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Measure the passing of the coronavirus threat in months, the passing of climate change impacts in decades/centuries/millennia. 

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To avoid climate catastrophe, it’s going to take a revolution of the mind

As we approach a turning point in our civilization’s journey, author Naomi Klein has been sounding the alarm about how to shift the current paradigm and loosen our deadly chokehold on the living world.


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Mar 17

Saint Patrick’s Day – Ireland


Climate Change

To avoid climate catastrophe, it’s going to take a revolution of the mind

As we approach a turning point in our civilization’s journey, author Naomi Klein has been sounding the alarm about how to shift the current paradigm and loosen our deadly chokehold on the living world.


The ‘climate doomers’ preparing for society to fall apart

Few scientists think climate change will cause society to collapse any time soon – but some people are getting ready anyway.


COVID-19: doing what science says we must

Peter Boyer

Warned about a human health threat, governments have responded quickly and decisively. Warned about a planetary threat they sat on their hands.


How changes brought on by coronavirus could help tackle climate change

Glen Peters

A move towards working from home, less air travel and prudent stimulus spending could flatten emissions growth in the longer term.



Poor public image troubles cotton industry as concerns over water grow

The cotton industry is having a long, hard look at itself, after a survey finds that most urban Australians have negative perceptions about the crop.


Winners and losers: Uncertainty, mistrust and fear in Murray-Darling communities

The latest report into the Murray-Darling Basin Plan says rapid change and uncertainty are resulting in sharp falls in investment and a loss of confidence within communities.


Turn down tap on environmental water to save agriculture, say experts [$]

Governments should slow down recovering environmental water from the Murray-Darling Basin to save taxpayers $4bn and avoid further disrupting local communities, the head of a government-appointed panel says.


‘You can do the maths’: Australia’s coronavirus death toll could hit 50,000

Australia’s death toll from the coronavirus could hit 50,000 with millions infected, based on the Morrison government’s more conservative predictions.


Virus fears shut down Extinction Rebellion [$]

Extinction Rebellion has shut down a planned nationwide rebellion due to the coronavirus crisis and the ban on mass gatherings.


Coronavirus: expertise tapped to keep the lights on [$]

Australia’s electricity operator will hold talks with power market ­experts from China, Europe and the US to understand how coronavirus-hit nations have dealt with threats from the pandemic.


To limit coronavirus risks on public transport, here’s what we can learn from efforts overseas

Yale Zhuxiao Wong

Australia can learn from what has been done overseas, especially in China, to keep public transport running while containing the spread of coronavirus.


The average regional city resident lacks good access to two-thirds of community services, and liveability suffers

Melanie Davern et al

Geelong, Albury-Wodonga and Wollongong do as well on access to services as many capitals and even outperform a few, but poor planning is affecting liveability for too many regional city residents.



Secret list of dangerous buildings shows cladding far from only problem

A confidential list of Melbourne properties with faulty cladding that Victorians will pay to replace indicates the buildings are riddled with other construction problems.


Tragic tree falls force Black Spur forest cull [$]

After a string of fatal tree related incidents in the Dandenongs and Yarra Ranges, almost 100 roadside trees will this week be removed to prevent further tragedies.


New South Wales

NSW clears path for 17GW wind, solar and storage capacity with new renewable zones

The NSW Coalition government has reaffirmed a commitment to an ambitious ramp-up of wind, solar and storage capacity in the state of up to 17,700MW as being key to the state’s path to achieving zero net emissions by 2050.


Councils demand government pour more money into recycling

Councils are insisting the NSW government set aside extra funding in this year’s state budget for recycling glass and other waste ahead of an export ban in July.



Morrison government faces legal challenge over Adani pipeline plan

The Morrison government’s failure to activate the so-called “water trigger” when assessing the proposed Adani coal mine in Queensland will be challenged in the Federal Court.


South Australia

Infigen says new big battery offsets huge losses from wind farm shut-down

Infigen says revenue from new battery offsets impact of huge reduction in wind output caused by severing of the main transmission link to South Australia.


Faster trips but routes axed in overhaul [$]

Public transport is set for the biggest overhaul in decades with a promise of better, faster services. But not everyone will be happy.



Is Tassie clean energy push big enough to embrace farmers? [$]

David Downie

Premier’s bold renewable target needs to extend to small on-farm systems


Western Australia

Scott Morrison told to act on greenie ‘lawfare’ [$]

The shire of Broome is calling on Scott Morrison to crack down on activist charities that are “destroying existing industries” and blocking job-creating resources projects in Western Australia.



Beaver Valley nuclear plant will remain open past 2021, owner says

The Beaver Valley nuclear power plant in Shippingport was scheduled to shut down next year. But Energy Harbor Corp., the new name for the formerly bankrupt FirstEnergy Solutions, announced Friday that it will keep the plant open after all.


Green schemes: How fraudsters are cashing in on the clean energy boom

Lured by the hype, hope and promise of green energy, many investors fall for scams that often target the elderly.


As Italy shuts down from the novel coronavirus, air pollution declines steeply

What happened in China is already happening in another country with a major outbreak.


Acid Rain: a serious threat to the environment, product of pollution

The greater incidence of acid rain is caused by human action, especially due to the use of fossil fuels (oil and coal), which comes from factories, vehicles, power plants and boilers.


Breathing polluted air linked to risk of obesity, diabetes, other chronic illnesses: Study

A recent study suggests that breathing dirty air takes a heavy toll on gut bacteria, boosting risk of obesity, diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders and other chronic illnesses.


If you’re poor, poverty is an environmental issue

A survey from Cornell researchers — conducted among more than 1,100 US residents — found that there were, in fact, demographic differences in how people viewed environmental issues, with racial and ethnic minorities and lower-income people more likely to consider human factors such as racism and poverty as environmental, in addition to more ecological issues like toxic fumes from factories or car exhaust.


High air pollution levels in cities like Philadelphia linked to increased glaucoma risk

People living in cities with high pollution levels, like Philadelphia, have a 6% greater chance of developing glaucoma, a serious eye disease that can lead to blindness.


Indonesian government should include environmental development provisions in its omnibus finance bill

Bitra Suyatno

It’s a good start for building awareness about the importance of protecting the nation’s environment


Nature Conservation

Soft corals near Virgin Islands recover from hurricanes, but stony corals declining

Soft corals at three sites in the US Virgin Islands were able to recover from the destructive effects of nearly back-to-back Category 5 storms in 2017, but research by a UB marine ecologist puts that seemingly good news in the context of an ecosystem that is dramatically changing.


Now for something completely different
ACNC to undertake DGR reviews

The charities commission will review 500 Public Benevolent Institutions this year


Charities urged to make the move over to myGov

Charities will need to swap to the new system by the end of the month





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