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Hmmm, it seems that the human species and their activities are the problem.

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Coronavirus stimulus plans are an opportunity for bold climate action, experts say

Governments and financial institutions should incorporate climate change action into their COVID-19 economic recovery plans, said the head of the International Energy Agency, Fatih Birol.


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March 21

Naw Ruz – Baha’i


Ecological Observance

World Wood Day

International Day of Forests


Climate Change

Coronavirus stimulus plans are an opportunity for bold climate action, experts say

Governments and financial institutions should incorporate climate change action into their COVID-19 economic recovery plans, said the head of the International Energy Agency, Fatih Birol.


Germany has an unholy new alliance: climate denial and the far right

Bernhard Pötter

The AfD are using the climate crisis strategically to distance themselves from the established parties



Australia sleepwalking to an even bigger financial disaster: $283 billion cost

As Australia grapples with the economic fallout of COVID-19, an even bigger financial disaster is on the horizon, with drug-resistant bacteria set to cost the nation up to $283 billion by 2050.


Smoke from Australia’s bushfires killed far more people than the fires did, study says

Poor air quality contributed to 400 deaths and more than 4,000 hospital attendances, research in Medical Journal of Australia shows


Energy giants enact disaster plans to keep lights on in pandemic

Australia’s big energy generators are escalating crisis-response plans across their operations as concerns deepen about the threat of a coronavirus outbreak in their workforces jeopardising the country’s power supply.


COAG forms Energy Coordination Mechanism to oversee COVID-19 response

Energy ministers establish new “Energy Coordination Mechanism” to meet weekly and ramp-up reliability standard to manage coronavirus response.


Australia’s population grows by 1.5 per cent

ABS Demography Director Beidar Cho said: “The population at 30 September 2019 was 25.5 million people, following an annual increase of 371,100 people.”


There’s nothing like a crisis to remind us to listen to the experts

Crispin Hull

Let us not, in six months’ time, praise a government for acting decisively on expert advice in response to the COVID-19 crisis without asking the more important question: why don’t governments act on expert, impartial advice all the time? Or at least respect it and let it be the major consideration?


The case for Endgame C: stop almost everything, restart when coronavirus is gone

John Daley

Although unpleasant, stopping almost everything for eight to twelve weeks might be the best way to bounce back quickly.


Gas is burning any hope of science-based climate policy for Australia

David Shearman

The argument that Australia’s LNG is good for global emissions – pushed by Santos chief Kevin Gallagher – cannot be substantiated.


Covid and climate: Can Morrison listen to experts to flatten that “other” curve?

Sophie Vorrath

Here’s the good news. Prime minister Scott Morrison is not, it turns out, against listening to the experts and taking heed of their advice.



Government steps in to stop ‘reckless’ council taking ‘wrecking ball’ to award-winning street

The Victorian Government seizes control of a Geelong street in order to stop the local council spending $2 million to rip up parts of an award-winning green spine project.


Brimbank calls for Land Contamination Taskforce for Melbourne’s West

Council is calling on the State Government to take a western region-wide approach to addressing legacy contamination issues impacting the people of the West.


Tourist sites shut as Victoria’s virus tally reaches 150

Five of Victoria’s top outdoor tourist attractions are now closed to visitors as the state’s coronavirus case total tops 150. It follows the global pandemic’s spread to the state’s regional centres, while a slight glimmer of hope is emerging from the chaos.



Miners exposed to more dust than previously thought, study finds

From working on site all day, to sleeping at camp or a nearby town, coal miners are being exposed to more harmful dust than previously thought, according to new analysis.


Queensland’s CleanCo cleared to sell electricity directly to large users

The Queensland government-owned CleanCo has received approval from the Australian Energy Regulator to provide retail electricity services to large commercial and industrial customers from its growing portfolio of renewables…


Brigalow, the little solar farm that could, sending power to grid in Queensland

The Impact Investment Group-owned solar farm that fought the Queensland government in the Supreme Court is now sending power to the grid.


Viral meltdown a win for the green Left [$]

Des Houghton

Greens politicians must be exceedingly happy at the coronavirus crisis gripping Queensland and the world.



Wind output overtakes hydro power for first time in Tasmania

Wind output overtakes hydro for first time in Tasmania as state Liberal government plots path to “200 per cent” renewables.


Northern Territory

All non-essential travel to 76 remote NT communities banned

All non-essential travel to 76 Indigenous communities in the NT will be banned under new travel restrictions that may also require remote residents to self-isolate before returning home


‘Closing Uluru climb was a mistake’, says ex-ranger [$]

It was a decision that captivated the nation and brought thousands of people to the Red Centre for their final chance to climb Australia’s most iconic rock. And now the man who oversaw much of that says it was wrong.



Why not encourage cycling during the coronavirus lockdown?

Bikes allows people to maintain isolation but provide important respite from being indoors


India’s power plant stocks reach record levels even as electricity demand weakens

India has experienced a landmark 25TWh reduction in coal-fired power generation in India, highlighting speed of the energy transition, and its reduced reliance on imports.


We broke the rules – and coronavirus is our punishment

Elizabeth Farrelly

We know what the rules are. And we break them at our peril. When we attack nature, eventually nature fights back.


A pandemic, planetary reckoning, and a path forward

10h Paul R. Ehrlich

In addition to great concern over the COVID-19 pandemic, I’m also disappointed.


Nature Conservation

Mexico’s deadly toll of environment and land defenders catalogued in report

At least 83 murdered in 2012-2019, with a third of attacks targeting opponents of energy mega-projects


‘Nature is taking back Venice’: wildlife returns to tourist-free city

With the cruise ships gone and the souvenir stalls closed, the coronavirus lockdown has transformed La Serenissima’s waterways


Plastic pollution’s rapidly mounting toll

The number of marine species affected by plastic is over 900.


With temperatures rising, can animals survive the heat stress?

A growing number of studies show that warming temperatures are increasing mortality. Researchers warn that heat stress could become a major factor in future extinctions.


Why did Ecuador’s tallest waterfall suddenly disappear?

Experts hypothesize that the hydroelectric plant located upstream is indirectly related to the waterfall’s demise.


Now for something completely different
What makes coronavirus worse than the flu?

No, coronavirus is not ‘just like the flu’. Here’s why.


Why six is the magic coronavirus number [$]

As Australian governments undertake unprecedented peace time civil and economic interventions, what is the key number to track to see how successful all the measures are? Health experts say it is the doubling rate — the time in days it takes for the number of people infected to double. In Australia our doubling rate is tracking at between three and four days. In simple terms, the initial aim is to get that doubling rate up to about six days.



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