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Around three weeks out from COPP25 and we still don’t know who will be arguing Australia’s attempt on pulling a swifty to meet our Kyoto commitments ‘in a canter’. Then Minister Melissa Price was at COPP24, now Minister Sussan ‘Numerology’ Ley won’t be our rep, but her creative approach to numbers might have helped, we don’t have an Ambassador for the Environment, our usual chief climate negotiator, as the position is vacant and we don’t have any credibility to draw on. Hanrahan, we’re rooned!

Post of the Day

Current proposals to plant trees to fight climate change are badly misguided

William John Bond

Reforestation and afforestation can play a role in reducing carbon emissions — but “what” and “where” are critical considerations.


Today’s Celebration

State Flag Day – Azerbaijan

Allama Iqbal Day in Pakistan

Independence Day in Cambodia

National Tree Day in Luxembourg

Day of the Skulls in Bolivia

Schicksalstag (Fateful Day) in Germany

Ukrainian Writing and Language Day

World Freedom Day

International Day Against Fascism and Antisemitism

Chaos Never Dies Day

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Climate Change

Glacier geoengineering proposed to mitigate sea level rise

Approximately 40 per cent of the world’s population lives along coastlines and millions will be impacted by rising sea levels due to rapid ice melt in polar regions.


‘Greta Thunberg effect’ driving growth in carbon offsetting

NGOs report fourfold increases in investments in carbon-reducing projects in developing countries



Australia silent about climate talks that will discuss its “dodgy” credit plans

Much at stake for Australia at upcoming UN climate talks, but no word on who will lead the small negotiating team tasked to defend its use of Kyoto credits.


‘Uncharted territory’: Dozens of out of control bushfires burn across New South Wales and Queensland

Hot, windy conditions are wreaking havoc across New South Wales and Queensland.


Liberal MP Katie Allen says emissions have fallen since 2005. Is she correct?

Liberal backbencher Katie Allen says that emissions in Australia have fallen since 2005, and that they’re the lowest they’ve ever been. RMIT ABC Fact Check runs the numbers.


Ministers to schedule waste export ban

Australia’s environment ministers have decided on a draft timeline for the national waste export ban, but the question remains – how will it work?


Ambitious and expensive’: Export bans on waste prompt pleas for funding

Export bans on a range of waste products will be introduced in 2020.


Activism and secondary boycotts [$]

Although the Coalition is talking tough about criminalising consumer advocacy, legal experts say any attempt to do so will be hamstrung by reality.


Feral-pig boss to be appointed amid threat of swine fever

A new feral-pig supremo will be appointed to tackle Australia’s growing wild pig population as the threat of African swine fever creeps closer to the nation’s borders.


Electric scooters are coming to a city near you [$]

Trials of for-hire dockless e-scooters are already underway in Brisbane and Adelaide, set to start in Darwin early next year, and local councils in Sydney and Melbourne are keen to follow.


Review of Labor’s 2019 federal election campaign

Australian Labor Party

This ALP 2019 election campaign analysis concludes that Labor lost the election because of a weak strategy that could not adapt to the change in Liberal leadership, a cluttered policy agenda that looked risky, and an unpopular leader.


Nature strategy acknowledges scale of biodiversity crisis, but lacks detail on how to fix it

ACF media release

We need bold action and national leadership to address our growing extinction crisis.


Are drought-stricken farmers really getting ‘handouts’?

Kath Sullivan and Lucy Barbour

Australian farmers receive some of the lowest levels of government support in the world — and sceptics will argue this week’s $700 million drought stimulus package does little to change that


If politicians ignore this issue – and the polls – get set to fry

Paula Matthewson

Essential Poll had already found last month that ‘effects of climate change’ was one of the top three concerns for personal safety nominated by survey respondents, rising from 7 per cent in 2017 to 20 per cent this year.


Want more jobs in Australia? Cut our ore exports and make more metals at home

Michael Lord

We can use renewable energy to turn raw ore into higher-value processed metals, and that’s good for jobs and exports.


Beware unintended consequences, Prime Minister

Tom Switzer

Our conservative government needs to be careful about where it meddles, from foreign influence laws to cracking down on environmental protesters.


Labor lost in climate fog [$]

Chris Kenny

Most of the fatal flaws exposed by the internal review of Labor’s ­emphatic electoral repudiation were so obvious that many of us had been pointing them out ­before, during and after the campaign.



The big corporate heavyweight buying up Murray-Darling water and farmland

Corporate business goFARM, which is buying farmland and water across the southern Murray-Darling, plans to work the land and says it is not a speculator.


VicForests running out of timber and out of money before Andrews’ logging halt

Only increasing direct payments by taxpayers have kept VicForests’ accounts in the black in recent years.


Black oil spill in Melbourne’s west seeps into marine sanctuary

An oil spill in Williamstown has seeped into a protected marine sanctuary that is home to coral, sharks, rays and octopus.


Forestry union lashes ‘stupid, heartless’ logging ban [$]

Daniel Andrews’s native timber logging ban has sparked a Labor war, with the CFMMEU declaring it is an “embarrassing, motley, half-baked, rag-tagged, mishmash of talking points”.


