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We are fortunate to have public intellectuals with vision, analytical skills and clarity in communication. In this off-list article, Richard Flanagan scores the trifecta.


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Post of the Day

Planning for the unknown: Lessons for energy sector from Covid-19

Mark Byrne

The current structure and governance of the electricity market in Australia is not fit for purpose to meet known and unknown challenges.


On This Day

Mar 27


Ecological Observance

Earth Hour 8.30pm Tomorrow


Coronavirus Watch

Confirmed cases: 2810. Deaths: 13


Volunteer Management During COVID19

This video from Volunteering Victoria outlines seven steps to effectively managing your volunteers during this time.


How to survive working from home with young kids

Ruchi Sinha

As self isolation measures to combat the spread of COVID-19 ramp up, there are a few things that parents with young children can do to help pull off the juggling act.


Your coronavirus lockdown survival guide

Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon

With income from external sources dropping, or disappearing, around the country, there are some house-bound hustles that could give your finances a much-needed boost.


Climate Change

These cities will feel climate change’s effects the most

The whole planet will feel climate change’s impacts over coming decades. But some cities will see more dramatic changes in temperature or precipitation than others.


What the coronavirus curve teaches us about climate change

Howard Kunreuther, Paul Slovic

Humans don’t easily grasp the concept of exponential growth, but it’s exactly why coronavirus has gotten so hard to manage—and why climate change could too.


Breaking transmission: The fight against the coronavirus offers a strategy for cutting carbon

Bill McKibben

Fighting climate change requires that we keep opening up gaps in the chain that keeps the planet-wrecking industry thriving.



Gas shortage looms for Victoria, NSW by 2024 as production declines

The energy market operator says Victoria and New South Wales are heading for a natural gas shortfall in winter months within four years as production from ExxonMobil and BHP’s Bass Strait gas fields rapidly declines.


Planning for the unknown: Lessons for energy sector from Covid-19

Mark Byrne

The current structure and governance of the electricity market in Australia is not fit for purpose to meet known and unknown challenges.


Cry me a river: The tragedy of the Murray–Darling Basin [extract]

Margaret Simons

I’ve come to think of the Murray–Darling Basin as being like a tree, except the sap runs not from root to twigs but in the other direction.



Victoria council works around Covid-19 restrictions to approve 200MW solar farm

A 200MW solar and battery project that faced delays due to Coronavirus restrictions has gained special passage through the local council approval process.


Neoen to take financial hit from delays to big wind and storage project

Leading renewable energy and battery storage developer Neoen says it is likely to take a financial hit from the lengthy delays to the big Bulgana wind and battery storage project in Victoria because the damages claims it can make for lost income are capped and will be exhausted soon.


Think of environment before you flush

Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) is urging Victorians to ‘think before they flush’, because of concerns that the use of products such as wet wipes, tissues or paper towels as alternatives for toilet paper could put pressure on the state’s sewers and domestic wastewater systems.


Big fine for illegal burn

Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) says that courts are increasingly prepared to convict companies and directors who are first time environmental offenders after a decision was handed down in the Dandenong Magistrates Court on 23 March 2020.


Melbourne’s big water order to boost supply [$]

Melbourne water users will be hit with a charge of about $9 next financial year for the Wonthaggi desalination plant in order to keep it at near-maximum capacity for healthier storages.


New South Wales

Paving way to a more sustainable, cooler future

City of Parramatta Council is trialling two innovative sustainable road solutions aimed at reducing waste materials and combatting heat.


Infectious diseases are another unrecognised cost of high population

Eric Claus

Sydney is crowded and congested, but our political leaders have us headed in the direction of Wuhan. Imagine a city 17 times as crowded and congested as Sydney and you’ve got the starting place for a pandemic.



Acciona to build huge 1GW wind farm in Queensland after landing CleanCo deal

Spanish renewable energy giant Acciona is to build a 1GW wind farm in Queensland – the largest in Australia – after signing a deal with the state government’s newly created state-owned clean energy generation company Cleanco.


