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How environmental movement plans to leverage the coronavirus pandemic

One hopeful development arising from the coronavirus pandemic: Global air quality is improving dramatically as the outbreak sends many countries into lockdown, climate scientists say.


On This Day

April 7

Annunciation – Eastern Christianity

Theravada New Year – Buddhism


Ecological Observance

Beaver Day


Coronavirus Watch

Confirmed cases: 5795. Deaths: 41


There are millions of Australians who face a higher risk of death if exposed to coronavirus

Much of the focus of Australia’s response to the coronavirus pandemic has been on protecting older Australians — but they’re not the only ones who face higher risks.


As coronavirus restrictions hit home, more people are shopping online. But will your package even be delivered?

First and foremost, it’s important to note that Australia Post is still operational — so if you’ve placed an online order, there’s a good chance it will still be delivered.


New coronavirus cases in Australia could number almost zero by July, modelling suggests

University of Sydney simulation is based on 90% compliance with social distancing rules


Climate Change

A time tunnel to our pre-industrial atmosphere could hold the secrets of our future climate

Trapped deep under layers of solid Antarctic ice are air bubbles from before the industrial age holding clues to a climate riddle which could radically reshape our understanding of global warming.


Carbon emissions are falling sharply due to coronavirus. But not for long

CO2 emissions are crashing as the world winds down, but experts say the drop won’t last if governments don’t start moving to cleaner energy.


As Himalayas warm, Nepal’s climate migrants struggle to survive

Pushed out of their village by a drought and lack of food, a group of Nepalis are fighting to amplify the voices of those forced to relocate by the planet’s warming.


What the coronavirus can teach us about the climate

Charles Komanoff, Christopher Ketcham

The global response to the coronavirus pandemic should give us hope that collective climate suicide can be avoided.



Santos must come clean on methane and accept its responsibilities to human health

On what basis does Santos claim that LNG exports lower emissions in client countries when it is known that fugitive emissions negate any advantage over coal?


Under cover of pandemic, fossil fuel interests unleash lobbying frenzy

Oil and gas sector, including in Australia, ramps up lobbying for financial support and the repeal of environmental regulations due to Covid-19 pandemic.


Employment in Renewable Energy Activities, Australia, 2018-19

Roof top solar drives increase in renewable energy jobs


Australia’s oil refineries under pressure as fuel demand evaporates

Caltex’s temporary shutdown of one of Australia’s four remaining oil refineries has reignited concerns about the industry’s viability, as the coronavirus crisis wipes out global fuel demand and guts profits.



Protecting Bayside’s foreshore

Environmental protection works are happening in Sandringham to reduce erosion and protect the costal environment. These works are taking place along the coastal path and Trey Bit Reserve during April and May.


Environmental activist targets Morrison

Michael Staindl claims the PM defamed him before Christmas when he described the legal action against Josh Frydenberg as “despicable” and “anti-Semitic”.


New South Wales

NSW approves critical Snowy 2.0 factory as more energy experts call for project halt

Snowy 2.0 tunnel segment factory gets planning approval as environmental groups and energy experts call for project to be halted, pending independent review.


Dr Paul Grimes appointed head of Environment Energy and Science

The NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) has announced the appointment of Dr Paul Grimes to the role of Coordinator General Environment, Energy and Science after an extensive national search and competitive process.


Deadly pollutant surged by 3000 per cent at coal-fired power plant

The amount of dangerous fine particle pollution emitted by the Vales Point coal-fired power station on the NSW Central Coast has increased by 3000 per cent over the past six years and 181 percent last year.


RFS concerned about ‘what the risk could be’ for next fire season, says incoming commissioner

“If I can get us through the next fire season without people losing homes or worse … I will consider it successful.”


‘Environmental vandalism’: State’s response to secret land audit blasted

The Berejiklian government’s response to a confidential audit of new native vegetation laws that found a 13-fold jump in land clearing, and its refusal to consider appointing an independent umpire to preserve key wildlife, has been condemned as “totally inadequate”.



The Great Barrier Reef is having a rough year too, but it’s adapting to change

The Great Barrier Reef experiences the most widespread bleaching ever recorded, with damage stretching throughout all three regions of the reef for the first time.