EPA slams group for stockpiling waste [$]

A recycling group has come under fire from the EPA after they were found to have stockpiled contaminated waste from an exclusive South Yarra development at a clean fill site.


Brutality checks on activists [$]

Anthony Kelly

For those who have watched the evolution of public-order policing in Victoria over recent years, the sort of police violence we saw at the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) protests in Melbourne would’ve come as no real surprise.


New South Wales

Firefighters to assess damage amid unprecedented emergency

NSW is in uncharted territory as bushfires burn across the state, with nine emergency warnings issued for blazes and footage showing “widespread” property damage and destruction.



Queensland fire threat to lower on Saturday but fires still burning

After a scorching day with tinderbox conditions in south-east Queensland on Friday, temperatures were expected to ease on Saturday.


Lack of backburn contributed to Sunshine Coast bushfire hazard

The ember storm and bushfire that forced an evacuation at Peregian Beach last month, destroying one house and damaging others, followed a similar blaze at the other end of the Sunshine Coast two years earlier.


Order must be restored [$]

Wasted police resources, small fines and little deterrence. It’s time to rethink how law-breaking activists should be punished


South Australia

Secret lagoon found to be bringing Murray hardyhead fish back from the brink

Deep in a secret lagoon in South Australia’s Riverland, still kept under wraps by wetlands officers, a nationally endangered freshwater fish has been found spawning.


Knoll refuses to bolster tree laws in planning overhaul [$]

SA’s planning laws are making it easier for developers to destroy trees but the State Government insists there will be no changes to make felling harder for developers.

Northern Territory

Stonemason sacked for boasting about smashing Uluru cairn [$]

A stonemason indirectly employed by the federal government to help close the world-famous Uluru climb is understood to have been sacked for boasting about smashing the “ugly” summit cairn and rebuilding it inside out.


Western Australia


Minister’s tower choice could make or break Perth’s million-dollar views

Emma Young

This will be among one of only a handful of inner-suburban developments that will have prominence in views from Perth CBD and Kings Park.



Green cement? Captured carbon may fuel new markets and help climate

Turning climate-changing carbon dioxide into products from fuel to fertilizer could make climate action pay – but obstacles remain, researchers say.


The false promise of green housing

One designer is challenging the conventional wisdom about environmentally friendly construction.


A new study finds air pollution can make you fat

No surprise that air pollution is bad for your lungs and heart. But how about your waistline?


We are running out of air

One suffocating city is a harbinger of health crises around the world.


Taking a different approach to fighting climate change

The research of Narasimha Rao, a Yale professor, shows that reducing inequality could improve our ability to mitigate some of the worst effects on the environment.


China’s plan: Beat America (and everyone else)

When it comes to electric vehicles, no nation has matched China’s audacious plan. It wants to beat the world.


Bangladesh seen as climate threat by boosting coal reliance

About 3% of the country’s power comes from coal, but plans to build 29 coal plants in the next two decades would increase this to 35%, government data shows.


Tuvalu heads for 35% renewables with $6m solar and storage grant

ADB grant to install rooftop solar, storage and ground mounted PV across Tuvalu promises to take daytime electricity supply to 35%, and 100% at times.


‘Everything is possible’: The tech companies bringing farming to the inner-city

From vertical farms to micro-algae and bio-reactors, the future of food is looking very high-tech. It promises to be more sustainable — but can it live up to the hype?


Pollution bad for children: UNICEF

UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore who has just returned to New York after a visit to New Delhi and Kathmandu has said air pollution levels in South Asia were at a crisis level and needed urgent action.


Pollutionwatch: Africa increases its reliance on fossil fuels

Many European countries including the UK and Germany are decreasing their dependence on coal, but this is not the case everywhere.


Wind and solar kill coal and nuclear on costs, says latest Lazard report

The cost of wind and solar continue to decline and are now at the point where they beat, or at least match, even the marginal costs of coal-fired generation and nuclear power, according to the 13th and latest edition of Lazard’s Levelized Cost of Energy Analysis, one of the most highly regarded assessments in the world.


Beyond vegan burgers: next-generation protein could come from air, methane, volcanic springs

Products in development combine cutting-edge technology and age-old fermentation processes with the aim of reducing agriculture’s massive carbon footprint.


Don’t shoot the messenger: Environmentalism and hypocrisy

Nick Pendergrast

It’s easy to find fault in some people trying to help save the planet, but there is a grey area when it comes to hypocrisy,


Nature Conservation

Considering the nuclear option in controlling invasive species

Rotenone: when you absolutely, positively have to kill every last fish in the lake.


Poorly planned Amazon dam project ‘poses serious threat to life’

Operator faces choice of weakening 14km barrier or potentially devastating a biodiversity hotspot


Current proposals to plant trees to fight climate change are badly misguided

William John Bond

Reforestation and afforestation can play a role in reducing carbon emissions — but “what” and “where” are critical considerations.




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