Council U-turn exposes ratepayers to Caboolture River clean-up costs

Ratepayers north of Brisbane are exposed to costs of millions of dollars to remediate environmental damage from a proposed marina and canal estate on the Caboolture River.


Three reasons Brisbane’s population is booming [$]

Brisbane has recorded the second-highest population growth rate in Australia, and an expert says it’s all down to the three “green lights” of growth.


New coral bleaching event: Tourism industry needs Barrier Reef to be healthy when COVID crisis is over

ACF media release

With help, the tourism industry can recover after COVID-19, but only if there is a healthy Great Barrier Reef to visit once this crisis is over.


Statement on Great Barrier Reef bleaching

Great Barrier Reef Foundation media release

Aerial surveys have confirmed scientists’ fears that mass bleaching is occurring on the Great Barrier Reef now, with widespread bleaching caused by heat stress following the hottest February on record since 1900.


Dismay and devastation as record temperatures lead to mass coral bleaching on our Great Barrier Reef

The announcement of the third mass coral bleaching event in five years on our Great Barrier Reef is devastating news, the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) has said.



Tasmania Zoo faces uncertainty for animal care during coronavirus

Like many longstanding businesses, Tasmania Zoo’s closure will be the first in its 17-year history not counting Christmas Day.


Tasmania tells tourists to go home as coronavirus toll lifts

Tasmania has ordered all visitors to leave the island state by midnight Sunday, as Australia’s coronavirus death toll rose to 11 with more than 2500 confirmed cases.



Coal mines emit more methane than oil-and-gas sector, study finds

Findings of new study are the latest in a string of papers to suggest methane emissions from the fossil-fuel industry have been “severely underestimated”.


Coal power remains in global decline, despite Chinese surge

Even as China trys to stimulate its economy with a surge in coal plant construction, coal power remains in global decline.


Your actions alone can’t save the planet—but these habits can help

Each of us can help lighten our ecological load—in our homes, our neighborhoods, and the wider world.


This brutal pesticide creates a ‘circle of death.’ So why is it making a comeback?

Carbofuran, a century-old chemical, is increasingly being weaponized against birds and other wildlife, devastating entire food webs.


In race for a sustainable alternative to plastic, Indonesia bets on seaweed

Edible cups made from seaweed. Food containers from sugarcane fiber. These are some of the bioplastic alternatives being tried out in Indonesia.


In coronavirus, industry sees chance to undo plastic bag bans

Backers of single-use plastic bags, battered by a series of bans nationwide, are using the health scare to argue their bags are cleaner and safer.


Running out of things to do in isolation? Get back in the garden with these ideas from 4 experts

Anthea Batsakis

A behavioural science expert, a botanist, an environment media expert and an entomologist suggest ways to connect with nature in your garden.


Coronovirus pandemic could cripple the nuclear industry

Noel Wauchope

Nuclear power facilities have this one problem that is unique to the nuclear industry, and that is, the need for exceptional security.


Oil’s 60 per cent crash is the tip of the iceberg

Alex Longley and Javier Blas

As oil crashes due to the impact of the coronavirus, it’s easy to overlook an even more dismal reality for producers: the real prices they’re getting for their barrels are worse still.


In a global health emergency, the bicycle shines

Laura Laker

As the coronavirus crisis forces changes in transportation, some cities are building bike lanes and protecting cycling shops. Here’s why that makes sense.


Nature Conservation

Rare birds have been seen on Lima beaches as COVID-19 forces people away

Ten days after a state of emergency was declared in Peru in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the usually crowded beaches of Lima have been taken over by Peruvian gulls and pelicans.


Agency drafts conservation plan to protect Hawaii seabirds

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has finalized the first draft of a plan to protect threatened and endangered bird species on Kauai.




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