More time to get ready for new Reef regulations

The start date for regulating new or expanded cropping, horticulture and industrial activities in Reef catchments will be delayed to provide extra time for Queensland’s farmers and other industries to prepare, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.


We just spent two weeks surveying the Great Barrier Reef. What we saw was an utter tragedy

Terry Hughes and Morgan Pratchett

Coral bleaching last summer was severe and widespread. And for the first time, severe bleaching has struck all three regions of the Great Barrier Reef.


South Australia

Adelaide startup launches software to outsmart electricity prices

A South Australian clean energy startup has launched software to control the purchase and release of electricity in household grid-powered battery systems.


Mining to help dig state economy out of crisis

South Australia’s mining sector is well placed to play a crucial role in helping the state’s economy recover from the COVID-19 crisis.


Fleurieu’s hooded plovers plucky in love [$]

Some of the Fleurieu Peninsula’s cutest and most vulnerable coastal residents have had a successful breeding season, with 17 hooded plover chicks ready to fly the nest.



Muttonbird fears allayed, 2020 season effectively cancelled

Fears that the late Tasmanian arrival of migratory muttonbirds could spell disaster for the breeding season have been partially dispelled after subsequent egg laying in the Furneaux Islands was largely reported as on time.


Northern Territory

Northern Territory offers $6,000 grant for home batteries, cuts solar tariff

Northern Territory to provide $6,000 grant for homes and businesses to install battery storage, funded by a cut in the solar feed in tariff.


Western Australia

West Australia puts community batteries at top of new energy roadmap

The West Australia Labor government has unveiled a new energy roadmap that puts community battery storage at the top of its proposals to embrace a wholesale switch to distributed energy sources such as rooftop solar panels, household and community batteries, electric vehicles and microgrids.


Bushfire threat eases near Mandurah, south of Perth, as emergency warning downgraded

About 85 firefighters are continuing to battle an out-of-control bushfire burning through scrub in Furnissdale near Mandurah, south of Perth.



Fire in Chernobyl Exclusion Zone creates large spike in radiation levels

A forest fire burning near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant sees radiation in the area spike, as Ukrainian teams continue to battle the blaze.


New renewable energy capacity hit record levels in 2019

Most new electricity was green and coronavirus bailouts must boost this further, says agency


High-density living should not be feared, despite the the global pandemic

The benefits of high-density living far outweigh the potential for increased spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19, experts say.


How environmental movement plans to leverage the coronavirus pandemic

One hopeful development arising from the coronavirus pandemic: Global air quality is improving dramatically as the outbreak sends many countries into lockdown, climate scientists say.


EPA: Hawaii must consider plastic pollution’s effect on water quality

Hawaii’s Department of Health has been ordered by the federal government to consider whether plastic is polluting the state’s water.


Cleaning your home: Good. Accidentally poisoning yourself: Bad

Improper use of cleaning supplies at home can be dangerous to your health — even deadly.


East Africa locust swarms gather as pandemic delays pesticides

Coronavirus-linked flight restrictions are hampering efforts to wipe out locust swarms on the verge of devastating crops in eastern Africa, the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, has warned.


What will the world be like after coronavirus?

Simon Mair

Coronavirus, like climate change, is partly a problem of our economic structure. Although both appear to be “environmental” or “natural” problems, they are socially driven.


Forget coronavirus – what about the travel bug?

Peter Boyer

Good times for travellers have gone, and the travel industry will never be the same again.


The Earth is telling us we must rethink our growth society

William E Rees

Why COVID-19 previews a larger crash. What we must do to save ourselves.


Nature Conservation

Changes to drylands with future climate change

While drylands around the world will expand at an accelerated rate because of future climate change, their average productivity will likely be reduced, according to a new study.


The next pandemic is already coming, unless humans change how we interact with wildlife, scientists say

The global wildlife trade, agricultural intensification, deforestation and urbanization are bringing people closer to animals, giving their viruses more of what they need to infect us: opportunity.


Coronavirus: Putting the spotlight on the global wildlife trade

Conservation experts say the pandemic is a watershed moment for curbing global wildlife trade.


The mushroom cloud’s silver lining: how the Cold War is helping the biggest fish in the sea

Mark Meekan

The findings will help determine the age of whale sharks, protecting the endangered animals into the future.



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