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Victoria pushes ahead with wind power, Queensland pushes ahead with coal, Germany closes down nuclear power stations and Australia puts an ex-uranium mining exec on the review team for the EPBC Act. How many steps forward and how many steps back?

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Post of the Day

‘Green Swan’ virus shock proves need for joint climate action

The coronavirus pandemic that’s sent the global economy into a tailspin highlights the need for international collaboration to tackle crises posing severe threats to human lives, chief among them climate change, according to the Bank for International Settlements.


On This Day

May 16


Coronavirus Watch

Confirmed cases: 7,019. Deaths: 98


Here’s what you missed from the Prime Minister’s latest coronavirus update

Scott Morrison unveils the details for the nationwide mental health and wellbeing pandemic plan to help people through the coronavirus crisis. Here’s the lowdown on everything you missed.


Climate Change

‘Green Swan’ virus shock proves need for joint climate action

The coronavirus pandemic that’s sent the global economy into a tailspin highlights the need for international collaboration to tackle crises posing severe threats to human lives, chief among them climate change, according to the Bank for International Settlements.



Fishers delighted to hear southern bluefin tuna bag limits will not be halved

The past 74 hours has been like Christmas, Easter and New Year’s Eve all rolled into one for the team the Portland tackle shop in south-west Victoria.


Labor calls for end to ‘decade-long barney’ on climate wars in post-pandemic recovery

Jim Chalmers says his party is prepared to make some compromises by supporting the national energy guarantee


Morrison government passes laws to aid expensive brown hydrogen experiment

As measures to support clean energy sector are shelved, the Morrison government pushes through legislation to aid a costly brown hydrogen experiment.


Australia needs to be more self-reliant but we must be smart about it

Luke Gosling

We should not lift our drawbridge to the world – it would tank the national economy


Alinta still to meet FIRB conditions as privacy investigation underway

Adele Ferguson

A Senate hearing into Alinta revealed the company is still working on FIRB conditions more than three years after it was given the green light to be sold to a Chinese-owned company.


The classic move: blaming migrants

David Hale

Let them come here at least on a temporary basis, and even increase the numbers.


Uranium, extinction, expedited approvals and extreme risks: the need for stronger environmental laws

Mia Pepper

The appointment of a former uranium mining company executive to the EPBC Review Committee suggests that there may be some support within the government for a weakening of uranium mining regulations.


Crash or no crash, ethical investing wins yet again [$]

James Kirby

It must be infuriating for the rearguard faction that still sees ethical investing as a tree-hugging movement that will have its day.



Victorians most at risk from bushfires believed emergency services could save them, CFA data shows

Before last year’s catastrophic fire season, Victorians at ‘extreme’ risk had unrealistic expectations of help


Airport rail consortium calls for support on tunnel option

A super fund-backed private consortium offering $7 billion to build Melbourne’s airport rail link is urging state and federal support for the project that would create thousands of jobs.


Swinburne University inks deal with Infigen to go 100 per cent renewables

Swinburne University partners with Infigen Energy to power its campus with 100 per cent renewable electricity supplied by Cherry Tree Wind Farm.


First production spotted from Victoria’s biggest wind and battery hub

First output spotted from Bulgana green power hub which will be biggest wind and battery facility in Victoria.


Regulator approves accreditation for Australia’s biggest wind farm

Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator says it has approved the accreditation under the Renewable Energy Target of Stockyard Hill Wind Farm in Victoria which will be the biggest in Australia with a total capacity of 531.9 megawatts.


New South Wales

Indigenous elder wins ‘David and Goliath’ battle to stop Lismore development

A major residential development underway on the New South Wales north coast is now in jeopardy after successful court action by a local Indigenous elder.


Ley asked to intervene in NSW forest spat

The federal environment minister is being asked to intervene in a plan to raze a forest in Manyana, in bushfire-ravaged NSW, to create 180 housing lots.


‘Just magic’: First big flows in seven years start key wetland revival

It’s just after dawn earlier this week, and Peter Berney, a senior National Parks and Wildlife Service ranger, is picking out some of the 30 species of birds that have begun returning to the Narran Lakes in northern NSW.


