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Post of the Day

Climate change: For big emissions reductions, we need to think small

Small-scale clean energy and low carbon technologies—such as solar panels, smart appliances and electric bicycles—are more likely to push society toward meeting climate goals than large-scale technologies, according to a new study from a team of international researchers.


On This Day

Apr 4

End of daylight saving a reminder to turn back clocks and check fire risks

Daylight saving will end this Sunday, April 5, meaning clocks need to be turned back one hour at 3am, Eastern Standard Time.


Ecological Observance

World Rat Day

World Stray Animals Day


Coronavirus Watch

Confirmed cases: 5,350. Deaths: 28


Data reveals why our isolation can’t just end when we’ve flattened the curve

Data suggests Australia’s strict physical-distancing measures are beginning to work — but the risks are huge if we relax too quickly.


Coronavirus lockdown: When can we all go back to life as it used to be?

For the past three weeks, Australia has been slowly closing down.


How you can shop safely during the coronavirus lockdown

Shopping for essentials is one of the few reasons deemed acceptable for leaving our homes under coronavirus social-distancing rules.


Special Issue: How we will all solve the climate crisis

We only have one Earth. And we have the technology to save it.


Climate Change

Oceans’ capacity to absorb CO2 overestimated, study suggests

Research into North Atlantic plankton likely to lead to negative revision of global climate calculations


The abnormal new normal: confronted by a cluster of threats this summer, is Antarctica at a tipping point?

Melting ice shelves, surging visitor numbers and geopolitical wrangling made the past year a turbulent one for Antarctica – which is also dealing with what some are calling “climate strange”.


Climate change: For big emissions reductions, we need to think small

Small-scale clean energy and low carbon technologies—such as solar panels, smart appliances and electric bicycles—are more likely to push society toward meeting climate goals than large-scale technologies, according to a new study from a team of international researchers.


While we fixate on coronavirus, Earth is hurtling towards a catastrophe worse than the dinosaur extinction

Andrew Glikson

The risks to nature from man-made global warming – and the imperative to act – are clear.



Government buys more carbon abatement in latest auction, but Paris targets still in doubt

CER welcomes rise in interest in carbon abatement projects, but latest auction results still fall well short of what’s needed to hit 2030 emissions target.


Solar constraints could be relaxed before end of April, clearing path for new projects

The tough grid constraints which has cut the output of five solar farms in Victoria and NSW by half over the last six months could be relaxed by the end of April, and hopefully ease the path for a growing queue of other large scale wind and solar projects to finalise their grid connections and commissioning.


Almost half of all shareholders at Santos AGM back stronger emissions target

Activists says resolution shows strong support for fossil fuel companies to set limits on their own emissions and those that result from their products


How the looming recession threatens Australia’s charities

Josh Dye

Welfare organisations are bracing for a perfect storm of surging demand and falling donations. But there is hope.


New South Wales

New England pumped hydro study gets boost with ARENA funding

NSW and ARENA chip in funding to complete feasibility study into 600MW/7,200MWh pumped hydro project, central to New England REZ plans.


World-renowned koala bushfire victims released back into the wild

Several world-renowned koalas rescued from a New South Wales fireground have now returned home having recovered in the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital.



Qld coal mine bought for $1 is now the centrepiece of $256 million takeover

Stanmore Coal, the company that made millions from a central Queensland mine it bought for $1,  appears to be moving into foreign hands for $256 million.


South Australia

New solar bins trial

The CleanCube smart bins, distributed by South Australian company Smart City Solutions, are solar powered, compact on site, and house a standard 240L wheelie bin that holds up to eight times more waste than usual. When full, these bins send an alert to the waste company for collection.


Dead in the water: Crows abandon parklands plan [$]

The Adelaide Football Club has formally withdrawn its plan to demolish the Aquatic Centre and build a new headquarters in the North Adelaide parklands.



Why all Tasmanian devils are born this month

If you see a Tasmanian devil this week, remember to wish it happy birthday. They’ve earned it, after a “brutal” natural selection process in which a maximum of four joeys — out of a litter of 40 — survive.


Northern Territory

Rural area mine to pump $500m into local economy

The Territory Government has announced the all-clear for an open-cut lithium mine just 35km from Berry Springs, which could pump more than half a billion dollars into the local economy


Western Australia

W.A. paves way for more stand-alone power systems, and distributed batteries

Western Australia government paves way for more renewable-based stand-alone power systems and distributed storage – and for competition in the networks.


Concern over lithium-ion battery safety as Western Australians stay home

Western Australians are being asked to take simple steps to protect themselves against home fires as more people stay home to help manage the COVID-19 pandemic.​



France solar auction success delivered at nuclear’s expense

France announces winners of latest renewables auctions, including 12 solar projects totalling nearly 100MW commissioned to replace a decommissioned nuclear plant.


How your home battery can help keep the grid stable and prices down

Tesla data shows how household batteries orchestrated through “virtual power plants” provide critical system security services and push down costs for all consumers.


The moment for food sovereignty is now

From panic planting to cooperative gardens, farmers focused on equity and food justice know that ‘if you can feed yourself, you can free yourself.’


Edible insects set to be approved by EU in ‘breakthrough moment’

Food safety agency’s decision could put mealworms, locusts and baby crickets on menus


Longing for the great outdoors? Think smaller

Access to parks, nature, and wildlife is critical for physical and emotional well-being. Now some city dwellers sheltered at home must find it in new ways. 


Protective gear shortage affects workers at Fukushima nuclear plant

The shortage of protective gear caused by the coronavirus pandemic has hit the workers at the meltdown-hit Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan, where they’ve needed them daily for years to guard against radiation.


Renewables make up over half of Germany′s power mix

But some wind and solar advocates warn investment is needed for that to remain the case.


A Green-Red New Deal can save black lives in a post-Covid-19 world

J. Ama Mantey

Race, not class, is the strongest predictor of whether someone will be overburdened by environmental pollution, climate disasters and other hazards.


Now is our chance to create a new normal [$]

Robin Tennant-Wood

If we take lessons from history, we can use this chance to emerge from the pandemic with a world changed for the better.


Nature Conservation

Brazil: coronavirus fears weaken Amazon protection ahead of fire season

Fewer law enforcement officials going into the field open door for land invasions, indigenous communities and NGOs warn


A tourism lull may be good for animals—but not for long

The economic catastrophe resulting from COVID-19 will have surprising and lasting impacts—good and bad—on endangered wildlife.


Now for something completely different
Bill Withers dies at 81

Ain’t no sunshine now he’s gone



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