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Sorry, off-list again but a media-related comment all the same. Insiders, 9 am on ABC TV, was my Sunday religious observance and it still is, though my fervour wanes. The encroaching of News Corp is becoming hard to bear. This morning Greg Sheridan, in a third outrageous appearance on the couch, was singing the praises of coal with strident claims of coal-fired power stations mushrooming (he spruiked nuclear too) across Asia. Annabel Crabb was gearing up to take him on .. but they ran out of time. Is this the return for the Happy Clapper’s captain’s pick for Chair, the Itaisation of the ABC?

Post of the Day

We now have the proof: greening the economy doesn’t come at the price of prosperity

Fiona Harvey

After the financial crisis, green investment paid dividends. Coronavirus presents an even greater opportunity


On This Day

May 24

Saint Cyril and Methodius Day – Eastern Orthodox

Eid al-Fitr – Islam


Ecological Observance

European Day of Parks


Coronavirus Watch

Confirmed cases: 7,111. Deaths: 102


Climate Change

Humanity must take this chance to find a new ‘normal’ – and safeguard our planet

Elizabeth Maruma Mrema

Climate risks and opportunities need to be incorporated into the financial system as well as public policymaking and infrastructure



Covid commission boss Nev Power steps back at gas company amid conflict of interest concerns

The Morrison government commission has promoted gas as a key way to boost the economy after the coronavirus crisis



Best day trips from Melbourne: Six top national and state parks to visit

For the day-tripper, here’s six of the best outings from Melbourne for a healthy dose of nature and exercise.


EPA concedes it should be more transparent after review into two chemical leaks at Port Pirie

The Environment Protection Authority proposes a number of changes to ensure it operates more transparently, after the public were not told about two chemical leaks.


‘Fundamental changes’: Victorian commuters to face big differences post-COVID

The way we use public transport will change fundamentally as society opens back up, health authorities warn, but no decision on masks


Secret EPA reports reveal PFAS problem on West Gate Tunnel

Soil being dug up in the heart of Melbourne to build the $6.7 billion West Gate Tunnel has PFAS levels that are 100 times the acceptable amount in drinking water.


More than 20 new parks and off-leash dog areas revealed

The Andrews government has revealed the locations of 24 new suburban parks, including nine off-leash dog areas, to open from next year.


Why Sydney Rd cycle lane plan may get the green light [$]

As debate rages over the future of the busy Sydney Rd shopping strip and traders rail against a proposal to replace parking in the area with cycling lanes, new modelling reveals how much the plan would cost.


Days of wild horses and Snowy River romance are numbered

Andrew Rule

When word passed around that shooters in helicopters were going to shoot and kill Bogong brumbies, it set the scene for the last great brumby muster. Then a court action at the eleventh hour stopped the cull — but only for now.


The Victorian Government needs to reconsider its duck hunting policy

Peter Wicks

Considering the amount of problems brought on by duck hunting season in Victoria, it’s time for the Government to finally end it.


New South Wales

Bushfire-impacted koalas in NSW monitored in new study set to boost survival rates

Australian conservationists have begun a new program to monitor the survival of bushfire-impacted koalas in their native habitat.


Extra services added to Sydney’s straining transport network

Dozens of extra buses are being added to the busiest sections of Sydney’s straining public transport system as hundreds of thousands of students return to school amid strict social distancing measures on services.


Zoos and aquariums to reopen but there’s catch [$]

After two months in lockdown, the NSW government has given zoos, wildlife parks and aquariums the green light to reopen. However, health guidelines means certain rules to be put in place to protect both visitors and the animals.


How to change post-pandemic Sydney for the better

Elizabeth Farrelly

Now is the moment to remake the city.


The golf war will be the great gulf of Sydney

Peter FitzSimons

Stand by Sydney. If the history of our fair city has been a saga of struggles – Natives v Settlers, Protestants v Catholics, East v West, Workers v Pinstripes, Lattes v Late for the day shift, ALP v LNP, Developers v Everyone – I do believe this very week has just seen the formal beginnings of an entirely new battlefront that has been bubbling under for some time.



Recycled sewage water could soon be in our taps [$]

The State Government has quietly introduced changes that pave the way to adding treated sewage water to southeast Queensland’s drinking supplies.


South Australia

Drive for tourism investors in SA’s parks [$]

Private investors are key to a government plan to build up eco-tourism opportunities in South Australia, including in our national parks.

43m ago



Planting for bird protection on International Biological Diversity Day

Community gardens across Northern Tasmania have dug deep this week to protect their biodiversity as part of International Biological Diversity Day.


Northern Territory

The plains of Africa are off the cards, but this NT tour guide is reminding us about the wonder of Kakadu NP

As Northern Territory tour guides ask Australians “where the bloody hell are you?” in coronavirus lockdown, crocs and rare birds send a reminder of Kakadu’s inspiring beauty.



India’s current solar tariffs 30 per cent lower than existing thermal power costs: Study

The current solar tariffs in India, which are between Rs 2.50-2.87 per kilowatt hour (kWh), have stabilised at rates 20-30 per cent below the cost of existing thermal power in India and up to half the price of new coal-fired power, according to a latest study.


Does MRI have an environmental impact?

Researchers from Tokyo Metropolitan University have surveyed the amount of gadolinium found in river water in Tokyo. Gadolinium is contained in contrast agents given to patients undergoing medical magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans, and it has been shown in labs to become toxic when exposed to ultraviolet rays.


We now have the proof: greening the economy doesn’t come at the price of prosperity

Fiona Harvey

After the financial crisis, green investment paid dividends. Coronavirus presents an even greater opportunity


Nature Conservation

Mississippi Delta marshes in a state of irreversible collapse

A key finding of the study is that coastal marshes experience tipping points, where a small increase in the rate of sea-level rise leads to widespread submergence.


Researchers uncover the arks of genetic diversity in terrestrial mammals

Mapping the distribution of life on Earth, from genes to species to ecosystems, is essential in informing conservation policies and protecting biodiversity. Researchers from the University of Copenhagen and the University of Adelaide developed models based on long-standing evolutionary and ecological theories to explain and map genetic diversity globally, a basal, but up-to-now hidden dimension of biodiversity.



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