climb would close, waves of tourists flocked to the rock as media commentators insisted the broader public was being robbed of their rights



India’s New Delhi hits ‘unbearable’ pollution levels, equivalent to smoking 33 cigarettes a day

Air pollution in New Delhi and surrounding towns has reached the worst levels so far this year, with authorities in the capital having declared a public health emergency and ordered the closure of schools.


The North Sea oil industry’s £6.8 billion plan to breach climate targets

Ten oil companies plan to invest £6.8 billion in six projects in the North Sea in breach of international targets to cut climate pollution.


‘Hands free’ coal mining to revolutionise industry

CSIRO engineers develop a world-first “flameproof” 3D laser scanning device that can “see things our eyes cannot” by transmitting a full panoramic view of an underground coal mine in real time and removing the need for miners to be underground.


Nature Conservation

‘Forest guardian’: Illegal loggers kill indigenous Amazon warrior ‘Lobo’

Illegal loggers have killed an Amazon warrior who guarded the forest and wounded another as indigenous tribes battle to save their habitat from invaders.


Now for something completely different …

How old is old? Quite a bit older than we think

Matt Wade: At what age can a person be considered old? In Australia the answer is 66.




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