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How the coronavirus crisis is helping improve the environment across the world

As economic activity has slowed, air quality over Europe and China has temporarily improved. For climate scientists, the way millions of people around the world have changed their behaviour shows it is possible to do the same for the climate crisis.


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Mar 22

Laylat al-Mi’raj – Islam

Mothering Sunday – Christianity


Ecological Observance

Baltic Sea Day

National Tree Day – Sint Maarten

World Water Day


Climate Change

How the coronavirus crisis is helping improve the environment across the world

As economic activity has slowed, air quality over Europe and China has temporarily improved. For climate scientists, the way millions of people around the world have changed their behaviour shows it is possible to do the same for the climate crisis.


Global warming influence on extreme weather events has been frequently underestimated

Analysis shows global warming is intensifying the occurrence of unprecedented hot spells and downpours faster than predicted by historical trends.



Time to cut red and green tape to save economy [$]

Peter Gleeson

Now is not the time for the faint-hearted or weak, whether it be quarantining your family or protecting your company, business or simply your job. Bold, decisive leadership is not only required but mandatory.



Regional areas face increased fire risk due to weak regulator, former executive says

A former senior executive at Energy Safe Victoria says the safety watchdog lacks independence and is putting regional Victorians at unnecessary risk of bushfires sparked by powerline.


‘It’s hell’: Survivors of the summer fires have no idea what’s ahead, Bunyip bushfire victims warn

People rebuilding after bushfires in Victoria last year are angry about having to pay thousands of dollars in what one reside calls “a tax on trees”. And they are warning those affected by this year’s fires that the road ahead is a difficult one.


‘The forest is now terribly silent’: land set aside for threatened species entirely burnt out

Series of before and after images spark renewed calls for Victoria to urgently phase out native timber logging


Victoria’s population surges by 130,000 [$]

Victoria is again the No.1 state for population growth in Australia and Melbourne now has more people than all of Queensland. But our birth rate is far behind the leading state.


New South Wales

Menindee Lakes finally gets more water [$]

Menindee Lakes in NSW is receiving an influx of water released from Lake Wetherell to be sent down to the border town of Wentworth.


Melinda Pavey sent death threats over water crisis [$]

As Water Minister and the Nationals Member for Oxley, Melinda Pavey is well aware of the struggles affecting those in regional Australia. So when she was sent death threats via email, her response was surprising.



Indigenous knowledge meets modern technology in remote burning program

A not-for-profit land management group in outback Queensland wants an Indigenous burning program it runs to be adopted in other parts of the country.



Parks and Wildlife to close Three Capes Track and shut some Overland Track huts

Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service is shutting down visitor centres and some accommodation, including the Three Capes Track and a number of huts on the Overland Track.


Mountain biking, hiking and the beach popular activities among North-West locals and tourists during COVID-19 shutdowns

Outdoor areas were a popular choice among North-West tourists and residents amid the cancellations of sporting and events brought on by COVID-19 at the weekend.


Newly discovered c.1933 footage of the extinct Tasmanian Tiger (thylacine)

There are a handful of film clips of the Thylacine shot at the Beaumaris zoo and the London zoo and now researchers from the Tasmanian Tiger Archives Facebook Group collaborating with the State Library and Archive uncovered this additional footage


Alpine search for precious seeds [$]

Teams of seed collecting volunteers will be flown to remote regions of Tasmania as part of a project to ensure the survival of precious mountain pines.


Northern Territory

Northern Territory introduces strict new border controls to halt COVID-19 spread

The Northern Territory will introduce strict border controls from 4:00pm on March 24 that mean anyone arriving from interstate or overseas will have to self-isolate for 14 days.


Western Australia

Continuity plans, going green to beat ‘isolation blues’: Perth families reveal strategies

Working around the clock creating business continuity plans, one Perth woman suddenly thought: ‘What can we do as a family that is is in our sphere of influence?’



Electric jolt to carbon makes better water purifier

Nanocarbons for purifying water get a lot more efficient by exposing a precursor mixture to high voltage.


Impact of a second Dust Bowl would be felt worldwide

The climate crisis means that an agricultural disaster comparable to the Dust Bowl of the Great Depression can’t be excluded in the long term. A new study forecasts that its effects would exhaust 94% of American wheat reserves, and echo throughout the global trade network to cause shortfalls around the world. These results demonstrate that today’s global food system is highly vulnerable to shocks.


Increasingly mobile sea ice risks polluting Arctic neighbors

The movement of sea ice between Arctic countries is expected to significantly increase this century, raising the risk of more widely transporting pollutants like microplastics and oil between neighboring coastal states, according to new research from McGill University in collaboration with University of Colorado Boulder, Columbia University, and Arizona State University.


Nature Conservation

Natural habitat around farms a win for strawberry growers, birds and consumers

Removing natural habitat can increase growers’ costs up to 76% with no detectable effect on food safety


Crop diversity can buffer the effects of climate change

Researchers uncover benefits of diversified farms for protecting wildlife and buffering against climate change


Now for something completely different
How deadly and contagious is coronavirus?

How does the new coronavirus compare with Ebola, SARS and the plain old winter flu? This chart shows us the answer.


Coronavirus questions answered: How long it lasts for us, and for the country



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