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The Swedish and Austrian closure of all coal-using electricity generation should prompt Rhodes Scholar Angus ‘Fantastic’ Taylor to reflect on Australia’s coal obsession. I’m guessing it won’t. John Kunkel, the Pentecostal PM’s Chief of Staff and former coal industry boss, and the hordes of other ex-resource industry types in political offices are all there to make sure that reflection of that kind doesn’t occur.

Post of the Day

No green new deal for Australia as Coalition tightens embrace of fossil fuels

Michael Mazengarb

The full economic impact of the Covid-19 is still yet unknown, but it is clear that world’s governments face a choice in their response: Do they look to protect industries in terminal decline, or do they look to the long-term, supporting new green industries to flourish in a post-Covid-19 future?


On This Day

Apr 25

Anzac Day – Australia and New Zealand


Ecological Observance

Arbor Day – Germany

World Penguin Day


Coronavirus Watch

Confirmed cases: 6,675. Deaths: 79


The ‘cytokine storm’: What’s behind the COVID-19 ‘second-week crash’?

In some cases of COVID-19, it may be the body’s response to the virus, rather than the virus itself, that ultimately causes harm.


Keep some coronavirus restrictions beyond pandemic, public health expert says

In response to the global COVID-19 health crisis, Australians have adapted to a more rigorous hygiene routine, worked from home and kept their distance from others. But should social distancing become permanent?


Climate Change

Student activists from around the world hold 24hr live stream strike

Climate student advocate group, Fridays For Future, is holding a 24 hour livestream on YouTube featuring countries from all around the world, starting East in Australia and the Pacific Islands, and ending West in the Americas.



The Government has splashed the cash for oil but how much have we bought?

The Energy Minister says the Australian taxpayer has got a great deal, and the country’s oil reserves have been boosted, but just how much oil is now in storage is unclear.


Ain’t nothing but mammals for new Australian Museum chief scientist

Professor Kristofer Helgen has helped name more than 100 mammals, including the Skywalker hoolock gibbon.


ARENA makes case for more funding, points to jobs, costs and investment gains

ARENA makes the case for its continued existence with a report showing the significant benefits the agency has delivered to clean energy and regional Australia.


Why McMansions could defy the downturn

The virus-induced shutdown could prompt a flight to the suburbs and reignite demand for McMansions as families bunker down to weather the health and economic crisis caused by the coronavirus.


Australia’s $500m ‘moon shot’ to fireproof the nation

It is Australia’s equivalent of a moon shot, a $500 million-plus effort to fireproof the nation.


Coronavirus: coal-fired power, health system key to future: John Howard

John Howard says Australia should not abandon resources and energy production, including coal, and must preserve its health system, which strikes a “sweet spot” between the US and European models, as it develops post-COVID-19 reforms.


No green new deal for Australia as Coalition tightens embrace of fossil fuels

Michael Mazengarb

The full economic impact of the Covid-19 is still yet unknown, but it is clear that world’s governments face a choice in their response: Do they look to protect industries in terminal decline, or do they look to the long-term, supporting new green industries to flourish in a post-Covid-19 future?


Don’t worry: staying at home for months is unlikely to lead to an eye-watering electricity bill

Bruce Mountain et al

Those endless cups of tea while working from home are unlikely to add much to your electricity bill. But coronavirus poses other problems for the electricity sector.



The road to recovery: Are Victoria’s mega-projects still worth it?

Clay Lucas and Timna Jacks

Could the pandemic provide a sort of reset, where Daniel Andrews relaxes his focus on big builds and turns to other infrastructure to get the economy pumping?


New South Wales

Hazard reduction burn for Kamay Botany Bay National Park

The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) and Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) is undertaking a hazard reduction burn in Kamay Botany Bay National Park, La Perouse, Friday 24 April.


Australia’s biggest “solar garden” seeks investors in NSW Riverina region

1MW “solar garden” designed to deliver renewable power to people without a rooftop of their own seeks expressions of interest from the local Riverina community.


NSW government paves way for more – and bigger – rooftop solar systems

What, exactly, is a two-sided wholesale electricity market? And will it really be good for consumers, or just sound like it?


Buried under colonial concrete, Botany Bay has even been robbed of its botany

Rebecca Hamilton et al: If we want to conserve ecosystems that escaped European exploitation and mismanagement, we must start listening to environmental histories to compliment scientific research.


The lucky group enjoying fewer constraints under COVID: developers

Elizabeth Farrelly

The NSW government has cleared the way for stroke-of-a-pen development approvals. Trust it if you dare.



Indigenous activists permanently barred from Queensland’s Adani mine site

Mining giant Adani has won its bid to stop two Indigenous traditional owners from returning to the Carmichael mine site.


South Australia

Ecologist warns of dingo ‘functional extinction’ north of dog fence ahead of new controls

The SA Government is proposing new incentives for landholders to kill wild dogs on their properties, as well as allowing aerial baiting, but an ecologist says the new policy will inevitably target native dingoes.


Satellites used in algae battle to help save Coorong bird life

Algae is being tracked by satellite in the Coorong in a bid to help protect South Australia’s world-renowned bird refuge.



Hydro Tasmania says “deep storage” cheapest, most resilient option for renewable grid

Hydro Tasmania pushes case for “deep storage” as cheapest and most resilient option for a renewables grid, and wants to make sure regulators have the right modelling.


Western Australia

Rooftop solar displaces more coal as W.A. grid reaches new demand low

Rooftop solar pushing out coal fired generation and causing new demand lows for the W.A. grid, underlying the state’s case for its distributed roadmap.



As coronavirus shutdowns reduce air pollution, European solar generation breaks records

Three of Europe’s biggest economies – Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom – have recently achieved new records in solar generation, due in part to a drop in air pollution from coronavirus-related shutdowns, which has cleared skies and boosted production of photovoltaic cells


Could changing the way we farm rice be a climate solution?

Farmers are on focusing on ways to reduce methane emissions and save water to further reduce the staple crop’s climate footprint.


‘Instead of coronavirus, the hunger will kill us.’ A global food crisis looms

The world has never faced a hunger emergency like this, experts say. It could double the number of people facing acute hunger to 265 million by the end of this year.


Sweden exits coal two years ahead of schedule, Austria closes last coal plant

Austria and Sweden have both announced the closure of their last coal plants – with Sweden doing so two years ahead of schedule.


UK solar smashes generation records during Covid-19 pollution slump

UK solar generation reached a new record high of 9.68GW, thanks in large part to the Coronavirus-related slump in air pollution levels resulting in clearer skies.


The bags are back: health concerns and cheap oil sees plastic make a comeback [$]

Amber Schultz

The lower price of crude, as well as fear about the coronavirus, is helping fuel a resurgence of single-use plastics. But it doesn’t have to be permanent.


Nature Conservation

Australian scientist names tiny Antarctic creature after Greta Thunberg

An 82-year-old Australian scientist said it seemed appropriate to name a newly discovered species after climate activist Greta Thunberg, given its habitat.



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