‘Carmageddon’: Thousands of Sydneysiders to be pushed off public transport

Hundreds of thousands of Sydneysiders will have to change their commuting habits over the coming weeks as the state government looks to impose strict controls on the public transport network that may result in traffic havoc on the roads.


Narren Lake in Northern NSW has had the biggest inflow since 2013

Senior National Parks & Wildlife Service Ranger Peter Berney, talks about the first “really good drink’ that Narren Lake has had in seven years.


Let’s revive the larrikin spirit of Mundey and Leplastrier to secure our future

Elizabeth Farrelly

A unionist and an architect, who were unafraid of the consequences dissent, provide a model for the kind of post-pandemic world we should aspire to.



What lies beneath: The hidden works that are set to transform Brisbane

The tunnelling machines have started beneath the old Roma Street train and bus station. What will rise up once Cross River Rail is complete in 2024?


$1 billion Olive Downs coal mine a step closer after green approval

Pembroke Resources has been given crucial environmental approval and is likely to receive a green light within months to start construction of its $1 billion Olive Downs coal mine in central Queensland.


South Australia

More water for SA irrigators this year

Good rainfall is set to allow irrigators along the River Murray get more water later this year and for the coming growing season.


Kai Wild: ‘I was frequently in tears, seeing animals in such excruciating pain’

Rescuing 107 koalas is no easy task – for the animals or those trying to save them.


$5.3m coastal path is finally on track [$]

Work started on the Witton Bluff base trail in the 1980s. Decades later, the project will finally be complete, thanks to a State Government cash injection.


Tesla big battery recoups cost of construction in little over two years

It’s taken just a little over two years for the Tesla big battery, officially known as the Hornsdale Power Reserve, to re-coup in revenue the cost of construction of what remains the world’s biggest lithium ion battery.



Wildlife at risk as restrictions ease [$]

Tasmanians are being urged to take extra care in the state’s parks and reserves due to an increase of animal activity.


Western Australia

Wyatt to WA: Open the Kimberley to save tourism

Federal Minister for Indigenous Australians Ken Wyatt has called for the re-opening of the Kimberley as soon as possible, saying all the WA Government has to do is ask if it wants restrictions eased.



German nuclear power-station demolished in spectacular explosion

A spectacular controlled explosion has brought down the two cooling towers of a disused nuclear plant in southern Germany, as Germany moves towards withdrawing from nuclear power.


Emissions drop during pandemic creates unexpected challenge

Stay-at-home orders around the world have set the stage for an unintentional experiment: What happens to the planet when some of the most polluting activities grind to a halt?


Ozone layer: Concern grows over threat from replacement chemicals

Substances used for air conditioning in almost all new cars are building up in the environment and may pose a threat to human health, researchers say.


Biosphere of influence [$]

Stephen Romei

The idea of replicating Earth in outer space has intrigued writers and filmmakers for a long time. Today it also interests billionaires such as Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, who look to Mars as a possible home away from home.


Nature Conservation

World’s largest flower blooms

The Amorphophallus titanium, or ‘Titan Arum’ flower can weigh as much as 130kg and takes 72 hours to bloom once every three years. Belgium’s Meisa Botanic Garden live-streamed the rare event on Wednesday.


Plastic pollution threatens marine life, humans and ecosystems. Enter FRED, a future vacuum of the ocean

A nonprofit group is trying to help solve one of the planet’s most daunting problems: oceans littered with plastic.


EU to halve pesticides by 2030 to protect bees, biodiversity: Draft

The European Commission is seeking to halve the use of chemical pesticides by 2030 to halt the decline of pollinators, in a plan likely to draw criticism both from those urging a phase-out of the substances and from farmers who say crop yields will suffer.


Study shows Lake Erie plastic pollution worse below surface

A new study has found there could be as much as 50 times more plastic sitting at the bottom of Lake Erie than can be seen on the surface.


COVID-19 hits conservation efforts

Researchers behind habitat restoration and wildlife protection groups are struggling to continue work amid the pandemic.


Include the true value of nature when rebuilding economies after coronavirus

Nature editorial

The pandemic is devastating economies. As countries look to revive growth, recovery must go with — not against — the grain of nature.




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