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All too often conservation and animal welfare collide. Of course we should minimise individual suffering, but protecting species maintains the biodiversity that is essential to resilient ecosystems. To argue against playing God to determine which species lives or dies but leaving out the biggest threat of all, the human species, means we are already playing God. And why wouldn’t we, we played God in our release of mice in the first instance that caused the damage we are wanting to undo. There’ll be arguments in favour of protecting brumbies next.

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Let there be no doubt: blame for our failing environment laws lies squarely at the feet of government

Peter Burnett

As a former environment official, I’ve been involved with the EPBC Act for more than 20 years. But I was still shocked by the scathing report card.


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Jun 29

Feast of Saints Peter and Paul – Western Christianity


Ecological Observance

International Mud Day


Coronavirus Watch

Confirmed cases: 7,686. Deaths: 104


The world has now recorded 10 million coronavirus cases and nearly 500,000 deaths

The number of coronavirus infections recorded globally now stands at more than 10 million.


Coronavirus false-positive test results rare, experts say, so how does it go wrong?

Conor McKenna twice tested negative for COVID-19 after his positive test.



Australia could create hundreds of thousands of jobs by accelerating shift to zero emissions – report

Decarbonising the economy by investing in renewable energy, clean buildings, clean transport and manufacturing could help fight the recession


Energy reforms give customers power to find better rates

Australian consumers will soon have greater access to their personal energy usage data with the roll-out of new competition rules aimed at helping households shop around for better deals.


Resources and energy exports slashed by $30b [$]

COVID-19 has shattered Australia’s resources and energy forecasts, with export earnings set to drop from $293 billion to $263 billion in 2021.


Cbus builds climate risk into quant model

Cbus chief investment officer Kristian Fok said the $56 billion fund would not automatically invest in firms vulnerable to climate transition risk as it notches a positive return for the financial year.


Let there be no doubt: blame for our failing environment laws lies squarely at the feet of government

Peter Burnett

As a former environment official, I’ve been involved with the EPBC Act for more than 20 years. But I was still shocked by the scathing report card.



Plant gets green light to turn household waste into power

A huge waste-to-energy plant in Melbourne’s west, which would create enough energy from rubbish destined for landfill to power 20,000 homes, has got the green light to go ahead after a dispute with eco warriors opposing the project was settled.



Light rail contracts delay puts project back on election agenda [$]

The signing of contracts for the next stage of Canberra’s light rail project has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.



Brisbane introduces stopgap after scrapping free kerbside collection

Brisbane City Council has partially backed down on a move to scrap the popular kerbside collection program, introducing measures for elderly and vulnerable people to access a similar service.


The Grosvenor files: Leaked documents prove mine safety inquiry doesn’t go far enough [$]

In the past two years, eight men went to work in coalmines and quarries in Queensland and did not come home.


South Australia

Bushfire review set to go to SA government

A review of South Australia’s devastating bushfires over summer is due to go to the state government this week.


Northern Territory

Fracking an economically unviable ‘pipe dream’ for the NT: Mills [$]

Terry Mills has defended his fracking flip-flop, saying he doesn’t believe the “pipe dream” will improve the Territory’s finances.



France’s oldest nuclear reactor to finally shut down

Environmentalists have welcomed news that the 43-year-old Fessenheim reactor will close, nine years after it was first planned


Study: Plants can absorb microplastics through their roots

Plastic is everywhere—and now it’s in our produce.


From the lab to the field, agriculture seeks to adapt to a warming world

Researchers and innovators are looking at more resilient crops and farm animals — from heat-resistant wheat, to drought-resistant rice, to Naked Neck chickens that stay cooler.


Louisiana environmental activists charged with “terrorizing” plastics giant

The two environmental activists face 15 years of prison in the latest instance of the criminalization of dissent.


Floating litter booms are now on Cape Town’s rivers to help fight plastic waste

A series of innovative floating plastic litter booms has just made its way onto Cape Town’s waterways, which will go a long way toward collecting waste that otherwise would have dispersed into the ocean or potentially become hazardous for those living along the riverbanks near it.


Researchers warn PFAS, BPA, and other pollutants increase coronavirus deaths

Scientists say that low levels of industrial chemicals like PFAS, BPA, phthalates, and air pollutants are linked with conditions that make Covid-19 worse.


Nature Conservation

Should we cull one species to save another?

Large mice are devastating rare birds on a tiny island, now moves are afoot to exterminate the rodents. But should conservation ever be about killing?


Irresponsible tourists damage coral reefs in central Vietnam

Shallow corals in Guang Ngai province’s Ganh Yen beach are suffering the impacts of irresponsible tourism, prompting greater protection of the marine ecosystem.


Five ways mega-dams harm the environment

As the conflict over a new dam on the Nile River heats up, DW examines the ways such mega-dams hurt the environment, and looks at a few


Court deals potentially fatal blow to logging plan for tens of thousands of acres of Tongass National Forest

The court challenge ends the plan to open up 24,000 acres of old-growth forest on Prince of Wales Island to commercial logging.

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